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Part 2

A layer of intense, pale white glow suddenly exploded from his body. Dai Huabin extended his arms toward the side as he rushed forward. Then, his chest raised up, his bones crackled, his muscles swelled and his shirt tightened around his body. Every muscle became visible beneath. Even the air around him seemed like it was in a frenzy.

His golden hair suddenly became black and white, with white being the majority and a few strands of black hair appearing distinctively in it. His forehead gradually showed four pale lines; three across and one down, perfectly making the character “king.”

His transformation continued with his hands becoming two times bigger and completely covered in white hair. When he moved his ten fingers, dagger like claws continuously extended and retracted. Each piece was like a ten inch blade, flickering with ghostly cold light.

Dai Huabin’s upper body slowly bent forward and his pair of double pupils changed into a deep blue color, giving off the feeling as if he were a killing machine.

At his feet, three shining rings successively rose, two yellow and one purple. As the rings moved, surges of spirit power flowed out with great pressure.

Seeing the White Tiger spirit, Huo Yuhao unconsciously pursed lips. If he were not a variant spirit, he would also have had this Battle Spirit! With the powerful White Tiger Battle Spirit, he could have also received the best cultivation support even if he was a bastard of the White Tiger Duke.

The two girls beside Dai Huabin also changed. On the left, Zhu Lu’s different colored eyes became a darker color. Her ears sharply rose. Her body became long and slender but filled with strength. Each of her fingers also grew razor-like blades. Unlike Dai Huabin’s sturdy body, her body had an illusory lightness. Even though her speed did not exceed Dai Huabin’s, her body flickered as a series of phantom figures appeared beside her.

The red haired girl’s transformation was even more bizarre. After releasing her Battle Spirit, she seemed to have become three or four years older. The originally twelve-year-old child suddenly became a youthful beauty. Her hair also turned pink and became longer as it flowed down like a waterfall. Her eyes were reflectively clear. Her body was filled with youthful vigor. Her ears sharpened even more than Zhu Lu’s. Her stunning face made the onlookers senseless. The strangest thing was two long tails that extended out of her. Each was around a meter long. The dense pink hair also gave off a refreshing feeling, making people want to feel its softness.

Cui Yajie’s pair of pink eyes instantly found Huo Yuhao and she smiled at him. Her first spirit ring also started shining. The light was not obvious and would have been ignored if opponents were not attentive.

Huo Yuhao’s golden eyes flashed and was not moved by her at all.

Cui Yajie’s body shook a bit. Her stunningly beautiful face changed color. Her Battle Spirit was one of the top ones among Beast Spirits because of its uniqueness. It was called the Nine-Tailed Fox. Each time she obtains a new spirit ring, another fox tail will appear. Along with it, her power will increase. Her first spirit skill was called Charm. However, nothing happened when she used it on Huo Yuhao.

The Nine-Tailed Fox Battle Spirit seemed to be in between a mental attribute and an offense attribute. Because of this, her cultivation path was also in between these two attributes. Meanwhile, Huo Yuhao’s Spirit Eyes was a pure mental attribute spirit. So, it would be nearly impossible for Cui Yajie’s Charm to have any effect on him.

Within this short period of time, both side had already charged to within fifty meters of each other.  Xiao Xiao’s Nine Phoenix Flute’s speed reduction ability started to take effect. Dai Huabin’s trio obviously slowed down a bit. It affected Zhu Lu the most as two of her illusory bodies disappeared and she did not look so phantom-like any more.  

With the distance drawing closer, Dai Huabin’s trio did not only slowed but also entered the range of Huo Yuhao’s Mental Detection. Each of their movements were instantly transmitted to Huo Yuhao’s trio.

The first to move was Dai Huabin’s trio. Zhu Lu flashed as her speed increased. A row of illusory figures appeared behind her as she rushed toward Huo Yuhao. Even with the Nine Phoenix Flute’s speed reduction, she was still extremely fast.

Huo Yuhao’s trio were shocked. Before the match, they had heard that this Zhu Lu’s Battle Spirit was the Nether Civet, an agility type spirit. But, compared to all the agility type Spirit Masters that they had encountered, her speed was incomparably the fastest. If she was not slowed by the Nine Phoenix Flute, most people would not even be able to catch her shadows.

As Zhu Lu moved, Dai Huabin’s attack also started. A roar came from his mouth as thick white light gathered toward his head. Then, his second spirit ring shone as a ball of white light shot toward Wang Dong. This was obviously to prevent Wang Dong from helping Huo Yuhao.

Cui Yajie’s target also suddenly changed. She originally aimed for Huo Yuhao, but this time, her ability turned toward Xiao Xiao.

They cooperated with each other very well. Each targeted a different member of Huo Yuhao’s team. At the same time, their abilities countered their opponents. Cui Yajie wanted to interrupt the Nine Phoenix Flute’s speed reduction to increase Zhu Lu’s speed toward Huo Yuhao. Zhu Lu targeted Huo Yuhao to first take out the enemy team’s leader. And Dai Huabin aimed at Wang Dong to compare strengths.

If not for Huo Yuhao’s Mental Detection, they would have been at an immediate disadvantage from the beginning. Furthermore, they were also lacking in terms of cultivation. However, with their foresight, the situation was quite different.

Cui Yajie’s attack had just started turning when Huo Yuhao’s attack activated. He did not join forces with Wang Dong since it was a three versus three situation. If he and Wang Dong acted together to counter one person, then the enemy who was left would have created huge problems.

Soul Assault. Target, Cui Yajie.

Huo Yuhao’s timing was too clever. Since Daydream had warned him to be careful of a backlash, how could he have chosen the moment when his enemy was most guarded? His Soul Assault was used in the instant when Cui Yajie switched her target to Xiao Xiao.

Even though they were both mental attribute attacks, a clear difference appeared in this moment. For Cui Yajie’s Charm to affect its opponent, the enemy must look directly into her eyes. But, Huo Yuhao’s Soul Assault did not have this requirement.

Cui Yajie suddenly choked as she experienced piercing pain in her head. Her foot staggered and her charge slowed as she almost fell. However, her mental strength was much stronger than normal Spirit Grandmasters. Furthermore, Huo Yuhao’s cultivation was below her’s. Without HaoDong Power, it was not enough to be a threat to her. But even with these advantages, her attack on Xiao Xiao was still interrupted.

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