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“I see…”

On top of the grassy hill in the Core World, Bai Yunfei sat there with his hands massaging his temples. 

He never imagined that he’d be able to live from that battle. Xiao Fang, Soul Sealer, and the soul fragment from that transmigrator had been vital to his survival.

If not for Soul Sealer sealing his soul, Bai Yunfei’s soul would’ve regressed to the point of disappearance.

If not for Xiao Fang breaking out from the void, then Bai Yunfei would’ve been forced to stay in the Core World and likely starve to death or something.

And if not for the memory fragments of the transmigrator ‘Tang Long’ supporting his soul, he would’ve become an imbecile or left in a comatose state. That would’ve been a fate worse than death… 

And, of course, if not for Lao Sha protecting Bai Yunfei multiple times before he recovered, Bai Yunfei would’ve most likely succumbed to another threat to his life… 

“So you’ve been holding my body in stasis this entire time? I never thought there’d be such a way of saving a life…” Bai Yunfei scratched his head in wonder. The mark on his body was most definitely the work of the Soul Sealing Mandate then. No wonder he was met with the Soul Sealing Mandate the moment he recovered… 

“And that’s that. Honestly, I never thought you’d be able to recover or even live. I thought I was basically trying to fill a bucket with holes in it here…” Still in its tiger form, Soul Sealer began to lick its claws.

“It’s because of me you’re alive, so you should thank me properly. Why not use that Upgrade Technique of yours and make me stronger?”

The difference in attitude between Soul Sealer and Xiao Fang was quite big. Bai Yunfei recalled Xiao Fang once saying there was two ways a soul armament could gain a spirit. One was to have a soul armament naturally gain sentience, the other was to have someone implant a soul into it. Xiao Fang was of the former and Soul Sealer was of the latter.

“While it’s not like I can’t use the Upgrade Technique, are you sure you want me to?” Bai Yunfei smiled at how cute the little tiger was looking at him.

“I’d like to warn you, upgrading a soul armament isn’t always successful. Being a +10 item, you are no longer in the ‘safety zone’. Failing to upgrade you could have some dire consequences…”

“Eh?” The tiger blinked. “What consequences?”

“If a +10 equipment fails to upgrade, then…take a look—”

An ordinary +10 soul armament popped out onto Bai Yunfei’s hand. “Upgrade.”

Upgrade FailedEquipment Destroyed

The equipment failed to be upgraded and was reduced to ashes, as expected.

“You—that’s—what?” Sputtering in horror, the tiger gave Bai Yunfei a wide-eyed look. “This Upgrade Technique can destroy a soul armament?!”

Bai Yunfei laughed. “If there’s a chance to grow stronger, then there’s also a chance of being destroyed. The path to more power has always had a risk like that. So, how about it? Want me to keep going?”

“As…as if! If…if you…if you try to ‘upgrade’ me, I’ll…I’ll bite you to death!!” The little tiger leaped back with wide eyes and snarled threateningly at him.

“Haha…don’t worry, I’m not that stupid. If I have something called the ‘Guaranteed Upgrade Stone’, then I’ll be able to upgrade you without failure. In the future, I’ll be sure to use it to help you grow stronger if I find one.”

“Really? Where can we find one then? Hurry and find one!”

“Easier said than done…don’t you think I’d have a few of them if that were the case?”

The best way to wake up Xiao Fang was perhaps try and find one of those Guaranteed Upgrade Stones… 


Bai Yunfei sighed.

Re-experiencing his life with the Truth of Reincarnation didn’t give Bai Yunfei additional insights on just cultivation. He gained plenty of insights about the Upgrade Technique, but there wasn’t much he learned how to increase the chances of success. Without something like that Bai Yunfei didn’t feel very confident about upgrading the Core Stone again.

Not even a heaven-tier upgrade stone would soothe Bai Yunfei’s fears. This was the type of situation where Bai Yunfei didn’t even want to risk even a single percent of failure.

The only source of Guaranteed Upgrade Stones Bai Yunfei knew of was the Nephrite Throne fragments. Finding them anywhere else seemed very unlikely… 

Daytime was rapidly approaching the outside world. Collecting his thoughts, Bai Yunfei sat down onto the ground to try and meditate for a bit.

The Truth of Reincarnation had been an excellent experience for Bai Yunfei. Not only did he gain plenty of power, but he also managed to be free of any negative side-effects. All he really had to do was familiarize himself with his new strength.

In another part of the world. The barracks of the three allied schools.

It wasn’t Qin Bangjie that sat upon the very front throne in one of the tents, but a shadowy figure whose face could not be seen clearly.

Another two of the Soul Kings from the Soul Refining School were seated with Qin Bangjie. Each one of them had a face filled with fear. No one said a word and simply waited for something else to happen.

Suddenly, everyone looked up through the ceiling hole at the skies above.

Four figures came stepping out from a ripple in the area they were looking at.

A wave of energy flowed forth from the humanoid with a tiger’s head the moment it appeared, turning Qin Bangjie and the others with him deathly-pale. This was the soulbeast puppet avatar of Lin Dongxiao, the Demon-eyed Tiger King.

Right beside the Demon-eyed Tiger King was Ma Xucheng and a few other Soul Kings from the Beast Taming School. 

“Hehe…the mighty headmaster of the Soul Refining School fleeing from a battle in fear. I wonder how the world might take such a piece of news like that?”

Lin Dongxiao sneered, his eyes staring straight at the black shadow with Qin Bangjie.

“There’s no need for that, why did you not try your luck with that one then, Lin Dongxiao?” The figure in black retorted. A wave of energy flowed out from the figure to cancel out the aura coming from Lin Dongxiao. The effort caused the smoke around the figure's face to recede, revealing the face of the figure.

It was a middle-aged man in his forties, but a man whose figure was transparent. This was very clearly someone’s avatar.

This person was…the headmaster of the Soul Refining School, Nether!!

“....” Lin Dongxiao didn’t retort. He looked almost embarrassed. “Who…who was that person?!” He demanded.

Nether’s eyes traveled to where Xu Qianqing was. “Call the ones from the Wind Lightning School over.”

“Yes, headmaster.” Xu Qianqing bowed respectfully.

He Changkai and the others didn’t take long to gather in the tent. Sitting there together, the men from the Wind Lightning School had a stormy look on their faces. Conversation, it would seem, was not something they were willing to take part in right now. But with two Soul Emperor from the other schools demanding it, there was no way the Wind Lightning School could refuse. They didn’t even have the right to speak.

“That person…is Bai Yunfei!”

Nether spoke after a moment of silence.

“Bai Yunfei?!”

The ones from the other two schools repeated in surprise. The beast tamers shivered with something that looked very similar to fear… 

Ma Xucheng’s eyes flew wide open. “Bai Yunfei…from the Crafting School?! Are you saying…that same Bai Yunfei from three years ago?!”


“But how!!” Ma Xucheng exclaimed, “Didn’t he and you take each oth—”

A wave of furious killing intent stopped Ma Xucheng from saying anything more. Paling in the face, Ma Xucheng looked down to avoid back at Nether… 

The gears were turning in Lin Dongxiao’s head as he thought about this new piece of information. “Then…the technique he used against Duan Leiting at the very end was…the Soul Sealing Mandate?!” Lin Dongxiao declared, “And then when he disappeared…that was because of the Core Stone?!”

“Exactly. It is because of the Soul Sealing Mandate and Core Stone.” Nether confirmed. “And the reason why Duan Leiting’s second Bellow of the Thunder God was reflected is due to a secret Bai Yunfei has. There was no other reason why Duan Leiting would lose so quickly if not for that…”

The light in Lin Dongxiao’s eyes grew even brighter. “What are you thinking about?” He asked.

“We kill him.” Nether spat hatefully. “The Soul Sealing Mandate and Core Stone…you and I will take one apiece!!”

Nether’s hatred for Bai Yunfei couldn’t simply be contained. He wanted nothing more than to utterly destroy Bai Yunfei and tear his soul asunder!

Him fleeing the battle was humiliating, he knew that much and regretted it plenty, but…there just wasn’t any helping it! He hadn’t been thinking too clearly at the time! When he saw how Duan Leiting’s avatar—which was a little stronger than his own avatar at the time—was destroyed, Nether’s mind was filled with a ‘familiar’ type of dread that made him want to flee at once. Mind flooded with despair and desperation, the only thing Nether could do was flee from the battlefield at once… 

Qin Bangjie and the others had the same idea. Their trauma of Bai Yunfei was simply too deep… 

Bai Yunfei was the man everyone from the Soul Refining School feared greatly. It wasn’t hard for anyone to see why.

But now that he could calm down, Nether was filled with indignation! His previous show of behavior was simply intolerable…that was the perfect chance to kill Bai Yunfei!

He didn’t know how Bai Yunfei lived or even managed to make it into the ranks of the Yao clan, but that wasn’t important. With both Lin Dongxiao’s soulbeast puppet and Nether here, the two of them should’ve been able to kill Bai Yunfei!

One night of discussion later, the next day.

Nether, Lin Dongxiao, and the other Soul Kings led the allied army towards Yao City to make their third assault. It took Lin Dongxiao a moment for him to clear the illusion placed around the city, but when it dropped… 

Everyone’s jaw dropped wide open…there was nothing there!

Yao City was…gone!!

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