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While You Qingfeng and his companions might not be in danger, how could Bai Yunfei not feel anxious about them being captured? The Beast Taming School might be putting everything else off until they could strike the wolf clan, but that didn’t mean they’d wait for long. Who knew when the Beast Taming School would attack? From tomorrow to next month, there was no certainty. What if something happened?

This was true for Qiu Luliu, Chu Yuhe, and the other female disciples, moreover. The human heart is not at all always pure, and beast tamers commonly held more immoral traits than moral ones. If someone were to have any ideas… 

So Bai Yunfei decided that it was imperative for their group to launch a rescue at once!

“Wind Slicer, could you bring your clan members back with you? Please tell big brother Hong Yin that I will be on my way shortly enough.” Bai Yunfei requested, “You can confirm my identity with him yourself then.”

“Are…are you planning to rescue the captured?! They’re held in the Beast Taming School’s camp! A Soul Emperor is presiding over there, have you forgotten that?!”

“Haha, don’t worry. I’m only going to rescue people, not pick a fight. I have confidence in my strength.”

“I…” Wind Slicer felt conflicted; he didn’t know what Bai Yunfei was getting at. Wasn’t attempting to rescue anyone within the main camp tantamount to meeting resistance? A Soul Emperor wouldn’t allow for Bai Yunfei to slip out from under their nose with the hostages, would they?

But Bai Yunfei looked determined. His companions didn’t seem to be particularly worried either. As confused as he was, Wind Slicer had to concede. “If that is what you wish, then I will wish you good fortune. We will return as quickly as possible and see if we can garner any reinforcements.”

And so the pack of wind wolves left. Upon the last of them leaving the area, Bai Yunfei turned around to look at the stunned Yang Lin. “Take us back to your camp.”

“You…you’re planning to rescue them now?!”

He should’ve been glad at Bai Yunfei’s enthusiasm and initiative to try and save the hostages. It was a ‘suicidal’ task that would’ve granted Yang Lin the ability to flee with his life. But now that he ingested the Soul Severing Pill, his life was now tied to theirs. Only Bai Yunfei’s group knew of the method to cure him. In other words, their continued existence was in his best interests. He couldn’t have them throwing their lives away.

“All you need to do is do as I say. Don’t think about anything else if you want to keep living. I’ll let you live for a very long time for as long as you are cooperative, you’d do well to remember that.”

“.....” Yang Lin grew quiet and nodded. His plans to rescue himself would have to be put on hold for now.

“What are you planning, Bai Yunfei?” Wu Dijian asked. “There’s a genuine Soul Emperor and class eight soulbeast puppet on their side. Who knows, maybe the bloodthirsty wind ape and the four-winged golden roc will show up with their armies. I’m sure they have a few class eight soulbeasts of their own. We won’t be getting off lightly if their entire force mobilizes…”

An actual Soul Emperor and avatar couldn’t even be compared to one another in terms of strength. Even a Soul Emperor from the Beast Taming School can be stronger than Nether’s Early-stage Soul Emperor Avatar, and that was excluding the usage of a class eight soulbeast puppet.

Bai Yunfei looked east. “Saving them will require a moment’s opportunity. I have an idea in that case… 

“My plan is to lure them out! We throw out the bait and strike when they’re away!”

The next evening.

At the center of the class six area of the Soulbeast Forest. Right beside a decently-sized lake.

Multiple tents were strewn across the lakegrounds. Several men could be seen patrolling the outer perimeter while the majority of the people were located within their own tents for resting.

They were the men from the Beast Taming School.


An explosion rocked a part of the lakegrounds far away from the campgrounds, but close enough to be heard, waking every single member from their tents. Rushing out from their quarters, the men looked west where two powerful auras could be felt!

“Soulbeasts!! Class…sevens! There’s a peak late-stage class seven soulbeast there! It’s an ambush! All men prepare for battle!”

A figure popped up in the skies above the beast tamers. It was a Late-stage Soul King. 

Three more Soul Kings appeared beside him with equally grim faces. “Did the wolf clan decide for a pre-emptive strike? They shouldn’t have been able to gather their forces fast enough…” An elder on the left spoke.

Suddenly, a fifth figure appeared in front of the four. A scrawny elder with white hair.

“Teacher Duan!!”

The four Soul Kings bowed at once in respect for the elder the moment they saw him.

This elder was the most recent Soul Emperor and the oldest figure in the Beast Taming School, Duan Tianqing.

“Two class seven soulbeasts. One is a peak late-stage class seven soulbeast…follow me.”

“Yes, teacher Duan!”

The four replied at once. Soon, the five took off towards the west with blinding speed.

At the same time, within one of the many tents down below.

A white-robed elder had only just been jostled out from his meditation when the explosion happened. He rose to his feet as if to respond to an order but then paused briefly to look at several figures held in a corner of the tent before looking vigilantly around the tent. He seemed to be on the lookout for something.

In that corner were six figures. They were tied at the legs and arms so they couldn’t escape and looked exceedingly powerless. The explosion just now caught them by surprise and had each one of them looking at one another in confusion.

Two males and four females. Among one of the six was You Qingfeng. Right beside him was a beautiful young woman and headmaster of the Jadewillow School, Mu Wanqing. There were another two beautiful young women next to her—though ten years had changed how they looked, anyone that was familiar with them would know they were Qiu Luliu and Chu Yuhe!

“Why would a soulbeast attack this place? How curious…eh?! Who goes there?!”

The Soul King in charge of guarding the captives had been thinking aloud to himself when his head suddenly turned to the center of the tent. 

Someone…was coming out from a distortion in space there!


Just as the Soul King was about to explode into action, a voice froze him in place and echoed in his mind like a sound bomb!

This man was only an Early-stage Soul King. The Soul Anchor Technique would be able to deal with him without trouble. 

Bai Yunfei waved his hand and had the Soul King transported into the Core World. Without pause, he then appeared in front of You Qingfeng and the others.

“Big brother You, it’s me! I’m here to rescue you! Don’t fight whatever sensation you feel next.”


You Qingfeng hadn’t even finished speaking when Bai Yunfei waved his hand to send everyone into the Core World. It was a bit of a wasted breath that Bai Yunfei said his last sentence, as the group was captured in a way that didn’t allow them to resist at all.

Three seconds later, Bai Yunfei disappeared from the tent as well.

From start to finish, only seven seconds took place.

By that point, the four Soul Kings and Duan Tianqing were over ten kilometers away from the campgrounds. “Something’s off! The auras disappeared!”

Duan Tianqing’s eyes narrowed. Turning around, he honed his senses back to the campgrounds, “I sense a disturbance in spatial energy! Something is definitely off, we’re heading back!”

With a flick of his hand, the five of them disappeared from their spot and teleported away.

They reappeared within the tent Bai Yunfei had been in practically a second after he left.

“What…this is impossible!!”

Duan Tianqing’s eyes were wide-open in both shock and anger. He was so angry that his body shook from head to toe with emotion.

In less than ten seconds, the precious hostages they had from the Wood School were gone, and so was the elder they had supervising them!

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