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Part 4

In terms of authority, of course the one in charge of the Battle Spirit Division, Yan Shaozhe, had more. However, the Spirit Guidance Division had their own system and somewhat competed with the Battle Spirit Division. So, Yan Shaozhe did not have any jurisdiction over the Spirit Guidance Division.

Other than these two deans, both the Battle Spirit Division and the Spirit Guidance Division have vice-deans in charge of the outer schools. No matter what, Yan Shaozhe and the Spirit Guidance dean must focus their attentions on the inner school. The inner school is where Shrek Academy’s core really is. So, they rarely interfered with the outer school’s activities.

The outer school dean of the Battle Spirit Division, also the school’s vice-dean, is a scholar type teacher. He spent most of his time teaching fifth and sixth year students. Since these students were candidates for the inner school, they went through many rigorous examinations. He paid less attention to other responsibilities. Other than this vice-dean, most of the authority within the Battle Spirit Division lies with Du Weilun.

As the Battle Spirit Division education director, Du Weilun’s authority was quite significant. However, no one had challenged him for this position. With hardwork in the last twenty years, he had given significant contributions to the Battle Spirit Division. So, Yan Shaozhe was very satisfied with his performance and completely believed his judgments regarding students.

“Weilun, who do you favor in today’s match?” said Yan Shaozhe with a smile.

Du Weilun chuckled, “I favor Dai Huabin a bit more. Even though Huo Yuhao’s team had defeated two Spirit Elder lead teams, their overall power is definitely lower than Dai Huabin’s team. Dai Huabin’s teammates are also not weak. They all have the potential to enter the inner school in the future.”

Yan Shaozhe nodded. Just then, a forceful voice suddenly said, “Since Director Dai thinks Dai Huabin will win, then I will bet on the other side.”

Yan Shaozhe did not look back but his face already revealed the hint of a smile, “Qian Duoduo, how come a guy like you is here too? The moment I smelled the stink of copper, I knew it was you.” (TL: Qian Duoduo means “lots of money”)

The person who just arrived was a sturdy man in his fifties. His face did not have any wrinkles but had needle-like white hair that made him appear experienced in life. His tall and stalwart figure looked as if it were carved from sculpted from granite. He was more than 2.2 meters tall. His shoulders’ wide and sturdy muscles did not shrink a bit from his age. His bronze colored skin reflected a metal-like light under the sun and his body also carried a heavy metal smell. Beside him was Fan Yu.

Yan Shaozhe did not turn his head but Du Weilun turned his body and looked with surprise before bowing, “Vice-dean Qian. Good day. What brings you here?”

This good-natured and constantly smiling vice-dean, Qian Duoduo, was the Spirit Guidance director of general affairs. In the Spirit Guidance Division, he was only below one person. His position was even higher than Du Weilun’s.

In Shrek Academy, positions were not casually assigned. There were usually two paths. One is to have significant contributions to the academy by teaching students. Another is with personal strength. There were only four deans and vice-deans in the academy and they were the real pillars of the institution. To have such high positions, their contributions could not be taken lightly. All of their strengths were at the peaks of those attainable.

Vice-dean Qian Duoduo chuckled, “Aren’t I just passing by? Then I heard you guessing with old Yan about who would win. I love bets. So, old Yan, want to have a bet?”

Yan Shaozhe finally turned his head and smiled, “You bronze-stinking guy who never rises early unless you can gain something from it. I don’t believe your aims are pure. You have always coveted people from the Battle Spirit Division. You better pay attention this time.”

Qian Duoduo loudly walked over to Yan Shaozhe’s side and sat down, then loudly said, “Who are you calling your Battle Spirit Division’s people? They are only freshmen. They haven’t even picked a division yet. Also, they have to wait until the third year until they can pick which division they want to specialize in. Your Battle Spirit Division is only giving them basic education. Bet or not, just get on with it.”

Du Weilun had already dodged to the side and greeted Fan Yu. Fan Yu smiled and nodded. Then, the two found places to sit behind the two deans.

Fan Yu’s position within the Spirit Guidance Division was very high. Even though his current rank is lower than Du Weilun’s, Du Weilun knows that Fan Yu will one day become the Spirit Guidance Division’s vice-dean. He could even become the successor to the current dean. However, his own position as the education director would probably be his end.

Yan Shaozhe did not fall for Qian Duoduo’s provocation but just smiled and shook his head, “No bet. Old Qian, you are actually trying to get money from me. Watch, I’m going to tell Lin’er about it later.”

Qian Duoduo’s face twitched. He said with a face full of depression, “Don’t you mess around. You were shameless when you were young too. My character is much better. You’re always using Lin’er as a shield. Do you know no shame?”

Du Weilun was listening behind them with his heart shivering. These two prominent figures in the entire Douluo Continent are actually here arguing. If the students hear…

Yan Shaozhe glanced at Qian Duoduo’s displeased face and laughed, “Fine, what do you want to bet?”

Just then did Qian Duoduo revealed a smile again, “If the team I bet on wins, then within three years, you will let me pick a freshman to enter the Spirit Guidance Division and not block me in any way.”

Yan Shaozhe snorted, “I knew you had something bad in mind. No bet.”

Qian Duoduo said calmly, “Don’t be in such a hurry. Let me finish first. The student I will will not be one of your core disciples. Plus, I will also not pick any student who has reached level thirty before graduating from their second year. Now, isn’t this good enough?”

Yan Shaozhe blanked, “Old Qian, you need to bet with me for this? Don’t you already take these students every year?”

Qian Duoduo said with a face full of sadness, “Oh don’t mention it. Youngsters these days aim too high. They don’t understand my Spirit Guidance Division and put us to the side. Although we took many students these last few years, the ones who actually fit with us are very few. You also know our program. It is not something normal Spirit Guidance engineers can achieve. Even though the engineering is important, the use is just as important! So, I want to pick a few students with good battle spirits. But you, like a mother hen, are too protective. You don’t even give me a chance to pick. If I don’t come now, then our program would be a disaster. Don’t forget, in our last deans meeting, you agreed that if you don’t support our job, then I will let Lin’er grab students from the inner school. Let’s see if you dare to stop her.”

Seeing Qian Duoduo’s sincerity, Yan Shaozhe thought for a moment, then said, “You really won’t choose a core disciple? You won’t pick any student who have reached level thiry by their third year?”

Qian Duoduo revealed a kind and serious face, “When have I not kept my promises?”

Yan Shaozhe nodded and said, “Okay. Then, let’s bet. Also, even if you lose, I will still let you pick a student like it. That way, you won’t say I’m not supporting your work. However, if you lose, then you will let me play with a hundred of those mounted spirit guidance cannon shells. I want high-explosives. That way it’s more satisfying.”

Qian Duoduo’s face changed color, “Old Yan, you are too evil. A hundred high-explosive cannon shells? Do you know how much money that would cost? Even the material cost is a hundred gold coins each.”

Yan Shaozhe smiled, “You don’t have to if you don’t want to. I don’t want to bet with you anyway.”

Qian Duoduo showed a face of being hurt, “Fifty.”

Yan Shaozhe was afraid that he would back out and immediately said, “Deal.” It was enough to get enough of the specialized high-explosives for the mounted spirit guidance cannon to enjoy himself. Even though he was the dean, he can’t rob his own home!

Qian Duoduo blanked, then said to Yan Shaozhe with shock, “You old bastard. I got played again.”

Yan Shaozhe suddenly started laughing. Unfortunately, he didn’t see the sly look in vice-dean Qian Duoduo’s eyes.

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