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“About someone I know? What is it?!” 

“We came across members of the Wood School three days ago. In the class six area,” Yang Lin spoke at once. He knew an opportunity to live when he saw one. “There was a Soul King leading the group. He was leading several Soul Exalt students to find a soulbeast partner when we captured them. You should know the Soul King, that You Qingfeng. And there’s three others. You should know them, the headmaster of the Jadewillow School and her two disciples!”

“Brother You! Headmaster Mu! Her two disciples…? Are you…do you mean Luliu and Yuhe?!”

“Yes,” Yang Lin nodded his head furiously, he could see his opportunity growing bigger and bigger. “I distinctly recall two of them being called as ‘Luliu’ and ‘Yuhe’!”

You Qingfeng, Mu Wanqing, Qiu Luliu, and Chu Yuhe…they were here in the Soulbeast Forest? And what’s worse…captured by the Beast Taming School?!

Bai Yunfei had to take a couple of seconds to recover his calm. “Do you speak the truth?” He growled menacingly.

“What point is there in lying?” Yang Lin laughed bitterly, “Shouldn’t you be able to tell if I’m lying with your strength?”

“...” He had no retort for that. “And how are they?”

“We’ve done nothing to them yet—the female disciples are unharmed. Our plan was to wait until our business here is done before using them as ransom against the Wood School.”

Bai Yunfei heaved a sigh. He never thought he’d come across an enemy from the far past, and neither did he expect to hear about Chu Yuhe, the sister he ‘picked up’. He remembered promising to see her, but that was over ten years ago. What good was a ‘foster’ brother like him if he couldn’t even see her? 

But still, Bai Yunfei felt tense just thinking about her current whereabouts.

“Are they all located at your main camp?!”

“They are. If you promise to let me live, then I’ll coordinate with your attempts to rescue them once our subjugation of the wolf clan is done…”

Bai Yunfei said nothing. He remained deeply quiet to think while everyone else did nothing but wait for him.

Then he whirled around to face at the dozen wind wolves. “Is there anyone that wants to say something?”

All of these wind wolves were class six. Half of them were early-stage with the rest of the numbers being either mid-stage or late-stage. His question, though, was directed at the sole peak late-stage class six wind wolf.

A flash of hesitation flickered across the wind wolf’s eyes. It took one step forward and began to speak in a deep male voice. “I am the head of the wind wolves, Wind Cutter. If I may be so bold to say, fighting the Beast Taming School does not mean sire is without ill intent entirely. What business might sire have with us?”

Bai Yunfei’s interrogation of the Beast Taming School on their plans to subjugate the wolf clan was shocking to the wind wolves. They hadn’t expected to hear that. His arrival came as a shock as well, but they could at least ascertain he wasn’t an enemy, if not a friend. 

“I am Bai Yunfei of the Crafting School and friend of Hong Yin. I heard of the Beast Taming School’s plot and came to his assistance. Would big brother Hong Yin be in the Soulbeast Forest right now? Have your wolf clan made sufficient preparations against the enemies?”

“What? You know the young master?”!

Sensing the apprehension in Wind Slicer, Bai Yunfei quickly took out a small bone fragment from his space ring. Allowing a sliver of soulforce to enter it, he watched as a red pattern start to glow over its surface. The red light crept up into the air directly above the bone to take shape as a blood-colored wolf head that seemed to be howling.

“The mark of the Bloodhowl!!”

Wind Cutter gasped. The wolf was convinced of Bai Yunfei’s truth now.

“Master Hong Yin is currently in our clan encampment to the north of here. Roughly half a hundred kilometers. We learned of what the Beast Taming School planned to do and were on our way back to make our report. However, we did not know the bloodthirsty wind ape and the four-winged golden roc were also in on this. This is a serious matter, we must report back to the Bloodhowl Wolf King at once…sire, since you are a friend of the young master and ally to us, please come with us.”

“Heh, seems like we came at the right time,” Wu Dijian chortled, “We should get going to the wolf clan’s encampment and start going over the plans in that case then, shan’t we?”

“....” Bai Yunfei’s head tilted north first, then east. His eyebrows narrowed together as if heavily concentrating on something.

Then his right hand snapped up to call out someone from the Core World. It was Dan Teng.

Dan Teng blinked several times at his surroundings before addressing Bai Yunfei, “What’s the matter, Yunfei?”

Succinctly, Bai Yunfei explained to Dan Teng the gist of what was going on before making his request, “Uncle Dan Teng, might the Yao clan have a pill to make one unable to ‘betray’?”

Dan Teng’s eyes traveled to the beast tamers. He understood what Bai Yunfei was getting at now. 

“There is one, of course. I just so happened to be responsible for managing the pills as of late and have some ‘Soul Severing Pills’. A constant dose must be taken on a regular basis once the pill is ingested. Death is assured upon the third day without the cure. Not even a Soul King can resist its effects, these Soul Exalts won’t have a chance.”

Two black pills popped out onto his hand.

The faces of Yang Lin and other beast tamer went white. But while Yang Lin said nothing, the other person began to scream hysterically, “Didn’t you promise you’d let us leave here alive?! You can’t break that promise!”

Bai Yunfei blinked. “Oh…in that case, fine then.” 

He smiled.

“I can let you leave this place alive.”

“Uh…” To be honest, the young beast tamer hadn’t expected him to respond in such a way. He wasn’t sure if he could trust him for a moment, but ultimately bit his lip and turned tail to run.

And as Bai Yunfei said, no one lifted a finger to do anything.

A pitiful look appeared on Yang Lin’s face when his companion ran. His lips seemed to move—albeit minutely—as if to say two words.


That was because when he turned around, four of the wind wolves immediately started to follow after him… 

“Ahhh!!!! You bastards! You said you’d let me leave this place alive! You’ll…heaven will punish you for this! I…ahhh!!!”

A shrill scream echoed through the skies before finally coming to an abrupt stop.

“I did say that, I admit. I wouldn’t do anything to go back on my word. But those wind wolves… don’t seem to be willing to want you to go far. I can’t help with that…”

Bai Yunfei shook his head as if to mutter softly to himself. He threw one of the Soul Severing Pills over to Yang Lin.

Fearing his death, Yang Lin did what he knew had to be done and ingested the pill with quivering hands.

Tang Xinyun had a worried look on her face upon seeing Bai Yunfei look east. “Yunfei, are you possibly thinking of…”

Bai Yunfei nodded.

“We’re going to save them first!!”

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