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Equipment Grade: High Heaven
Elemental Affinity: Metal, Lightning
Upgrade Level: +11
Defense: 8000
Additional Defense: 5200
Soul Compatibility: 15%
Equipment Effect: 20% Reduction in damage taken.
+10 Additional Effect: In the case struck by an attack that exceeds more than half this equipment's defensive might, there is a 30% chance of a lightning bolt striking the enemy with an equal amount of attack.
Cooldown of 10 minutes.
Upgrade Requirement: 400 Soulpoints

This was the high-heaven tier soul armament Bai Yunfei got from the Soul Emperor, Duan Tianqing!

It was also the strongest piece of equipment Bai Yunfei had defensive-wise.

Defensive-type soul armaments were comparatively rarer than their offensive-type counterparts. Following that line of speaking, a high-heaven tier soul armor was even rarer than rare. Even Late-stage Soul Kings would have some difficulty finding one.

“It’s going to be difficult getting some high-heaven tier soul armaments for upgrading practice...when will I ever be good enough to upgrade even high-heaven tier soul armaments to +11 without a problem…?” Bai Yunfei sighed. Destroying one high-heaven tier soul armament was painful enough, but upgrading this soul armament made up for that previous loss.

A soul armament with a defense value of thirteen-thousand was abnormally high—not even a heaven-tier soul armament would have an easy time getting past that. The added bonus of having a lightning bolt deal damage to any attacker made this piece of armor exceedingly powerful.

That being said, the armor Bai Yunfei wore was +11 and had decent stats on top of also being able to negate any one elemental attack. He wouldn’t be swapping out his armor pieces just yet.

This armor would be for Tang Xinyun. Bai Yunfei would at the very least be reassured if she had something as strong as this protecting her when in battle.

“What is it, Yunfei? Did you craft another soul armament?”

Bai Yunfei turned around; a voice had just spoken to him via soul communication. It was Xiao Qi.

“Good timing, Xiao Qi.” Bai Yunfei smiled, “Come try out these soul armaments…”


Bai Yunfei spent the next following days of peace with leisure and relaxation. He’d craft a soul armament or two every day, upgrade them, and then relax with Tang Xinyun. A peaceful period of life that did nothing but calm him down… 

A message was delivered to him on the seventh day by Yao Wuchen. The Yao clan had finally reached an important stage in their research on alchemizing a pill to rejuvenate the soul!!

The soul rejuvenating pill, they called it. It was a pill specifically made to aid a soulbeast puppet regain their sentience and soul. This was a pill that was supposed to take a much longer time than a single week to even begin having any notable sign of progress. Bai Yunfei had to admit that the Alchemy School was definitely worthy of their title and reputation from long before.

Multiple tests had been run, and it was time for the biggest test to be conduct. Tang Xinyun, Wu Dijian, Dan Teng, Yao Wuchen, and a few other alchemists were gathered here in a room with Bai Yunfei. All of them were looking closely at a soulbeast with a pure-white body—the permafrost mastiff.

The permafrost mastiff was basically a ‘retired’ soulbeast in Bai Yunfei’s arsenal due to it being an early-stage class seven soulbeast. But Bai Yunfei had also the greatest amount of information on how class seven soulbeast puppets worked thanks to this one and had fought with it for a very long time. Furthermore, there was a difference between this soulbeast puppet and the others that Bai Yunfei noticed. The mastiff would be a good test subject to try the treatment on.

Taking the Beast Taming Ring from the Demon-eyed Tiger King, Bai Yunfei placed it onto the permafrost mastiff before using it to have the permafrost mastiff ingest the soul rejuvenating pill.

Everyone watched as changes could be felt within the mastiff’s aura. With bated breath and nervous glances, they waited for the permafrost mastiff to physically respond in any way.

“Didn’t work?”

Wu Dijian commented after a period of silence.

“It did!!”

Bai Yunfei responded with glee.

Though it didn’t seem like anything was happening on the surface, Bai Yunfei could definitely tell. Something inside the permafrost mastiff was changing, and the resistance he could feel acting against the Beast Taming Ring was proof of that!

This was something completely unprecedented!

The sentience of a soulbeast was always the first thing to be suppressed when they get turned into soulbeast puppets. That was the way beast tamers worked and why the Beast Taming Ring worked so well on soulbeast puppets since no resistance could be mounted. Only when the Beast Taming Ring was used on sentient soulbeasts could something like ‘resistance’ be had!

And it was because of that resistance that Bai Yunfei could say the pill was working. Immediately releasing control of the soulbeast from the Beast Taming Ring, Bai Yunfei cautiously watched for any other changes to take place within the mastiff.

Without the Beast Taming Ring exerting its control over the soulbeast’s body, the mastiff’s ‘resistance’ shifted targets straight away to…the ‘slave seal’ over its soulgem!


Everyone watched as a minute tremble came forth onto the mastiff’s body. Something akin to a creak could be heard as a chilling aura exploded out from it!

Bai Yunfei could feel his heart leaping to his throat upon sensing the slave seal start to energize. If it activated, then the soulgem of the mastiff would be forcibly prompted to self-destruct!

But then he was amazed to see the slave seal simply shake under the resistance of the mastiff’s soul. A strange energy started to exude out from the seal and covered the mastiff’s body. Surrounded by this strange new energy, the resistance from the mastiff began to fade… 

Minutes passed with everyone still watching these developments take place. It was only Bai Yunfei who’s eyes were glowing brightly!

He could sense the slave seal start to…weaken!

It was only by a bit, but the seal was definitely weakening!

“It’s definitely working! The pill isn’t triggering the slave seal from activating either, but it’s definitely ‘erasing’ it! In other words…the slave seal can be erased completely if we strengthen the pills effects or make it last longer! Would the soulbeast regain its sentience then?”

Ideas sprung to Bai Yunfei’s mind faster than rain sprinkling from the clouds. “I wonder what would happen if I used the Beast Taming Ring to quicken the process…”

He activated the Beast Taming Ring at once. An idea like that was definitely an idea that merited further experimentation if it could help the mastiff’s ‘resistance’.


But the mastiff’s body reacted as if being stung! The activation of the Beast Taming Ring caused the mastiff to violently shake as the slave seal…began to activate!


Face falling faster than an object in free fall, Bai Yunfei snapped his hand to grab onto the mastiff’s head and broadcasted himself into the mastiff’s mindspace!

The slave seal had recognized Bai Yunfei’s ‘interference’ and activated! And based on his experiences, there was no rewinding the clock once the slave seal activated! It was only a matter of time before the permafrost mastiff would self-destruct!

And because of the energy that was starting to leak out from the mastiff, everyone began to panic!

Bai Yunfei was able to keep himself calm in this situation. Experienced in working under this kind of pressure, he was trying his best to think to his past knowledge of this situation.

If there was no rewinding the seal’s activation and disintegration, then Bai Yunfei would have to forcibly stop it!

The disintegration of the slave seal meant that the permafrost mastiff would have the order to ‘self-destruct’ be sent to its soulgem. But if that was the case, then Bai Yunfei would use the Beast Taming Ring to send the order to ‘stop’ self-destructing! He’d like to see what’d happen if his order was stronger than the other!

Power was needed in order to enforce Bai Yunfei’s order over the other order. Something like that wasn’t possible before due to him lacking the strength. But exerting that type of power over an early-stage class seven soulbeast as a Peak Late-stage Soul King was definitely possible now!

The energy within the permafrost mastiff was gradually picking up in speed even despite the order to self-destruct being resisted. The mastiff’s body was already reaching its physical limits and the acrid smell of something burning could already be smelled… 

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