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Part 1

Huo Yuhao nodded with determination, “I’m ready.” Fan Yu’s attitude had completely won over Huo Yuhao’s heart. He no longer felt regret for not becoming Battle Spirit Division’s core disciple. He had come to this conclusion because there is not only him in his body, but also Daydream! Daydream had said early on that he will help Huo Yuhao obtain a fitting spirit ring. This aspect is the greatest advantage for the Battle Spirit Division students. Without this problem, anything the Battle Spirit Division can give him, the Spirit Guidance can give him as well. And furthermore, he can still temporarily receive special treatment reserved for Battle Spirit core disciples.

Fan Yu continued, “As long as you are not afraid of suffering, I will pass you all of my skills. Our Spirit Guidance Division only has more resources than the Battle Spirit Division, not less.” He walked in front of Huo Yuhao and put a necklace on his neck. The necklace was black with small, dark gold plate-shaped pendants. They were made from a mysterious metal. Each plate had complex patterns.

“With this plate, you will be able to enter any area of the outer school Spirit Guidance Division freely. You don’t have to stay longer today. But, starting tomorrow, you must come every day. Your first year had just finished reorganizing. Go back now.”

“Okay. Thank you Teacher Fan Yu.”

Zhou Yi escorted Huo Yuhao back. Watching his back, Fan Yu’s face revealed the hint of a smile. He Caitou’s overjoyed excitement had not completely disappeared either, “This is so wonderful. I have a brother. Now, teacher won’t be torturing me alone.”

Fan Yu turned around and knocked on his bald head with annoyance, “I torture you? Get back to work.”

He Caitou walked away helplessly. The moment he left, a large figure walked over next to Fan Yu. This was the Spirit Guidance vice-dean, Qian Duoduo.

“Not bad. It went smoothly. This kid Huo Yuhao has quite a character. He is a good seedling. I was really happy to see him use a Battle Spirit Fusion. But then, I thought about it and regretted it. Fortunately, Old Yan can’t even see with his eyes open. He can’t even identify a treasure and let us have such a great deal. Fan Yu, how successful do you think you will be with our ultimate training plan on him?”

Fan Yu seriously responded, “With He Caitou, I can only imagine a forty percent chance of success. But with Huo Yuhao, I can guarantee at least seventy percent chance. If they work together, give me ten to fifteen years and I will have a hundred percent chance of producing a limit pushing soldier. When they have cultivated till my age, they will reach our true target.”

“Good!” Qian Duoduo slapped his own chest, “For these words, I will allow you to use all of the Spirit Guidance Division’s resources from now on. All you have to do is finish our Extreme Individual Program. I can guarantee that you will be our Spirit Guidance Division’s next dean.”

Fan Yu’s eyes were filled with excitement, “Dean Qian, you should know that my desire to cultivate an Extreme Soldier is not for authority.”

Qian Duoduo smiled, “Of course I know that. This is because we have the same goals. The moment we achieve it, the entire continent will enter a new era.”

Fan Yu smiled, “As long as Huo Yuhao’s Battle Spirit continue to grow like now, we will surely succeed. Since the Battle Spirit Division doesn’t want an innate body Battle Spirit, then we will take him. So what if he only has a ten year ring? So what if he had a late start? To me, Huo Yuhao’s ten year ring is more powerful than any hundred year ring. Also, based on what Zhou Yi said, he had already progressed from a spirit power level of thirteen to seventeen in three short months. I made Zhou Yi keep this a secret. But with this kind of speed, how could he be trash? Fortunately, only each class’s teacher are allowed to see students’ entrance applications.”

Qian Duoduo said, “Your Zhou Yi is weird. She has to make herself look like an old woman. Why don’t you make her stop?”

Fan Yu responded helplessly, “With her stubbornness, do you really think I can stop her? She said that this appearance conveys authority to the students. Oh well. At least she isn’t like that at home.”

Zhou Yi escorted Huo Yuhao out of the Spirit Guidance Testing Area and quickly arrived back at the Battle Spirit Division. However, she didn’t bring him to the first year building.

She said to Huo Yuhao, “Yuhao, when you went to see Director Du before, did he ask you about the effects of your Battle Spirit Fusion?”

“No.” Huo Yuhao answered.

Zhou Yi frowned, “This is not good. You don’t even know what effects your Battle Spirit Fusion ability does. How will you use it next time? How about this, after you get back, you should tell Wang Dong to ask Director Du.”

Have Wang Dong go? Huo Yuhao paused.

Zhou Yi smiled, “You don’t understand? You are already the Spirit Guidance Division’s core disciple. It is better to appear as little as possibly before Director Du. Also, Teacher Wang Yan seems to hold you in high regard as well. You should try to keep a low profile when you are cultivating in the future. I know you have many suspicions, but I need to tell you that Teacher Fan Yu is wholeheartedly trying to help you become the best of a generation. I am too. Maybe you are thinking why I would be helping the Spirit Guidance Division when I am a Battle Spirit Division teacher. Then, I will tell you a secret. You follow who you marry. Fan Yu is my husband. I must support him.”

As she talked, Zhou Yi lifted her right hand and lightly teared to the right. Suddenly, a carefully crafted skin mask came off, revealing a beautiful face. She looked as if she were only twenty eight or nine. Her face was sweet and gentle.

Huo Yuhao’s mouth fell open as he stared. He could never have imagined that the perverted old hag was actually a beauty. And with her actual appearance, who could have imagine she was strict at all?

Zhou Yi had already put the skin mask back on and said helpless, “You see now that my real appearance doesn’t hold any authority. That is why I carefully crafted this appearance. I have my own teaching philosophy. You go back to Class One alone. It is still the same classroom. Remember, you must keep everything you had seen a secret. Especially the fact that you had become Fan Yu’s direct disciple. Furthermore, I heard you usually sell roast fish at night. Stop now. From this point on, you won’t have the time. As for your expenditures, the Spirit Guidance Division will provide for you. You will learn all the advantages being a core disciple of the Spirit Guidance Division comes with.”

“Yes, Teacher Zhou.” Huo Yuhao had received too much information in this short hour. He was still a bit confused. But unquestionably, the Spirit Guidance Division valued him. With Teacher Fan Yu taking him as a disciple, the anger he had felt when he couldn’t become a Battle Spirit core disciple had completely disappeared.

“Reporting in!” shouted Huo Yuhao after returning to Class One.

“Come in.” Teacher Wang Yan’s voice rang out. Huo Yuhao pushed the door open and walked in. Suddenly, the focus of every student in the classroom was on him.

Out of the four freshman classes, it was unquestionably that Class One was the strongest. But, the number of students was not large. With Offense and Control Types combined, there were less than sixty students. The largest class was Class Four, where many types of students were mixed together.

Seeing everyone’s attention on Huo Yuhao, Wang Yan smiled, “Yuhao, you came at the perfect time. We were just about to elect a class president. Please sit down first.”

Even though it was a new class, Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’s seats were still the same. Xiao Xiao had switched over to sit next to Huo Yuhao. The three of them were together in a row.

Huo Yuhao had also discovered that Dai Huabin, Zhu Lu and Cui Yajie were sitting three rows away. Dai Huabin gave him a cold look when he stepped in.

On the podium, Wang Yan continued, “Next, we will elect our class president and vice-president. Since our Class One students are of offense and control types, the president and vice-president will be from different concentrations. They will also trade duties each month. I will nominate a few students. Then, everyone can vote anonymously.

As he said this, he turned toward the blackboard and wrote two rows of names. The top row were offense types. The names were Wang Dong, Dai Huabin, Zhou Sichen, Huang Chutian and Wu Feng.

The second row of names were control types. The first name was Huo Yuhao, followed by Cao Jinxuan, Lan Susu and Lan Luoluo.

A total of nine names appeared on the blackboard. From Wang Yan’s order of names, it was obvious that Wang Dong was most favored. No one questioned it since his team did win the Freshman Examination. Wang Dong was the top choice. Even though he did not have three rings of cultivation, the power of his Bright Goddess Butterfly was seen by all.

But, when Huo Yuhao’s name appeared first for control types, a lot of whispers appeared. The former Class One students were fine since Huo Yuhao was their class president before as well. They had all seen Huo Yuhao’s hard work. But students from other classes were full of dissatisfaction.

Even though Huo Yuhao, Wang Dong, and Xiao Xiao won the Freshman Examination together, many students were saying he was the luckiest of all the students. A single ring student actually managed to become one of the champions. He even received the same treatment as core disciples. All this made many people envious.

“Teacher Wang, I have an objection.” Wu Feng, sitting near Dai Huabin, suddenly raised her hand.

Wang Yan and Zhou Yi’s teaching styles were very different. He had a gentle attitude and smiled, “Is there something wrong Wu Feng?”

Wu Feng said with contempt, “I believe Huo Yuhao does not have the qualifications to be considered for class president. He is only a single ring spirit master. And that spirit ring is only ten years. Even if he is one of the champions of the Freshman Examination, that is still because he followed Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao. What qualifications does he have to be class president?”

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