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A Half-emperor didn’t mean much to the Golden Roc King normally, but this wasn’t a normal situation. He was still feeling quite confused about what to do about the Demon-eyed Tiger King when this Half-emperor appeared. Even if this person was weaker than him, it was still an irritating waste of time.

“Wasn’t the Demon-eyed Tiger King the medium of their headmaster?! Why is this happening then!?”

The Golden Roc King’s heart trembled with confusion. At first, he thought that this was some sort of sinister conspiracy of the Beast Taming School. To bring out the Demon-eyed Tiger King when everyone didn’t expect and try to defeat him and the Wind Ape King. It seemed plausible until the Demon-eyed Tiger King began to attack his own people and killed off a Soul Emperor. Combine that with the looks of confusion on every other beast tamers’ faces, the Golden Roc King no longer thought this was a betrayal of some kind.

The answer hit him shortly afterward.

“I don’t sense his aura! If the headmaster is truly using the Demon-eyed Tiger King as a medium, then his aura should be in there! But I don’t sense it, so that means…this isn’t the headmaster!!

“Does that mean then…that someone else ‘stole’ the Demon-eyed Tiger King?! Is that even possible?!”

It was an inference that felt nigh impossible to be true, but also the only thing that made sense. But then that meant another problem had cropped up.

“Damn! Where did these people come from then?!”

His eyes shined with a murderous glare. The death of two of his subordinates infuriated him so much that it felt like his blood would begin to boil any second. He only had six class seven soulbeasts within his clan! The death of two was a tremendous blow to their fighting power and a total waste of two to three hundred years of conservation!

The beam of fire coming at him forced the Golden Roc King to stop thinking about that matter. He watched as a wave of fire exploded from the beam before transforming into two vertical pillars of fire!!

No…those weren’t pillars. They…they were dragons!


Loudly, one of the two dragons opened its mouth wide to roar!

It was all a part of Bai Yunfei’s plan. He’d use the Demon-eyed Tiger King as a surprise to take care of the Beast Taming School’s Soul Emperor and then chase after him himself. The plan went exceedingly smooth. In fact, Bai Yunfei didn’t realize that the beast tamers would be this caught off-guard. The Country Shaking Tiger’s Roar was truly a terrifying attack if it could do that much damage to Duan Tianqing. 

Either way, that was one less Soul Emperor to worry about now that he was taken into the Core World.

Truth be told, Duan Tianqing could’ve been easily killed if the Demon-eyed Tiger King punched him on the head rather than the chest. Killing Duan Tianqing was fine, but Bai Yunfei decided that it’d be better to capture him alive for other reasons…

The next step was to teleport into the part of the forest that had yet to be touched by the chaotic influx of elemental energy. He could launch a swift attack without the enemy’s knowing he was there and then take Duan Tianqing into the Core World. And with Wu Dijian and the other alchemists launching their own attack, Bai Yunfei could immediately secure the wolf clan a huge advantage over the other side. 

Perfect was the planning and execution. It’d be strange if any other result were to happen.

Only one surprise attack was needed for the battle’s outcome to be substantially changed for the wolf clan.

It wasn’t what Bai Yunfei expected, but the enemies didn’t have a single Half-emperor. That was a good thing. That meant his ‘first-strike’ plan was more of a success than he thought and wouldn’t require him to act on it anymore. 

And that meant he was free to work on the other fields of war. 

Without hesitation, Bai Yunfei turned towards his next target…the Golden Roc King!!

He needed to move swiftly so as to not give the Golden Roc King much time to react. He had the power of momentum on his side. Bai Yunfei just needed to continue that momentum!

Needless to say, Bai Yunfei was up against a class eight soulbeast, meaning he had to be in the most optimal state of battle. 

Going into ‘Berserk’ Mode, Bai Yunfei prepared for his strongest move, the Chaotic Dual Dragon Burst!

“Pah! You overestimate yourself!!” Exclaimed the Golden Roc King. It was foolhardy for this Half-emperor to attack him. All he had to do was expend some effort and this upstart of a Half-emperor would be finished. Not even this attack seemed to have much effect on him other than startling him.

The golden wings on his back began to shine brightly. With one mighty flap of those wings, the Golden Roc King took off higher into the air. Simultaneously dodging the attack of the Demon-eyed Tiger King, the Golden Roc King pushed both arms out to shoot hundreds of elemental bolts at the two dragons.

It wasn’t much, but it’d surely be enough to rip apart the attack of a Half-emperor.

That was what he thought, but the moment when the two attacks crossed, the Golden Roc King…realized he was the one overestimating himself!


The beams of light were swallowed up by both dragons in one mighty crunch and torn up in one loud explosion!!

Specks of elemental metal scattered across the sky along with a bit of elemental fire. The Golden Roc King’s attack was defeated, but the two dragons were still moving at least seventy percent of their original strength!


The explosion drew a sharp inhale from the Golden Roc King. Not expecting such a result, he drew his golden wings in front of him for cover!


The two dragons slammed into his wings and fell apart at once into a chaotic mess of fire and energy!

“This…is the Law of Fire! How?!”

One second later, a scream erupted from within the flames.

Though he was an early-stage class eight soulbeast, not even his command of elemental energy was enough to stop the Chaotic Dual Dragon Burst from hitting him! The attack of a Half-emperor!

And that was because he realized that the flames around him were in fact imbued with the Law of Fire in it!

A Half-emperor was somehow capable of wielding the Laws of Fire!


Wailing loudly, the Golden Roc King covered his entire body with a golden light so intense that he started to shine nearly as brightly as the sun!


The world reverberated with a mighty screech as a three hundred meter large golden bird appeared where the Golden Roc King once was!

This was the true form of the Golden Roc King!!


The entire world shook again as the golden light around the Golden Roc King began to interact with the chaotic energy. Though the amount of elemental metal was absolutely terrifying compared to before, it was still being chipped away alongside the chaotic energy.

“Ch—chaotic energy?! How is this in here too?!”

Needless to say, the Golden Roc King was dumbfounded. It had taken him his utmost efforts to counter a single attack from a lowly Half-emperor!

He was a soulbeast who was protected by the Law of Metal, one of the laws with the greater defenses compared to the others. And yet a Half-emperor—who was somehow capable of using the Law of Fire—was able to also use chaotic energy! It was a thought that stupefied the Golden Roc King.


A wave of energy slammed into the Golden Roc King and rooted him to the spot! For all his shock and surprise for Bai Yunfei’s Chaotic Dual Dragon Burst, he had forgotten about the Demon-eyed Tiger King!


Infuriated by the soul attack, the Golden Roc King took off higher up into the skies towards where the ocean of flames was coming from!


A blazing ball of fire descended down from the heavens above the Golden Roc King almost out of nowhere. The Golden Roc King only realized that the area around him had suddenly grown darker before he snapped his head up!

A giant ‘mountain’ was falling down from the skies onto him!

The Cataclysmic Seal!!

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