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Part 3

At that moment, he saw He Caitou tighten his cheeks as if he were inhaling. Then, a wave of white smoke floated out of his mouth. With the stick in his mouth, he walked into the testing area.

Even though Huo Yuhao was shocked by the weird effects generated by He Caitou’s spirit, he still activated his Mental Detection. The overall detection ability allowed him to notice more of his surroundings.

Just as he activated Mental Detection, Huo Yuhao immediately felt something was different. He found that within his detection range, the testing area seemed to have come alive. Huge metal spheres, each with radius of around half a meter, suddenly appeared from multiple directions.

“Be careful Brother He!” shouted Huo Yuhao.

He Caitou turned, smiled at him and gave him a thumbs up. Right afterwards, his attitude changed.

The normally gentle person suddenly had sharp eyes. He inhaled deeply with the stick in his mouth and started moving with cheetah-like speed.

To his sides, two metal spheres approached and immediately accelerated toward him. He Caitou ran forward. With a flip, he dived forward. In the next moment, his entire body had turned directions while the metal on his shoulders opened to reveal a thin hole.

Huo Yuhao immediately detected violent fluctuations of spirit power within He Caitou’s body. His spirit power quickly exploded from his shoulders. Two thin white light rays shot out and accurately hit the two metal spheres.

Huo Yuhao found that when the white rays were released, He Caitou was moving his shoulder muscles to adjust the direction the rays targeted.

The two metal spheres seemed to have paused, then right after, it dissolved in the air.

This, this is a spirit guidance device’s power? Huo Yuhao was deeply shocked. Although he had noticed the balls were hollow inside, the weight is still uncommon. Yet, they were actually destroyed by two thin rays of white light.

But, what truly shocked him came after. As He Caitou was flipping through the air, the black metal on his arms quickly floated up to cover both arms. On each arm appeared a set of metal tubes encircling it. The tubes also had a walnut pattern etched in. He Caitou’s spirit power immediately transferred from his shoulders to his arms. Then Huo Yuhao saw the six tubes on each arm fired. The instant of explosive spirit power release even distorted Huo Yuhao’s Mental Detection.

In another direction, six huge metal spheres charging toward He Caitou were immediately impacted. Concave cracks appeared on them. As the six metal tubes on He Caitou’s arms rapidly fired, the six metal spheres exploded into pieces within three seconds.

Right then, another six metal spheres appeared on his sides and charged toward him.

He Caitou bit down on his stick and smiled, revealing a fierce expression. Almost every piece of black metal started activating on his body. They all moved according to changes in his muscles. Then, He Caitou’s inner spirit body bloomed like an explosion.

Even with Mental Detection’s support, Huo Yuhao was still unable to count how many metal stick-like objects appeared on He Caitou’s body. What he did see was He Caitou covered in light. Countless rays violently shot out from his body. In the terrifying spirit power fluctuations, the twelve metal spheres dissolved to pieces in the air.

It was awe-inspiring!

Finishing all this, He Caitou’s spirit power seemed to have been greatly reduced. The metal tubes on his body disappeared and it once again looked like a set of metal clothes. Huo Yuhao no longer thought he looked weird. In his eyes, the gentle, honest He Caitou had become a beast!

He had seen many three ring spirit elders. Such as Dai Huabin, Ning Tian. And his own elder brother Bei Bei and teacher Xiao Ya. They all have three rings. But in terms of battle prowess, they are not even close to the same level as He Caitou! The destructive power of those metal tubes were truly terrifying.

He Caitou came back and quickly took off those black objects. The stick in his mouth disappeared as well. There seemed to be the smell of smoke faintly lingering on his body.

Fan Yu smiled toward Huo Yuhao, “What do you think?”

Huo Yuhao subconsciously responded, “This, this is so powerful.”

Fan Yu said, “He Caitou’s cultivation is limited. What he just demonstrated is only a small part of the potential power in spirit guidance devices. He still cannot use the more powerful ones. Within all the spirit guidance devices, other than the mounted spirit guidance device you saw last time, every single one is activated by spirit power. So, spirit power cultivation is just as important to us in the Spirit Guidance Division.”

“I know that you must be curious about whether Spirit Guidance Division spirit masters or Battle Spirit Division spirit masters are stronger. I want to tell you that under seven spirit rings, Spirit Guidance Division has a distinct advantage. After seven rings, Battle Spirit Division has the advantage. On our Douluo Continent, Spirit Division has always been the main focus. But in each country’s armies, Spirit Guidance Masters are the focus. Comparatively, Spirit Guidance is more common and can easily obtain great combat prowess.”

After listening to Fan Yu’s explanation, Huo Yuhao finally had a basic understanding of Spirit Guidance Devices. After seeing He Caitou’s demonstration, he can be certain that not even four ring spirit ancestors can win against him! This made Huo Yuhao even more interested in Spirit Guidance Devices.

Fan Yu saw that the fire is almost readily. He said with a deep voice, “Even though our Spirit Guidance Division is weaker than the Battle Spirit Division after seven spirit rings in the present, it is not that simple. One of the main focuses of my research is to produce the best Spirit Guidance spirit master. I am forty-six this year, but have only accepted He Caitou as my only disciple. If you are willing, then I want to have another.”

With Huo Yuhao’s intelligence and how clear Fan Yu had already been, how could he hesitate. With a bang, he kneeled on the ground, “Teacher Fan Yu. Please take me as a disciple. I will work hard to learn.” As he said this, he kowtowed three times.

Fan Yu smiled and allowed Huo Yuhao to show his respects. After he finished, Fan Yu helped him up.

“I have already heard about your hard work from Zhou Yi. From now on, you are my second disciple. You are also my last. I will put all my effort into cultivating you and Caitou. There will be a day when I will show the Spirit Guidance Division our advancements. Yuhao, you are not only my disciple, but from now on, you are also our Spirit Guidance Division’s core disciple. I heard about the decision from the Battle Spirit Division. They did not accept you as a core disciple, and it will be their loss.”

He was a core disciple now? This fortune came way too fast. Huo Yuhao was somewhat dazed. The different treatments from the Battle Spirit Division and the Spirit Guidance Division made the scale within his heart shake.

No matter what, he was still only an eleven year old kid who grew up in a horrible environment. Huo Yuhao remembered his hatreds but even more his gratitudes. Huo Yuhao’s heart was filled with warmness when Fan Yu said he had just become a Spirit Guidance core disciple. The frustrations he had held within suddenly flowed toward his eyes.

“Teacher.” His tear couldn’t help just finally flow down.

Fan Yu opened his arms and held Huo Yuhao’s shoulders, “Good child. Don’t cry. I understand the pain in your heart. I want to tell you that no matter who it is, in order not to suffer injustices and obtain respect, you can only rely on yourself. You must use your own abilities to reject negative emotions. This is what you should do.”

“Okay.” Huo Yuhao rapidly nodded and forcefully wiped away his tears.

He Caitou came forward as well. With a laugh, he hugged Huo Yuhao. His great strength let him easily lift Huo Yuhao up and turned in a circle.

“I have a younger brother now. Hahaha. This is wonderful. I won’t be lonely anymore. Yuhao, we will be brothers in the future.”

“Brother.” He Caitou’s sincere emotions made Huo Yuhao feel a similar feeling as the one that the Tang Clan’s big brother Beibei brought him. His mood soared once again.

Fan Yu said, “Yuhao, even though you are now our Spirit Guidance Division’s core disciple, you must still obtain a good foundation. So, in the first three years, you still have to continue your education in the Battle Spirit Division. You should put your main focus on cultivating your battle spirit. Spirit power is the foundation for everything. Also, your battle spirit is unique, so you must also focus on improving your spirit abilities. I hope that you will not only become an outstanding Spirit Guidance Spirit Master, but also an outstanding Control type Battle Spirit Master.”

“Teacher will also not lie to you. Our Spirit Guidance Division and Battle Spirit Division have always had a competitive spirit. So, the fact that you have become the Spirit Guidance Division’s core disciple must be kept as a secret. When you enter the inner school in the future, it will also be our Spirit Guidance Division’s inner school. Zhou Yi will help you fill out forms for choosing the Spirit Guidance Division. Your Battle Spirit Division’s class ends every day at four o’clock. After you finish, you will directly come here to find me. You will start by learning for two hours each day. Your Battle Spirit Division will also rest for a day each week. You will also need to come here to learn. Can you handle this?”

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