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Chapter 849 - Lacerators

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Blue Wind City, Western Traders.

"All of you, focus!"

Clan Elder Richmond roared with an imposing might, causing everybody to tremble, and even the guards on duty could not help but straighten their backs.

"Everyone should know of what has been happening recently, the organization has met with trouble. I believe that everyone has confidence in the organization. The organisation has stood in the Western Region and not fell for so many years despite the many challenges, so it is nothing to be afraid or be shocked about. Everyone should also know about the rules of the organization, and at such an important time, if someone is able to stand up and do something for the organization, the organization will definitely repay him much more."

Many of the younger generations' eyes lit up and their breathing became rapid. The Western Traders' was a powerful organization with deep roots in the Western Region, all of these guards were all locals, and were more emotional.

It was like what Clan Elder Richmond had said, to the Western Traders, it was just a small hiccup. No one believed that the bandits were able to sway the unified Western Traders in the Western Region.

To them, it was an opportunity!

The Western Traders had many branches, causing competition to be intense, every rise in rank became increasingly difficult. The easiest method to rise in rank was in such a unique situation.

Clan Elder Richmond was satisfied with the results of his words, he stopped for a moment, and then raised his hand, hinting towards a malicious looking man next to him: "Of course, the organization will not be stingy with the reward, and the organization will not let everyone be in danger. Thus, the organization has decided to spend money and invite the famous Mercenaries, the Lacerators, to help us."

His words were like a grenade that exploded the guards in that instant.

"Lacerators! Oh my god, it's the Lacerators!"

"Long Live the Western Traders!"

"Haha, that's great, Come on, Gold Continent Bandits!"


All of the guards were red to the neck, with their faces filled with disbelief. The Lacerator Mercenary Army was the Honorable Martial Continent's most famous mercenary army, they were all blood-thirsty and cruel people with tremendous strength. They were famous for not keeping captives, all the bandits that landed in their hands would be beheaded. As time passed, the enemies that were against them in any of their missions would voluntarily back off.

If it were to be described that everyone were encouraged and their willpower were soaring because of Clan Elder Richmond's words, then the appearance of the Lacerators had completely made everyone believe that they had won. Now, they were even more excited for the Gold Continent Bandits to come, that would truly be sending themselves up in a golden plate.

Richmond was extremely pleased.

In the Western Region, as bandits were being a threat, the price of hiring the various mercenaries had all skyrocketed, and the Lacerators' price which was initially already extremely expensive had directly increased by a few folds. But Richmond still decided to hire them, and people could finally sleep in peace.

"This man beside me is the Lacerators' regimental command, Mister Solomon, he will be laying the defenses. I believe that everyone will trust in Mister Solomon's professionalism, and I hope everyone will go according to what he needs."

He turned and smiled at Solomon: "I'll hand everything over to you."

Solomon replied loftily: "You can rest easy."

He waved his hand, and the members behind him started to walk in a line and take point.

The Western Traders' guards all watched the Lacerators passed by them with respect, every Lacerator member was expressionless, their entire bodies emitted dense killing intent.

~As expected of the Lacerators, they are so powerful!~

Everyone became even more confident.

Solomon enjoyed the respectful gazes at him, he walked back and forth without missing any details. He knew that many people had grievances with the Lacerators, and as long as they revealed any weaknesses, countless of enemies from the shadows would pounce forward and rip them apart.

With their ferocious name, they needed to work even harder and even more cautiously to survive.

He was very clear about that.

Compared to the Western Traders' guards, the Lacerators had gone through such situations too many times, and were experienced in it, and finished their arrangements in a short while. The reverence in the eyes of the guards increased, there was a distinct difference between the experts and them.

The Lacerators quieted down and did not talk or engage in chat. They quietly stood guard, their eyes filled with caution, and any slight movements would attract attention.

Richmond had went down once to inspect their work, and left relatively satisfied. No one else knew that they had employed the Lacerators, and he even used special means to bring them into the city, so no one knew that the Lacerators were already guarding the Western Traders.

It was his killing technique.

The sky darkened, Solomon did not move, and sat in the corner and hid in the shadows. It was an extremely concealed position, where enemies would have difficulty detecting him, as long as something were to occur, he could easily launch a sneak attack.

Solomon was used to leading the soldiers by the front, they were all mercenary soldiers, and if the leader did not lead by the front, no one would be willing to throw their lives for him.

Suddenly, he stood up, a sense of danger was in the air.

A warning suddenly surfaced in his heart, he squinted his eyes and looked all around, but was unable to find anything out of the ordinary.

~Am I wrong?~

He was unsure.

The night was deep and dark like water, the lights in Blue Wind City gradually dimmed down, and the people in the streets grew fewer.

A group of dark figures moved quietly.

In his awakened state, Tang Tian was emotionless without any undulations in his heart, everything that happened around him would reflect in his clear heart, the fine movements of energy in the air, to the little worms crawling on the wall a few tens of meters away were all sensed by him.

The feeling that everything was under his control made Tang Tian's actions very resolute.

Regardless of advancing or stopping, they were as sudden and decisive as using a blade to cut down, there were no sluggish movements.

Johnson was not a member of the God Armor Army, and was unable to assimilate with them, he could not even fight alongside them, and might even be a burden. Knowing this, Johnson initiated to take up a sentry post.

He was extremely experienced, his choice of location was ideal, being on a tall building not far from the Western Traders' warehouse. It coincidentally overlooked the entire place, and if enemy reinforcements were to arrive from another location, they could easily catch them. Furthermore their location was concealed, and was difficult to detect. It was just that the tower was heavily guarded, and slipping in had exhausted them.

Johnson crawled on the floor of the attic, he did not look out from the window, as he could easily be seen. He dug up a small hole from the wooden board, and looked through it.

He had taken up his post earlier, and patiently waited for Tang Tian to launch the attack. But after waiting for half a day, he did not even see their shadows, and just when he was thinking if the mission was cancelled, he suddenly caught sight of an unremarkable shadow.

His attention was roused as he immediately focused.

He concentrated his focus to its maximum to be able to barely see it. He was inwardly surprised, Tang Tian and the God Armor Army's shadows seemed to be completely merged into the shadows, and even he, an ally, did not even sense them, for the enemies who were unprepared, how could they sense them?

But very quickly, his eyes was deeply fixated onto Tang Tian.

A unit of 200 men was not considered large or small, but the dark shadows he was focused on moved like one body. What was even crazier was that they moved like clouds or flowing water, they were extremely fluid,and the efficient movements made his heart tremble.

Johnson opened his eyes that were filled with shock wide.

Before, what Tang Tian had displayed was an unstoppable individual strength. And previously, Tang Tian made extremely irresponsible battle plans, which left an impression on Johnson that Tang Tian's tactics were terrible.

It was not strange, and it was a very common thing for military generals to be known for their bravery.

But Tang Tian and the God Armor Army's stealth made Johnson realize how wrong he was. Which terrible Military General could achieve such movements?

It was as if Tang Tian knew of the dangerous places and moved without hesitation. Their movements were extremely silent, and all of their auras were retracted into their bodies completely, like wild beasts prowling silently in the night. Johnson had to fully focus to see Tang Tian and the group sweep past the streets, while other passersby never even sensed them.

Johnson felt that his knowledge of Tang Tian was being overturned over and over again.

He laughed bitterly in his heart, every time he came to an understanding, Tang Tian would become even more unfathomable to him.

Suddenly, they stopped.

~Oh? There's a situation?~

Johnson did not understand, from his angle, he could not see anything unordinary.

Tang Tian stopped and behind him, the 200 members all stopped in unison, and quietly waited. They seemed to have merged into the shadows.

Tang Tian's mental state was perfectly still, and he had sensed that in the shadows behind a wall, someone had sensed something.

In truth, it had surprised him as well.

Under the God Armor's Awakened state, his control over everything in the battlefield had reached an unprecedented level. Every move he made was the best route. The shadows, the buildings, every detail were used by him to its maximum. They were able to blend into the surroundings and all sounds they made were removed using a unique technique, and even the air movements caused by them, were in their control, by reversing the flow of air to cause the disruption to disappear, instead of emitting out like ripples.

It was the first time someone had sensed their approach.

Surprised, Tang Tian's pupils flashed with a light, but it did not stir anything. To the current Tang Tian, the sudden appearance of a powerful person had changed a portion of the battle.

Tang Tian stood as still as a statue.

The periphery of the battlefield seemed to spreading ripples that continued to extend outwards. All the extremely light breathing and undetectable heartbeats gradually surfaced in Tang Tian's mind.

The enemy's defensive area was also clearly grasped by Tang Tian.

It was a deployment done by experience, it had perfectly used the terrain to place every soldier in optimal positions, and even using miraculous concealing techniques.


Tang Tian's focus landed back on the expert concealed in the darkness, the enemy seemed to have sense a whiff of danger, proving that his strength was far higher than the rest. It could be seen from his place of hiding, the opponent was extremely confident of his own strength.

In such a situation, the enemy's deployment seemed to be invulnerable.

~But, it has never been the case against me.~

In the darkness, Tang Tian's eyes flashed with a cold glint, he tiptoed and disappeared. At the same time, the 200 shadows disappeared at the same time.

Right at that moment, Solomon who was hiding in the shadows behind the wall trembled.

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