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Chapter 865 - Gou Cheng WenDao

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The energy vortex was moving towards them with a skin numbing rumble and shriek.

"Are we supposed to counterattack?"

The soldier's voice was trembling.

The officers had finally calmed down, the military generals of the Honorable Martial Continent were not worried about their tactics. For them to be able to be under Gou Cheng WenDao, all of them were of some standard. Especially for the captain of the warships, all of them had rich experiences and were powerful military generals. After experiencing the powerful ambush, they had started to counterattack.

The fleet had suffered tremendously, the large scale warships were all destroyed, 90% of the small scale warships were also destroyed, leaving the remaining few middle scale warships as their fighting strength.

But, the remaining warships were less than 30%.

The surviving officers recovered from their shock, their eyes instantly bloodshot. When had they ever suffered such huge losses? In the entire history of Honorable Martial Continent, it was the first time that such a scale of warships had been destroyed.

It was complete humiliation!

All of these arrogant military generals had already thrown aside their thoughts of living. In such humiliation, living or dying no longer held any meaning, they only wanted to get back some honor!

~Counterattack, we have to counterattack!~

The remaining captains of the fleet were in intense discussions.

All of them had the same thought, they had to destroy the energy vortex. Whether it was to clear their humiliation or to ensure their safety, regardless of anything, they had to destroy the energy vortex.

The Southern Alliance was actually able to control energy vortices, such a secret weapon posed too much of a threat.

They were all experienced generals, it was just that they were helpless in their prior situation, adding the lacking of a commander to unify everyone. Since they already embraced the idea of death, they did not have any fear, and quickly found the weakness of the energy vortex.

It was slow!

The energy vortex was extremely destructive, but it lacked speed. Adding its immense size, it was a rather easy target.

The only worry was if the energy vortex were to explode, it might destroy the entire Shang Continent. Gou Cheng WenDao and the three generals were still in the Shang Continent, if the energy vortex was to erupt, no one in the Shang Continent would survive. Even if the Shang Continent was somehow saved, the destruction of the estuary was still terrible.

They could only follow the energy vortex, wait for it to retreat, then destroy it!

They quickly formulated a plan, the speed of the warship was much faster than the energy vortex, and much more agile. The energy vortex could not escape!

No one took their time and quickly made their decision.

When the energy vortex arrived, the surviving warships would dodge like agile fishes. To prevent the attractive force from the energy vortex, they would maintain a certain distance from it. They did not take the initiative to occupy the route where the energy vortex was going, to but to prevent it from escaping, they chose to follow and destroy it.

But when they saw that the energy vortex resembling a grinder, devouring all the wreckages, all of their eyes turned bloodshot. Before, there were still the survivors on the wreckages. But now, regardless of whether it was the hull of the warships, or corpses, or survivors, they were all devoured by the energy vortex.

They had to be exterminated!

But as they watched on, they had no ways to do anything. They could only wait, wait for the enemy to withdraw, before detonating them into pieces!

The energy vortex swept up the wreckages, the floating debris and hulls all disappearing into the vortex. It was like a gigantic beast slowly eating and moving around lazily.

When the last piece of debris disappeared, all the survivors on the warships became alert, because they knew that the enemy was about to withdraw!

~The enemies will definitely withdraw!~

With the secret weapon like the energy vortex, and the team that had sneaked attack them, they felt everything was extremely familiar, and realized that they were the same enemies from inside the belt of remnants. Regardless of who they were, the Southern Alliance would not give up on them, therefore, the survivors assumed that they would withdraw!

~Maybe the Southern Alliance had prepared reinforcements in their retreat path, but so what?~

All of the soldiers on board the warships were already prepared to sacrifice their lives, they just wanted to fight it out with them, to massacre without a care of living or dying. Dying under the smokes of fire and cannons while engaging the enemy was far better than dying without knowing a thing, it was so much more enjoyable!

It was too vexing and too depressing!

From the start to their current moment, all of the survivors held anger in their hearts, and they just wanted to vent it out.

~Wait a minute!~

~The energy vortex is heading towards…..~

All of the soldiers on board the Honorable Martial Continent warships who were prepared to die fighting, who had anger written all over their faces, were stunned.

~The Undercurrent Region!~

Half of the energy vortex was already inside the Undercurrent Region. On the outer region of the energy vortex, there was a layer of black which was spinning extremely quickly.

At that moment, all of their questions were answered, the Southern Alliance did not prepare any route for them at all, there was no reinforcements, their target, had always been the Undercurrent Region. All of the Honorable Martial Continent's military generals had ashen faces, their eyes about to spew fire.

At that moment, they realized that the enemy's sneak attack came from the Undercurrent Region. They had been waiting in ambush inside the Undercurrent Region for at least five days. ~The enemies actually had a method to stay and survive inside the Undercurrent Region!~

~Damn it!~

They just stared on as the energy vortex entered the Undercurrent Region and disappeared.

The battlefield became calm once again, the survivors aboard the warships, regardless of soldiers of officers, all felt their strength drawn from them as they sat down on the ground, their expressions of defeat.

A complete loss!

On the battlefield, the most lamentable thing was not that the enemy held the definite advantage while you struggle, but for the enemy to deny you the opportunity to even struggle, yet you already lost.

When Gou Cheng WenDao rushed over, and saw the sparse warships, his face immediately turned green and started to distort, the rage in his eyes made him look as if he was about to explode. All of the men familiar to him knew that the master was about to go on a killing spree!

But surprisingly, Gou Cheng WenDao calmed down, the rage in his eyes simmered, and a bitter smile appeared on his face.

Cliff knew that the Master had finally taken a severe hit. Gou Cheng WenDao was young but famous, he had multiple successful campaigns, although he also had losses, but his fighting capability was extremely strong, and even if he lost, the one in the terrible shape were always his enemies.

But when was the last time they were the ones to have taken such a bad hit? The large scale siege boats were all destroyed!

This time, even Cliff laughed bitterly.

The Southern Alliance was like their nemesis, after fighting, other than their initial advantage over the Southern Alliance, they never had any sort of advantage from the battle anymore. The Southern Alliance's resistance became stronger and stronger, the standard of their military generals got higher and higher, and the Honorable Martial Continent's losses became larger and larger. But as for the destruction and almost annihilation of their entire fleet, this was a first and unprecedented matter.

Removing the shock and pain in his mind, Cliff started to consider how the loss would affect the entire situation.

Very quickly, he was no longer smiling bitterly but rather, had a mouthful of pain.

~Southern Alliance was truly too fearsome!~

With the lack of warships for protection, the Shang Continent was naked in front of the Southern Alliance, and they could be attacked at any moment. The Shang Continent's land was narrow and small without any depth to play with, and what was even worse was that Temple would definitely deny them from leaving the Shang Continent. Their only way out was to seek for help.

They had already lost all means of initiation.

Cliff could guess what the enemies would do after, which was to surround them and look for reinforcements. But even if he knew that, he had no means of doing anything, the enemies could conspire openly. They were in enemy territory, and the long supply route required a huge price regardless of whether they needed reinforcements or resupply. As for the enemy, the entire continent had been brought to arms, and had the advantage.

At the moment, their best plan was to leave the Shang Continent, to regain the space to strategize and plan. But he knew that Temple would never agree to it, as the true aim of the Southern Expedition was the Shang Continent!

Their situation turned for the worse, Cliff had never thought that them taking over Shang Continent would actually end up disadvantageous for them.

Suddenly, Cliff had some suspicions, ~Was giving up Shang Continent the enemy's commander-in-chief's intentional plan?~ A cold chill surged from his heart, ~If that's the case….~

In a few seconds, countless of thoughts flashed past his mind, it was as if he could see countless of dangers, but he failed to grasp the main point.

Involuntarily, Cliff felt a sense of respect for the commander-in-chief of the Southern Alliance. If not for the ambush on their fleet, they would have never guessed that it was the enemy who had chosen to give up the Shang Continent, even Gou Cheng WenDao was wrong, meaning that the commander was truly commendable.

Unknowingly the situation was being played into the enemy's rhythm. Cliff wanted to clarify, if the fleet was not sneaked attacked, would they be in such a terrible situation, but the situation was gradually being played according to the enemy.

To dare give up the Shang Continent was truly a praiseworthy determination. From the start of the battle, the enemies had already obtained the first move advantage.

~What a terrifying man!~

Cliff gasped for breath, he now hoped that he did not understand anything. ~Aside from being able to see the entire picture, the enemy definitely has another back-up plan~, but sadly, Cliff could not see through them.

Gou Cheng WenDao who was silent suddenly spat out three words: "Let's seek help."

"Yes!" Cliff's heart trembled: "This subordinate will directly request for reinforcements from Temple!"

"No!" Gou Cheng WenDao's voice sounded as though he spoke through gritted tooth, which was bone chilling: "Aside from Temple, there's still Mo Xin and Qiu Xu Hua, tell them to come gather here at full speed!"

Cliff was startled, he seemed to have understood something, and his face turned pale.

"They can help us divert the Southern Alliance's attention, we only have one task, before Mo Xin and Qiu Xu Hua becomes exhausted, find the pathway! We win upon finding it! If we don't, everyone can just die together!"

Gou Cheng WenDao's voice was like the winter wind, causing everyone's body to turn cold.


Under the night sky, Blue Wind City was in chaos, the places where the Western Traders' troops had garrisoned were being burned. The blazing flames soared to the sky, where even one could feel its intensity from a distance.

"The bandits are here!"

"The Knight was killed!"

Screams, shouts, exclamations pervaded through the sky at extreme speed, and all the various workplaces were soon in uproars. Blue Wind City was currently a gigantic large construction site. For the sake of rebuilding Blue Wind City, the Western Traders seemed to have gathered all the large organizations.

If the Western Traders could not even stop them, how could the other organizations dare to resist?

Under the night sky and flames, everyone's fear took over them, and controlled them as they escaped fanatically.

Inside the Western Traders' warehouse, the courtyard burned, and everyone was continuously dismantling things that could burn and throwing them into the flames.

"Be careful, don't burn the warehouse!"

"The fire is not big enough! Make it bigger!"

"What else is there to burn, quickly throw them in!"

Inside the warehouse, young Tang heard the yelling and bawling, and when he saw the warehouse that was piled up, he was dumbstruck.

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