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Chapter 850 - Light Sword Wail Song

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Solomon's face changed.

The disparity between the time when he sensed danger and when the enemy moved was so short that it could not be grasped. It was just a whiff of danger, like a flicker of light in the vast darkness, but at that moment, the enemy's killing intent soared and congealed into reality, like a sun suddenly dazzling in the night sky without any omen.

The enemy completely did not mind revealing themselves.

What he did not expect even more was that the opponent's target seemed to be himself.

~How do they know that I am here? Has my position been compromised? Did I reveal a flaw?~

He did not have time to think about those questions, as a sharp killing intent seemed to be aimed straight at his forehead, the intense danger immediately made Solomon's heart palpitate. If it were any military general facing such a sudden fluctuation, facing such an heavy killing intent, they would be at a loss.

Solomon who was known for being fearsome immediately displayed his prowess.

"Gather light!"

Solomon's powerful roar suddenly came up in the darkness, causing all the Western Traders' Guards to be caught off guard, while the members of Lacerators all instinctively shot up. All ready equipped with their most suitable weapons, they rushed towards Solomon.

Countless silver lights dropped down on Solomon's position like rain, causing Solomon to be revealed from the shadows.

Solomon was not panicking at all, and unknowingly he had a silver rapier in hand. He had become serious, the silver rapier in hand flashed, producing an arc of lightning, it was as though the silver sword light had some attractive force, causing the silver lights in the air to gather towards the silver sword.

The wall in front of Solomon was destroyed into powder.

Solomon inhaled and pulled in his stomach, and slashed his silver rapier down.

The silver light that poured down like rain converged into a wicker basket sized silver ball at the right moment, and the silver rapier that slashed down, struck the silver ball like a whip.

The silver ball exploded!


Silver light beams surged out like a powerful current, cascading forward loudly.

Blue Wind City which was initially in darkness, was immediately lit up.

Once he made his move, Solomon would not hold back, he had prepared for it, the sudden explosion of silver light did not affect his vision, but 90% of the time, the enemies would be blinded by the sudden burst of light. But the intense sense of danger in his heart did not make him hold back, regardless of whether his attack had affected the enemy, he immediately retreated.

When they were choosing the location, he had already chose the best route of retreat. For him, he never only thought about victory, a lesson he had learned through his countless battles. His body moved like a lightning bolt across the sky. Forming a streak of 'Z'.

Solomon who shifted himself at high speeds glanced at the place where [Gather Light] had landed, there was a huge nick in the ground, the deep pit extended out over 30m, leaving behind remnants of the black charred wall.

There were no bodies!

Nothing hit!

Solomon's eyes constricted, his heart trembled slightly. Just now, the enemy's aura was too intense, and he had effortlessly locked down on the enemy's position, or was it just a ruse?


A red blade aura swept past his retreating body, and swept through two Western Traders guards, causing two streaks of blood to spurt out, and before the blood could even move, it was actually absorbed into the red blade aura. The red blade aura that had not dissipated silently shot into the wall, which was sliced through as easily as slicing through biscuits, crumbling into powder instantly.

Cold perspiration immediately enveloped Solomon.

The red blade aura looked extremely ordinary, but it was so strange.

Furthermore, the [Gather Light] that they had unleashed did not injure the enemies at all.

[Gather Light] was a technique created by Solomon, it was immensely powerful and was able to attack in an area. As long as the enemy was within the area, they would not be able to escape!

Solomon changed his thoughts, and continued to move like lightning, to the position that he had prepared beforehand. The moment he reached, whoosh, he was instantly surrounded by his subordinates.

Solomon heaved a sigh of relief, he finally felt much safer.

Ji Ze's eyes turned cold, he was annoyed as his attack had missed.

Tang Tian did not care about Ji Ze's mood, the opponent's reaction was fast, his counterattack and his decisive retreat all surprised him. Ever since he had gained enlightenment on the God Armor, he was like a true God of War, and no enemies were able to escape his grasp.

Thus, Solomon's performance caused a slight fluctuation in his still mental state.

But this slight fluctuation swept for a second, and he regained his composure.

He tiptoed slightly, under the flow of Law Threads, the God Armor Army suddenly disappeared into the air like shadows.

Solomon trembled slightly, without much fear in his heart.

~When was the last time I was placed in such a difficult situation?~ He could no longer remember. For the entire duration of the battle, he had not caught sight of the enemies, who moved in the darkness and gave him an extremely strong sense of danger, as though they were blades dancing in the air, able to strike at any moment.

With the lingering fear in his heart, a rarely seen excitement surfaced, ~It's been so long since I felt so excited.~

~The battle has just begun~, he squinted his eyes and released a strange hiss sound, like a poisonous snake in hiding: "Ssi!!!!"

Sssi sssi sssi!

Like a group of snakes dancing, many silver lights surfaced up, one surfacing from Solomon's eyes, as though he was the king of the snakes, emitting a heart palpitating cold.

The silver light flew towards him like snowflakes and entered his silver rapier. The intense silver light wrapped around the rapier's blade, causing the thin and sharp blade to disappear, as though Solomon was holding onto a light sword.

At the same time, the sentries that were posted in different positions all lit up.

The number of sentries varied, the groups with lesser people had around 10, while there were 50 to 60 in another group, all of them glowed with silver light. The silver light around them pervaded out rapidly, connecting to their comrade's silver light, forming a large silver regiment of light.

In the darkness, more than 10 regiment of lights formed out.

Tang Tian was once again surprised, Resonance, he felt an extremely strong resonance. The enemy's light sword had produced a powerful resonance with the light regiments.

The resonance had affected the surrounding energy, causing the place they were in to become slowed down.

Tang Tian's calm eyes lit up.

In his vision, the light regiments were rapidly changing, causing the resonance with the light swords to become more intense. The killing intent in the air was soaring at an astonishing rate, as though something dangerous was coming out.

~That is powerful.~

Without hesitation, without delaying, Tang Tian started his counterattack.

The seemingly perfect resonance was quickly unravelled in the world in his eyes, one after another of invisible ripples were caught by him. Tang Tian praised them in his mind. It had to be said, the enemy's understanding of energy resonance was extremely profound, to be able to create such a type of resonance.

The 16 light regiments were like 16 amplifiers, while the light sword in his hand was the source, its resonance continuously strengthening with the 16 light regiments in effect.

~But, there are no invulnerable attacks.~

A flash of light flashed past Tang Tian's eyes, and as though with a thought, the 200 God Armor Army blossomed out like flowers, separating into different directions.

After receiving the order from the Law Threads, the 200 men took action at the same time.

200 different colored light auras suddenly erupted in the sky.

Solomon's light sword shivered at the same time with the 16 light regiments.

He revealed a look of disbelief.


~The enemy's 200 attacks actually formed resonance! They are using resonance to disrupt my resonance!~

His first reaction was, ~Impossible!~

What he felt was impossible was not the speed of the enemy's counterattack, but the thought of using resonance to counter resonance.What he felt was impossible was the 200 attacks that were in a myriad of colors were clearly different attribute of energies.

~How can such a mix of energy form energy resonance?~

It was completely out of his knowledge.

Suddenly, a cold feeling formed in his heart, ~Who are these mysterious people?~

~Are they really bandits? Impossible! It's impossible for there to be such powerful bandits, their comprehension of energy resonance is definitely not below mine. The strength they wield is definitely something not a bandit should have.~

~Such powerful elites…..only another place has it, Temple!~

~Are they moving against the Western Traders?~

All of these thoughts flashed past his mind, but he quickly suppressed them down, the power struggle in the higher ups were not related to him.

He only had one consideration, which was to complete the mission.


~It is also rather difficult to have an opportunity to fight with such opponents, come, I want to see whose comprehension on energy resonance is deeper!~

His silver eyes revealed a look of mania, Solomon's back was drenched with sweat, but his malicious face was extremely sinister.

The resonance had reached an unprecedented level, the light sword in his hand was buzzing at a rapid frequency, which was the limit that he could control.

~It's time.~

He raised the light sword one inch at a time, his movements extremely slow, as though the sword weighed a thousand kilos.

A group of 50 sentries holding up their silver light regiment trembled as a silver light beam shot out from them, and when it was half formed, everyone was shocked to see that it was a light sword!

16 sentry groups, formed 16 light swords that hummed in unison.


The heart palpitating buzz completely overwhelmed the entire Blue Wind City.

Upon seeing the scene, All the Blue Wind City citizens that were shocked by the commotion, all took in a breath and revealed shocked expressions.

Johnson who was hidden on the tower was like an ice statue, his face pale white, a name flashing past his mind, ~Lacerators Mercenary Army!~

~That's Lacerator Army's most famed killing technique, [Light Sword Wail Song]!~

~They actually have the Lacerators with them!~

If he had known that the Lacerators were around, he would had definitely thought of a way to get Tang Tian to stop the plan. He was extremely vexed, ~Damn it, I didn't sense the Lacerators being here when I went to scout in the day~, he was extremely unhappy about his failure.

He knew how powerful the Lacerators were, not from others, but that the Mace Fields Trading had once fought with them. He had a deep impression with the ruthless and merciless veteran army, especially their strength. In that mission, they did not use their killing technique, but completed their mission perfectly.

He never expected that their intention to fight in the city would meet the Lacerators.

~It's my fault….~

~Damn this shit!~

~Was it a trap?~

He suddenly realized, and his hands and legs turned cold to sub zero temperature.

The citizens who were shocked also had people recognizing the [Light Sword Wail Song], all of them exclaining out loud, but amidst the shock was joy. Knowing that the famous Lacerators Army was garrisoned in Blue Wind City, it made all of the citizens feel safer.

What made everyone feel the safest was that the Lacerators looked to be going at full force, to even use their killing technique without hesitation.

How many armies could survive from [Light Sword Wail Song]?

They were completely confident and excited.

But no one could see the indescribable fear revealed in Solomon's silver eyes.

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