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“What is this?!” Gawked the Golden Roc King. Since when did a ‘mountain’ appear over his head?!


Then it hit him.

The Cataclysmic Seal shuddered as it came to a stop—the Golden Roc King was somehow able to prevent the Cataclysmic Seal from bringing him to the ground!

“A heaven-tier soul armament!!”

The shock the Golden Roc King felt jumped to another level. Crumbling a normal mountain to pieces would’ve been easy for him, but for some reason, he couldn’t destroy this one!

That meant it wasn’t an actual mountain that fell on him, but a…soul armament!

And a mid-heaven tier soul armament at that!!

Having been impeded by this attack, the Golden Roc King began to plan for his second opportunity to attack the enemy. But at that moment… 

A golden tiger came flying up to him—the Demon-eyed Tiger King was here!


All four of the Golden Roc King’s wings extended out wide as if he was stretching. Then, with a sudden flap of his wings, he fell from the skies to assault the golden tiger straight on!


Gold light met gold as the two forces struck. The heavens echoed with a metallic cry and light splashed everywhere like a golden geyser. Incidentally, those rays of light splattered across the ground, leaving behind huge craters where they landed.

Between the physical assault of the Golden Roc King and the apparition of the Demon-eyed Tiger King, the victor was clear to see. Nothing but specks of golden light remained from the giant apparition while the Golden Roc King was still heading straight down onto the actual Demon-eyed Tiger King!

The Demon-eyed Tiger King looked almost like a housefly compared to the giant apparition. The claws of the Golden Roc King drew closer and closer to the tiger’s head and looked just about ready to crush his head to pieces!


The Demon-eyed Tiger King’s head snapped up to roar at the Golden Roc King. Golden light exploded forth from his body as he took off in a perpendicular direction to avoid the roc’s claws.

“Hm?!” The Golden Roc King froze, his eyes twinkling with just a hint of confusion at this reaction.


He heard it a moment later. Something was giving off a rumbling sound from above.

He looked up; the giant mountain from before was falling back down on him!


This time, the Golden Roc King had no intentions of clashing with the Cataclysmic Seal. Extending his wings again, he took off in an evasive maneuver. 

While the Cataclysmic Seal covered an extensive area, that area was but a simple matter for a class eight soulbeast to traverse and make his way out from in no time at all.


The Cataclysmic Seal shook in place for a moment, catching the Golden Roc King’s attention. Curious, he watched as it suddenly disappeared into a vastly smaller beam of red light. It flew off to where Bai Yunfei was at once as if a dog returning to its owner.

A brilliant flame erupted from Bai Yunfei’s body the moment the Cataclysmic Seal returned. Clenching both fists close to his body, Bai Yunfei stepped closer to the Golden Roc King in preparation to attack!


The flames around Bai Yunfei swelled to life and took the form of two dragons. Snapping their maws, they launched forth from Bai Yunfei at once towards the Golden Roc King!

The Chaotic Dual Dragon Burst!

“It’s that move again!!”

The Golden Roc King’s heart skipped a beat; he had yet to forget about the outcome of the last time he was attacked by this move. A layer of soulforce covered his body as he prepared to evade.


However, instead of flying away, his entire body locked up as the roar of a tiger made itself known!

This was the strongest soul attack the Demon-eyed Tiger King had to offer, Country Shaking Tiger’s Roar!

Duan Tianqing fell victim to this very attack once before. The Golden Roc King knew this well and immediately erected a barrier of defense to fight off the move’s effects.


A groan escaped from his lips. The layer of golden light around his body flickered. Though strong, the Demon-eyed Tiger King’s attack would not be enough to deal any real amount of damage to his soul.

But the real point of the Demon-eyed Tiger King’s attack wasn’t to injure him, it was to distract him! There wasn’t any time for the Golden Roc King to evade the Chaotic Dual Dragon Burst anymore!


Fury sprouted in the Golden Roc King’s heart when he realized his mistake. Summoning all his soulforce to him, the roc drew forth a fierce tornado to act as a shield against the two dragons.


And that was when the Chaotic Dual Dragon Burst struck.

There was no denying how strong the Chaotic Dual Dragon Burst was, given the factors. Not only was it empowered by the Law of Fire and chaotic energy, but it was fired off while Bai Yunfei had the strength of a Half-emperor. Under all these factors, there was no way even a true class eight soulbeast like the Golden Roc King would be able to shrug off the attack like it was nothing.

If there was anything Bai Yunfei learned from his battles with an avatar, it was that a battle of attrition was one that gave him the greatest advantage. An avatar wasn’t capable of replenishing whatever soulforce they lost within a battle. Thus, using the Chaotic Dual Dragon Burst was a great tactic to siphon as much soulforce as he could from the enemy. 

Sooner or later, both he and the enemy avatar would be at the same level of strength, if not weaker than before. Either way, the longer he dragged things out, the better things would get for Bai Yunfei!

The Golden Roc King wasn’t an avatar, but the same logic was still valid. The longer they fought, the more advantageous it was for Bai Yunfei!

This Chaotic Dual Dragon Burst had less juice in it compared to the first one, but it was still a considerable drain on his reserves! Sure, Bai Yunfei could use Soul Ignition to gain back any soulforce, but that was something he’d rather not use against the Golden Roc King… 

“These tricks of yours are only temporary! How much longer do you think you’ll be able to withstand forcing yourself to be a Half-emperor!? You’ll die before you run out of energy!”

Smashing apart the Chaotic Dual Dragon Burst, the Golden Roc King roared out loud in anger. His wings snapped forward to propel him towards Bai Yunfei!


Hand snapping up, Bai Yunfei barked out a single word as if commanding the Golden Roc King to obey!

“Hrk…” An uneasy expression crossed the Golden Roc King’s face, “What a powerful soul attack!!”


The Demon-eyed Tiger King roared once again, alerting the roc to its presence!

“Damn!” Had anger a limit, then the Golden Roc King had yet to find out about it. He was absolutely furious that he was being forced back again and again like this. 

Surrounding himself yet again in a bubble of golden light, he lashed out with an attack to move the Demon-eyed Tiger King out of the way.

“You’re the one controlling the Demon-eyed Tiger King!!”

The final piece of the puzzle clicked into place when he realized why the Demon-eyed Tiger King came up in his path to Bai Yunfei. Bai Yunfei was the one controlling the Demon-eyed Tiger King!!

It was no wonder the Demon-eyed Tiger King was fighting so ‘strangely’. With Bai Yunfei giving simple commands to the Demon-eyed Tiger King, it was no wonder it was hardly fighting at its fullest. 

And that made the Demon-eyed Tiger King even more furious at Bai Yunfei. He tried his best to slam the Demon-eyed Tiger King aside but found himself unable to. That left the battlefield in a stalemate once again… 

Bai Yunfei hadn’t the desire to waste any more soulforce on using the Chaotic Dual Dragon Burst again. He was fully focused on controlling the Demon-eyed Tiger King in its fight against the Golden Roc King. Sweat pooled over his eyebrows as he concentrated hard. It seemed almost as if he was waiting for something… 


A loud chirp, one filled with despair and horror, cried out a moment later. Then Bai Yunfei and the Golden Roc King realized that the aura of a class seven soulbeast was no longer there!

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