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Chapter 887

Chapter 887 - An Epiphany

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Inside the Forbidden Hoop, Tang TIan did not even look at the battle outside, all of his focus completely on the Forbidden Hoop.

The wonderful train of thoughts on the unique energy undulation had made his eyes lit up. He was no longer the amateur he was, Heaven's Road martial techniques, Sin Domain laws, Sacred Saint Galaxy Army killing techniques, all of these had allowed his strength to improve by leaps and bounds, and had opened up his eyes to the world, upgrading his knowledge and his skills.

The number of techniques that could allow his eyes to light up like the Forbidden Hoop got less and less, ~I finally encountered one after so much difficulty, Naturally, I need to study it.~

Ji Ze and the others' fighting style seemed to be flawless to ordinary people, but they were about to barge into the Saint Continent, where the majority of the barracks were held, where the number of experts filled the skies, if they were not careful, they could possibly be consigned to eternal damnation. Like Sophie, whom Tang Tian saw the last time, who had unfathomable strength. And upon listening to Melissa's words, the strongest of Temple did not seem to be Sophie, but the Great Clan Elder.

Sophie had already left a restraining fear in Tang Tian, so how strong was the Great Clan Elder?

No one knew, Melissa had said that no one had ever seen the Great Clan Elder taking action, but no one dared to ever go against the Great Clan Elder's orders. Even Sacred Son Charles would have to be punished if the Great Clan Elder said so. The only confirmed information about the Great Clan Elder was that his Holy Flame was gold color, in the entire Temple, only the Great Clan Elder's Holy Flame was gold.

Tang Tian had seen the Holy Flame before, and had a deep impression of the terrifying flames. Out of all the flames he recognized, the Holy Flame was the most terrifying flames, even more terrifying than the flames of hell.

Gold Holy Flame!

That meant that the White Holy Flame had undergone a transformation, but before they truly fought, Tang Tian was unable to extrapolate and guess how much stronger the power had transformed.

~I shouldn't be thinking about that right now, let me first resolve this problem.~

Right when Hank had unleashed the Forbidden Hoop, he had already sensed the power of the technique. To the current Tang Tian, the simplest methods and techniques did not mean much. He cared more about the rules, laws and hidden areas formed within the technique itself, that were

not easy to detect. How could an expert like Hank allow people to see through his killing technique?

No matter how powerful a killing technique was, once its essence is seen through, it would be easy for the opponent to find the method to break the technique.Thus, every single killing technique usually had a lot of puzzling factors to confuse the enemy.

Tang Tian wanted see through its marvel, and only personally experiencing it was the most effective and straightforward way. Of course, for Tang Tian to have that confidence, he naturally had something to rely on, which was his glasslike mental state that could not be affected, reflecting the various profundities of the Forbidden Hoop.

Hank could never ever imagine that his self created Forbidden Hoop would be so easily seen through by somebody.

Tang Tian, who had blinked his eyes, saw a glimpse of the sky. He immediately understood what Ji Ze and the rest were trying to do, and calmed down. For direct collision that did not involve any tricks, what they competed with was physical strength. ~How can martial artists of the Sacred Saint Galaxy compare with Sin Domain martial artists in terms of physical strength?~ Tang Tian wanted to shake his head, the current Sacred Saint Galaxy was blind and had no knowledge towards the Sin Domain, after everyone familiarized themselves with the Sin Domain, there would definitely be no one who would engage in such folly anymore.

Tang Tian's attention landed on the Matchless Ship.

He eyed the gold grade warship in envy, ~Come to think of it, this Godlike young lad doesn't have a gold grade warship yet. Although the Honorable Martial's Roar is an Ultimate Army Warship, but it is afterall rebuilt from trash.~ He did not have a gold grade warship like the Matchless Ship in his hands yet.

~Should I take the Matchless Ship for myself?~

After thinking about it, he could not retract it back. It was perfect that Tang Tian felt annoyed by Claudia, and with the number of bodyguards onboard the Matchless Ship, anyone could tell that Claudia was a person who had position, and since they had offended her, she would not let them go that easily, and it would only become more of a tangle in the future.

Tang Tian frowned, he did not want it to implicate themselves further. The situation in the Saint Continent was complicated, there were many powerhouses, and if they got themselves in a difficult position, they risked exposing themselves. If it were any ordinary times, Tang Tian would not care exposing themselves, at most, they would just fight to their heart's' content and

and make a huge scene. But to Tang Tian, it involved meeting with Qian Hui, and for such beautiful days, Tang Tian did not want to cause the situation to go into a mess.

Even though after taking Claudia's ship, they would still make a scene, but without the gold grade warship, Claudia's arrogance would be brought down a notch.

~Furthermore, I am going to meet Qian Hui, how can I meet her with a dilapidated trading ship, that's too humiliating.~ If Tang Tian did not experience the luxurious Matchless Ship, he would never have had the thought, But after seeing the Matchless Ship, Tang Tian then understood the meaning of throwing the old to let in the new, and immediately felt that riding on the trading ship was too unpresentable.

~How can I let Qian Hui sit in such a wretched ship?~

The more Tang Tian thought about it, the more convinced he was, meeting Qian Hui was something that he had been waiting for for a long time, and there was no need to even mention anything else. Tang Tian did not care even if Temple were to appear, much less Elizabeth Tradings counter-attacking them for seizing the Matchless Ship.

His mind only had space for the beautiful lady that he thought of day and night.

After affirming his decision, Tang Tian's mind flew very quickly, his gaze landed on Claudia.

~She is the key!~

Claudia's identity was enough to cause the rest to be restrained from acting.

Tang Tian glanced at Hank and the rest, all of them had completely forgotten about Tang Tian's existence, they were completely absorbed into the heart palpitating battle in the air, all of them floated a few meters above Tang Tian, their eyes fixated on the battle.

~An opportunity!~

Without making a sound, Tang Tian suddenly extended his right leg, he moved extremely slowly with a completely focused expression. Ripples after ripples formed around him, it was as though he was wading himself forward in a pool, all of these ripples stuck closely onto his body like magnet, as they were prevented by Tang Tian from dissipating.

Only Tang Tian's body continued to move, while the pillar of light of the Forbidden Hoop remained unmoved.

Tang Tian slowly extended his hand out of the pillar of light, this time, no undulations were formed. Following that, Tang Tian's face, then his body, struggled out of the pillar of light. Struggling out was not the most apt description at all, it was more like Tang Tian floated out of a water surface, "floating" out of the wall of the pillar of light.


The entire process was done without making any noise, the pillar of light did not even tremble, and Hank and the rest, who were floating above Tang Tian, did not even sense anything.

Tang Tian heaved a sigh of relief, feeling extremely pleased with himself. From a third person's perspective, it looked extremely easy for him to struggle free out of the Forbidden Hoop, but in truth, Tang Tian's mental state was pulled to its maximum from the start of the process till the end. He had some understanding towards the Forbidden Hoop, but he did not have the time to test whether or not his comprehension was right or wrong. If he was even a bit too impulsive and attracted Hank's attention, his own plan would had been a bust.

Since the Matchless Ship was related to meeting Qian Hui, to Tang Tian, there were no other discussions on it.

The most crucial moment went smoothly without a hitch, allowing Tang Tian to loosen up in joy. On one hand, it proved that his enlightenment on the Forbidden Hoop was not wrong, and on the other, it meant that the probability of his plan being successful had increased greatly.

Heart palpitating collision sounds came out continuously in the sky, bang bang bang, every sound was filled with power, the low bass trembles striking deep into everybody's hearts. Every single person would extend their necks out as they stared at the sky with shocks written all over their faces, occasionally letting out exclamations.

Faster, faster, and even faster, there were no dodges, no fanciful tricks, two lightning fast figures would streak across the sky with energy barriers and collide into each other ferociously.

Bang, the energy barrier would shatter, two figures would plummet down at even greater speeds, causing people to exclaim out in shock.

It was too direct, too barbaric, too serious, too bitter, that even Hank, a veteran that had seen and experienced countless of things, had to admit that even he had not seen such a ferocious battle before. The Iron Mask Army were obviously at the advantage, but what made him feel inconceivable was that he actually never heard any of the masked man letting out groans.

~Are they made out of steel or what?~

Hank definitely knew that was not true, and that the only explanation was that the Iron Mask Army had steel like determination. This revelation made him a little stunned, initially when Ji Ze ran out to tease Claudia, he snorted in disdain at the Iron Mask Army, as they looked like a bunch of hoodlums to him.

But through the battles, his judgement on them judgement on them was completely toppled, and he could only look up to the sky in a daze.

The battle in the sky became Tang Tian's best cover, he was like a ghost that quietly floated beneath the Matchless Ship. His movements were extremely fast, yet made no sound, and even the air around him was not roused at the slightest.

The surface of his body had an extremely thin layer of ripples attached, and if one did not look carefully, it was basically undetectable.

From the Forbidden Hoops!

It was a method that he grasped from the Forbidden Hoops, and was truly using it. This extremely thin layer of undulation that was close to being undetectable to the naked eye not only sealed all traces of Tang Tian, but made him like air, not rousing any undulations in the air, and its strongest point was that it did not attract any energy undulations. This meant that basically all probing and investigating methods would fail on him.

Tang Tian's use of the Forbidden Hoop was completely changed, and even if Hank saw him, he would not link this technique to his own Forbidden Hoop.

His strong learning capability allowed Tang Tian to continuously learn and grasp outstanding techniques from other people. With his outrageous imagination, it allowed him to have countless of inconceivable ideas. From being a grassroot, he relied on himself to probe and grow, which also prevented him from having a superstitious belief in power. Without a fixed framework restricting him, it gave him more courage to use various techniques and methods, and allowed him to constantly be above conventional means.

This also became Tang Tian's unique style of fighting.

The people on the Matchless Ship were completely focused to the battle in the air, they were all on one side of the warship with their heads raised, eyes fixed to the sky. Even Claudia was no exception, she looked up at the sky, and was not satisfied as they had the advantage in numbers but were actually losing.

But very quickly, she calmed down, it had to be said, the ship was equipped with a full army. Although it was not at the standard of Temple, but it was far from sufficient as compared to the 100 man Iron Mask Army.

~The final victory will still belong to me.~

~Just like that brat that Hank captured~, Claudia's gaze turned to look at the Forbidden Hoop.

~Even the most ferocious of beasts will have a cage to cage it u-.....Wait, what!~

Claudia's pupils suddenly dilated as the expression on her face froze.

There was nothing inside the pillar of light.

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