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Chapter 900

Chapter 900 - Confronting the Qiu Offense

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Looking at the gates of the Qiu Offense Institute, Tang Tian calmed his excited heart, he did not require any arousal, but the fighting spirit in his body was already overflowing out of his body.

~Qian Hui, I've become powerful!~

~Qian Hui, I've always wanted you to see my strength.~

~Qian Hui, the day is finally here.~

His fist was clenched tight, pa, what seemed to be a clear sound of glass breaking came out, like a ferocious tiger escaping its cage, an overwhelming aura surged out from Tang Tian.

Tang Tian lowered his head slowly, his face that was covered with the mask hid within the shadow, with only his eyes gleaming with light, shining through the darkness.

Zzzzi zzzi zzzzi.

Different colored light strands flashed all around like rainbow colored lightning bolts, and revolved around his fist.

On the trading ship, Qian Hui's eyes widened, she used her hand to cover her mouth, her face covered with shock.

Xiao Man's face that had a disdainful look froze, she blurted out: "What is that?"

Ah Xin's expression was exactly the same.

But the one who was in the most shock was Qiu Tian Qing. He did not know what the different colored lightning strands of lights were, but the intense sense of danger that choked him enveloped his entire body. He felt as though he was lying under a guillotine that was flashing with light, the cold blade tip was on his neck, causing all of the hairs on his body to stand.

He had experienced hundreds of wars, countless moments where he struggled to live, and was familiar with the aura of death.

~The aura of death is always so stifling.~

He knew that being afraid would not help, he forced himself to calm down, took a breath, then roared: "Energy Barrier!"

The Qiu Offense Army soldiers woke from their stupor, they gathered in a panic and surged with regiment of light auras, a thin light barrier appeared over their heads, and enveloped the entire Qiu Offense Institute.

Without the need for Qiu Tian Qing's orders, the soldiers maintained to increase the density of the energy barrier. This displayed the Qiu Offense Army's experience and professionalism.

Qiu Tian Qing knew that the defense unleashed by the Qiu Offence Institute was weak and would not withstand the enemy's devastating attack.

The energy barrier continued to congeal, allowing Qiu Tian Qing to

heave a sigh of relief, the unease in his heart decreasing slightly. The Qiu Offense Army's full force expansion on the energy barrier could withstand an attack from a warship.

His attention once again landed on Tang Tian, allowing him to witness a surprising scene.

Tang Tian's fist no longer had the rainbow colored strands of lights that resembled lightning bolts. His fist had become a dazzling sun. Flows of energy, like arrows that shot through the sky at such a fast velocity that the friction produced streaks of lights were converging towards his fist. They gathered from all directions, as though they caught the scent of a prey, and were frantically surging towards Tang Tian's fist.

The dazzling light auras caused half of Tang Tian to be bright, while the other side was as dark as an abyss.

Qiu Tian Qing had just calmed down from the energy barrier, but the sense of danger came back up.

~It is shrinking!~

Flash after flash, the astonishing ball of light caused his heart to jump. ~Why do I feel that I am facing against a gold grade warship?~

~How can an individual's strength reach such a terrifying level?~

Qiu Tian Qing's hand, which was holding onto a cane, was trembling.

"Truly, our boss deserves to be our boss." Ji Ze's eyes lit up as he praised. When they were still adapting to Sacred Saint Galaxy, Tang Tian was already seeking for new breakthroughs.

With one look, Ji Ze could tell that Tang Tian was using Godfist.

Godfist was a move derived from the Awakened God Amor, and it was something they were familiar with. But the Godfist that had appeared was different from before.

The laws were completely destroying the surging ocean of energy, but no one could sense their existence. The astonishing amount of energy could no longer be compressed, and its undulations constantly changed. The undulations became weaker and weaker, but the heart palpitating feeling became stronger.

Pa, the energy regiment in Tang Tian's right fist suddenly stopped moving, causing everyone to feel as though a pair of invisible hands had clasped onto their hearts, causing them to tremble.

The entire process felt endless when in truth, it was in a millisecond.

Just when everyone thought that Tang Tian was about to unleash his fist, an undetectable smile flashed on Tang Tian's face, no one was able to see, the fist inside the light regiment was already extended opened. The Law threads that were extremely rigid, had already been dyed

dyed a dark gold, and appeared within Tang Tian's palm, as though he had donned on a dark gold glove woven by gold threads.

The initially bright light regiment suddenly dimmed down, the energy that had been compressed to its maximum flowed like liquid along Tang Tian's palm, and enveloped his palm.

Qiu Tian Qing stared at Tang Tian's palm blankly, he had never seen such a strange and bizarre technique. But the more he looked at it, the stronger the unease in his heart became.

To a military general, to immediately face an unknown enemy attack like facing a great enemy was normal. The only thing that made Qiu Tian Qing feel a bit of security was the dense energy barrier.

Although the enemy's attack looked strange, it required a long time of preparation. This long period was enough for Qiu Offense Army's energy barrier to be strengthened to its maximum.

Regardless of how the opponent was about to attack, the energy barrier was extremely strong, and was able to defend against any forms of attack. This was Qiu Tian Qing's experience from the countless of battles he had been through.

With his palm extended flat, the light aura released was much weaker as compared to the dazzling sun before. This gave off a completely different aura, the regiment of blazing light before was tyrannical, causing people to acknowledge its destructive might without hesitation. But the light from the palm had an indescribable charm, attracting people's attention subconsciously, all of them were unwilling to look away from the light.

It was extremely bizarre and attractive.

While everyone was fixated to it, the faint light released by the palm that resembled a jade statue palm gently slashed down and cut through the empty air in front of him, without any sign of sparks.


The light aura released in mid air caused the congealed energy barrier to tremble, and the floor beneath their feets to shake. It felt as though a bass drum beneath the ground had been struck once, the low and terrifying sound caused everyone to be overwhelmed by shock while their ears buzzed.

No one would had expected that the gentle slash would be able to produce such a terrifying effect!

Qiu Tian Qing's body trembled, the expression on his face took a huge change, his eyes filled with shock.

~How is that possible?~

The energy barrier formed by Qiu Offense Institute actually had signs of being destroyed just from one attack.

Without even looking, Tang Tian raised his

raised his palm once more, and unleashed another slash.


The low pitched sound that caused people to tremble came out once more.

"Stabilize the energy barrier!" Qiu Tian Qing could not stand uprightly, he roared, his voice containing an almost undetectable tremble.

Tang Tian's eyes flashed with a cold light. He raised his palm again, and slashed multiple times.

Boom boom boom boom!

The sound waves that sounded like bass drums caused everyone to sway, as shattered auras flew all over like pieces of wood, causing everyone to feel a chill in their hearst. The dense energy barrier trembled incessantly, like a big bubble being blown by the wind that could break at any moment.

Under the emotionless black mask, Tang Tian's indifferent gaze could be seen.


This low and loud sound was even more impactful than all the previous sounds caused everyone to tremble, the visible ripples in the air and the pieces of shattered auras in the sky made it look as though a powerful tornado had descended on Qiu Offense Institute.

The Qiu Offense Institute's large doors were transformed into pieces of wood, and were scattered by the gales.

The sentry post beneath Qiu TIan Qing's feet was blown apart like paper. He reacted quickly, jumping out of the sentry post in time and landing steadily, yet blood was visible at the corners of his mouth.

What was left in his eyes was shock.

~How is this possible?~

~How can one person's strength be at such a level?~

Qiu Tian Qing knew that even in the mysterious Heaven's Road, where they valued individual strength, the strongest martial artist could not go against an army. To rely on an individual strength to destroy the Qiu Offense Army's full force energy barrier, meant that the attack previously had a power that exceeded that of an ordinary warship!

~How on earth is there a person that can be so powerful?~

~He isn't from the Honorable Martial Banner of Knights!~

Qiu Tian Qing had interacted with the Banner of Knights before, although they were extremely powerful, but they were not at such a terrifying level.

~Sophie? Could it be Sophie?~

The only person that could be so powerful was only one person in the Banner of Knights, Sophie.

But Qiu Tian Qing knew it was not her, although the other party was wearing a mask, but he could tell from one look that the opponent was a man!

"Who exactly are you?" Qiu are you?" Qiu Tian Qing roared as he stared straight at the other party.

He had countless of thoughts in his mind, he had never heard of such a powerful man before, as though this man had crawled out from a rock. Qiu Tian Qing knew that it was impossible, that such an expert could not be groomed in a day, he had to go through countless of brutal battles and grow and improve. Powerful martial artists never appeared as a fluke.

~Could he be a secret weapon from Temple?~

His heart suddenly froze.

"You don't need to know."

Tang Tian's reply was emotionless and indifferent. His move was truly a transformation from the God Armor Army, but his emotions and emotions had unknowingly been influenced by the God Armor Army.

He raised his leg, and walked leisurely towards the Qiu Offense Institute.

His right palm slashed effortlessly at the Institute once again.

There were no dazzling light auras, no sharp shriek sounds. Qiu Tian Qing's heart jumped, he immediately shouted: "Be careful!"


The Qiu Offense Institute used black steel for their walls, but they were cut apart horizontally with ease, and its upper half disappeared.

A few of the soldiers closer to the walls were unable to react, and were sliced at their waist.

Qiu Tian Qing roared once, he finally threw away the fear in his head and shouted: "Autumn Wind Slaughter!"

The soldiers roared in unison, the light auras around their bodies expanded out, the white energy around them flew up into the sky like fireflies. They continued to grow larger and stronger, transforming into many light leaves.

The unique thing was that although these light leaves were formed by radiant energy, and did not have life, they actually had signs of decaying.

The wind brought about a bleak killing intent, the wind suddenly became stronger, and caused the light leaves to dance.

It became like late autumn, the leaves that were scattered all about were flung into the air as well, making it feel as though there were countless of leaves flying all about.

Tang Tian did not stop walking forward, and slashed down.

Multiple flying leaves suddenly lit up, and disappeared.

Suddenly, a blade aura appeared in mid air in front of Tang Tian, its body covered with leaves. The blade's body suddenly unleashed light aura, which quickly dimmed down. It was as though the leaves in the air had corroded the blade.

Tang Tian's eyes lit up with a strange light aura.

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