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From the city walls to the very center of it…Yao City was gone to its very last tile!

Only a crater was left there in its place! A smooth crater that contained absolutely nothing but an empty sight for the allied schools to gape at!

“What…what is this…”

Students and Soul Kings alike, everyone were struck dumb the sight when they realized the giant city was no longer there.

“The. Core. Stone!!”

Three words were spoken Nether one by one as if they were poisonous. The black light twisted and coiled his figure as if simulating the anger he felt.

A stunned Lin Dongxiao stood right beside Nether. “You’re…saying he used the Core Stone to carry away the entire city?! It’s…it’s capable of something like that?!”

“After him!” Nether exploded with anger, “Mobilize the army! We’ll scour every inch of the Qimang Mountains if we need to, Bai Yunfei must be found!”

Meanwhile, in another place far away from where Yao City once stood.

Four figures stood on top of a tall mountain point. Bai Yunfei, Wu Dijian, Dan Teng, and Yao Wuchen.

Bai Yunfei was looking in the direction where Yao City once was. His eyes were closed shut, though, as if he was trying to sense something.

Yao Wuchen and the other two stood anxiously behind him. If they wanted to ask Bai Yunfei something, then they all must have thought it prudent to wait.

The three of them were awed by Bai Yunfei. Migrating the inhabitants of Yao City into the Core Stone was what they expected. They just never expected Bai Yunfei being able to ‘store’ the entire city as well.

A while ago, Bai Yunfei came out from the Core World to greet Yao Wuchen and the others. It was time for them to start having the citizens enter the Core World.

But then Bai Yunfei said that would be too ‘troublesome’. He also said there was something else he wanted to ‘try’.

‘You will all feel a strange energy around you in a moment. Don’t resist it.’ Was what he said to the people of Yao City.

Bai Yunfei flew up into the sky. Confused, the Soul Kings followed after him to see what he had in mind. 

“I’ll need to borrow your ‘mental energy’.” Bai Yunfei requested from the Soul Kings. They were further confused until they all felt something touch upon their mindspace—this was the power of the Charm Bracelet, mental link!

By borrowing their power, Bai Yunfei was able to spread his soulsense across the entire city. A barrier of light surrounded Yao City in its entirety and even dug deep into the ground… 

Half an hour and a great deal of shock later, the entire Yao City was being shaken at its foundation as if it was being ‘dug’ up… 

Then in the next second…everything disappeared!

Both city and inhabitants disappeared into the Core World, leaving only Bai Yunfei, Wu Dijian, Dan Teng, and Yao Wuchen standing there in the sky.


Bai Yunfei’s eyes flew wide open. “They’re here!”

“Who’s they?” Wu Dijian asked.

“The allied members. They’ve realized what we’ve done and are starting to search the place…”

“You…you can tell all that?!”

The distance between here and where Yao City was was far too large! Not even an Early-stage Soul Emperor should be able to cover that much distance with their soulsense! How was it that Bai Yunfei was able to?!

“My soulsense might not be able to, but the Core Stone allows me to sense fluctuations in spatial energy. I can feel plenty of people teleporting in every direction. They’re clearly trying to find us.”

“Hehe, a fool’s errand…” Wu Dijian laughed. “We’d be laughingstocks if they caught up to us.”

He could say that now after learning about the Core Stone’s ability of teleporting large distances at a time. The distance traveled with the Core Stone was far superior than that of the two Early-stage Soul Emperors. As Wu Dijian said, being caught now was very unlikely.

“Yunfei, we should try to leave the Qimang Mountains as quickly as we can. Do you have any other plans?”

Dan Teng asked at last.

Dan Teng really wanted to leave this place at once, if he was honest. But Bai Yunfei staying here told him that there was something else the younger male had planned.

“Haha, not to worry. We can leave any time we want…” Bai Yunfei chuckled. “Uncle Dan Teng, don’t tell me you don’t want to pay our enemies back for what they’ve done so far?”

“What?” Dan Teng blinked. “Don’t tell me you’re…”

A flash of light sparked to life in Bai Yunfei’s eyes. “The only thing we were able to do was protect Yao City with our life. But now…”

He turned back to look towards Yao City. “But now the positions of the ‘hunters’ and the ‘hunted’ have been swapped…”

The three males gave Bai Yunfei a stunned look; was he really trying to launch a counterattack on their enemies?!

“But…we are up against two Soul Emperors at the very least, my young friend. Though the Soul Sealing Mandate and Core Stone are powerful, a fight with two of them will prove to be very difficult. We hold the advantage in Soul Kings, but that advantage means nothing in a battle with Soul Emperors…” Yao Wuchen advised.

“Haha, you overestimate my abilities, clan head. Me fighting two Soul Emperors wouldn’t be a bit ‘difficult’, it’d be a slaughter.”

During his battle with Duan Leiting’s avatar, Bai Yunfei only managed to win easily due to his enemies not knowing his capabilities. Without the Soul Sentinel Scarf being able to mitigate and deflect soul attacks, there was no way Bai Yunfei would’ve been able to defeat Duan Leiting. The other two Soul Emperors definitely knew what Bai Yunfei was capable of now and wouldn’t use a soul attack if they were to fight now. That meant Bai Yunfei was down one killing move and had less a chance of victory. 

“Then why would you…”

“Indeed, fighting two Soul Emperors would be impossible for me ‘right now’, but…they’re currently spreading out in an attempt to find us.”

He looked to a different direction with a cold smile. “There’s a type of tactic called ‘guerilla warfare’...”



In the middle of the Qimang Mountains, a sudden explosion broke the silence that had been present.

“Where are they?!”

From their perch up in the skies, Nether and Lin Dongxiao suddenly disappeared the moment they heard the explosion!

The distance a Soul Emperor could teleport at once was a considerable one, and so it didn’t take long for them to arrive where the explosion was.

But nothing but the scars of a battle was there. The battle was ‘already’ over.

“It was the people from the Wind Lightning School.”

Nether spoke out. The ones searching in this area had been an Early-stage Soul King from the Wind Lightning School and his students.

“After them!!”

Furious, Lin Dongxiao transformed into a ray of energy to fly off in a certain direction in hopes that Bai Yunfei’s traces would be picked up on.


When the two were far away enough in a certain direction, another explosion was heard off towards the south!


They teleported at once towards the source in hopes of being there on time this time!

But like the last time, they arrived at the battlefield too late. A Mid-stage Soul King from the Beast Taming School was gone.

And that was when the two Soul Emperors realized splitting up to chase after Bai Yunfei was a terrible mistake… 

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