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Chapter 112 – Are You Jealous? (2)

Ji Fengyan lightly laughed. Seeing Su Lingsheng's "I really want to devour you" face, she began to leisurely open the Golden Silk Scroll. Inside, the entire page was filled with a list of treasures. Sweeping a glance over them, Ji Fengyan then lifted up her head to take a peek at Su Lingsheng. Abruptly, she lowered her eyes again before casually beginning to read the list on the Golden Silk Scroll out loud.

Nine-Layered Profound Bow, Aquashatter Heavy Sword, Exquisite Treasure Pagoda… All of these seem pretty powerful." Ji Fengyan read, taking a slight peek at an ashen-faced Su Lingsheng before continuing on.

The pace of her voice was neither fast or slow, every word pronounced extremely clearly. As the name of each treasure landed in everybody's ears, their heartbeats began to speed up.

Everybody knew that this merchant group had a lot of treasures, but how many rare ores could a normal commoner have?

Most of them could only imagine, that's all. Today was their first time seeing the Golden Silk Scroll and just hearing the names of the things on it alone made their blood boil.

It was unknown whether it was intentional or not, but after Ji Fengyan said the name of a treasure, her gaze would always imperceptibly sweep over Su Lingsheng's face. As the names of the treasures that Ji Fengyan read aloud increased, the colour of Su Lingsheng's face looked even worse.

"Dual-Stemmed Timeless Affection…" Ji Fengyan abruptly read out the name of a bizarre object on the scroll and at the same time swept a glance over Su Lingsheng's face before discovering that…

Once she had spoken those four words, Su Lingsheng's eyes rippled unintentionally.

A sense of laughter spread out from Ji Fengyan's heart.

Suddenly, she closed the Golden Silk Scroll, having no intentions of reading on. Instead, she looked over to the two black-clothed businessmen standing off to the side. "What treasure is this Dual-Stemmed Timeless Affection?"

The two black-clothed men glanced at each other, their expressions turning strange. After a moment, one of them began to speak. "Dual-Stemmed Timeless Affection is a two-stemmed timeless affection flower."

"Timeless affection flower?" Ji Fengyan raised a brow. She really hadn't heard of this thing before.

"The timeless affection flower is a type of medicinal herb that grows in an environment of intense burning flames. According to rumours, it's capable of suppressing cold poisons and can extend the lifespan of the user. This flower is extremely rare, and even for us, we only have that single one." One of them said.

Ji Fengyan slightly nodded her head. She swept a glance over Su Lingsheng's pale-white face out of the corner of her eyes, before laughing. "Although, I've never heard of it before, but… it seems really interesting. Other things really aren't of use to me, so I'll take that Dual-Stemmed Timeless Affection."

Instantly after Ji Fengyan had finished speaking, Su Lingsheng who had stood in silence off to the side all this time immediately went crazy and began to shout in a frenzied tone. "You can't take the Dual-Stemmed Timeless Affection!"

Ji Fengyan slightly raised a brow as she looked at the ashen-faced Su Lingsheng. "This probably isn't something you can decide on, right?"

Su Lingsheng stiffened, the hatred in the depths of her eyes burning even more furiously. She almost wanted to immediately charge over and rip Ji Fengyan's smug smile off her face.

"This is an item that the Eldest Princess wants. You would dare to take the Eldest Princess' things?" Su Lingsheng asked coldly in a threatening tone, her eyes narrowed.

Towards Su Lingsheng's threat, Ji Fengyan only smiled.

"Lady Su, please don't make such a ridiculous accusation. If you hadn't spoken about it, then how would I have known that the Dual-Stemmed Timeless Affection was something that the Eldest Princess wanted? However, it is truly a pity that I have already spoken and that you had not informed me beforehand, therefore…" Ji Fengyan handed the Golden Silk Scroll back to the two businessmen and continued on in an infuriating tone, "I'll be taking this timeless affection flower."

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