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Part 1

Yan Shaozhe was laughing while Qian Duoduo had a face full of displeasure. But actually, he was also laughing in his heart. He glanced at Yan Shaozhe and thought to himself, Old Yan, Old Yan. Even though you are cunning, you still have to drink my feet-washing water. Hehe. I hope you don’t regret this. Of course, even if you regret it later, it would still be too late. Wahahaha.

The two competing teams obviously did not know their match had already become the subject of the two deans’ bet.

The two arrived at the field early to prepare and observe the other side.

Even then, Dai Huabin could not identify Huo Yuhao. But, he could obviously feel Team Huo Yuhao’s threat. From cultivation, they could win. Yet, there were many things that should have happened but did not. Was Ning Tian’s team weak? Be it the Seven Treasure Crystal Pagoda from Ning Tian or the Red Dragon from Wu Feng, both were top spirit beasts within freshmen. Their overall power was not weaker than his team. Was Xie Huanyue’s team weak? Xie Huanyue had a powerful defense but still ended up requiring interference from a teacher. If not, that guy might not have been able to retreat without getting hurt.

The powerful Wang Dong, the dual innate battle spirit Xiao Xiao and that mysterious, single spirit ring spirit master, Huo Yuhao, made him feel threatened. Because of this, he had prepared for the fight beforehand. He even found their former opponents to learn more about the Huo Yuhao trio’s abilities.

Compared to Dai Huabin’s caution and focus, Huo Yuhao had very different emotions. Even though he had convinced himself and buried his hatred deep in his heart, the moment he stepped on the field, his heart suddenly started pumping furiously. He wanted to get his revenge so much! But he also knew that it was not realistic. With so many teachers present and a proctor in charge of the match. In this situation, it would be impossible to kill Dai Huabin with his current strength, even with Wang Dong’s cooperation.

“Yuhao.” Wang Dong called to him softly.

“Yes.” Huo Yuhao turned his head toward Wang Dong, just in time to see a hint of coldness. “Relax a bit, don’t reveal anything.” He softly reminded Huo Yuhao. Not even Xiao Xiao heard it.

Just then, the proctoring teacher walked into the wide Examination District. All of the removable walls had been collapsed, revealing a huge field.

The proctor signaled for both sides to enter the field.

Huo Yuhao’s trio proudly entered. Huo Yuhao still walked in the front, with Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao standing to his sides in the back. On the other side, Dai Huabin was the leader, with the two girls following him.

The proctor called them in front of him and said with a deep voice, “From here, you guys will start the final match. There is one change in the rules. Listen carefully. You guys are allowed to move any way you desire in the field. However, those with flying battle spirits may only fly ten meters high at most. In order to allow you guys to use your entire power, you are allowed to use all your skills during the match. There is no need to hold back. I will be there to control the progress. All those who I rescue will be out of the match. Do you guys understand?”

“Understood,” answered the two sides with one voice. A particular light flashed in Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’s eyes. On the other side, Dai Huabin, revealed a hint of coldness. There seemed to be a formless killing intent radiating out from his body.

As the White Tiger Duke’s heir, even though Dai Huabin was no the eldest, he still received the best education. Not only did he learn how to cultivate his battle spirit, he also learned how to participate in battles and kill enemies. The White Tiger Duke was the Star Dou Empire’s marshal. His sons must have experience in the army.

So, Dai Huabin’s attitude was much colder than most and already had the aura of a soldier. His talent was the best out of the White Tiger Duke’s sons. He received a lot of attention. Also, in the White Tiger Duke’s bloodline, the most capable always inherited the family. This created Dai Huabin’s decisive and ruthless attitude. Even when he was only five years old, he had already personally killed small spirit beasts.

“Report your names.”

“Huo Yuhao.”

“Wang Dong.”

“Xiao Xiao.”

Dai Huabin’s side immediately revealed hostility.

“Dai Huabin.”

“Zhu Lu.” Proclaimed the black haired girl.

“Cui Yajie.” Proclaimed the pink haired girl.

The proctor extended his arms straight out toward the two sides and said, “Each side go to the edge of the field. You may begin attacking when I announce the start of the match.”

The two sides slowly retreated. Huo Yuhao’s gaze was still on Dai Huabin while Dai Huabin’s eyes revealed an fierce glow with hidden killing intent. What surprised him was that Huo Yuhao did not back off a bit. Their powers were worlds apart, yet in this moment, Huo Yuhao’s manner did not cower in the slightest.

The teachers observing the battle on the high deck had become completely quiet. Even the deans, Yan Shaozhe and Qian Duoduo, concentrated on the match field.

Fan Yu watched the slowly retreating Huo Yuhao and thought to himself: Kid, I hope you won’t let me down. This final will not determine your freshman examination but is also an examination by the Spirit Guidance Division.

Very soon, both sides had arrived at the edge of the field. The enire Examination District’s space was very big. In their eyes, the opponents appeared tiny.

The proctor raised his right hand and suddenly brought it down with, “Start,” clearly being heard by the students.

The two sides moved the same way. Right after the declaration, they both charged toward their opponents.

Since the distance was great, even Huo Yuhao’s Mental Detection could not determine the situation of his opponents.

While charging, Wang Dong yelled and the wings of his Bright Goddess Butterfly opened. He directly flew into the air, but did not pass Huo Yuhao, only remaining above him.

They were clear that if they compared strength, the chances of them winning were not great. Dai Huabin’s White Tiger Battle Spirit is of the highest quality. It is even a level higher than Wu Feng’s Red Dragon. Also, Wu Feng only had two rings and even though Ning Tian had three rings, her support was countered by Huo Yuhao’s Soul Assault. But Dai Huabin would not be. He had fully prepared against Huo Yuhao’s Soul Assault. His Spirit Elder cultivation had already determined that Huo Yuhao’s team would be in for a tough fight. The only chance of them winning was Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’s cooperative HaoDong Power.

Xiao Xiao ran in front of Huo Yuhao and used her own body to block him. At the same time, the first spirit released was the Phoenix Flute.

On the other side, Dai Huabin’s trio maintained their original formation while charging. Dai Huabin charged in the very front. As he ran, he yelled, “White Tiger, possession.”

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