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“Lin Dongxiao! What is the meaning of this!!?”

Furious, Nether roared at the Demon-eyed Tiger King, demanding for an explanation for his previous actions.

For some unfathomable reason, Lin Dongxiao had deigned to become a ‘traitor’ and help Bai Yunfei!

What in the world was this!

It seemed practically impossible to believe, but the truth was the truth! It was definitely the Demon-eyed Tiger King that stopped both of Nether’s attacks!


The Demon-eyed Tiger King only roared loudly in response. It didn’t seem like the Demon-eyed Tiger King even knew what ‘Lin Dongxiao’ even meant. Exploding with power, it charged straight at Nether with its claws outstretched to grab at Nether’s heart!

“Not good!!”

Being attacked so suddenly by his ‘companion’ disturbed Nether something fierce. Before he could begin to get out of the way, he felt something slam into his body!

“Hrk!!” Nether let out a muffled groan from whatever it was that hit him. He felt the elemental energy around his person shimmer and his avatar destabilize a bit as ‘energy’ poured out from it. 

Nether’s eyes dilated in realization what that meant—he was hit with a soul attack!

Based on how much power that leaked out, Nether could assume that he lost at least a fifth of his total energy!

In the blink of an eye…he was hit with a soul attack and lost a tremendous amount of strength!

The source of it all was the roar that the Demon-eyed Tiger King made before it made its charge. That roar wasn’t an ordinary one; it was the strongest soul skill it had!

The Wilderness Quaking Tiger’s Roar!

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ahhh…”

It wasn’t just Nether that was affected either. Several screams rang out from the direction behind Nether. He whirled around to see the Soul Kings from the allied schools cry out in pain. The Demon-eyed Tiger King’s soul attack had hit them as well!

The soul attack was meant for Nether. Any damage taken by it from the Soul Kings was only just a side-effect of being hit with the ‘overflow’. But even that overflow was powerful enough to make the heads of all the Soul Kings feel like they were being split open by the mighty claws of a tiger!

Several of the Soul Kings swayed dangerously on their feet. Being hit with the soul attack made them lose vitality for a moment, but they were still alive at the very least. But the Soul Exalts, on the other hand…many of them were stopping to drop from the skies like flies!

“What’s the meaning of this!?”

Many of the allied members watched in terror as the Demon-eyed Tiger King flew straight for Nether!

“Lin Dongxiao! Have you gone mad?!”

As Nether exploded with rage, the Demon-eyed Tiger King transformed into a beam of golden light to power up for another move! And at the same time, several golden blades materialized around it to strike at Nether!

“Damn!!” Nether cursed to himself. Stopping several of the blades with a barrier, he retreated away from the Demon-eyed Tiger King for some space.

He was in complete disarray now. Being stuck in the King Caging Bell was already unexpected, but having this happen? In no world nor dream could Nether imagine Lin Dongxiao of all people attacking him… 

“What is that? A soul armament?!”

Finally, he noticed the strange ‘addition’ the Demon-eyed Tiger King had around its neck. A multicolored ‘ring’ that definitely gave him a sneaking suspicion that this was to blame for every incomprehensible thing that happened so far!

“What is this?!” It was now that he also realized there was something different about the Demon-eyed Tiger King aura!

Lin Dongxiao’s soul…wasn’t present in the Demon-eyed Tiger King!

A medium had to have two types of souls in it. The first would be the soulbeast and the second would be the beast tamer’s. In this case, Lin Dongxiao’s should’ve been here in the medium, but for some reason, it wasn’t there! The terrifying aura that was coming from the Demon-eyed Tiger King was composed entirely of the soulbeast’s own soul!

“What…is the meaning of all this!?”

Practically crazy now, Nether wanted nothing more than to study the situation for an answer, but…the Demon-eyed Tiger King wasn’t giving him the opportunity to do so!


“Boom boom boom…”

Because of his complete confusion, Nether was on the defense this entire time. With the Demon-eyed Tiger King also being extremely aggressive, there wasn’t ever a point where Nether had the proper time to launch a counterattack. The space between the two of them was pure chaos with only gold and black light being viewable. With how often the space around them echoed with explosions, it felt like the world was quickly heading towards a messy end.


The Soul Kings from the allied schools watched the headmaster of the Soul Refining School fight the Demon-eyed Tiger King in utter confusion. Not even Qin Bangjie knew what to think!

They weren’t the only ones either. The Yao clansmen were also in a state of flummox at the battle!

Half a minute transpired since Bai Yunfei started the battle. In the first ten seconds, both sides watched as Bai Yunfei managed to trap Nether in the King Caging Bell. Then while Nether was indisposed, they watched the Demon-eyed Tiger King come at Bai Yunfei and come extremely close to killing him before stopping!

And to add to their confusion, they saw how Nether managed to escape from the King Caging Bell right as the Demon-eyed Tiger King became Bai Yunfei’s ‘helper’ by stopping Nether’s attack and even attacking him afterward!

So many unpredictable things happened in such a short amount of time! Many of these individuals had already lived for over a hundred years and yet none of them could recall a scene as unpredictable as this! Words weren’t even of any use to describe the emotions they felt as they watched the scene unfold in front of them… 



The loud chirping of a bird and the roar of a dragon snapped the Soul Kings out from their ‘mute’ shock. A streak of green and violet light shot at them from one direction while a streak of black and blue light shot at them from another to strike at the Soul Kings!

It was Xiao Qi and Long Lan!!


Nether leaped away from the Demon-eyed Tiger King after having successfully dodged one of its attacks. Furious, he had the black light around him transform into a sturdy black armor for him to wear. Raising his right hand up, he slammed it against the incoming claw of the Demon-eyed Tiger King!


The hand and arm of both combatants smashed into one another with a mighty crash. Black light met gold as the two fought for supremacy. It seemed like the two were at an impasse until Nether sneered! His right arm suddenly exploded into a black mist and wrapped around the Demon-eyed Tiger King’s arm!

As if being inhaled, the black smoke entered the Demon-eyed Tiger King’s body. Black cracks spread rapidly over the surface of the Demon-eyed Tiger King’s body like spiderwebs, and before long, the black lines covered every inch of its body!

This was a technique Nether had for capturing people!

And now Nether could leave the Demon-eyed Tiger King be for now. Kicking away from the tied up soulbeast, Nether flew in the direction Bai Yunfei was in!

He didn’t even go far before his right arm was fully back to normal!

Losing an arm wasn’t much of an issue for an avatar since they weren’t ‘physical’. It just required some soulforce and energy and an avatar could regrow any lost limb. But using soulforce and energy in such a manner also meant the further destabilization of the avatar… 


The distance between Nether and Bai Yunfei was considerably large, however. Not much distance was traveled before the Demon-eyed Tiger King was already hot on Nether’s heels!

Forced to deviate from his path, Nether sent a blade of dark light at the Demon-eyed Tiger King and moved swiftly around the soulbeast!


Before he could strike again, Nether’s ears perked up when they picked up on the shrill cries of pain from someone. When he realized who it was, the anger Nether felt intensified!

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