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Chapter 132 - You F***ng Dog




No matter what, the small reservoir was still hundred meters in circumference. This hallowed, dried-up ground looked like it had been rammed by countless things as numerous cracks on the ground frantically spurted superheated earth into the air!

The cracks on the ground were like a vermillion-colored whale jumping into the air, charging out of the sea, surging forward.

Following that, eight other majestic molten cracks exploded, it was like the surface of the ground was being released from its shackles.

The waves of fire were spreading into the surroundings. Additionally, the collision of the forces combined into an increasingly ferocious destructive wave of fire as it rolled over.

The spirit of the flames were rampaging around the colossal pillars of the ground cracks. It was like a ferocious beast as it bare fangs and brandished its claws. Its wrath was unfathomable!

A Violent Fist spurted forth from nine ground cracks!

Each of the ground cracks that bubbled forth was reflecting the others. It became a raging flame that was wreaking havoc wantonly in the hundred meter-wide area, setting everything on fire.

The four Intermediate Magicians from the Dongfang Family had used an intermediate magic that could be considered somewhat powerful. However, compared to this Queen of Flames at this moment, they would be considered relatively weak. Although the two magicks were the same spells, they felt like they were of different realms!

This was Mo Fan’s first time seeing Mrs. Tangyue’s true strength, he was unable to comprehend it.

This Chao He will definitely be burned into ashes.


The colossal energy of the Violent Fist exploded over this part of the mountain range. Not too long ago, this area was a small water reservoir, but after the Phoenix Flames Violent Fist Nine Palaces, there were no longer any words that could be used to describe it.

When the grandiose flame energy had finally settled, Mo Fan stared at Chao He’s location, wondering if that guy had completely fallen.

However, Mo Fan was shocked once more.

Chao He was still there, his entire being looked like he was covered in a layer of rock armor.

The rock armor had already been scorched black, it even began to peel off bit by bit.

After the armor peeled off, it revealed Chao He’s wounded body. He coughed a few times beneath the smoke, his eyes immediately revealing a killing anger!

“You have actually destroyed my treasured Armor Equipment. It seems like you will have to use your plump body to let me vent out the anger of several years, only after that will I allow you to die!” Chao He’s entire body trembled as he shook the destroyed armor off his body.

The wounded Chao He no longer had that morbid grace. His entire being was more like a wild animal, cruel and savage.

His eyes were fixated on Tangyue, who began to heavily gasp for breath. It was like his gaze had torn Tangyue’s body into pieces.

“Shit!!” Seeing Chao He not suffering a mortal wound, Tangyue grew increasingly alert.

The truth is, when it came to fighting one-on-one, the Tangyue who possessed the Sparrow Flames was a league above Chao He in terms of combat. Otherwise, the higher-ups wouldn’t have let her pursue Chao He by herself.

However, this guy Chao He was incredibly sinister. The drugs he had dosed her with weren’t life-threatening. However, they did severely affect Tangyue’s control over her stars. Her desires were simply so strong that they nearly made her lose all her reasoning.

Just how many of those slow-acting drugs did she eat for her to become like this?

If it was only the effects of the drugs, then Tangyue would still be able to do something. Unfortunately, she was currently feeling traces of cold coming from her surroundings. It was precisely his Curse Elemental Magic. This gods-forsaken Chao He had even included her in the magic!

Tangyue was preparing herself for the worst-case scenario, which was falling into the hands of the criminal. She’d have to destroy her body so she could avoid the insults.

However, she still carried a slight hope.

That hope was Mo Fan, who she had called over as a back-up plan.

Tangyue called Mo Fan over because she was afraid there’d be some kind of accident. Furthermore, Chao He had also cultivated the Fire Element. Thus, fighting against him by herself would not be an easy job.

“Nnngg~!” Tangyue couldn’t help but let out a moan. She felt her body growing increasingly weaker, she had no choice but to lean onto the rock next to her as her breathing became more intense.

The black, incorporeal spider web binding, and the effects of the drug made her want to strip off all of her clothes, the heat made her go nearly crazy.

Chao He’s violent gaze was fixated on Tangyue’s curvy, delicate physique. Seeing her weak, yet repressed appearance made his previous irritable mood from before slowly settle down. It was like he was watching a sheep that was waiting to get slaughtered...

“Fiery Fist, Exploding Heavens!”

As Chao He just relaxed his vigilance, a colossal fist of flames suddenly charged forth from within the forest.

The trees were abruptly turned into ashes beneath the sweep of the colossal fist, the flames was surging as it became incredibly savage!

The colossal Fiery Fist’s objective was precisely Chao He. Chao He’s face displayed a shock of horror, he never thought that there’d be another Intermediate Mage hiding inside the forest as he was taking his sip of victory.


The Fiery Fist exploded on the location of Chao He, once again becoming the center of a colossal explosion of flames.

Mo Fan was staying back as he looked at the chaotic flames. He thought Chao He had been blown into dregs.

However, the cautious Mo Fan would not easily walk out of the forest. If there was yet another trap there, then he and Mrs. Tangyue would definitely perish together.

“Still not dead!” As Mo Fan saw Chao He standing there, his face also turned serious.

Even this kind of sneak attack did not succeed, just how many cards does that guy have in his sleeves?

Mo Fan’s current mood could only be described with three words: You f***ing dog!

On the other side, Chao He’s surroundings revealed a half arc shield made of water.

Behind the water shield, Chao He’s face had turned incredibly distorted.

Even though he was able to open the Abundant Water Shield to protect him, he still felt the shock of the Fiery Fist, his viscerae and bowels were in incredible pain!

“Kid, if you want to act like a hero and save the beauty, then you need to know if you are capable!” With blood flowing down his mouth, Chao He’s gaze was viciously staring at Mo Fan. He looked as though he was going to eat him. “We’re both Fire elementals, do you really think you can hurt me? You are merely someone who has just treaded upon the Intermediate level, and you have yet to awaken a second Element, do you really think you can fight against me?”

Magicians with a higher cultivation could easily determine the cultivation of another Magician through the use of perception and intent. Initially, Chao He thought there was yet another judge from the Magic Trials appearing. However, after observing carefully, he realized it was merely a guy who had just entered the Intermediate level. His strength hadn’t even reached the level of the four people from Dongfang Family.

He hadn’t even Awakened his second element, this made Chao He feel at ease!

It was obvious that this kid was together with Tangyue. It seemed like he was still able to contend, and still had a high chance to seize victory!

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