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Chapter 855 - Enemies Meeting On a Narrow Path

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Mu Zhi Xia stared at the bronze forest that was filled with killing intent, his gaze became gloomy, his heart filled with shock.

He had always been bitterly looking for the Perseus King Court, the legendary Goddess of War was the true crux of the unification of the Savage Continent. Mu Zhi Xia had long decided, regardless of what cost, he had to bury the Savage Continent and kill the woman. As long as he killed her, then the Savage Continent that had just started unifying would immediately crumble and scatter.

But he never thought that not only was he unable to find any traces of them, but he would meet with a Mechanicalal Army in the Savage Continent.

From the looks of the mechanical puppets, they were definitely mechanical puppets from the Gold Continent. Their lanky figures that did not have any swelled parts and their monotonous colored blades hung on their backs with their blade hilts below. On their backs were six pairs of wings to illustrate its outstanding agility. The monotonous metal armor that was riddled with decorative designs were only present in the highest grade mechanical puppet designs, they had a unique name, called the [Gold Continent Marks].

The Gold Continent Marks were able to increase its defensive capabilities to a high extent, and greatly increase its compatibility with energy, allowing its user to have an increased level of control over the energy and increase the mechanical puppet's performance. But it's workmanship was extremely complicated and the cost of manufacturing one was extremely expensive, only the highest grade mechanical puppets were more inclined to be equipped with it. This grade of mechanical puppets were never on the markets. But in Honorable Martial Continent's intelligence network, it was extremely outstanding, where Mu Zhi Xia had gained knowledge on. Mu Zhi Xia even knew that people that used the mechanical puppets that wielded the Gold Continent Marks were the guards with the highest level of authority from Gold Continent.

But, there were over 2000 of such mechanical puppets in front of him!

If he did not personally witness it, Mu Zhi Xia would never believe it, his face that was riddled with hardships was extremely gloomy.

~Did the Gold Continent find a way to resolve the high price of the [Gold Continent Marks]?~

This thought flashed past Mu Zhi Xia's mind, causing his expression to become even more serious. He knew what it meant for the Honorable Martial Continent. He only needed to kill the lady to resolve Savage Continent, and from the beginning, they never needed to fear the Southern Region. Aside from the Honorable Martial Continent, there was another powerhouse equally strong and unified, and that was the Gold Continent.

Gold Continent was the most powerful continent of the Eastern Region, it held an extremely long and rich history, and was the true overlord of the Eastern Region.

But, what made Mu Zhi Xia worried was that the Gold Continent's mechanical army had appeared in the Savage Continent, which could be considered a strategic intent.

~Are they trying to take over the Savage Continent? No. Taking over Savage Continent is not as beneficial as attacking the Southern Region and obtaining the benefits.~

If the Gold Continent and the Honorable Martial Continent were to attack the Southern Region together, the pincer attack from the back and front would easily divide the entire Southern Region up. And in the Savage Continent's history, they had never once been conquered before. Compared to the rich and abundant Southern Region, the Savage Continent was barren and poor. Even if the Gold Continent wanted to attack the Savage Continent, they would not just send an elite army of 2000 men, what use would that be?

~Unless, they have the same thoughts as I do?~

Mu Zhi Xia's eyes lit up, ~That's right, a unified Savage Continent will equally be disadvantageous for Gold Continent. Most probably they have also seen the danger of a unified Savage Continent, and wants to kill that lady.~

This was the only plausible reason that could explain for the appearance of a 2000 elite army appearing in the Savage Continent to Mu Zhi Xia.

The more he thought about it, the more reasonable it became to him, but the ever cautious Mu Zhi Xia did not loosen his guard, and carefully observed the other party. When he noticed the flag, he was somewhat surprised, as it was a striking bronze cross.

Mu Zi Xia was extremely familiar with the emblems of the Gold Continent's elite armies, but he had never seen such an emblem before.

~Seems like they are in disguise~, Mu Zhi Xia thought.

After thinking about it, he decided to send a few people to probe them.

Right at that moment, his gaze swept past one of the mechanical puppet, and was stunned.

He had never seen such a strange Mechanical Puppet before, it had two heads and four arms, as though it was made up of two bodies. These two bodies were split into black and white with a clear differentiation, the white body had black eyes, while the black body had white eyes. Its body was equally split into black and white, and there was a name written in vermillion on it, "Gemini Monarch".

~Gemini Monarch?~

~What a strange name~, Mu Zhi Xia had never heard of such a strange name before.

~But, why does it sound so familiar? Where did I hear of such a word from?~

Mu Zhi Xia became suspicious.


"Such terrible luck, see what your unlucky mouth brought us."

Inside Gemini Monarch was a face that resembled Tang Tian's, except he was somewhat more handsome, he revealed a smile of ridicule, with a head of white hair, dressed in a gorgeous black robes that had not one thread loose with a noble temperament.

"Haha, we finally found a place to battle!" On the seat beside him sat a tall and sturdy person who was laughing out loud with an excited expression: "Run run run, we've been running so much that my mouth tastes like a chicken, but we can finally do battle! And what's more, he's Mu Zhi Xia, hahahaha, this old man's blood is churning!"

If one looked carefully, one would realize that this tall and sturdy person was a spirit general.

They had quietly moved out when the Honorable Martial Continent had launched the Southern Expedition.

"You have no blood." Old Tang reminded him.

The Commander was enraged: "You want to fight?"

"Be calm, the enemy is in front of us, unless you want them to laugh at us?" Old Tang said relaxingly: "Hehe, for Mu Zhi Xia to appear in Savage Continent, there's no other reason except that he wants to beat my daughter-in-law, he is truly looking to die."

His last sentence was filled with killing intent.

The commander was riled up: "He also wants to beat your son!"

"No problem about that, he can do that." the rage on Old Tang's face instantly disappeared as he replied calmly as he recalled fondly: "His skin is thick anyway, he can take the beating. Sigh, I have never beaten him from young…..sigh, I have never let him experience the love of a father when he was young, it is truly regretful."

"Aren't you afraid of him stumbling onto an unexpected misfortune?" The Commander had a look of disbelief, but then he sneered: "Oh, I forgot about Little Fool. That year, you had high hopes for Little Fool, whose character was complete darkness. Cunning, treacherous and cold, and with countless of famous masters guiding him, hehe, what is that called, oh yes, I remember. He can embody the paragon demeanor of the Gemini Monarch Family, and can take control of the Gemini Constellation's foundation, he was your true trump card for comeback. Ultimately…...hahahahah! The Crazy Tang family blood did not care about it and destroyed the palace!"

Far away in the Shang Continent, Little Fool who was buried in work seemed to hear someone talking about him as he raised his dazed head up.

~Why isn't Crazy Tang back?~

~When can I end this life of bitter work! The current Little Fool was yearning for Tang Tian's return.

Hearing the laughter, Old Tang's face became as black as a pot. In truth, he had never expected that the one to take possession of the body was actually Tang Tian's light side.

In the past, he had sealed Little Fool into the Palace to let him have ample time to mature. And as for the light side of Tang Tian, who was naive and playful, Old Tang never had many thoughts for him, and with much difficulty of avoiding other people's vigilance, he sent him away as a form of protection, to allow him to grow safely.

Who knew that things developed out of his expectations. Little Fool ultimately broke through the seal, but he was unable to possess the body as the main consciousness, and ultimately was suppressed by Tang Tian's light side. And the Tang Tian that he thought was dumb, strangely became a tyrant. Right from the start, Little Fool seemed to have taken the assistant role, which made Old Tang unable to understand.

The safety of Tang Tian allowed him to remove the largest boulder from his heart, the reason why he had his wife bring Tang Tian to Star Wind City was to allow them to live a life without trouble, and not to attract attention.

But Tang Tian's accomplishment made him extremely shock and surprised.

He felt that his entire world was being overturned.

It was like he had two sons, the one who was sinister, treacherous, cold and emotionless, a son that had accepted the guidance of masters, could not be compared to the naive, dumb, simple-minded son that lived in a deserted place with little upbringing?

~That shouldn't be!~

But the truth was right in front of him.

Tang Tian's success was not only stronger than Little Fool, but even Old Tang himself, which made him feel ashamed.

The Commander was right, the foundation of the Gemini Constellation, as compared to the foundation that Tang Tian had built up himself was like comparing a small town magician to a world renowned magician.

After they had entered the Sacred Saint Galaxy, where the Commander came from the Gold Continent and held a high position, although he had returned to Gold Continent as a spirit general, but he was still widely known. That was how the two of them built up the army.

But compared to Tang Tian, who built up the Southern Alliance from nothing. Given enough time, there was a high chance that he could unify the entire Southern Region.

Old Tang was still clueless on how Tang Tian had done it, he felt that this son of his was especially crazy, especially capable of taking advantage of others, and able to always be at the favourable position.

But to Old Tang, who was a thick skinned man, would never be affected by such ridicule, he was ashamed for two seconds before composing himself and spoke happily and with pride: "He is also my son. The student will surpass the master, can you see how exquisite my planning in the past had been! I'm too far sighted! Commander, do you know what is the strongest ability of a man?"

The Commander thought for a moment, then said: "To always attack and never be restrained, to succeed in every undertaking!"

"Wrong!" Old Tang replied straightforwardly.

The commander did not understand him: "Wrong? How am I wrong?"

Old Tang spoke freely and calmly, yet with an emotion as though he was overlooking the world with his disdainful eyes: "As a man, the strongest ability he can have is to leave a seed that can change the world!"

The Commander's face immediately turned black: "Come, let's just fight, we'll treat it as an exercise."

"We can slowly take our time to fight our battle, don't be anxious, we've been at it for so many years already." Old Tang replied: "But the chance to encounter Mu Zhi Xia is one that cannot be sought for but chanced upon. I only accepted reluctantly to you putting the Southern Cross Flag with the army was because you went to flip through ten thousand years of rubbish. But, Xiao Mu doesn't recognize this flag, also, the Southern Cross Army's Emblem had disappeared for ten thousand years, who will remember it? Since we have raised this flag, we cannot lose our face, what about it, Commander, you shouldn't have forgotten all of your capabilities right…."

Listening to Old Tang's endless talking, the Commander's thoughts had strayed away, all the memories that were close to eroding to nothing surfaced in his mind, all of the faces that he thought that he had completely forgotten were still as clear as day.

It was as though he had returned to the battlefield of the past, the familiar sound of the wind, the familiar sound of the roars, even the familiar scent in the air, the smell of the smoke.

His forthright face that was riddled with the passing of time, the traces of years that had passed by.

The fighter's heart that had been piled up with rust, suddenly started to beat again, causing all the rust to break and fall, the sharp tip that was as cold as snow, heated up like a flatiron!

The Commander smiled, and raised his head.

~This Flag, will always be the same in the battlefield!~

Chapter 856 - Come, My Green Red Cross Scythe

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

~Yes, This flag, will always be the same in the battlefield.~

"Prepare for battle."

The low voice seemed to have burst forth from Commander's chest, he looked ahead with a stern expression.

The two had been partners for many years and had an extremely deep understanding with one another. From the start, Old Tang always held the main control, as the difference between their arrangement and strategy were on totally different levels.

The jabbering Old Tang also quieted down, as he could feel the profound fighting intent emitting from his partner.

Maybe the Commander did not want to let down the flag, maybe the warrior in him was unwilling to let go of his pride, even after ten thousand years, even if the ground beneath him was not the ground he used to stand on, even if the sky above his head was not the sky that he used to see.~

A light sigh and a deep respect surfaced in Old Tang's heart. He did not perform as how he usually would, with formal criticisms or orders, but instead gave the authority to Old Tang, he knew that his own fighting capabilities were far inferior to that of the Commander.

Old Tang knew what fighting with the flag meant to the Commander. Mu Zhi Xia's army in front of them was extremely uniform and tight. He secretly praised Mu Zhi Xia, ~As expected of the highest ranked famed general under the skies.~

~How will Commander perform against Mu Zhi Xia?~

He was excited for it, but in the blink of the eye he became serious. He did not look down on Mu Zhi Xia, and did not dare to.

When he arrived in the Sacred Saint Galaxy, he was oblivious to everything, as their martial techniques had declined and lacked variations. But he slowly familiarised himself with the Sacred Saint Galaxy, and understood that the Sacred Saint Galaxy walked a different path, the rule of Armies. The more he understood, the less the disapproval and discontent in his heart towards the Sacred Saint Galaxy, and instead he became even more respectful of it. The Sacred Saint Galaxy had an even longer history than Heaven's Road, its accumulation and richness far more than Heaven's Road, the army system had been in place for a long time and had already been developed to its peak.

Every famed general in the Sacred Saint Galaxy were people who had experienced a hundred battles and stepped over countless of corpses.

Mu Zhi Xia, maybe he was not the strongest military general in the Sacred Saint Galaxy, but he definitely had the qualifications to be one.

What they were facing was such a monster, thus the pressure.

Right then, Mu Zhi Xia seemed to have noticed their movements, and also started to form their battle formations. The enemy's temperament started to change, everybody's aura seemed to have unified. The extremely dense light energy flowed quietly in their formation without any obstruction. The energy became denser and denser, ultimately congealing, causing the silhouette of the soldiers to vanish inside the light, it was a sea of white light, accumulating endless destruction and danger.

If Tang Tian was here, he would definitely be shocked. Solomon's Light Sword Wail Song's full force mobilization, could only reach such a state with his support, but Mu Zhi Xia had just formed his army formation and had easily formed an equally strong sea of light.

If Little Tang could get shocked, Old Tang was even more shocked.

In the sea of light opposite him, every small ripple that pervaded out would transform into a huge wave as though it was expanding into a huge thunder. The energy around Mu Zhi Xia's army was being assimilated by them at an extremely fast rate.

Old Tang was no longer the man he was when he had entered Sacred Saint Galaxy, after being in the Sacred Saint Galaxy for so long, he had extremely profound knowledge on the army system. For the scene in front of him to occur, there was only one way, to have a 100% synchronization!

This theory of being in the most perfect state was hailed as an impossible synchronization actually appeared in front of him. Only by having a 100% synchronization could such a scene occur.

Old Tang finally understood why Mu Zhi Xia was hailed as the leader of the Five Great Generals.

Compared to the achievements of the other four, Mu Zhi Xia had always been stationed in Wei Ye Guan Continent, and did not have any outstanding battle achievements. But from the very start, Mu Zhi Xia had been the leader of the Five Great Generals. Many of the outsiders did not know why, and even the citizens of the Honorable Martial Continent did not know. Many people would say that not having any achievements was also tough work, maintaining low profile and being humble, he was steady and reliable so on and so forth, but no one truly believed that Mu Zhi Xia was the strongest out of the Five Great Generals.

But when Old Tang saw their 100% synchronization, all of his doubts were cleared.

Mo Xin was extremely balanced, Jia Ya was strongest in defense, Qiu Xu Hua was extremely mobile and flexible, Gou Cheng WenDao's offense was unparalleled, every one of them had their specialty. And compared to them, Mu Zhi Xia was extremely simple and not in the least bit fanciful or striking.

100% synchronization proved everything. No one had ever achieved it before, never in history.

The true skill of a sword lay not in the sword skill itself, but on the depth of training cultivated by the swordsman. In this, Mu Zhi Xia far surpassed all four of them!

Old Tang's face changed, he thought that he had given enough face to Mu Zhi Xia, but at that moment he then realized that he was still underestimating him. In battle, underestimating the enemy was definitely a dangerous and the most terrible thing to do.

He took a glance at the Commander, he believed that the Commander could also see what he saw. The Commander's command in battle, his skillful charge to break the enemy's frontlines could easily crush Old Tang's. In terms of intelligence, the Commander was inferior to him, he had spent all of his heart and soul on the army, thus his standard was at an extremely high level. But on the downside, in a real battle against each other, Old Tang always beat him.

Old Tang understood that the Commander was stronger than him in bringing the soldiers to war.

He saw the Commander's pair of eyes, that was combusting with flames.

In the white light, Mu Zhi Xia looked coldly at the army in front of him, he had initially sent people down to talk to them, but he did not expect the other party to actually display a battle formation. Without hesitation, he too, displayed his own.

~I'll beat them up first, the result is always better.~

Mu Zhi Xia's state of mind was unperturbed, his face that was riddled with experience had an indifferent expression as he stood at the front of his troops as still as a boulder.

For the army facing him, the strange Gemini Monarch also stood at the front of the formation. This caused Mu Zhi Xia to have some admiration for him, as not all military generals were brave enough or had the strength to stand at the front of the formation. But despite seeing the opponent being confident in his own strength and had a strength comparable to his confidence, it made no difference to Mu Zhi Xia.

Gemini Monarch that was clearly differentiated in black and white bent its waist down, four of its arms drawing their blades at the same time.

Behind it, all of the mechanical puppets did the same movements. Drawing their blades.

Sha sha sha.

Four thousand blades were drawn in unison, the friction between the blade and the sheath unleashing sounds that came out together, the echo of the sound that carried an indescribable tremble resonated outwards.

~Interesting~, Mu Zhi Xia squinted his eyes, he could clearly feel the change in aura on the other side. What surprised him was that the region of energy that he could control was actually suppressed. He had just stabilized the energy at the boundary of the region, but lost control over it due to the strange trembling.

The synchronised energy was being suppressed, but Mu Zhi Xia did not care.

Having a large region of control did not mean that it was good, or having more energy, this logic had been comprehended by him from a very long time ago.

The blades were unsheathed.

The bizarre trembling disappeared, the sounds disappeared, and the place became silent.

Two thousand mechanical puppets stood as still as statues with the same stance.

They were slightly crouched with their bodies leaned forward, the wings on their backs had extended outwards with their blades in hand.

The Gemini Monarch had four arms, thus its stance slightly differed, one of the extra blades was raised up high, and one was close to its body with the blade tip facing downwards.

A sense of danger surfaced in Mu Zhi Xia's heart.

~Oh, this is?~

Right at that moment, a low and powerful voice broke the silence.

"Southern Cross Army!"

~Are they going to attack?~

Mu Zhi Xia had no expression, ~Southern Cross Army? I seemed to have heard of it before~, he had a vague impression of the name. ~Maybe it is some army that I came across before~, Mu Zhi Xia did not keep it to heart, Sacred Saint Galaxy had countless of armies, how could he ever memorise them all to heart.

Furthermore, it was not important. In his eyes, regardless of what army the enemy was, it was not important to him, as victory belonged to him.

Even if the enemy was a famed general, even if they were one of the other Great Generals.

This was Mu Zhi Xia, under his simple appearance held the deepest and most profound arrogance.

His eyes that displayed the apathy of gods did not waver.


A furious bellow shouted out, but with a tremble. Mu Zhi Xia was surprised, ~They are powerful, but why did he have emotions at this time?~


The ground trembled, the earth beneath him felt like a gigantic drum that had been struck once.

Mu Zhi Xia's pupils constricted.

2000 extremely heavy bronze mechanical puppets' feet stomped the ground at the same time with perfection, so accurate that it felt like it was just one person. The awe-inspiring accuracy, speed and weight, made it feel like one simple leg stamping down, but filled with immense power.

Spiderweb crevices formed in the ground and spread out extremely quickly, causing dust to fly up, becoming a dust storm that shrouded the sky.

A glimmer of light flashed in Mu Zhi Xia's eyes, he glanced at the few mountains around that had sustained the tremors, where countless of rocks started to roll down.

But his focus was firmly locked onto the black and white Gemini Monarch.

~So fast!~

It was just a step, but its speed had increased substantially, and the figure that had rushed out from the dust had become blurred.

~Huh?~ In Mu Zhi Xia's eyes, a red dot had appeared, it was friction caused by the high speed of the blade sweeping across the air, forming an extremely high temperature and causing the blade tip to burn red. But in the next moment, many red dots entered his vision.

Bang bang bang!

Every step was shocking, the mountains by the sides were constantly collapsing with rocks and earth rolling down, bringing forth a dust and dirt into the sky.

Mu Zhi Xia's gaze never wavered.

At an astronomical speed, the red dot on the blade tip started to spread through the bronze hands and arms.

Suddenly, Mu Zhi Xia noticed that the raised up high blade and downward facing blade of Gemino Monarch did not turn red, but instead green. As for the other mechanic puppets, they started to reveal a green light aura as well.

The sense of danger in Mu Zhi Xia's heart became even more intense, and when he placed his standardized sword in front of him, his face finally revealed a slight change in expression.

Inside Gemini Monarch, the Commander was expressionless, but his body was unable to conceal the dense fighting intent.

~What a familiar feeling….~

Many of the memories that he lost started to surface in his current state.

"Commander, I am sorry, I, I really can't understand this, wuu wuuu….." the young man cried while his shoulders started to tremble.

"I have repeated this many times, my talent is very high. Commander, rest easy, I will definitely make this move famous! Hey hey hey, what's with all of your expressions, are all of you looking down on me?" The young man's face was flushed red.

~Brat….. Everybody…..~

~Come, brat, watch my Green Red Cross Scythe!~

~Come, everybody, watch my Green Red Cross Scythe!~

Inside the heart that had gone through ten thousand years of loneliness, he screamed out loud, he roared out loud, he called out fervently, his shouts echoing everywhere.

In the empty space, no one responded.

Unknowingly, his face that had been polished with experience and years became serious.

As like before, towards his empty heart, towards the emptiness that had no response, to the futile shouts that had long disappeared, everything felt the same.

~Come, My Green Red Cross Scythe!~

Chapter 857 - Pride, Fighting Intent, and an Alley

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Even with the trembling ground, the whistling rose from the tide of bronze, Mu Zhi Xia's expression did not change.

He held onto his sword and stood as still as a statue without moving.

But when he saw Gemini Monarch's four swords that were held out in perpendicular to each other, forming 2 exact '十', Mu Zhi Xia's eyes constricted.

The two green and red '十' light imposed on each other.

All of the green and red light auras that had blossomed out of the mechanical puppets became attracted to it and flew into the '十'.


The hums of the blades could clearly be heard by everybody despite all the rumblings around.

In the next second, the green and red '十' appeared in front of Mu Zhi Xia.

Mu Zhi Xia's sword was already pointed straight ahead, the light in his eyes burst forward as he welcomed the green and red '十' with a thrust of his sword. The sea of energy that was flowing slowly seemed to have suddenly found a drainage point and fervently surged to his sword tip. The energy was constantly being compressed to its maximum.

The dot of light on the sword tip was growing at a rate visible to the naked eye.

Its brightness continued to intensify, in the blink of the eye it had become as bright as the stun, unleashing a dazzling white light and causing the entire area to become blank white, including Mu Zhi Xia's face.

Mu Zhi Xia remained calm, but the aura unleashed by his body had suddenly exploded out like a sea creature surfacing from the water.

The light reflecting on his face dimmed a little, and as it dimmed, little grains of energy crystals appeared on his sword tip. These were energy crystals formed by the terrifying compression of energy into solids.

The snow white rhombus energy crystals released faint white lights that were warm without any tyrannical aura, giving off an indescribable comfort.

When the energy crystals appeared, all the energy in the formation became extremely lively.

The snow white energy crystals continued to grow according to the sword tip, making it look as though the sword was growing in length at a very slow speed.

A snow white light beam shot into the center of the green and red '十' at the speed of light.

The snow white crystallized sword was extremely warm, while the green and red '十' was dark and bone chilling.

Time seemed to have slowed to a crawl.

After an unknown period of time.

The dark and cold green and red '十' crumbled like a biscuit.

At the same time, the snow white crystallized sword body crumbled.

The green and red shattered aura flew out in all directions, clashing against the snow white shattered aura, creating a clear line of distinction between the two. A loud bang occurred all of a sudden, the green and red shattered aura were blown away, back towards the Southern Cross Army. The snow white shattered aura already flew back towards Mu Zhi Xia's army in the same manner.

The decisions of both armies were different.

Facing the incoming snow white aura, Mu Zhi Xia's army remained unmoved like statues. The white shattered aura seemed to collide into a steel wall as the impact caused the aura to split into two flows, sweeping to the sides of the formation.

Facing the green and red shattered aura, Southern Cross Army actually seized the chance to retreat backwards gracefully.

Mu Zhi Xia's army's performance was praiseworthy, but it was not surprising. But the Southern Cross Army's actions caused them to exclaim out in shock. It was difficult to imagine that the large and clumsy looking mechanical puppets were actually able to perform such graceful movements. Furthermore, it was not one or two sets, but the entire army.

Their previous assault was earth shattering and ferocious, while their sudden retreat was as graceful as butterflies, these two actions made them look as though they were two completely different armies. The blend of the strong contrast was enough to make others revere them.

When this entire mechanical army landed on the ground like leaves dropping on the ground without affecting the sand and dust, this intense contrast feeling reached its pinnacle.


The upper top halves of the mountains by the side continued to produce landslides, ultimately collapsing and causing countless of rocks and boulders to cascade down, leaving behind the bottom half of the mountains and neat incisions.

This became the highlight of the stand off.

Inside Gemini Monarch, Commander's initial sinister face had become calm, his deep gaze landing on the enemy's army, a faint smile appearing on his face, as though he was recalling a fond memory.

~Brat, this isn't the Green Red Cross Scythe finishing blow that you had learned.

~It's name is called, Dual Cross Slash!

The Commander regained his senses as he looked ahead, unconcealable admiration in his eyes.

~Mu Zhi Xia, truly worthy of your reputation!~

It was the first time that someone had successfully blocked the Dual Cross Slash in all of his memories. Although the Southern Cross Army that was standing behind him was completely different from the Southern Cross Army of the past. This brand new army was extremely small compared to the old Southern Cross Army in terms of size. Compared to the famous Southern Cross Army of the past that had many famed generals, this brand new army was extremely poor.

But with the full support from the Gold Continent, with the newer and stronger mechanical weapons, and the abundant and vast army system with the carefully selected elites, adding on his decade of dedication into them, it made this new Southern Cross Army equally unique.

It was not as large as the past, or had as many famed generals, its influence in a battle was completely negligible.

Numbering only 2000, this shrunken Southern Cross Army could not be considered as of standard.

But its might could not be overlooked.

~For Mu Zhi Xia to block my Dual Cross Slash so easily, he is undisputedly the strongest famed general.~ The Commander who was recalling the past had become excited.

There was nothing more exciting than to be able to meet a good match!

What he did not know was that the calm Mu Zhi Xia standing opposite him was overwhelmed with shock. His move might have looked extremely easy, but in truth it was an accomplished technique, [Honorable Martial Growing Sword]. It was not an Army killing technique, but in his hands, its might definitely surpassed an ordinary gold rank army killing technique.


He did not even need to lower his head to see that his sword already had an additional crack.

The standardized sword in his hand had followed him for many years, with many cracks which were formed from training, not one from a battle.

It was a first, the first time someone had left a crack on his sword.

He stared at the mechanical army in front of him, the mysterious army in front of him was stronger than what he had expected.

Yes, it was far stronger than what he had anticipated, ~Since when did the Gold Continent have such a powerful Army?~

He knew the strength of the Gold Continent's various armies at the back of his hand. Gold Continent was extremely far from the Honorable Martial Continent, and thus not the primary goal of Honorable Martial Continent, but the Honorable Martial Continent viewed preparation with extreme importance. Although their penetration into the Gold Continent could not be considered as strong, but they were able to sustain it.

But all the information sent from their intelligence never wrote anything about this particular army, as though they had appeared from thin air.

To be able to withstand the power of his army, such a fighting strength was definitely one that should not be overlooked. That only left one answer, the Gold Continent had intentionally hid the army.

~Who knew that the Gold Continent was actually hiding such a powerful trump card.~ Mu Zhi Xia quickly calmed himself, the Gold Continent's history was far richer than the Honorable Martial Continent's, and it was not strange for them to have some surprising and unexpected trump cards. Although he was an extremely proud and arrogant man, but it was not to the level that he considered himself as number one of the world.

~A difficult opponent to handle.~

Mu Zhi Xia also became excited, he was a low profile person, and the Honorable Martial Continent gave him an important mission, to garrison Wei Ye Guan Continent. He had always been cautious and conscientious while being meticulous at what he did. He handled difficult situations at ease, with his calm composition, many of the higher ups who knew of his plans all praised him greatly, but were saddened that his powerful fighting capabilities did not have any chance to be displayed.

He did not care much about that, and maintained his modesty and low profile in front of everybody, because he knew that he was stronger than them. The fighting intent in him was like a ferocious beast with no natural enemy or rival, thus giving him a harmless disguise, a wild beast in slumber.

Until today, when he finally met an enemy that gave him a sense of danger. The fighting intent that had always been slumbering was like a wild and ferocious beast that had struggled free from its chains, opening its blood red eyes.

The foreign sense of excitement spread through his body.

He no longer thought about who the enemy was, and did not care about their goal.

His only thought was the enjoy the battle!

No one knew that in the desolate and barren Savage Continent, an earth shaking battle was occuring.


Other than Wei Ye Guan Continent being an important position on the borders of Savage Continent and Honorable Martial Continent, the other places were relatively dangerous.

An inconspicuous group was travelling quietly. They moved extremely slowly, each step they took requiring extreme care, as there were many spatial cracks and voids all around them, which intercrossed with each other, existing for unknown period of years. All of these spatial cracks were even more dangerous than the sharpest blade, as long as one accidentally touched it, they would not even feel any pain, but their bodies would be cut into pieces.

The faces of every person were one of care, even Ah Xin, who was usually very loud and talkative, did not dare relax. Rather than calling the ground beneath their feet as a path, it was more of a stone path.

The area that was covered with spatial cracks was hailed as the Black Death Region, where even wild beasts did not dare step into. Inside, one would constantly be attacked by the corrosion from the spatial cracks that had already undergone a myriad of changes. There were many crevices that required flight to bypass, where fortunately, everyone was strong enough to do so. But upon seeing the interweaving black lines beneath them, everyone's hair stood erected while they opened their eyes wide as they avoided the spatial cracks in the sky.

Out of all of them, the most dangerous were the hair thin spatial cracks which one could easily overlook if they were not careful.

Shang Bei took the lead, where he constantly reminded everyone to avoid the easily missed dangers.

The long period of tension made everyone rather tired, and even Tie Ji himself had a look of fatigue. They had been travelling in the dangerous region for a full two months. In truth, the distance was not far, but they had to be extremely careful with every step, and thus their speed had slowed to a turtle crawl. But no one had a look of annoyance, because they had personally seen their companions being ripped into shreds by the spatial cracks.

Even for Shang Bei who was an experienced guide, even with everyone at their 120%, they had lost 37 men. Luckily, everyone was tenacious and did not suffer too much of an impact, but they became even more careful.

Shang Bei felt extremely tired, the path that was not a path, was the Black Water Tribe's biggest secret.

It was a smuggling alley.

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