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Chapter 791 - Tang Tian's Idea

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

20 li away from Galloping Horse City, two figures flew high up in the sky, their figures flickering visible for a moment and disappearing in the next.

The wind around them seemed to have disappeared, the air around them was completely still as they observed Galloping Horse City releasing many light auras.

"I never knew that the might of an army could reach such a state." The old man was filled with surprise, he had white eyebrows and dressed in snow white robes, there was no anger on his face, he was frowning with a worried expression.

"Yes." The other man sighed: "Military generals' education, it has been lost in the Sin Domain for a long time, the Sin Domain just does not have the space for military generals to survive. I never thought that this child would find an alternative route and use laws to control them, it is indeed surprising. It seems like it isn't that Sin Domain does not have the space, it is we did not find the route."

The middle aged man looked to around 40 year of age, he had a tall and sturdy figure with thick eyebrows and big eyes.

"This child has a unique talent, and very strange laws." The white brow old man shook his head: "Ultimately, it isn't a true path. But I have to say, just by relying on these soldiers, to want to get everyone together, isn't easier said than done?"

"It truly isn't easy." The middle aged man nodded his head: "But, It is truly a good help for us. Talking about military education, we cannot compare to these outsiders, but in terms of laws, how can they compare to us?"

The white brow old man's frown smoothened out: "That's right."

He then changed the topic: "This time, even with Su Family's capital, they might not be able to win."

"The Su Family's decision will naturally be dictated by the Su Family." The middle aged man said nonchalantly: "If not for their help, we would not have been able to see an army. To connect people through laws certainly is interesting."

The middle aged man's eyes flashed with a light, he was obviously extremely interested with armies.

"Ghost Face Mask's subordinates are truly geniuses." The white brow old man said: "If not for me personally seeing all of this tonight, I am afraid that you and I will still be frogs in a well. This Ghost Face Mask man isn't simple as well, Ji Ze was captured by him. With such ferocious subordinates, given a few more days, I am afraid that Sin Domain will be his world."

While he was speaking, Su Fei was coincidentally being repelled back, while the other three were dejected and depressed, with nothing much to say. There were countless of Law Threads surrounding Galloping Horse City, and at the moment, who knew how many people were watching the battle.

"The people in Purple Cuckoo City only have ordinary talent and are weak, how much time has passed only, but in Ghost Face Mask's hands, they are suddenly soaring like tiger with wings." The old white brow man said calmly: "That lady with laws that are like rainbows used to be Qin Zhen's general, but today, Qin Zhen is not even her match! And that Xu Ye, he is just the head of a small family, but now, he is on par with Death Servant. Ghost Face Mask himself uses some very strange laws, and he improves extremely quickly, I am still suspecting whether or not Ancestor Li has possessed his body. In the Purple Cuckoo City, much less Qin Zhen, it was said that he was on par with the big rock called Shi Sen. But now, he even captured Ji Ze, every time I think about it, it makes me unable to eat and rest easy."

Hearing that, the middle aged man turned his head with a strange light aura in his eyes: "But I feel that this is not necessary a bad thing."

"Oh?" The white brow old man was surprised.

"It's been too long since a new power has emerged in the Sin Domain." The middle aged man spoke: "For example, look in front of us, to personally watch how an army maneuvers, with our understanding of Laws, I believe that in a short time, we can gain enlightenment on other marvels. Ever since Ancestor Li gained enlightenment on Laws, the 200 years of development and the studies of Laws in Sin Domain had reached a bottleneck. If we were to have new blood in us, our Dao in laws can improve further."

"Improve further?" The white brow old man looked at the middle aged man deeply: "The Sin Domain is already ours, you want us to improve further? Unless you are thinking of returning to Sacred Saint Galaxy?"

"Why not?" The middle aged man returned back with a stare without retreating.

The white brow old man choked.

"If we are able to grasp the marvels of an army, we will definitely be able to return to the Sacred Saint Galaxy!" The middle aged man's eyes flashed with a light full of ambition, his words echoing into the distance.

The White Brow old man looked as though he had seen a ghost, revealing a look of panic, he blurted out: "Everyone will not agree! You will cause all of us to die!"

The middle aged man replied profoundly: "Is that so?"

The explosion of light auras reflected his face, revealing a calm look.


Tang Tian was still immersed in his Awakened God Armor, the more he probed it, the more he could sense its immense power. It was a brand new world, it was incomparably broad, and there were more to come, as though there were no end to it.

The continuous probing and investigation made Tang Tian finally have an idea about the Awakened God Armor. He knew that he was in a race against time, and naturally could not casually probe it with ease like in normal times.

He was thinking of an extremely realistic problem.

~The Awakened God Armor is very strong, but how can I use it to defeat my enemies?~

If he wanted to bring the Null Division to leave Sin Domain, there was one man he had to surpass, he was the strongest of Sin Domain, the man who gained enlightenment on the Law Domain, Du Ke. Although the Awakened God Armor was extremely powerful, it was unable to allow him to form a Law Domain.

Tang Tian's enlightenment on laws had not reached to the stage of gaining a Law Domain, and he had limited knowledge on it even in theory.

He asked Fu Zheng Zhi and Ji Ze, how strong martial artists who have Law Domains were. But both Fu Zheng Zhi and Ji Ze were unable to describe what a Law Domain was. They firmly believed that other than Du Ke, no one else knew how martial artists with Law Domains fought.

There were very few rumors about Du Ke, born as a genius from an aristocratic family, he was already flowing with talent ever since he was young. The Du Family in Du City was not considered a powerhouse amongst the Four Main Cities. But following Du Ke's continuous rise, the Du City gradually became the head of the Four Main Cities, and they gradually took control of the entire Sin Domain.

Du Ke was the only man confirmed to have stepped into the Law Domains level.

In his eyes, there were no secrets left in Laws.

No one knew how strong Du Ke truly was, as the outside world never had news about his battles. As a man, he was extremely low profile, pragmatic and reserved. While he was young, he had actively participated in matters regarding the family, and based on this point, he was completely different from other martial artists.

"Du Ke attempted the Sin Door once."

Ji Ze suddenly spoke out, but the moment he did, he felt infuriated. ~Damn it! Why am I helping this guy and giving him advice!~

Fu Zheng Zhi was stunned, this matter was something the entire Sin Domain had never heard of. The number 1 man of Sin Domain actually attempted the Sin Door quietly, what explosive news was that!

The Sin Door was guarded by the Honorable Martial Continent, and was the key to moving between the Sin Domain and the Honorable Martial Continent. Ever since Ancestor Li stepped into the Sin Domain, countless people had tried attacking the Sin Door, but no one had ever succeeded, the road had become a land of bones, and thus hailed as the Death Path to Home.

The Death Path to Home had been there for many years, and no one stepped onto it again.

But who would have known that the Number 1 man of Sin Domain, Du Ke, travelled the Death Path to Home alone and attacked the Sin Door!

Fu Zheng Zhi then asked: "How do you know that?"

"Because at that time, I was also preparing to go to the Sin Door." Ji Ze said with please, seeing the two looking at him suspiciously, he immediately explained: "I was only thinking to go and see what the Sin Door looks like, I am not Du Ke."

Tang Tian clapped his hands: "He wants to return to the Sacred Saint Galaxy?"

Ji Ze who initially wanted to stop talking suddenly blurted out with a bit of daze: "Who doesn't want to?"

Upon saying that, he broke his cup: "What sort of place is this Sin Domain? Who likes it here? I do not know what other people think, but I don't. Du Ke is already the number 1 in Sin Domain, and he isn't even that old yet, why not test himself out?"

"That's true!" Tang Tian scratched his chin, revealing a pondering look.

But Ji Ze only knew this much, Tang Tian turned his head and asked: "Are you familiar with the Sin Door?"

"Nope." Ji Ze shook his head, his face was slightly ugly: "I only saw a glimpse of it."

Tang Tian then turned to Fu Zheng Zhi, who also shook his head with a slightly dejected look.

To any man in the Sin Domain, The Sin Domain was a lock that had firmly latched onto their necks, upon talking about the Sin Door, everyone would be clenching their fists and jaws. The Death Path to Home was formed by a river of blood, which was many generations of Sin Domain's people's blood.

Fu Zheng Zhi hesitated for a moment: "If Du Ke wants to return to Sacred Saint Galaxy, will he cooperate with us?"

"Who cares if he is willing to, we are all returning to Sacred Saint Galaxy." Tang Tian's tone was tyrannical and without any hesitation.

Ji Ze's mind felt disapproval, but he did not dare reveal it on his face. Fu Zheng Zhi only lowered his head, not knowing what to think.

Tang Tian then threw the question to the side: "The reason why I came to find you guys is because I have an idea that I want you guys to try."

Hearing that, the two of them raised their heads, revealing looks of curiosity.

"You guys also know about armies, Nie Qiu's Yin Yang formation is a unique Law, which mobilizes everyone's strength. I am not too good with armies, but my Awakened God Armor is much better with laws, so I was thinking, if I could use the Awakened God Armor, to gather everyone's strength?"

Fu Zheng Zhi revealed a look of puzzlement, Ji Ze's froze, his face revealing a look of shock.

After a while, Fu Zheng Zhi regained his senses, his eyes bursting with a strange light aura.

The two of them were experts and had more understanding towards Laws than others. To others, they would never be able to comprehend such a thought. Different Laws were incompatible with each other, and the higher level the law was, the harder was it to combine them.

But Tang Tian's Awakened God Armor allowed that possibility.

The Awakened God Armor seem to contain all the Laws, it was like a port for the countless of Laws, and if everyone's laws were able to find a corresponding port, in theory, it should be possible…..

The two of them knew what that meant if the idea truly worked!

When 10 or a hundred Law Surfaces connect through Awakened God Armor, the power between the Law Surfaces could benefit each other and make up for each other's shortcomings, and aside from that, there would be countless of variations!

"Let's try it!"

The two of them stood up and said in unison.

For different Law Surfaces to merge, what would happen? No one knew, because this sort of thing had never happened before!

The two men looked at each other with excitement, anticipation and shock in their eyes.

If the idea truly succeeded, the Sin Domain had the possibility of a complete makeover!

The theories of Laws would be rewritten!

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