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Chapter 866 - Bitter Work

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

For the sake of rebuilding Blue Wind City, the Western Traders had prepared a huge amount of goods. They were building a city, furthermore, they wanted it to be even more majestic and grand, thus the goods and materials they required were naturally expensive, who knew that it would benefit Tang Tian.

Tang Tian's eyes gleamed, like a hungry wolf, he stared at the pile of materials and goods.

"We don't have much time." Sima Xiao reminded.

Out of all of them, the only one who could remain calm in the mountain of wealth was the Scorpio King. The last time Tang Tian emptied the warehouse, he had spent an entire night, but the warehouse of that night was miserable compared to the one in front of them. The Western Traders had shifted all sorts of materials and goods over, and if they wanted to bring them away, it would require immense manpower, and was undoubtedly a large process.

He was somewhat worried, Tang Tian would delay the time because of the wealth in front of them.

There was too much of it, and very few people could maintain their calm in front of such wealth. There were seven chests of blood tear gemstone, its wealth far exceeding all of the warehouses they plundered added together. The majority of the materials had Saint Crystals in them, and all of them were piled up to attractive hills.

What Tang Tian and the rest did not know was that although the Sacred Saint people did not specially refine out Saint Crystals, but they knew of its existence. Materials that was rich with Saint Crystals usually displayed outstanding characteristics, and the majority of them were high grade materials. A majority of these were used for the core region of cities, the keel of warships, or key installations etc.

The Western Traders needed to build an even more majestic and grand Blue Wind City, thus they needed even more high grade materials.

Sima Xiao knew the value of Saint Crystals, and with such high grade materials, the amount of Saint Crystals accumulated was extremely high. But, according to the plan, they did not have much time.

The following steps were extremely crucial, and if they missed it, it was impossible to obtain another opportunity.

~Control, you have to control~, Sima Xiao muttered in his heart. From the looks of it, the wealth in front of everybody was too intense, but the hold in the first move advantage was even more precious. ~Godlike young lad, you have created so many miracles, you definitely can weigh the importance of the matter.~

Tang Tian who was eyeing the materials stared blankly at them, like a statue.

Tang Tian never thought of letting the materials go. Although there were times that he acted like a rich tyrant, but giving up the wealth was definitely not his character. He also knew the importance of the plan, but he was clear that once they carried out the plan, they would never return back to Blue Wind City.

~Are you joking!~

Unable to give up on the wealth and with the urgency, Tang Tian felt as though he was plunged in a desperate situation, and his pitiful brains was working frantically.

Sima Xiao could not resist but to advice him again, when Tang Tian suddenly smacked his head with his eyes growing bright: "I have an idea!"

Three Spirits City.

Tang Tian suddenly appeared, causing Pi Pa to immediately became anxious, as she thought that something had happened. But she never expected for Tang Tian to ask for spirit cards.

~Spirit Cards?~

Pi Pa was surprised.

The Ursa Major Constellation had long established its strength, and while the number of saints represented its high-end power, the zero energy body martial artists were still the main bulk of Ursa Major Constellation. The need for spirit cards had dropped substantially, thus the warehouse had stacks of them.

What surprised Pi Pa even more was that Tang Tian actually chose the lowest grade spirit cards, bronze grade spirit cards.

Inside No. 07 Army Barracks where they had not come to for a long time, nothing seemed to have changed, except the overgrown grass.

The spirit chamber remained the same, and the old and simple bronze door stood quietly.

Tang Tian thought of Tang Yi, and Tang Chou, and could not help but smile. As he was pressing for time, he did not have time to reminisce, and immediately made his move, using the bronze grade spirit cards on the spirit chamber.

That's right, he was planning on using spirit generals.

Bronze grade spirit cards were low grade, the spirit chamber bronze door flashed with a light aura, and a spirit general appeared in front of Tang Tian.

As he used a bronze grade spirit card, the spirit chamber transformed it into the lowest grade spirit general. It had an extremely weak aura, its face seemed to be covered with mist without a fully congealed body, except for its limbs.

Tang Tian tried to give the spirit general some commands, resulting in it being rather unsophisticated and reacted slowly, and could only accept simple commands.

Tang Tian then tried to use it to move things, and realized that it had some strength, and was immediately pleased.

Aside from producing a batch of bronze grade spirit generals, Tang Tian got Ya Ya out.

Ya Ya had been constantly digging, and upon seeing Tang Tian, it squealed with joy, constantly 'yi yi ya ya', causing Tang Tian to feel guilty, for he had long left Ya Ya aside. When Tang Tian informed Ya Yya about the matter, Ya Ya patted its chest, and then brought its mechanical beast army out.

When Tang Tian brought the army of mechanical beasts and spirit generals back to the Western Traders' warehouse, everyone were shocked.

~So much manpower!~

In three hours, they emptied the entire warehouse.

Seeing the completely clean and empty warehouse that looked as though a swarm of locust had swept past it, everyone could not help but tremble, the Master was too ferocious.

Sima Xiao was dumbstruck.

After a while, he suddenly realized the appearance of the spirit generals, and the hidden and deep effect that it had on both worlds. Previously, although Tang Tian had the Star Door that connected both worlds in his grasp, but he had extremely limited ability to control it, like a thin tube with limited capabilities of transporting goods. But with the appearance of the spirit generals, it meant that this thin tube had expanded by a hundred or a thousand times, and the transport of goods between the two worlds had become shocking.

The importing of goods from the new world would greatly change Heaven's Road and Sacred Saint Galaxy, two completely different worlds.

It also meant that, the two worlds had started to truly merge.

Inside the courtyard where the flames light up the sky, it also lit up Sima Xiao's shocked face. Seeing the empty warehouse and the dumbstruck looks on the other people's faces, he suddenly laughed. ~Seems like even Tang Tian himself hasn't realized yet, that in this night where the flames draw high, a brand new era is slowly creeping in.~

The Honorable Martial Continent would have never guessed that the single goal that their many generations of people were fighting for, at that moment, at that night, was slowly opening in the hands of a young man.

Sima Xiao suddenly felt that he was rather fortunate, to be able to personally witness a historic moment.

"Prepare to move out!"

Tang Tian's voice broke Sima XIao's train of thought, and he turned to look at Tang Tian. ~His eyes are so clear, who would have known that he is actually a ravenous and greedy wolf?~

~Truly a man no one can see through.~

Sima Xiao had travelled with Tang Tian for a period of time, but he still felt that he could not understand the seemingly naive and dumb young man. He was greedy, he was calm and cold, everything was real, but his transformation in his mood was always extremely sudden.

Flames was thrown into the empty warehouse, and instantly transforming the warehouse into a sea of flames.

"Let's go." Tang TIan soared into the air.

Sima Xiao carried the dumbstruck Carl, and followed behind.


Qiu Xu Hua stared out of the window in a daze.

The intense battle lit up the entire Sea of Energy. Bai Yue was like sham goods to him, and he was thinking of all sorts of methods to get rid of him. Both parties had fought each other back and forth many times, and were familiar with each other. Compared to the already flourished and famous Sacred Pagoda Army, Bai Yue was even more agile and versatile, causing Qiu Xu Hua to have a headache.

He had tried various methods to handle Bai Yue, even if he had to suffer some loss, he was willing to do it. Who knew that Bai Yue was truly too crafty, everytime he would take on their bait, and it looked like Qiu Xu Hua was about to get him, at the most crucial moment, Bai Yue would slip away. Bai Yue's high standard of commanding made Qiu Xu Hua admire him, to the point of wanting to recruit him under his banner after Bai Yue surrendered when the battle ended.

Luckily, although Qiu Xu Hua could not do anything to Bai Yue, Bai Yue also could not do anything to Qiu Xu Hua, and both parties maintained a strange tacit standoff..

But, this strange standoff was broken by Gou Cheng WenDao's plea for support.

Qiu Xu Hua was unable to forget the disbelief he had when he received Gou Cheng WenDao's plea. He believed in his own foresight, and was clear of Gou Cheng WenDao's standards. The Five Great Generals might be different, but all of them were almost on par with each other.

All of the warships were almost annihilated.

No one would ever believe that the failure came from Gou Cheng WenDao.

But Gou Cheng WenDao was the one who personally called for support, and had explained in detail the reasons for his loss. After reading everything once, Qiu Xu Hua was stupefied, and only regained his senses after an hour.

When he recovered, an intense fear took over him.

On one look, it was just the warships of the army being destroyed, but the effect that it had on the entire battle was nevertheless absolute.

Gou Cheng WenDao also saw that they were beginning to lose their first move advantage, and thus personally sought help from Qiu Xu Hua.

Without hesitation, Qiu Xu Hua immediately moved towards the Shang Continent at full speed, But Bai Yue was unrelenting and continued to chase after him fervently, continuously entangling in battle with him, causing the fleet's speed to be delayed.

Qiu Xu Hua knew that if it continued, the situation would only become worse.

"I need people to break the back." Qiu Xu Hua said, his gaze sweeping past the few generals.

He did not pick them out, as it was a suicide mission, with practically no chance of surviving. But he had no other choice, if he did not break away from Bai Yue, they would not be able to rush to the Shang Continent to help Gou Cheng WenDao. The longer they delayed, the worse it would become.

Only the brave would be willing to break their wrist when they had no other choice.

"This subordinate is willing!" A big built and strong man spoke out.

Wei Yue, Qiu Xu Hua's right hand man, spoke with a determined expression.

Qiu Xu Hua stared at Wei Yue for a long time, feeling the pain in his heart, before the expedition, who would had known that the battle would actually become so desperate. Out of his direct subordinated three generals, Feng Yun Man had already sacrificed himself, and now that Wei Yue was about to be sacrificed as well, there would only be Zi Che Jia Jing left.

Wei Yue's unit rushed out, giving the majority of the troops the chance to struggle free and rush forward.

When he heard the explosions behind them gradually becoming softer, and the fleet that disappeared, Qiu Xu Hua could no longer hold it in, and tears started to fall from his eyes.

He did not understand why the war had unknowingly become so terrible.


Xie Yu An was extremely busy, but when he received his next order, he became excited and eager.

After being the ambassador for the recruitment, the results was remarkable, but after being pulled away from the life of smoke and battle, it made him extremely uncomfortable. Fortunately, Bing would never leave such an outstanding military general behind to do nothing.

After replenishing the army ranks, Xie Yu An received a secret task, which was to quietly leave the Southern Alliance.

He only had one mission, which was to snipe down Mo Xin.

Using any methods, he had to snipe down Mo Xin, and delay Mo Xin's retreat path.

At the start, Xie Yu An had many suspicions regarding the mission, but he did not ask much, and went to execute it earnestly. It wasn't until the day before, when he heard about Gou Cheng WenDao's fleet become destroyed, that was he enlightened.

~So it's because of that.~

He felt complete respect towards Master Bing, completely unable to comprehend how the Master did it.

And now, it was time for his test.

His entire body was filled with fighting spirit.

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