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It now marked three hours since the treatment began. Rather than a peaceful outcome like everyone wanted, the permafrost mastiff was currently on the verge of self-destructing. 

Bai Yunfei grimaced. Things weren’t going well for the permafrost mastiff. The slave seal was extremely close to falling apart now, it was only because of Bai Yunfei that the permafrost mastiff was capable of unleashing a sliver of resistance. It’d require Bai Yunfei’s soulforce and the Beast Taming Ring for the permafrost mastiff to fully resist.


The air around the permafrost mastiff grew permeated with elemental ice. A thin layer of frost was already starting to spread across the floor. The frost would’ve covered everyone within the room if not for the barriers they placed up.

The mastiff’s energy retreated back into it just as fast as it came out, leaving the room void of it… 

Everyone’s eyes honed in onto the permafrost mastiff—was it dead?!

They heaved a collective sigh of relief upon sensing the mastiff’s aura still. The mastiff was most definitely alive, if not extremely fatigued.


Bai Yunfei was looking a little pale. Taking two steps back, he collapsed onto a chair behind him.

“Are you alright, Yunfei?”

Tang Xinyun hurried over to Bai Yunfei’s side, worried for him.

“I’m just nervous, that’s all…” Bai Yunfei answered with a small smile.

The others came rushing to him afterward, “What’s happening now? Did the pill fail?” Wu Dijian asked.

“No, it’s working.” Bai Yunfei shook his head. “I can sense the mastiff’s soul starting to show signs of sentience. It’s fighting the slave seal right now. If we can strengthen the pill’s effects then it’ll be more effective. Efficacy and duration are the two most important factors for the slave seal to be removed. The soulbeast’s sentience should be fully recovered after that.”

Everyone looked relieved at his words beside Wu Dijian. “Then what was that just now…?”

“I was too impatient and accidentally activated the slave seal. It collapsed just now but I managed to stop it from forcing the mastiff to self-destruct. The mastiff no longer has the slave seal, though. I just wonder…what kind of damage will this do to the mastiff? The last time I did something like this the soulbeast forgot who it was for a while. I don’t even know if every soulbeast puppet will react the same way…”

“A method of erasing the slave seal like that existed?”

“Naturally. But helping an early-stage class seven soulbeast refuse to self-destruct is basically my limit. I’d need to be a Early-stage Soul Emperor before I attempt helping a mid-stage class seven soulbeast resist the order, let alone any soulbeast stronger than that. I’m sure there’ll be thousands upon thousands of soulbeast puppets when we attack the Beast Taming School, I won’t be able to do much with only the Beast Taming Ring…”

“Be at ease…” Yao Wuchen nodded, “it’s a good sign that the pill works to some degree. We know now that our efforts are being rewarded. Give us some more time and we’ll have an even stronger pill made.

“The permafrost mastiff has been vital to the progression of our treatment. The development of the pill will grow once we investigate the mastiff some more.”

“Yes, thank you for your hard work, seniors…”

Though unexpected, the ‘experiment’ would surely mean well for future soul rejuvenating pills. Hopefully this meant more soulbeasts would be convinced to help them.

Three additional days passed without incident. Bai Yunfei was just relaxing when he was alerted to the presence of multiple people outside the Core World.

Reappearing into the real world, Bai Yunfei greeted the first person in the room, Hong Yin. “Is something the matter, brother Hong Yin? Has senior Bloodhowl and the others returned?”

“He has,” Hong Yin nodded, “and he’s brought someone that wants to see you.”

“Me? Is it the leader of some clan?”

Another nod. “A powerful mid-stage class eight soulbeast like him, the Three-eyed Tiger King!!”

“A mid-stage class eight soulbeast!!” Bai Yunfei’s eyes widened. “From the tiger clan? Then the reason he wants to see me at once is for…”

“Yes, he’s here for the Demon-eyed Tiger King! He’s…the sworn brother of the Demon-eyed Tiger King!!”


It didn’t take long for Hong Yin to guide Bai Yunfei into the room where the Three-eyed Tiger King was waiting.

The Three-eyed Tiger King and the Demon-eyed Tiger King. Heads of the tiger clan, the two soulbeasts were also sworn brothers to one another. The Three-eyed Tiger King even tried to massacre the entire Beast Taming School by himself when he learned the Demon-eyed Tiger King was captured by them. The attempt was a failure and only lead to him retreating to the Soulbeast Forest with major wounds. Without him appearing in public for many years, it was rumored that the Three-eyed Tiger King had permanently damaged himself.

So it was surprising that he’d show up today… 

A powerful aura locked onto Bai Yunfei the moment he stepped into the room. Looking up, Bai Yunfei made eye contact with a large bulky man with a square face.

He looked like any other human in every way but his face…he had a third eye on his forehead!

“Are you Bai Yunfei?!”

The Three-eyed Tiger King was already standing right in front of Bai Yunfei. His intimidating voice boomed loudly within the room.

It felt as though Bai Yunfei was standing right in front of a tremendous mountain. The amount of pressure was absolutely stifling to him. He could even feel his soulforce tremble a bit under the Three-eyed Tiger King’s aura. “I am he. It’s an honor to meet you, senior Three-eyed Tiger King.”

The Three-eyed Tiger King must not have expected Bai Yunfei to act in such a way, as his eyes glittered with a confused light. “Is my brother, the Demon-eyed Tiger King, within your hands?!”

“He is.” Bai Yunfei replied before releasing the Demon-eyed Tiger King from the Core World.


The reaction was instantaneous. A wave of emotions crashed against the Three-eyed Tiger King as he cried out at the sight of his long-lost brother. It was definitely a rare sight to see a mighty mid-stage class eight soulbeast act so emotionally… 

“Brother…it’s me, your older brother!!” His hands grabbed hold of the Demon-eyed Tiger King’s shoulders and shook them as if to beg for a response.

But none came… 

The joy faded away from the Three-eyed Tiger King’s eyes rapidly. Hatred filled the eyes just as quickly as he turned to face Bai Yunfei. “I’ll be taking him with me!”

Bai Yunfei had been silent the entire time up to this point. He wasn’t surprised at this demand and simply nodded his head.

“Of course!!”

It was a crisp response that surprised Hong Yin, the Bloodhowl Wolf King, and even the Three-eyed Tiger King. They thought Bai Yunfei would at least argue a bit.

But the reason for Bai Yunfei accepting was simple after he heard about the Demon-eyed Tiger King’s backstory with the Three-eyed Tiger King. The Demon-eyed Tiger King might’ve been a powerful ally to have, but he wasn’t a tool that Bai Yunfei wanted to ‘monopolize’. And neither did he want to have bad blood with a mid-stage class eight soulbeast in the case he refused. A favor was definitely better than a grudge here.

“That pleases me, youngster!!”

The sincerity of Bai Yunfei must’ve struck a chord in the Three-eyed Tiger King, for the soulbeast began to laugh and tossed something at him.

“For saving my brother from the Beast Taming School, you have my gratitude! I’m sure this’ll do you some good as a crafter—consider it my thanks.

“But aside from that…allow me to join you against the Beast Taming School!!”

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