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Chapter 928 - Parting

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

With Temple as the center, twelve Pillars of Punishments were scattered at random distribution in a ring shaped region with a radius of fifteen kilometers.

The Twelve Saint Knight Spirit Generals all arrived before a Pillar of Punishment. The fiery pillars that shot to the sky made them look insignificant, and with one flaming tongue, they would instantly be devoured and not even ashes would be left.

Without hesitation, all of them jumped into the fiery pillars at the same time, and in the blink of the eye, their bodies disappeared within the fiery pillars.

Sophie watched as they jumped into the surging Holy Flames. She sighed, then without hesitation, stepped into the Fiery pillar in front of her. Her body was instantly drowned out by the Holy Flames, she had no clue as to how she would transform, ~Will I remember Charles? Will I remember everyone?~

~Maybe it'll be better to not remember anything….~

The last light behind her disappeared, and she was placed in a completely golden world. The flowing Holy Flames emitted a divine aura. For some reason, the divine aura felt extremely intimate and warm, and her body had the instinct to want to touch the golden Holy Flames, and had the instinct to leap into the warm embrace. It was as though that deep within her body existed a voice that was constantly telling her to give her all to the warmth. The voice seemed to tell her that all her indecisiveness and loss would find their answers, and all of her grief and disappointment would find redemption.

Sophie's eyes were as clear as water as she observed the golden ocean in front of her. She sighed in her heart.

~The past is the past, I have already lost what I've lost, what use is there for redemption? Only one reason exists for me to continue living.~

She leapt into the sea of golden Holy Flames.

In the distance, The Great Clan Elder's gaze was fixated on Sophie. When he saw Sophie's hesitation and doubt, he snorted, and the air around him turned cold.

Only when Sophie jumped into the Fiery Pillar did he turn to leave.

He walked to the empty Temple with steady footsteps, every step he took was heavy, as though he was stepping on the surface of Mars. The lonely echoes did not make him hesitate or feel emotional, the empty Temple that his eyes were on only made him think about the future bustling life.

~The new Temple will rule the world, regardless of it being Sacred Saint Galaxy or Heaven's Road, everything will belong to Temple.~

~An unprecedented powerful Temple will be born from my hands. A grand new era, will be born from my hands.~

He firmly believed in it!

The golden flames stopped in front of Charles' tomb.

He stared at the tombstone as grief enveloped the entire cemetery.

"It is a pity, you will not be able to see this grand era."

A sigh sounded out from the flames, it was only at this time, then the Great Clan Elder's voice sounded old and sad. He stood in front of the tomb for a long time, until night descended.

Even in nightfall, the Saint Continent was still as bright as day, the Holy Flames that flowed in the sky emitted a divine golden light that drove away the darkness.

A light sigh came out, the flames slowly parted, and a frail old man walked out from the flames. The indifferent face was currently with grief. The Great Clan Elder's appearance had always been a secret in Temple, and the last person to have seen the Great Clan Elder's true appearance was a few decades before, back when the Great Clan Elder was still young. When he got into power, he no longer revealed his appearance.

His upper body was gray and translucent, and no one would had ever imagined that the Great Clan Elder that held the strongest authority and power in Temple was actually a Spirit General.

He caressed the tombstone and sighed: "Child, rest well."

With that, he turned and left, the golden Holy Flames once again enveloped his entire body. He headed towards the center of Temple, where the altar was situated. His most loyal companion, his most reliable partner, Clan Elder Ta Fei, stood there, waiting for him.

As usual, his hair was combed to perfection, and his white robes were extremely clean.

The Great Clan Elder looked at his old partner, and after a long while, he suddenly spoke: "You don't have to do this."

"What's that about need or not." Ta Fei chuckled, then bowed: "I don't have many years to live, please let me contribute this last bit of strength."

The Great Clan Elder's voice had a faint mix of emotions: "You can become a Spirit General, although the probability is not high, but at least you still have the chance to do so, we can still fight side by side!"

"Please grant me this selfishness." Ta Fei had a calm expression: "I will never disobey your orders, and regardless of the price, I am always willing to accept it. It is just that the sins and blood on my hands made me lose the courage to continue."

"We are the righteous ones! Ta Fei, are you doubting our work? As long as we destroy all of the obstruction, we will be able to rebuild Temple! Have you forgotten the oath we swore when we were young? You said you want to fight by my side! Now, you want to leave me? What is the blood worth? What are the sins worth?"

The flames danced fervently, the Great Clan Elde became agitated, and bellowed out.

Ta Fei laughed: "That's why you're the Great Clan Elder, and I am Ta Fei."

The memories of the past flashed before his eyes, Ta Fei felt warmth in his heart, and as per usual, he bowed sincerely: "Please let Ta Fei work for you this one last time."

The Great Clan Elder remained quiet, the flames suddenly stopped, and the atmosphere became stifling.

"Please take care, Ta Fei will be unable to serve you by your side in the future."

Ta Fei revealed a warm smile, Golden Flames gushed out of his body and devoured him silently. From the start till the end, he maintained his smile, without revealing any pain. When the last bit of his soul was devoured by the flames, the golden fiery pillar shot to the sky.

This pillar was much thicker than the other pillars, and the Holy Flames was even stronger.

"You coward! You weakling! You trash….."

The golden flames suddenly danced fervently once more, Great Clan Elder broke out in anger as he scolded and scolded. When he finished, only a whimper could be heard from the flames.

After a long time, only the sound of the flames crackling could be heard.

Inside the flames, a vague figure stood still, watching the thick fiery pillar.

Suddenly, the Great Clan Elder stepped forward to the Fiery Pillar.

"Ta Fei, I am right! I will definitely rebuild Temple! I will unify the world! Just wait, Ta Fei!"

The figure that stepped into the fiery pillar disappeared without hesitation, and loneliness drifted in the wind.


Snow City, in the air above Mace Field Tradings shop.

The Gold Grade Spirit Cards that floated in the air formed a golden hoop. Above the golden hoop, Tang Tian had his arms wide open, as though he wanted to hug the sky.

The spirit cards beneath his feet emitted dazzling golden light, and the congealed golden light drowned Tang Tian's body. The surrounding air started to change, as the air started to flow around the golden hoop, and formed a faint windscreen around the hoop.

Below, Ah Xin and Xiao Ran raised their heads, they were extremely curious as they had never seen such a technique before.

Suddenly, specks of gold light sprinkled down like gold snow, which made the scenery beautiful. Ah Xin extended his palm out in an attempt to grab onto these specks of light, but these specks of light leaked through his palm and landed onto the ground. These specks of gold light dyed the floor with a layer of gold light.

Gradually, more and more specks of gold light fell. Xiao Ran spoke out: "There's a pattern on the ground."

Ah Xin immediately lowered his head to look, as expected, the gold light did not sprinkle uniformly on the ground, but form an extremely complicated pattern on the ground. Ah Xin revealed a surprised look, the patterns on the ground was familiar to him, as though he had seen it before. This strange familiarity flashed in his mind, but when he carefully thought about it, he could not remember.

He suppressed the surprise and suspicions in his mind, and right at that moment, Tang Tian's voice came out: "It might be painful in a while, you guys have to tolerate it."

Ah Xin immediately sensed Tang Tian was different from usual, it was still Tang Tian's voice, but it had become indifferent. They had interacted with Tang Tian for a long time, and had some basic understanding with him, and usually, Tang Tian was a rather passionate and lively person.

Ah Xin and Xiao Ran looked at each other, and noticed the suspicion and surprise in each other's eyes. The both of them had discussed about Tang Tian's strength privately before, and they reckoned that even together, they would not be his opponent. The two of them were intelligent people, Tang Tian's different behavior meant that the situation had become more complicated, and Tang Tian's burden was even bigger.

Furthermore, the two of them had witnessed Tang Tian's daily training, the strength that he gave all out caused them to admire and respect him. They had never heard Tang Tian complain of fatigue, and in their hearts, Tang Tian was definitely worthy of being the head.

But when the head had told them that it would be painful and asked them to tolerate, how could their expressions not changed?

Ah Xin swallowed his saliva, he wanted to ask how painful it would be.

Xiao Ran behaved more straightforwardly. She simply grabbed onto her own Zanbato tightly.

The speed of the wind screen became faster and faster, it was like a giant vortex that produced a gigantic suction force, pulling all the Holy Flames around towards them. The gold sprinkled pattern beneath their feet exploded with light, and they felt as if they were situated inside a golden vortex.

By the side, Magatama who had maintained silence the entire time suddenly raised her head to look, her face was one of shock, as though she was looking at some terrifying thing.

Ah Xin finally remembered, and knew what the familiar pattern was. In the past, there were many energy rooms in the camp. He had not understood what the energy room was to be used for, but he already knew that the situation was strange, he immediately shouted: "Hey hey hey, I am just a staff officer, staff officer, I'm an office worker who gives advice, an office worker doesn't go up the front lines…."

He wailed out loud, but his voice was drowned out by the surrounding noises.

The Holy Flames were pulled into the golden hoop formed by the Gold Grade Spirit Cards, and suddenly became lively, the Holy Flames' rate of pulse increased. In this region, there was something that had attracted them.

Every Spirit Card emitted the aura of a Spirit General. Spirit Generals and Holy Flames were two uniquely mixed products, thus the two were extremely compatible. That was why the Great Clan Elder had placed his hopes on Spirit Generals, as the Holy Flames would merge with the Spirit Generals without restraint.

The Spirit Generals from Temple could absorb the Holy Flames much more easily, as they were much more compatible, and could effortlessly absorb them. The Spirit Generals from Temple were all formed from the Honorable Martial Banner of Knights, who had spent a decade of their lives training in the Holy Flame, thus the Holy Flames had become a part of them. After their transformation into Spirit Generals, this capability was preserved.

But Ah Xin and the rest were different, the only useful thing for Ah Xin and the rest were the hollowfied energy. As for the Emulated Laws inside the Holy Flame, it was poison to them. If they had forcefully absorbed the Holy Flames, most probably, they would become Spirit Generals for Temple.

But Tang Tian already found a way.

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