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Chapter 901 - Why?

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

What a powerful Autumn Wind Offense!

Tang Tian's eyes lit up. The variations between every inch of space of the Autumn Wind Offense was breathtaking. In his eyes, the energy within the Qiu Offense Institute was one body, reeking of a decaying and bleak aura.

The decaying and bleak aura seemed to be able to pervade into people's hearts. When Tang Tian stood inside Autumn Wind Offense, the thousands of trees and leaves that flew emitted a faint cold intent that crept into his bones, causing him to tremble.

It was Tang Tian's first experience of such an attack, furthermore it was an Army Killing Technique. But for some reason, he had a faint sense of familiarity with it, as though he had seen it somewhere. He knew that he had not seen it before, if he had seen such a breathtaking army killing technique before, he would definitely not forget about it.

Gold Grade Army Killing technique, furthermore, it was an extremely unique Gold Grade Army Killing Technique. Compared to the [Light Sword Wail Song] that Tang Tian had experienced before, the [Autumn Wind Offense] was much stronger.

His pupils suddenly contracted, ~Laws!~

That's right, there was a hint of laws in it!

Tang Tian then realized, ~No wonder I find it so familiar.~ Laws, inside the God Armor Army, Tang Tian was extremely sensitive towards laws, and although he was not inside the complete state of the God Armor Army at the moment, he still had an extremely sharp sense towards laws.

It was Tang Tian's first time witnessing an Army killing technique that contained Laws. Inside Sacred Saint Galaxy, where energy was in abundance, the Laws had been concealed by the energy, thus gaining enlightenment of Laws was extremely difficult, far more difficult than in Sin Domain and Heaven's Road. That was why Tang TIan had never seen anyone else in Sacred Saint Galaxy that had gained enlightenment Laws.

~So that's the case…..~

Tang Tian's gleamed with a faint light aura, aside from the difficult, another reason why no one in Sacred Saint Galaxy had gained enlightenment on laws was because Sacred Saint Galaxy's style of fighting was through the tyranny of armies. ~Their style of gaining enlightenment on Laws is different from mine, although the military generals of Sacred Saint Galaxy are unable to gain enlightenment on Laws alone, but they are able to reach this point with their unique way.~


The [Light Sword Wail Song]'s resonance was the resonance of energy, while the [Autumn Wind Offense] took it a step further, aside from the energy resonance, it had induced the undulations of Law Threads, and had assimilated it into the resonance. Energy was like the seawater, while the Law Threads were like the water plants at the bottom of the water. Ordinarily, the water surface would be choppy, while the depths of the sea was extremely quiet and still.

[Light Sword Wail Song] was like that, it looked to be extremely choppy with waves surging forth, but that was only on the surface.

[Autumn Wind Offense]'s resonance looked as though it could not compare to [Light Sword Wail Song]'s imposing power, but the undulations had spread to its depths, and had stirred the Law Threads at the floor of the ocean.

~What an accidental find.~

Tang Tian's initial high spirited of fighting intent had transformed into passion after encountering the powerful Army Killing Technique. He placed his focus on his own body, ~What a strange feeling, it is completely different from when I am in the Awakened God Armor.~ Tang Tian felt as though he was in flames, but his mind and head felt like a block of ice.

Countless of thoughts flashed past his mind, while Tang Tian's hand never stopped moving.

He continued walking towards the Institute, and his right palm that looked like jade, continued to slash down, the speed at which he slashed became faster and faster.

The leaves dancing in the sky had no sign of lessening, when the palm aura closed in on the Qiu Offense Institute, it would dissipate due to the leaves.

Qiu Tian Qing's heart eased up greatly, the [Autumn Wind Offense] was always able to let him feel relieved.

He laughed at himself, ~Seems like I was stunned by the opponent previously, I actually acknowledged [Autumn Wind Offense] was unable to pose a threat to him subconsciously.~

The opponent was extremely powerful, and was the strongest martial artist that Qiu Tian Qing had ever seen. ~But he had been too careless, he actually thought that he alone can defeat Qiu Offense Army.~

A ferocious look flashed in Qiu Tian Qing's eyes, the current him who had entered his battle state had thrown all thoughts to the back of his mind, and the look in his eyes had turned cold.

~How can there not be Autumn Rain when there is the Autumn Wind?~

Qiu Tian Qing had forsaken all thoughts, all plots, his focus was at his front, he was just a pure military general, with his eyes on the battle ahead of him.

It was the strongest martial artist he had ever encountered in his life!

The opponent's individual strength had far exceeded what he had comprehended, ~All of those renowned powerful martial artists, and maybe even the rumored Boss of the Southern Alliance, is definitely weaker than this man.~

Just like when Tang Tian witnessed Qiu Tian Qing's [Autumn Wind Offense] and had become overjoyed, it was the same for Qiu Tian Qing. The opponent that was unfathomable had aroused the unprecedented fighting intent in his heart.

"Autumn Wind and Rain decimation." Qiu Tian Qing's roar sounded across the entire Autumn Offense Institute.

Pa da pa da.

Bean sized droplets starting to fall, Tang Tian did not stop walking, every drop of rain contained compressed energy, and did not look fast, but every droplet held power.

With Tang Tian's perverse body, he did not feel any pain when the rain hit his body. Every drop contained a trace of the Autumn Offense intent, and permeated into Tang Tian's body.

Tang Tian was slightly moved, the variation was surprising. Ordinarily, people would incite the energy inside the raindrops to explode, and used that as a form of attack. But Qiu Tian Qing did not do that, but instead concealed the intent of his Qiu Offense Technique inside the energy, and allowed the raindrops of energy to attack the opponent's defense, and allowed the intent to permeate into the enemy's body.

Tang Tian immediately sensed that his mental state had turned slightly sluggish the moment the intent entered his body, causing his heart to tremble. The radiance inside the glass like mental state was vigorous, while the undying sword in his body was buzzing restlessly, like a furious anger, causing the Autumn Offense Intent inside Tang Tian's body to immediately dissipate.

~The Intent can actually be used in such a way!~

Tang Tian's eyes lit up again. If not for Tang Tian's different style of fighting compared to the martial artists of Sacred Saint Galaxy, along with his unmatched intuition, the [Autumn Wind and Rain Decimation] might had killed him.

Sensing the restless Undying Sword in his body, Tang Tian summoned it out without hesitation.

When the cracked Bronze sword appeared in Tang Tian's hands, his pupils suddenly turned bronze in color, with a faintly visible cross sign in it.

A solemn and stirring aura surged into the sky, causing the atmosphere around him to form ripples.

The rain dropped on Tang Tian's body, but he remained passive about it. The [Autumn Wind and Rain Decimation] became the best backdrop for him, adding to the solemn atmosphere.

~What is that!~

Qiu Tian Qing's eyes dilated as he stared at the bronze sword in Tang Tian's hands.

The strange jade looking hand and the cracked bronze sword had a huge contrast.

What made his heart beat even faster was the sense of solemness, it was as if he could see countless of silhouettes pouncing towards their enemies without second thoughts, with the intent to kill the enemies, to burn with all of them!

~That is an army, that is a weapon that contains the mark of an army! How is there such a weapon in the world? What kind of army is willing to use their deaths, to forge such a terrifying weapon?~

~For a weapon that has the mark of an army to fall in the hands of an individual martial artist, what a pity.~

Shock, disbelief with a bit of fascination, a lot of pity, but the most of all, was fear, the fear of death.

Facing the man who had raised the bronze sword, all of the hairs on Qiu Tian Qing's body stood, as though a ferocious beast was staring at him. He knew that this feeling meant that he was about to face an unprecedented danger, an intense danger.

"Autumn! Autumn! Autumn!"

Qiu Tian Qing's veins popped out as he roared with all of his might.

The soldiers around him had become equally fanatical, and roared in unison: "Attack! Attack! Attack!"

The rain around Tang Tian suddenly disappeared, as though an invisible hand had gathered all the rain, and formed them together, irrigating the flood towards the Qiu Offense Institute. The dancing leaves did not fly fast, like a school of fish swimming leisurely, but they were still quietly degenerating things around them.

The middle aged man who was spectating from the side had a look of surprise, he knew that Qiu Tian Qing would have to fight for his life.

On the trading ship, Ah Xin stared at the cracked Bronze Sword in Tang Tian's hand, and his body started to tremble.

By the side, Xiao Man immediately asked: "What's wrong with you?"

She had sensed something different previously, as though Ah Xin was been pulled into a weird trance by the sword summoned by Tang Tian, She knew that although Ah Xin was usually goofy and enjoyed chatting aimlessly, but he was an extremely calm and confident person, and his state of mind was much better than hers.

Ah Xin's face was pale white, his trembles started to become more violent. His legs were shaking, fingers were shaking, his lips were trembling, only his eyes were fixed straight at the bronze sword, as though he had not heard of Xiao Man's words.

~That aura of my comrades, that aura of death, that aura from the Ocean of Peace~, he had roughly guessed the background of the sword, but….

~Why are they so unhappy?~

~Why are they in grief?~

~Why do I feel like crying?~

~What happened to the Ocean of Peace? Seniors, Brothers, why are all of you not at rest? Why?~

Ah Xin's body was trembling, that's right, he had never trembled before, even in the previous battle, he had rushed out from the grave to strike at the enemy without trembling or hesitation.

They were from the Ocean of Peace, where all of his comrades lay in peace, regardless of how intense the battle was, it is the final land for them to be happy. Their spirits will return to the Ocean of Peace to rest in peace forever. It is the land where their final worries lay, the land for their final battle. The companions still alive could die, but their comrades would rest in peace forever.

~Why must you wake them?~


Ah Xin's fist was clenched so tight that they turned red, he had unknowingly lowered his head, his face was sinister while his body trembled incessantly.

~Why did you agitate them! Why!~

~Because you need people to go to war for you? I will go to war for you! You want to send people to die? I will go in place of them! Why must you call them? Why can't you let the dead rest?~

A sudden bronze light aura suddenly lit up and penetrated through the window, shining on Ah Xin's sinister face, the pain was so clear, so clear that it caused Xiao Man's heart to ache.

The sword body was buzzing with a low sound, like a surging tide of water, the sound became louder and louder.

~This sound…..~

Ah Xin's body jolted, he subconsciously raised his head.

The bronze sword that was raised up high, looked like the Southern Cross Army war flag that was being raised.

The low sword hum sounded as if a million soldiers were shouting in unison, their anger, their dissatisfaction, their sorrow.

Tang Tian looked as though he was possessed, the low resounding sword hum caused his entire body to tremble incessantly, the Ocean of Peace appeared in his mind, and the unforgettable scene occurred.

Waves after waves of people from the Ocean of Peace struck onto the barrier in the sky as they sacrificed themselves.

The endless injured and cracked faces looked as though they were broken pieces of porcelain glued back together.

The battle exchanged for a century of sleep that repeated itself four ten thousand of years, along with the sentence: "One hundred years later, we will fight with you!"

Tang Tian's body trembled, the furious roars from the Ocean of Peace resonated in his ears, the dissatisfied looks on the porcelain faces caused the battle intent in his body to surge like lava, spewing all over his body.

From the backlighting, figures rushed forward, as sword hums filled the air and accompanied Tang Tian as he roared.

"Without knowing whether our army is dead or alive, how can we rest in peace!"

Inside the window of the trading ship, Ah Xin looked as though he was struck by lightning.

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