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Chapter 113 – Are You Jealous? (3)

"YOU!" Su Lingsheng trembled in fury. Secretly pulling on her wrist, Lei Min took a step forward to face Ji Fengyan.

"Ji Fengyan, since this thing is a transaction between you and the merchant group, we naturally can't interfere, but… Based on our past feelings, I really do need to remind you that this timeless affection flower was something that the Eldest Princess wanted early on. If you try to hide it and anger the Eldest Princess, then you'll have to take responsibility for the consequences."

Ji Fengyan looked at the "Good Samaritan" Lei Min and her eyes slightly curved in a smile. "Instead of worrying about me, wouldn't it be better to start worrying about yourself? You guys couldn't finish the task that your master handed over and even allowed somebody else to take away the opportunity, so it's very likely… that you two would in a rather awkward position, right?"

Lei Min's face slightly stiffened, the depths of his eyes flashing with the embarrassment of being exposed before quickly returning back to normal.

Su Lingsheng still wanted to say something else, but Lei Min shook his head.

The businessmen ignored the reactions on Su Lingsheng's side and quickly brought and handed over a black, rectangular ornate box to Ji Fengyan.

"Customer, this is the Dual-Stemmed Timeless Affection that you wanted. Please take well care of it." One of the black-clothed businessmen said politely.

Taking the box, Ji Fengyan began to open it right in front of the crowd. Almost immediately, the double-stemmed flower lying inside attracted her attention.

She had originally thought that this so-called timeless affection flower was a bit too fantastical, but after she had personally seen it, she really was shocked by its appearance. A fiery-red double-stemmed flower lay inside, its golden-coloured stamen wrapped in layers upon layers of petals. There was no way to tell how long it had been buried in that box, but its leaves still remained full and round, untainted by the passage of time. On those layers of petals, a faint golden flame could be seen burning and sparkling, as if the entire flower were wrapped in flames.

Born from flames, raised between heaven and earth.

Powerful emanations of spirit energy radiated outwards from the timeless affection flower. Trying to feel that spiritual energy, Ji Fengyan slightly nudged at her own energy. Unfortunately…

Although the timeless affection flower was magical, it would do nothing for her shattered Inner Core. There was simply no way for her to absorb that type of spiritual energy.

The feeling of astonishment faded and Ji Fengyan couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed.

However, Su Lingsheng who had just personally seen the timeless affection flower for the first time widened her eyes and almost wanted to immediately get somebody to forcefully take that flower away from Ji Fengyan!

Feeling a bit urgent, she pulled at Lei Min's sleeve. He furrowed his brows and hesitated for a moment before stepping forward to look at Ji Fengyan. "Ji Fengyan, that Dual-Stemmed Timeless Affection is already yours, but the Eldest Princess currently needs it, so if you're willing to hand it over to us, we'll put in a good word for you with her. After all… no matter how good Ji City is, it still can't compare to the word of the Imperial Family."

Ji Fengyan gazed at the cautious Lei Min. If it wasn't because that she was very clear that she herself had not long ago plucked Lei Xu's head off, she really would have doubted if the person standing in front of her really was a professional type of man.


The Lei Min from before had never been so stable.

Thinking of it now, it's likely that Lei Min had smartened up quite a bit after Lei Xu's death.


Ji Fengyan slightly smiled before closing the box.

"Lei Min, do you really think that I'm a three year old child?"

He furrowed his brows.

Ji Fengyan continued, "This timeless affection flower was the objective given to you guys by the Eldest Princess, so what does it have to do with me?"

Chapter 114 – Are You Jealous? (4)

"If you really want it, then show some sincerity. If I don't feel that you guys have enough, then I might just mercifully grant you a part." Ji Fengyan smiled in a charmingly simple manner. However, her words were sharper than anything else.

Ling He, who was originally worried that his young lady would be fooled by Lei Min, finally relaxed after hearing Ji Fengyan's reply.

What she said was right!

The Dual-Stemmed Timeless Affection was the objective given to Su Lingsheng and Lei Min by the Eldest Princess. If they failed, then those two would absolutely not be able to get off easy, but Lei Min still wanted to scare their young lady into giving him the flower to help them finish their task. Wasn't that just treating her like an idiot to play around with?

What's more…

Ling He didn't believe for a bit that Lei Min and Su Lingsheng would actually put in a good word for Ji Fengyan in front of the Eldest Princess. Heck, not spewing curses about her could already be counted as them being nice.

Lei Min's face frosted over even more. Ji Fengyan's reply, completely blocked off all of the words that he had wanted to say.

"Less nonsense. If you want something, then just directly say it. Don't act like a hypocrite just because you managed to snatch an opportunity this time." Su Lingsheng said, unable to take it anymore.

Ji Fengyan smiled. "Truly a pity Remember, that is what you said."

Su Lingsheng clenched her teeth, throughly hating how irritating Ji Fengyan was.

"Lady Su doesn't need to be so anxious. After all, this isn't something that our lady requested of you. It makes no sense that as the one who clearly requires assistance, you guys still remain so forceful and overbearing." Ling He snorted.

She glared at Ling He, but there was nothing else she could say.

"What kind of sincerity do you want?" Lei Min asked Ji Fengyan with narrowed eyes.

Ji Fengyan shrugged, showing a "think for yourself" attitude.

All of the lined-up commoners in the surrounding areas poked their heads over to watch this side's scenery. After all, the "love and hatred" between those three were a hot topic for gossip in Ji City.

"Min…" Su Lingsheng felt a bit lost and could only turn to Lei Min.

Lei Min patted Su Lingsheng's hand and turned to look at Ji Fengyan's seemingly smiling face. The depths of his eyes flashed with hatred, but he quickly concealed it.

Abruptly, Lei Min stepped forward and knelt in front of Ji Fengyan with a "thud". Lowering his gaze, he began to beg in a hoarse voice. "The timeless affection flower is something that the Eldest Princess requires, therefore City Lord Ji, please show some leniency and grant it to us."

Lei Min kneeling drew startled cries from everybody in the surrounding area. This young city lord who had commanded the wind and rain in Ji City for so many years had actually knelt in public?

Su Lingsheng was also shocked by Lei Min's actions and could only manage to return back to reality after a long moment. When those anxious eyes of hers met Ji Fengyan's once again, they burned with an even deeper hatred than before.

"There is some sincerity, but… it's still lacking." Ji Fengyan said with a smile, meeting Su Lingsheng's hatred-filled eyes with a raised brow. Her intention was very clear.

Su Lingsheng glared at Ji Fengyan with disbelief. She couldn't believe that Ji Fengyan actually dared to have such a thought.

Ji Fengyan actually wanted her to kneel down and beg her!

"Don't even dream about-"

"Lingsheng!" Lei Min abruptly interrupted.

She shook a bit.

"For the Eldest Princess." Lei Min sighed deeply, closing his eyes.

Su Lingsheng clenched her teeth and glared at Ji Fengyan. After struggling for a while, she unwillingly knelt in front of Ji Fengyan.

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