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Chapter 133 - Intermediate Lightning!




“I will stand here as I kill you.” Mo Fan did not take a step from his location, he was just standing a safe distance away.

“You can try. However, with your pitiful mana as someone who has just entered the Intermediate level, even if you were to use all of your Fiery Fists, you still won’t be able to destroy my Abundant Water Shield. Look at that woman, she has already been trapped by my Sinister Spider Trap. After a while, she will be just like the few people before her, her life completely absorbed!”

Mo Fan glanced at Mrs. Tangyue. At that moment, her whole body did indeed look like there was an indiscernible black silk around her. The dark threads wrapped around her body looked like they were beginning to penetrate into her flesh. It was clear that her current condition was similar to that of the four from the Dongfang Family.

This Chao He had prepared for Tangyue since the beginning, and they didn’t even know just when she had fallen into the curse trap, it was simply too strange.

“You want to use my beautiful teacher’s life to threaten me? The truth is, I am indeed a person who is greedy for life, I won’t make meaningless sacrifices. Therefore, even if you kill her, I won’t just stand there and get myself taken by you… How about this, I’ll stop trying to destroy your Abundant Water Shield, and you’ll release the curse on her. The Fire Soul Seed belongs to you, and the corpses of the four Dongfangs will belong to me?” Mo Fan bargained from afar.

Chao He was clearly shocked for a moment.

He could say that, but did his heart truly think that way?

To tell the truth, it was hard to say how many more Fiery Fists the Abundant Water Shield could block. Even if it was able to block all of them, his own viscera would most likely shatter.

The loss of an incredibly attractive and rare beauty from the Magic Trials was indeed a pity. However, being able to harvest the Fire Soul Seed was the objective. Thus, Chao He was definitely willing to make this deal.

However, seeing how someone else had proposed this idea, it just seemed so suspicious. It seemed like the other party was not a good person either, or else, how could he be on the same wavelength as Chao He himself?

“You won’t just attain the remnants of the four Dongfang members…” Chao He lewdly smiled as he glanced toward the lady judge from the Magic Trials, whose face had already turned red.

“That’s a deal, then, let’s have a good cooperation.”

“Don’t be too hasty. I’m currently in control of the curse, I won’t let the curse directly harm her life. Within this period of time, I will refine the Rose Flames, and after I have finished the refinement, I will let you take her away,” Chao He said.

“How do I know whether you’ll kill her once you’ve finished refining?” Mo Fan rebutted instantly.

“The curse needs a period of time before it takes a life, you can confirm that point with her. Naturally, if you are use Fiery Fist to destroy my Abundant Water Shield within this time, I guarantee that she will die immediately. Don’t worry, when it comes to a transaction of benefits, I always negotiate in good faith.”

The twisting power of the curse did indeed take a period of time. Currently, Chao He only wanted to take the Rose Flames and walk away. That way, he could avoid the kid and his beautiful teacher’s suicidal attempt to kill him. They still might be able to kill him if that happened.

Furthermore, if he was to delay even longer, then there would be other people coming here. If that happened, it would be even more inconvenient for him. Especially if a Light Element or a Spirit Element Magician came along, then his Curse Traps would be completely useless in front of them.

“A freak that kills people can still be honest? This makes me, a youth who follows the ideology of Magic, a bit embarrassed.”

Mo Fan confirmed with Tangyue the time it would take for the curse to take her life, and then confirmed that Chao He had no other trump cards other than the Abundant Water Shield!

“What did you say?”

“Nothing, it’s just, who said I could only use the Fire Element?” From the forest, Mo Fan’s voice suddenly became incredibly dignified.

At the same moment, a beautiful purple Lightning Star Path could be seen interlinking beneath Mo Fan’s feet. It thirsted to break through all restrictions. Its yearning was turned into the energy that was called forth upon his palm, making all organisms in front of it tremble!

Although the speed of using the Lightning Star Atlas Book was not very quick, Mo Fan had gotten enough time by ‘making friends’ with Chao He.

Chao He was able to use his senses to discover that Mo Fan was a guy who had just entered the Intermediate level. Furthermore, he even knew that Mo Fan hadn’t completed his second Awakening yet. However, Chao He could never have imagined that Mo Fan had Awakened dual Elements during his first Awakening!

When the incomparably violent sound of thunder tore through the forest, Chao He’s face was immediately filled with shock and horror.

The Abundant Water Shield was very effective in terms of blocking Fire Magic. However, when it was facing Lightning, it would be just like a decoration. After all, Water directly conducted Lightning!

Chao He didn’t even have time to run when the Lightning Star Atlas emerged. Furthermore, he didn’t have enough time to make the curse twist around Tangyue’s life, the time he had at hand was too short!

If it was some other Element, Chao He would have been able to contend against it. However, against the Lightning element, he was simply too unfortunate, the roles of he and Mo Fan had been reversed. His Abundant Water Shield, that had defended against Fire so marvelously, was now useless, and the condition of his body was poor. How could he possibly imagine that he’d encounter an Innate Dual Element!?

Lightning was the strongest of all the Classical Elements!

Its Primary Spell was already a force to be reckoned with, incomparably impetuous. When it reached the Intermediate level, its power would be increasingly more violent and tyrannical!

If Chao He’s Rock Armor was still intact, he wouldn’t be afraid of Mo Fan. Now, he felt like his final moments were coming!

“Thunderbolt, Exploding Apex!”

As Mo Fan was chanting, his hands pointed toward the sky!

As he pointed toward the sky, a purple thunderbolt came down unexpectedly, slicing the space in half. The thick and solid purple Thunderbolt let out a sharp noise as it shot toward Chao He, who was standing on edge of the hole made by Mo Fan’s Fiery Fist.

The Thunderbolt came incomparably fast as it fell from the sky.

As the Exploding Apex fell, the area around Chao He unexpectedly sank and shattered!

Chao He, who was standing right beneath the Exploding Apex, could feel his entire body beginning to change.

Booom!, the thunderclap tolled. 

Chao He was blown apart by the ferocious energy of the Thunderbolt, turning into blood rain sprinkling down.

The speed of the Thunderbolt was simply too fast. At same time, Chao He, whose body was completely shattered, was not actually that gross. The Lightning had shattered his flesh into tiny scarlet fragments. It looked like numerous bloody drops, with not a single sign of the previous freak, Chao He.

Whether it was the Intermediate Wind Magic, Wind Disc: Tornado or the Fire spell, Fiery Fist, Exploding Heavens; they all had an incredibly dominant aura. It was either the whole atmosphere suddenly distorted, or a surging heatwave. However, this Lightning Intermediate Spell had no sign of attack, unlike the other spells...

With the point of a finger, the Lightning fell.

Simple and cruel!

That Abundant Water Shield was just a useless decoration!

The death of Chao He was far too sudden, there was no time for him to dread. His flesh had already been turned into blood rain, and his soul was caught completely unprepared as he stood there. He no longer had the chance to taste the lady judge from the Magic Trials, and no longer had the opportunity of growing his Flames into the Spirit level. He could no longer run amok committing crimes, and he couldn’t even curse the kid with the Innate Dual Element for killing him!

Translator: Tofu

Editor: RED

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