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Chapter 926 - Piercing Through The Window Pane

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

At the start, Tang Tian thought that the dotted figure was some unique Law Thread, because the dotted figure was in the shape of a line as well, and was extremely similar to Law Threads. Tang Tian was extremely familiar with Law Threads, and the form of the dotted threads were truly similar to that of various Law Threads.

But very quickly, Tang Tian had another guess. He carefully thought about about the minute details that he captured, and found many new discoveries.

The mysterious dotted shape was truly identical to Law Threads, but the only difference was that it was like a reversed image. That's right, Tang Tian remembered the feeling clearly. Especially at the moment when the dotted line and the Law Thread had collided, the feeling became extremely obvious. If it were any ordinary men, they would definitely had felt confused, ~Where did the inverted image of the Law Thread come from?~

Tang Tian trusted his senses, his intuition was extremely sharp, and could usually grasp all the minute details that others would overlook, which had been proven through countless of battles.

~It isn't a misconception, what was it?~

Tang Tian pondered, he had not narrowed his train of thoughts. The Golden Holy Flame was in itself an illogical existence, where there were even a few abnormal things that were more normal than it.

The scene of the collision played over and over again in Tang Tian's mind, he concentrated his mind on it.

After persevering unremittingly, Tang Tian finally understood why he would think that the reflected image would be an illusory like Law Thread. The dotted line was truly a mysterious and in a form that was hard to describe. Although Law Thread were difficult to catch with the naked eyes, but the fact remained that they existed in between the spaces, and it coincidentally turned out that the image in the void was on the opposite, they existed within the space. In terms of carving stamps, Law Threads were the solid protruding lines, while the dotted law threads were like indented lines.

It was Tang Tian's first time encountering the "Indented lines" of Law Threads, and gasped in surprise.

~No wonder they will get destroyed upon colliding, they are like yin yang opposites, representing two extremes, which will naturally be annihilated upon collision.~ That was the reason why the Holy Flames would react like sharks that had caught the scent of blood when Tang Tian activated the God Armor Army, and would flock to him, while Ji Ze and the rest were not affected. That was because although Ji Ze and the rest used Laws, but they used the Laws to control the Energy. In other words, Ji Ze and the others Law Threads were enveloped with a layer of "Flesh", and that was energy. As for Tang Tian's God Armor, it had no energy wrapped around it, and was naked in the air, naturally, the Holy Flames would be attracted to him.

After clarifying it, Tang Tian felt that the Great Clan Elder was a true genius.

Tang Tian's arrangement of this idea and understanding of the Holy Flame was just separated by a thin layer of window paper. Now that the window paper had been torn through, Tang Tian could roughly guess the Great Clan Elder's plan.


~The Great Clan Elder should have placed Law's Projections into the energy, these dotted figures are not real Laws, but emulated Laws projected in the energy. The projected Law and the pure radiant energy are actually able to form some kind of stable composition, it is truly a marvel. This Emulated Laws have difficulty forming in energy, but in the purest and most tyrannical Radiant Energy, it is actually able to stabilize.~

Tang Tian could imagine the joy the Great Clan Elder had basked in when he found the unique composition.

~Truly a genius!~ Tang Tian could not resist but praise once again.

After the Great Clan Elder had discovered the unique composition, he obviously did not end his own research.

The miraculous and stable composition contained an astonishing variation. The Emulated Laws that had stabilized inside the pure Radiant Energy started to produce an effect on the Radiant Energy itself. The originally tyrannical and pure Radiant Energy gradually hollowfied, the energy attributes started to weaken, and turned from just energy into a unique mix of energy and law.
(TN: the author used the term 虚化, which in english means being hollowed, or hollowfication, and for those who watch the anime, Bleach, the hollowfication process was translated to this chinese term, thus I will use the term hollowfication or hollowfied.)

This unique form bestowed it unique characteristics.

At that moment, Tang Tian finally understood why the Great Clan Elder had placed his hopes on Spirit Generals.

In some sense, Spirit Generals were also some sort of mixed product, a unique state between life and death. To Spirit Generals, the Holy Flame was a great nourishment.

Tang Tian who understood this point was instantly vitalized.

The only obstruction that prevented Xiao Ran and the rest from absorbing the Holy Flames was the radiant attribute of the Holy Flames. The pure Radiant Energy was an extreme type of energy, and to spirit generals, it was equivalent to poison. Although the Radiant Energy in the Holy Flame had been hollowfied, and its tyrannical attribute had gone through a great change, there were still attributes of the Radiant Energy remnants left behind.

The Spirit Generals transformed in Temple were naturally extremely compatible with the attributes of the Radiant Energy, that was how they were able to absorb the Holy Flames without obstruction. But for Xiao Ran and the rest, absorbing the Holy Flames was extremely difficult, the Hollowfied Holy Flames might even harm them.

On the contrary, the Radiant Energy spewed out by the Holy Flame, after hollowfication, was much gentler, and far thinner than the Holy Flames itself, thus Xiao Ran and the rest were able to absorb them without getting injured, and can even nourish themselves.

But the amount of Hollowfied Radiant energy in the air for absorption was too little, while the Temple Spirit Generals were able to directly absorb the Holy Flames, Xiao Ran and the rest could only absorb the thin Hollowfied Radiant Energy, the speed in which both parties could get strengthened were heaven and earth apart. In that way, they were still in a difficult situation.

Tang Tian did not know what monsters would be produced after absorbing the sky full of Holy Flame, their numbers were truly too terrifying.

But, since he had clarified the principle, Tang Tian naturally believed he could find a solution.

The Great Clan Elder's originality was worthy of respect, but in terms of the utilization of Laws, the only one who could match with Tang Tian was Du Ke, who had gained enlightenment on the Law Domain. The difference was Du Ke relied on his understanding of Laws, while Tang Tian relied on his God Armor.

Regardless of what they relied on, winning was still the most important at such a time.

Tang Tian did not allow himself the habit of skiving.

His brain worked quickly, ~Xiao Ran and the rest are unable to bear the attributes of the Radiant energy in the Holy Flames, but I can.~ With his extremely strong physique, he was not afraid of the pure Radiant Energy, much less the hollowfied Radiant Energy. On this point, even Du Ke could not compare to him, that was how powerful his physique was.

~I can serve as the bridge, no, filter.~

~I will pass the Holy Flames through my body, and I can absorb the attributes of the Radiant energy left inside the Holy Flame, or keep them or dispel them, while the rest can be absorbed by Ah Xin and the rest.~

In truth, Tang Tian himself felt that the idea was a bit too brazen.

But in the life and death battlefield, if one did not even take risk, they could simply wait to die, as risk and rewards will always be directly proportional. Furthermore, to even be able to come up with an idea was already a positive thing. It was all thanks to Tang Tian that they could use such a method.

If he did not have a terrifyingly strong physique, he would truly be seeking death. And if he did not have the God Armor that gave him the strongest control over Laws, he would also be seeking death.

Although the method looked to be extremely risky, but in theory it held a great possibility of success. Of course, the Holy Flame saw Tang Tian's God Armor as an enemy, and he had to think of ideas to bypass that problem.

It had to be said, under pressure, a person's potential will be easily incited. Tang Tian realized that his mind was working faster than normal even without activating the God Armor.


Xiao Yao trained in Light Laws, and although Light Laws and Radiant Laws were just a word apart, they were extremely different. Being helpless in the dangerous situation, he could only harden his skin and agree.
(TN: Light laws is 光之法则, pronounced guang zhi fa ze, while Radiant Laws is 光明法则, guang ming fa ze.)

He stood at the side of the energy barrier with five other comrades behind him, all of them had stood in formation, with serious expressions on their faces.

"I'm starting." Xiao Yao took a deep breath, and reminded the comrades behind him.

With that, he extended his palm out of the energy barrier and closed his eyes, the vigorous Radiant Energy outside of the energy barrier made him scared witless. The concentration of the Radiant Energy was higher than his expectation, and was not a good thing to him.

As he was unfamiliar with the energy, the higher the amount, the more problems could surface, and the energy concentration outside had already reached a staggering level.

Xiao Yao forced himself to focus, and gradually used the power of his Laws.

A gentle white light aura lit up at his palm. The light grew visibly stronger, as beads of perspiration covered Xiao Yao's face, and very quickly, the light became the size of a grindstone. Everyone inside the building watched on anxiously, the large regiment of light contained an astronomical sum of energy, and if it exploded, the consequences was unthinkable.

Luckily, the explosion that everyone were worried about did not appear, the light seemed to melt, the white light aura flowed along the energy barrier that Ji Ze and the rest were sustaining, and it made the energy barrier look as though it had an additional layer of white membrane.

Very quickly, the white membrane covered half of the energy barrier, Ji Ze and the rest all revealed looks of joy, as long as the white membrane could cover the entire energy barrier, they would had formed a Radiant Energy Barrier.

Suddenly, Xiao Yao spat out blood, it was as though he was struck by a hammer, he flew backwards.

The comrades behind him were shocked, they subconsciously went to grab onto Xiao Yao, who had already fainted, with blood flowing down his mouth.

The white light membrane covering the energy barrier shattered

Everyone's expressions became extremely terrible, but right at that moment, they saw Tang Tian return, and everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

"I have an idea, but it requires taking on some risks."

Upon entering the energy barrier, Tang Tian spoke up, at such a time, they no longer had time for an accurate explanation, every minute they wasted was a minute longer of danger.

Qian Hui replied without hesitation: "Alright!"

She had unconditional trust in Tang Tian, and firmly believed that Tang Tian would not joke in a life or death situation.

"Then start quickly, we don't have much time." Ah Xin spoke up directly.

At that moment, everyone placed all their trust on Tang Tian. Tang Tian was moved, but did not delay: "Ji Ze, persist a bit longer, I need a bit of time."

Ji Ze gritted his teeth and nodded his head: "Master, just do your thing!"

After giving out the orders, Tang Tian no longer spoke, and sat cross legged. He needed time to recover, he had exhausted a great deal of his strength, and he still required to use the God Armor, which could not be activated without physical strength.

Time slowly crawled by, but Tang Tian remained unmoved with his eyes closed.

Although it was extremely anxious time, Tang Tian remained at rest, and did not rush to begin. He knew that only by being in his perfect state would there be a chance of success, he could not force it, as it would only cause the situation to become worse.

Furthermore, he took the time to rest to formulate his train of thoughts and all the details carefully.

The initial plan that was in its embryonic form, was perfected.

Chapter 927 - Activation

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

When Tang Tian opened his eyes, the energy barrier's aura had dimmed, and was even on the verge of collapse. Only half of the God Armor Army members remained standing, the others who were exhausted laid on the ground on the verge of fainting. As for Ji Ze and the rest who were barely struggling on, they were also at their limits, their faces were pale white, their bodies drenched in perspiration, and were trembling incessantly. Some of the members even had traces of blood at the corners of their mouth.

It was the first time they were in such a difficult predicament ever since the formation of the GOd Armor Army.

"Remove the Energy Barrier."

Tang Tian's order was extremely brazen, but Ji Ze and the rest did not hesitate at all, and immediately dispelled the energy barrier. Everyone opened their eyes wide, some watching Tang Tian in anticipation and curiosity. Ji Ze and the rest knew of their Boss' talents, but Ah Xin and Xiao Ran had not witnessed his true capabilities. At the Qiu Offense Institute, Tang Tian had initially wanted to deal with it personally, but Ah Xin was the one who stole the limelight, and everyone were able to witness Ah Xin's spectacular performance.

Qian Hui's eyes lit up as she held her breath subconsciously.

Ever since they were plunged into danger, she had maintained her calm. She felt that there was not a need to be worried, as she had her Big Brother Tian with her. She too, did not understand why she felt that way, maybe it was because when they were young, Big Brother Tian always protected her by her front heroically? She was always filled with confidence towards Tang Tian, the confidence that had no origin, just like how everyone in Andrew Academy thought that Tang Tian, who only knew fundamental martial techniques, was a joke, but she still felt that he was very powerful. Just like how they did not pledge any undying love, yet she was still filled with anticipation and confidence towards their future, there was no reason or logic behind all of it.

Her mouth involuntarily blossomed into a smile, her sparkling eyes never left Tang Tian.

~Even if we do not succeed, to die by Big Brother Tian's side, is a blessing.~

The only regret she had in her heart was that she never did managed to help her Big Brother Tian, she was proficient in commanding battles, and her individual strength was far from Tang Tian's. She never had a chance to command a battle after meeting Tang Tian, and thus never managed to display her skills.

But all of these regrets disappeared in the blink of the eye. ~With Big Brother Tian around, it is fine.~

The mask on Tang Tian's face had been melted by the God Armor laws long ago. He did not have a handsome face, but like a magnet, it had firmly attracted her gaze. Compared to the Big Brother Tian from her childhood memories, the face in front of her was slightly less obstinate, with a bit more maturity and calmness, but the seriousness and resolute look was still the same as the past.

Tang Tian sensed Qian Hui's gaze, he thought that Qian Hui was afraid, and revealed a smile at her.

Qian Hui immediately reciprocated with a sweet smile.

Tang Tian retracted his smile and became solemn, his eyes became focused as he stared at the Holy Flames floating in the sky. Everyone's safety were in his hands, and at that moment, he was bearing a huge pressure. They only had one opportunity, he could also only activate the God Armor once, and if they failed…..

Tang Tian thought silently, ~Then we will lose everything.~

Including everyone that was with him that were accounted for, the Southern Alliance that would fail in the war would be devoured by Temple, even the fates of Three Spirits City and Ursa Major Constellation would also fall towards the abyss. Everyone's experiences from so many battles, everyone's achievements from their perseverance, would all disappear into smoke if they lost.

Tang Tian closed his eyes, he could hear his own heart beating, it was as anxious as everyone else, like a fast beating drum, it beat so fast that it caused his entire body to feel slightly numb.

Godlike young lad…..

He muttered in his heart, to himself.

He had not shouted out the name "Godlike Young Lad" for himself for a very long time, he was no longer the weak young man of the past, he had begun to look down on the entire world, he was able to move unhindered in all directions, he started to become a leader, to become a sovereign king.

But deep within the deepest depths of his heart, he was still that fearless young man. The feelings that he had not felt for a long time surged into his body like lava, igniting the thirst of all the veins and arteries that had slumbered for a long time. An indescribable excitement scattered to every corner of his body like electric currents, and the initial anxiousness that made his heart beat faster, was the fuel that help ignited his willpower that blazed.

He was like a dragon that had slumbered for ten thousand years finally being awoken, and was eager to show off his fighting spirit to the world.

Tang Tian opened his eyes, deep within the abyss of his pupils, flames were ignited.

"Godlike young lad….."

He spoke to himself, just like how he did back when he was in Star Wind City as he looked into the valley.

He used all of his energy, burnt all of his emotions, without restraint and disregarded everything as he told himself he wanted the answer!

".......go go go!"

Like a storm that had brewed in his heart, like the sun that released warmth, like how he was when he was young.

All the anxiousness were instantly thrown away, he flew to the sky above the estate. He activated the God Armor once again, the gold liquid flowed along the outline of his body, and Tang Tian's mental state immersed into the unique state once again.

The moment the God Armor was activated, all the Holy Flame immediately flew towards him like sharks.

But right when they were about to touch Tang Tian, their speed suddenly slowed down, they had lost their target!

Along Tang Tian's outline was a thin layer of energy barrier that he had congealed. This thin layer of energy had isolated the aura of the God Armor. Tang Tian stared at the Holy Flames around him, they were once again floating leisurely after losing their target, like jellyfishes floating in the ocean.

Prey, Tang Tian's eyes flashed with a cold light, all of the Holy Flames that were like jellyfishes had unknowingly turned into Tang Tian's prey.

When he was resting, Tang Tian had been perfecting his plan.

By projecting Laws into the energy, then using the "indented" laws to hollowfy the energy was fundamentally altering the nature of the energy. This was already breaking away from the category of normal techniques, just like how the Holy Flame could no longer turn into energy or Laws, it was a brand new, unprecedented form of power, and was what made the Great Clan Elder truly powerful. Creating a brand new martial technique and creating a brand new power were two completely different things.

Even Tang Tian's Zero Energy Body could not compare to this, his Zero Energy Body did not leave the category of Power of the Physique. Even for Tang Tian's God Armor, although it was an interesting new creation, but it was not a completely new power.

If not for the Great Clan Elder's frenzied and unprecedented brutality, just by relying on the Holy Flame, his achievements would earn him eternal glory.

Both parties were at odds, and although Tang Tian admired the Great Clan Elder, his mind was only thinking about how to defeat him.

The Great Clan Elder had absolute confidence in his own Holy Flames, which could be seen from the fact that all of his plans revolved around the Holy Flames. His self confidence was well deserved, one had to know that even after promoting the Holy Flame for so many years, no one had ever discovered the secret of the Holy Flame. Regardless of whether it was the Clan Elders of Temple or the enemies of Temple, even the local Prestigious Families all thought that the Holy Flame in itself was Temple's secret, and the Great Clan Elder had refined it the most.

But the Great Clan Elder would had never expected that the world would actually have Tang Tian.

Tang Tian felt extreme admiration towards the Great Clan Elder, but he did not know that he was a freak to others as well. Zero Energy Body, a Law refined body, Awakened God Armor, the God Armor Army, all of it was created by him. After witnessing various strange powers, Tang Tian's mental capabilities and foresight was no longer the same as before. While others feared the Holy Flame, he had already grasped the principles behind the Holy Flame, and was filled with admiration towards the Holy Flame and Great Clan Elder.

Yes, only admiration and no fear.

He did not cower back in the face of the Holy Flames. The Holy Flames made him gasp in admiration, the perfect and strange balance was filled with beauty, and was a masterpiece of the human history. But it was not something that he feared.

There had never been an invincible power in the world, and any power would had its shortcomings and points that could be controlled.

The hollowfied energy was the crux to nourishing Spirit Generals. Tang Tian had never earnestly researched and studied into Spirit Generals, but he had many Spirit Generals by his side, and had his own understanding towards them. In some sense, Spirit Generals were also some sort of hollowfied existences. That was also why Spirit Generals were unable to directly absorb energy to strengthen themselves.

~The hollowfied energy needs to stay, while the Emulated Laws within the Holy Flames needs to be removed.~

Tang Tian was constantly pondering about what kind of law the Emulated Laws inside the Holy Flames were. Although he witnessed the Emulated Law inside the Holy Flame in that instant when the God Armor and Holy Flame had interacted, but the time that the entire process took was too short, and he did not grasp clearly on what the Law was. But he suddenly understood, it was Radiant Law, it was an emulated Radiant Law! It was impossible for it to be any other Law, and could only be Radiant Law.

Because they were from Temple, and the Great Clan Elder's Holy Flame was developed from the Temple's Holy Flame.

This sudden clarity and enlightenment instantly solved many thoughts that Tang Tian had. He had studied the ordinary Holy Flame before, and had an understanding towards Radiant Laws. Radiant Laws were pure and tyrannical, but Tang Tian's body had gone through countless of Law Temperings before.

His following actions surprised everyone. He threw out a Spirit Card.

It was a Gold Grade Spirit Card, it landed 10m away from Tang Tian and floated in the air, unmoved. Tang Tian's actions were very fast, one after another, gold light shot out from his body. In the blink of the eye, there were spirit cards all around him, all in the same gold color.

One hundred Gold Grade Spirit Cards floated quietly around him, as though an invisible force had tied them together.

Tang Tian heaved a sigh of relief, ~Luckily, I brought sufficient Gold Grade Spirit Cards~, all of which were prepared for him by Pi Pa. With the appearance of many saints and the flourishing Mechanical armies in Heaven's Road, the value of Spirit Cards had plummeted. Ursa Major Constellation had become extremely wealthy, with all sorts of revenues and income, thus they prepared countless of Gold Grade Spirit Cards. Pi Pa was thoughtful, and when Tang Tian had returned the last time, she gave Tang Tian plenty of consumables, one of which was Spirit Cards, and the number of Gold Grade Spirit Cards reached a hundred.

All around Tang Tian, the Gold Grade Spirit Cards flashed with gold lights, like a golden ripple of water. The positions of the spirit cards were carefully planned out by Tang Tian, and not one touched the Holy Flames.

~I have to thank Pi Pa when I return~, Tang Tian noted inwardly.

He directed Ah Xin and Xiao Ran and the other Spirit Generals to stand beneath the Spirit Cards, then got them to sit cross legged.

They followed Tang Tian's orders and got into position, and everyone else subconsciously calmed down.

The golden figure in the sky that looked like the God of War, opened his arms.

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