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“The King Caging Bell!”

Exclaimed Nether. The Soul Anchor Techniques had only just worn off when Nether realized what was trapping him. It didn’t take him long to realize the King Caging Bell was stealing his soulforce either!

Breathing in and out, Nether allowed the King Caging Bell a few more of his soulforce before he thought to himself: “Do you really think the King Caging Bell will stop me?!”

Like Bai Yunfei, he and Lin Dongxiao had plans of their own. They just needed Bai Yunfei to use the Soul Sealing Mandate on one of them and the other would immediately steal it away. Unfortunately for them, Bai Yunfei managed to circumvent their plans and trap one of them in the King Caging Bell.

Focusing soulforce to his palm, Nether slammed his arm onto the interior of the King Caging Bell! As the previous heirloom of the Soul Refining School, Nether was naturally aware of the mechanics of the bell and knew where its weak points were. Most would think the King Caging Bell’s weak point was underneath the bell, but Nether knew it was the exact opposite—the weak point was at the very top!

As impressive the King Caging Bell was as a tool for imprisonment, it meant little to a Soul Emperor. In Nether’s eyes, this King Caging Bell was already as good as his again.


A painful vibration rang out within the King Caging Bell, sending shockwaves through Nether’s avatar.

“This…is a soundwave! When did it have such an ability like this!?”

Nether cried out. He never heard the King Caging Bell having an ability like that! Qin Bangjie never mentioned it before, and neither did he see Bai Yunfei using the King Caging Bell like that before. Nether was well and truly shocked by this difference in expectations.

He was also surprised by how effective the King Caging Bell was actually. A full-out attack hadn’t managed to blow the King Caging Bell away!

“Hmph!” Clenching his fist tightly, Nether lashed out with another powerful punch!


Another thud. Nether quirked his eyebrows when the soundwave he was expecting didn’t come, but he didn’t think twice about it. Rearing his arm back, he lashed out for the third time!


This time, the King Caging Bell was no longer able to withstand Nether’s attacks. The prison was broken immediately upon the third attack and the bell was thrown way up high into the sky!

Nether was free!

It took only five seconds for Nether to break free from the +12 King Caging Bell!

A wave of energy exploded out from Nether the moment he escaped; it was time for him to see what was going on.

“He wasn’t captured yet? But how!”

Nether was extremely shocked to see Bai Yunfei free still, what had Lin Dongxiao been doing? Surely Lin Dongxiao had more than enough time to strike or kill Bai Yunfei while Nether was keeping Bai Yunfei busy… 

“What? What’s this?!”

A shiver of shock ran up Nether’s spine when he realized Lin Dongxiao had been caught by the Soul Sealing Mandate!

Rather than killing Bai Yunfei, Lin Dongxiao had instead been captured by the Soul Sealing Mandate! How could that be?!

Needless to say, Nether was in utter disbelief. How could a development like that happen in less than five seconds!

The flames of anger rose up in Nether’s body—If Bai Yunfei captured Lin Dongxiao with the Soul Sealing Mandate, then that meant there was still a chance for a comeback!


Reams of elemental darkness flowed from Nether to form a mountainous black skeleton behind him. It gave a dreadful wail and flew at Bai Yunfei to swallow him whole!

The Maw of the Nether!

Nether concentrated even more elemental darkness to him as the Maw of the Nether flew at Bai Yunfei. The elemental darkness formed an armored wraith almost as large as the skeleton before. In its hand was a single blade that seemed to paradoxically shine with a sharp edge. Two beads of fire came to life within the visor the wraith wore. Roaring as did the previous skeleton, the warith raised its head and charged at Bai Yunfei with vengeance!

A Nether Wraith!!

There was no hesitation in Nether’s determination to kill Bai Yunfei. Now was the time for him to unleash two of his ultimate techniques to catch his foe off guard and then finish him off with a third!


The roaring of a tiger could be heard at that moment, causing Nether to snap his head over to look towards the source!

This roar was coming from the Demon-eyed Tiger King!

“Impossible! Did he break free from the Soul Sealing Mandate?! Did Bai Yunfei undo the seal? Could he be that stupid?!”

Several possibilities ran across Nether’s mind as he wondered just how the Demon-eyed Tiger King was free. But before he could decide on something… 

A golden beam of light gathered around the tiger. Converging around it to form a miniature sun, the sphere of elemental metal transformed into a giant tiger!

Armed with magnificent power, the tiger charged straight forward…at the giant skeleton!


Gold and black light clashed against one another when the golden tiger smashed into the black skeleton. With the Laws of Metal and Darkness clashing, the fallout from the two attacks was large enough to leave rifts open in the space around the two.


The Nether Wraith charged through the explosion with a roar, though its form was siphoned of some strength when it got too close to where the rifts opened up. The black warblade in its hand glistened ominously as it arced through the skies, leaving a rift of its own in its trail!


Another streak of golden light shot out from the explosion—this time faster than before—straight at the Nether Wraith!


Once again, gold and black smashed against each other for a loud clang of metal and then an explosion!

Rather than explode like the Maw of the Nether did, the Nether Wraith blocked the golden streak of light with its warblade. Raising its right arm to deal a blow, the Wraith roared out loud and then…exploded!


Nether felt his avatar shimmer dangerously as if it was quickly destabilizing to the point of destruction. But there was something else Nether was far more concerned about, hence why he yelled out loud!

But what was it that he saw?

It was…the headmaster of the Beast Taming School!

Or perhaps it was more appropriate to say it was the medium of his, the Demon-eyed Tiger King. The golden streak of light that intercepted both the Maw of the Nether and the Nether Wraith had been him! The Demon-eyed Tiger King was…helping Bai Yunfei stop his attacks!

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