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Chapter 886

Chapter 886 - Hank's Discovery

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Hank was completely stunned.

To him, the battle should not have any difficulties, there was too huge a disparity in terms of numbers between both parties. ~How many people did the Iron Mask Army have? Roughly a 100, but how many do we have? Exactly 500! That's a 5:1 ratio, five men against one, no matter how powerful the Iron Mask Army is, they are still overpowered, but why hasn't the battle ended?~

It was fine that it was not over yet, but what made Hank dumbstruck was that his own men were actually at a disadvantage!

Although the Iron Mask Army had very few men, they were extremely agile, like agile and fierce sheepdogs, coming and going, continuously outflanking and interweaving. His own guards were the herd of stupid sheep, continuously being herded out by them, they could not even touch the clothes of the enemy.

~Idiots!~ Hank was fumed with anger by the performance of the guards, their response had become sluggish, they were fatigued, completely led by the noses by the enemies.

500 against 100 and unable to secure a victory, that could not be let go. Their performance was so horrible that Hank had already decided to take care of them when the matter was over.

Suppressing the anger in his heart, Hank started to scrutinize the Iron Mask Army, and slowly, his expression became serious.

The more he watched, the more surprised he was, ~How did the Mace Field Tradings get so many experts?~

The Iron Mask Army members were all individuals with outstanding personal strengths, they were extremely fast, their movement techniques were unpredictable, making them hard to catch. His own guards was not used to such opponents, and in no time, they completely lost their own rhythm.

Aside from that, the enemy's coordination was also outstanding, he could tell that they had great rapport amongst one another. They were an extremely mature group with trust between one another. Hank had already witnessed it a few times, it was as if they never bothered watching their comrades' attacks, but continued on by their own rhythm. When one of them was about to be struck, there would always be another comrade sprouting out from nowhere and resolving the crisis.

It was obviously a type of tactic.

A cold intent surfaced from Hank's heart. In truth, the enemy members that encountered danger only needed to stop their attacks to resolve

the danger they had placed themselves in, but they still chose to continue their attacks. One could see the trust they had in one another. If it were one or two persons, it could be accepted as a tacit understanding between both members, but the frequency of such a scene occurring was too high, that only left with one possibility, the Iron Mask Army had frequently carried out such tactics in their training.

It was too scary!

~Someone actually dared to design such a dangerous tactic, and even use it as a common tactic!~ To Hank, such a coordination could display extreme strength, and was able to help them grasp the rhythm of the battle, but it required extremely high tacit coordination between every single member, and that was extremely dangerous and bold! As long as one of them was inattentive, and the support was half a step too late, that would immediately lead to a severe injury if not death.

Such a tactic was like walking on a tightrope, as long as there was one mistake, there was no hope of reprieve.

But very quickly, Hank was frowning again, because he suddenly realized that although the Iron Mask Army was using such a dangerous tactic, they never overreached themselves.

~How is this happening…..~

Hank firmly believed in his own judgement, furthermore it was such an elementary judgement, ~how can I be wrong? Is there something that I have not paid attention to?~

Hank was not anxious, he opened his eyes and scrutinized further, afraid of missing one detail.

His eyes were experienced, adding the doubts already in his heart, he quickly gained new discoveries. His face became paler and paler, his steady expression revealed a look of shock as perspiration started to gather on his forehead.

If he was not personally witnessing it, he would never be able to believe what was happening.

~Intuition, every single of one of these Iron Mask Guards all have frightening fighting intuition, they are able to sense danger before it arises, allowing them to avert disaster at the crucial moments, allowing themselves to react calmly.~ Hank finally understood, the reason why he felt that they were extremely skillful when he watched them.

~But, how is that possible!~

Hank felt that his knowledge was being capsized. At the same time, he firmly believed in his own intuition, because he was an extremely experienced veteran. His reliable fighting intuition was tempered through a hundred battles.

battles. It was far more difficult to obtain than martial techniques or tactics, because it did not have a starting point.

Hank had always been proud of his powerful battle intuition, but….

All of the Iron Mask guards that were flying around had battle intuition not inferior to his.

~What kind of people are they!~ It was as though Hank's heart was going through a tsunami.

Hank would never know that there was a brutal and savage land in the world called the Sin Domain, that where if a person wanted to continue living, they had to fight, they had to keep on fighting! There was no mercy, they were born to battle, something no Honorable Martial Continent citizen could ever imagine. The so called fighting experience in the Sacred Saint Galaxy was nothing when placed in the Sin Domain.

But no one could blame Hank, from the start, he did not associate them to the Sin Domain. Despite the fact that the Sin Domain's revival had stirred Honorable Martial Continent, but the reports they have on the Sin Domain was extremely pitiful. Even Temple was not clear of how the Sin Domain was currently, their understanding of the Sin Domain had stopped a few hundred years ago.

But compared to their intuition, the synchronization of the Iron Mask Army was barely passable, and they only had one tactic, but their overwhelming individual strength had overridden their weaknesses.

~Seems like 500 men isn't enough.~

Ji Ze and the rest did not know of Hank's annoyance, they were extremely happy to be able to fight. Ever since they left the Sin Domain and entered the Honorable Martial Continent, they were faced with a huge problem, and that was adapting to the Sacred Saint Galaxy's dense energy environment. The crux of it was for battle, the energy in the Sacred Saint Galaxy was too dense, and their old style of fighting was completely not suitable in the Sacred Saint Galaxy, thus they needed to change.

Since the first day that they left the Sin Domain, they never stopped their gruesome and demonic training. In truth, the demonic training dated back from the establishment of the God Armor Army. In any other aspects, the Master was good, whoever wanted something, would get it. But in terms of training, the Master was a tyrant that never gave them slack, constantly scolding them and drowning them with his saliva.

~He had replaced the journey with training, oh, the Master recently

Master recently let us sit on the trading ship, that was too kind!~

~But also, it's because Master is afraid of us revealing our identities….~

But it was under such harsh training that Ji Ze and the rest started to get used to a brand new way of fighting, and very quickly, they were able to experience for themselves the benefits of the new style. By using laws to control the energy, they discovered how powerful they were, that their laws were able to control numerous different energies! Compared to the Sin Domain,

Furthermore, their profound understanding of laws caused their control of energy to reach an extremely meticulous extent. Even Sima Xiao from Heaven's Road could not help but be in awe of their control over energy. As long as the Sin Domain martial artists could overcome their discomfort over energy, even if they had never learnt a Heaven's Road martial technique before, with their fine control over energy, they could beat any Heaven's Road Saint.

That was their unique advantage.

They had spent tremendous strength to overcome the energy obstacle, resulting in them never having the chance to perform. Most of the time, it was the Master himself who would handle and resolve the situation, thus they did had a very minimal chance to perform, which to them was even more cruel than the demonic trainings.

This battle, oh no, this brawl, made them excited. They were finally able to fight, a pity that it was not a real battle, preventing them from enjoying it to the fullest. ~Alright, a mosquito is still something after all.~

The group of them pounced onto their enemies in an uproar.

Because of the Forbidden Hoop, they were somewhat constrained. On one side, they were like wolves and tigers, on the other side, they were bound at their hands and feet, thus pulling the distance in terms of their morale. In a brawl that disallowed them from killing, morale was the most important, and the second most important was not tactics and coordination or techniques, but their bodies. Since they could not kill, then they had to see who was more durable, obviously the ones with stronger bodies could sustain longer.

Ji Ze and the rest rushed head on like a gang of bisons.

When Ji Ze produced an energy barrier and rushed head on to the enemy, the opposing guard did the same thing, and produced an energy barrier and rushed towards him.

The result was /> The result was Ji Ze and the rest being fine, as for the opponents, although their energy barriers were not shattered, but they were tipsy, all of them spinning in circles, swaying and falling towards the ground.

Everyone else found the method effective, no one would die, but it was extremely satisfying, causing them to be excited. Immediately, everyone started imitating Ji Ze, producing energy barriers and rushing to their enemies. When their enemies saw that, they would not cower back, but fight head on. ~Us five can't take one of you down?~

That was how the curtains was raised to an unprecedented collision match.

Bang bang bang!

The incessant thunderous collision sounds exploded in the air continuously, to the point that everybody's eardrums were numb.

Hank was stupefied, he had never witnessed such a scene before, but he had to admit, the unfanical head on decisive battle was truly instigating.

"Damn it, I have the urge to go up and do it as well!" By Hank's side, one of his comrade could not resist and spoke out.

"Too satisfying! This is too satisfying!"

The Matchless Ship was long excited, all the guards onboard were shouting at the top of their lungs, encouraging their companions, occasionally letting out exclamations.

On the Mace Field Tradings' trading ship, the atmosphere was extremely tense, in the air, the hundred man Iron Mask Army was facing against an enemy five times their size, their disadvantage in numbers made the scene look extremely miserable.

Johnson kept on commanding the guards belonging to the organisation, upon seeing their own companions falling, they had to receive them. He had an equally anxious expression, he did not know why Ji Ze and the rest chose to fight in such a manner, previously, they clearly held the advantage, and as long as they persevered, they would defeat their enemies in no time.

If they were to lose, he knew what awaited them. With the Holy Bell restrictions, Claudia could not kill them, but she could break their hands and legs and slap them.

~If it comes to that, we have to go all out!~ Even if they had to suffer punishments or get arrested by Temple, he did not care.

He was unable to bear such humiliation.

Just when everybody were absorbed by the unprecedented battle in the air, no one had noticed that inside the Forbidden Hoop, Tang Tian, who was completely still, suddenly blinked his eyes.

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