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Chapter 856

Chapter 856 - Come, My Green Red Cross Scythe

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

~Yes, This flag, will always be the same in the battlefield.~

"Prepare for battle."

The low voice seemed to have burst forth from Commander's chest, he looked ahead with a stern expression.

The two had been partners for many years and had an extremely deep understanding with one another. From the start, Old Tang always held the main control, as the difference between their arrangement and strategy were on totally different levels.

The jabbering Old Tang also quieted down, as he could feel the profound fighting intent emitting from his partner.

Maybe the Commander did not want to let down the flag, maybe the warrior in him was unwilling to let go of his pride, even after ten thousand years, even if the ground beneath him was not the ground he used to stand on, even if the sky above his head was not the sky that he used to see.~

A light sigh and a deep respect surfaced in Old Tang's heart. He did not perform as how he usually would, with formal criticisms or orders, but instead gave the authority to Old Tang, he knew that his own fighting capabilities were far inferior to that of the Commander.

Old Tang knew what fighting with the flag meant to the Commander. Mu Zhi Xia's army in front of them was extremely uniform and tight. He secretly praised Mu Zhi Xia, ~As expected of the highest ranked famed general under the skies.~

~How will Commander perform against Mu Zhi Xia?~

He was excited for it, but in the blink of the eye he became serious. He did not look down on Mu Zhi Xia, and did not dare to.

When he arrived in the Sacred Saint Galaxy, he was oblivious to everything, as their martial techniques had declined and lacked variations. But he slowly familiarised himself with the Sacred Saint Galaxy, and understood that the Sacred Saint Galaxy walked a different path, the rule of Armies. The more he understood, the less the disapproval and discontent in his heart towards the Sacred Saint Galaxy, and instead he became even more respectful of it. The Sacred Saint Galaxy had an even longer history than Heaven's Road, its accumulation and richness far more than Heaven's Road, the army system had been in place for a long time and had already been developed to its peak.

Every famed general in the Sacred Saint Galaxy were people who had experienced a hundred battles and stepped over countless of corpses.

Mu Zhi Xia, maybe he was not the strongest military general in the Sacred Saint Galaxy, but he definitely had the qualifications to be one.

What they were facing was such a monster, thus the pressure.

Right then, Mu Zhi Xia seemed to have noticed their movements, and also started to form their battle formations. The enemy's temperament started to change, everybody's aura seemed to have unified. The extremely dense light energy flowed quietly in their formation without any obstruction. The energy became denser and denser, ultimately congealing, causing the silhouette of the soldiers to vanish inside the light, it was a sea of white light, accumulating endless destruction and danger.

If Tang Tian was here, he would definitely be shocked. Solomon's Light Sword Wail Song's full force mobilization, could only reach such a state with his support, but Mu Zhi Xia had just formed his army formation and had easily formed an equally strong sea of light.

If Little Tang could get shocked, Old Tang was even more shocked.

In the sea of light opposite him, every small ripple that pervaded out would transform into a huge wave as though it was expanding into a huge thunder. The energy around Mu Zhi Xia's army was being assimilated by them at an extremely fast rate.

Old T

ang was no longer the man he was when he had entered Sacred Saint Galaxy, after being in the Sacred Saint Galaxy for so long, he had extremely profound knowledge on the army system. For the scene in front of him to occur, there was only one way, to have a 100% synchronization!

This theory of being in the most perfect state was hailed as an impossible synchronization actually appeared in front of him. Only by having a 100% synchronization could such a scene occur.

Old Tang finally understood why Mu Zhi Xia was hailed as the leader of the Five Great Generals.

Compared to the achievements of the other four, Mu Zhi Xia had always been stationed in Wei Ye Guan Continent, and did not have any outstanding battle achievements. But from the very start, Mu Zhi Xia had been the leader of the Five Great Generals. Many of the outsiders did not know why, and even the citizens of the Honorable Martial Continent did not know. Many people would say that not having any achievements was also tough work, maintaining low profile and being humble, he was steady and reliable so on and so forth, but no one truly believed that Mu Zhi Xia was the strongest out of the Five Great Generals.

But when Old Tang saw their 100% synchronization, all of his doubts were cleared.

Mo Xin was extremely balanced, Jia Ya was strongest in defense, Qiu Xu Hua was extremely mobile and flexible, Gou Cheng WenDao's offense was unparalleled, every one of them had their specialty. And compared to them, Mu Zhi Xia was extremely simple and not in the least bit fanciful or striking.

100% synchronization proved everything. No one had ever achieved it before, never in history.

The true skill of a sword lay not in the sword skill itself, but on the depth of training cultivated by the swordsman. In this, Mu Zhi Xia far surpassed all four of them!

Old Tang's face changed, he thought that he had given enough face to Mu Zhi Xia, but at that moment he then realized that he was still underestimating him. In battle, underestimating the enemy was definitely a dangerous and the most terrible thing to do.

He took a glance at the Commander, he believed that the Commander could also see what he saw. The Commander's command in battle, his skillful charge to break the enemy's frontlines could easily crush Old Tang's. In terms of intelligence, the Commander was inferior to him, he had spent all of his heart and soul on the army, thus his standard was at an extremely high level. But on the downside, in a real battle against each other, Old Tang always beat him.

Old Tang understood that the Commander was stronger than him in bringing the soldiers to war.

He saw the Commander's pair of eyes, that was combusting with flames.

In the white light, Mu Zhi Xia looked coldly at the army in front of him, he had initially sent people down to talk to them, but he did not expect the other party to actually display a battle formation. Without hesitation, he too, displayed his own.

~I'll beat them up first, the result is always better.~

Mu Zhi Xia's state of mind was unperturbed, his face that was riddled with experience had an indifferent expression as he stood at the front of his troops as still as a boulder.

For the army facing him, the strange Gemini Monarch also stood at the front of the formation. This caused Mu Zhi Xia to have some admiration for him, as not all military generals were brave enough or had the strength to stand at the front of the formation. But despite seeing the opponent being confident in his own strength and had a strength comparable to his confidence, it made no difference to Mu Zhi Xia.

Gemini Monarch that was clearly differentiated in black and white bent its waist down, four of its arms drawing their blades at the same time.

Behind it, all of the mechanical puppets did the same movements. Drawing their blades.

Sha sha sha.

Four thousand blades were drawn in unison, the friction between the blade and the sheath unleashing sounds that came out together, the echo of the sound that carried an indescribable tremble resonated outwards.

~Interesting~, Mu Zhi Xia squinted his eyes, he could clearly feel the change in aura on the other side. What surprised him was that the region of energy that he could control was actually suppressed. He had just stabilized the energy at the boundary of the region, but lost control over it due to the strange trembling.

The synchronised energy was being suppressed, but Mu Zhi Xia did not care.

Having a large region of control did not mean that it was good, or having more energy, this logic had been comprehended by him from a very long time ago.

The blades were unsheathed.

The bizarre trembling disappeared, the sounds disappeared, and the place became silent.

Two thousand mechanical puppets stood as still as statues with the same stance.

They were slightly crouched with their bodies leaned forward, the wings on their backs had extended outwards with their blades in hand.

The Gemini Monarch had four arms, thus its stance slightly differed, one of the extra blades was raised up high, and one was close to its body with the blade tip facing downwards.

A sense of danger surfaced in Mu Zhi Xia's heart.

~Oh, this is?~

Right at that moment, a low and powerful voice broke the silence.

"Southern Cross Army!"

~Are they going to attack?~

Mu Zhi Xia had no expression, ~Southern Cross Army? I seemed to have heard of it before~, he had a vague impression of the name. ~Maybe it is some army that I came across before~, Mu Zhi Xia did not keep it to heart, Sacred Saint Galaxy had countless of armies, how could he ever memorise them all to heart.

Furthermore, it was not important. In his eyes, regardless of what army the enemy was, it was not important to him, as victory belonged to him.

Even if the enemy was a famed general, even if they were one of the other Great Generals.

This was Mu Zhi Xia, under his simple appearance held the deepest and most profound arrogance.

His eyes that displayed the apathy of gods did not waver.


A furious bellow shouted out, but with a tremble. Mu Zhi Xia was surprised, ~They are powerful, but why did he have emotions at this time?~


The ground trembled, the earth beneath him felt like a gigantic drum that had been struck once.

Mu Zhi Xia's pupils constricted.

2000 extremely heavy bronze mechanical puppets' feet stomped the ground at the same time with perfection, so accurate that it felt like it was just one person. The awe-inspiring accuracy, speed and weight, made it feel like one simple leg stamping down, but filled with immense power.

Spiderweb crevices formed in the ground and spread out extremely quickly, causing dust to fly up, becoming a dust storm that shrouded the sky.

A glimmer of light flashed in Mu Zhi Xia's eyes, he glanced at the few mountains around that had sustained the tremors, where countless of rocks started to roll down.

But his focus was firmly locked onto the black and white Gemini Monarch.

~So fast!~

It was just a step, but its speed had increased substantially, and the figure that had rushed out from the dust had become blurred.

~Huh?~ In Mu Zhi Xia's eyes, a red dot had appeared, it was friction caused by the high speed of the blade sweeping across the air, forming an extremely high temperature and causing the blade tip to burn red. But in the next moment, many red dots entered his vision.

Bang bang bang!

Every step was shocking, the mountains by the sides were constantly collapsing with rocks and earth rolling down, bringing forth a dust and dirt into the sky.

Mu Zhi Xia's gaze never wavered.

At an astronomical speed, the red dot on the blade tip started to spread through the bronze hands and arms.

Suddenly, Mu Zhi Xia noticed that the raised up high blade and downward facing blade of Gemino Monarch did not turn red, but instead green. As for the other mechanic puppets, they started to reveal a green light aura as well.

The sense of danger in Mu Zhi Xia's heart became even more intense, and when he placed his standardized sword in front of him, his face finally revealed a slight change in expression.

Inside Gemini Monarch, the Commander was expressionless, but his body was unable to conceal the dense fighting intent.

~What a familiar feeling….~

Many of the memories that he lost started to surface in his current state.

"Commander, I am sorry, I, I really can't understand this, wuu wuuu….." the young man cried while his shoulders started to tremble.

"I have repeated this many times, my talent is very high. Commander, rest easy, I will definitely make this move famous! Hey hey hey, what's with all of your expressions, are all of you looking down on me?" The young man's face was flushed red.


~Brat….. Everybody…..~

~Come, brat, watch my Green Red Cross Scythe!~

~Come, everybody, watch my Green Red Cross Scythe!~

Inside the heart that had gone through ten thousand years of loneliness, he screamed out loud, he roared out loud, he called out fervently, his shouts echoing everywhere.

In the empty space, no one responded.

Unknowingly, his face that had been polished with experience and years became serious.

As like before, towards his empty heart, towards the emptiness that had no response, to the futile shouts that had long disappeared, everything felt the same.

~Come, My Green Red Cross Scythe!~

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