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Chapter 790 - Night Ambush

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

~Something happened?~

Zhong Li Bai raised his head, his expression unkind.

The one who rushed in to report was an old man from East Immortal City. The old man swallowed his saliva with difficulty, sensing that the boss' eyes that was staring at him resembled a wolf about to devour him whole. Zhong Li Bai was extremely upset with his own achievements, but in the eyes of his subordinates, it was already too alarming.

Along the road, they were like the autumn gale sweeping away all the fallen leaves, flattening the entire mountain strongholds, in the face of their Master, all of the unbreakable mountain strongholds were destroyed effortlessly. They did not have to suffer too many casualties, as many of them had fought with bandits before. All of the poor and fierce bandits were difficult to handle, their tactics were ferocious and being tenacious, they were hard to defeat.

Their realignment of allegiance was initially mostly due to the circumstance, but after being with Zhong Li Bai, they were heartfelt in following him.

The strong will always be revered.

Although the various elites of the East Immortal City did not understand what a military general was, but their victories were through and through. Winning battle after battle consecutively was the best food for them, upon tasting it, they never wanted to stop.

Their boss who was extremely vicious towards the enemies was actually extremely generous to his subordinates, and treated everyone fairly. Whoever performed and trained well, whoever had high achievements would be rewarded more. With the strict discipline restricting his subordinates and ample reward system that encouraged them to strive to do better, the unorganized bandits gradually transformed.

Even the bandits that surrendered afterwards were also converted. To the bandits, the majority of them were people unable to live in the city anymore, they were treated kindly. But for the arrogant and unbridled ones, those who were insincere and cunning, were beheaded by Zhong Li Bai without hesitation.

The Boss was a ferocious man that did not even blink in the eyes of the rivers of blood, and even the bandits who were known to be ferocious and crafty were trembling sheep in front of him.

The scout who was being stared at by Zhong Li Bai trembled, and immediately spoke up: "There is someone outside who wishes to see you, boss!"

"See me?" Zhong LI Bai squinted his eyes.

"Yes, they say they are here to do business with our East Mountain Pirates."

"Business?" Zhong LI Bai muttered, he sensed something amiss.

He had pulled his troops out of East Immortal City, and for the sake of not attracting attention, he disguised the entire troops to be like bandits, and gave himself the name as the East Mountain Pirates.

There were always battles between bandits, and no one would link them to Ghost Face Mask.

After annexing many of the mountain strongholds, their strength had grown, and the East Mountain Pirates' name became popular. Everyone knew of the newly emerged and powerful bandits that had already annexed many other bandit strongholds.

"They did not state what business." The scout said honestly.

Zhong Li Bai sneered: "Then let us see what they want, let them come in. Transmit the order down to the Pro-Guard Unit, tell everyone we are welcoming noble guests."

"Noble guests", he articulated those two words extremely clearly.

The surrounding Pro-Guard Unit all stood up, the sense of ill discipline disappeared from their bodies, they took out their weapons and stood in positions.

The hall became silent, and a dense killing intent pervaded out.

Zhong Li Bai was at the front with his gold blade and horse, all of the Pro-Guard Unit were elites personally selected out by him from over 10 thousand men.

There were 2500 bandits in the Pro-Guards Unit, they were the true core of the East Mountain Pirates.

Out of them, there were elites from the East Immortal City's various families, elites from bandits, but most of them were actually chosen from ordinary refugees staying in the mountains. All of these refugees did not have any positions, and were people that had the most arduous jobs and obtained the least food.

Zhong Li Bai had specially chosen them.

Many of the bandits wanted to laugh at Zhong Li Bai, the refugees that did not have much strength did not have much use, and did not even have the qualifications to be cannon fodder.

The Pro-Guard Unit possessed the most optimal treatment, but at the same time, had to go through the harshest of trainings. The trainings that made the bandits stupefied were not able to incite any negativity from the Pro-Guard Unit.

None of them knew that their daily trainings and fighting style were tactics related to the legendary armies.

Even if they did, they did not care, because as long as they finished their training, they would be able to eat, and no one needed to starve. Compared to the arduous labor that had no hope, what was training? All of the petty and low refugees risked their lives in training until they fainted.

They were weak and did not have the habit of flaunting their own strengths, thus they never rejected the complicated coordinations and formations.

All of them risked their lives to train, causing the people who watched them to be speechless. The Pro-Guard Unit was not the strongest, but they were the most disciplined and obedient to take commands, and were the most upright and had seriousness in training, they were people who were not afraid of dying.

In the first battle, many of the Pro-Guard Unit died, but Zhong Li Bai rewarded the survivors tremendously. It did not take much to replenish the numbers, as countless of refugees watched in envy, all of them were racking their brains trying to join the Pro-Guard Unit.

A man in the dust would never hesitate when they could use their petty and low life in exchange for a hope to see the sun.

After a few battles, this Pro-Guard Unit grew quickly, like a treasure blade that revealed its luster when it drew blood. Every battle that was locked in stalemate would be broken by them.

Their blades and swords were aplenty, and their killing intent pervaded.

The multicolored armors mixed together did not cause these elites standing upright lose their appearances at all. They puffed their chests up with their heads high, their expressions indifferent, the spaces between where they stood left no gap for any blades to cut through.

It was dead silence, yet filled with intimidation.

When the three guests faced the group of elites, their faces changed.


Flying Galloping City.

"There's good news, and bad news."

Xu Ye had a complicated expression.

Nie Qiu laughed: "I hope the good news is better, and hope that the bad news is not that bad."

Xu Ye was amused by Nie Qiu's words, but quickly retracted the smile on his face: "The good news is that Master has obtained Su Family's Flowing Tassel Boat, killed Su Qing, and caught Ji Ze."

"That sounds like a remarkable feat." Nie Qiu praised.

"Not sounds like, it is extremely remarkable." Xu Ye remembered that Nie Qiu was not familiar with Sin Domain, ~No wonder he is so calm,~ then continued to explain: "Ji Ze is hailed as Bewitching Blade, and is 3rd in the 12 Rank A Infamous Great Legends, and is the youngest out of all of them, he is a brilliant chap. I never expected him to be caught as a captive by Master, this time, Sin Domain will find it difficult not to do anything."

"That is truly good news." Nie Qiu could not help but feel happy.

Xu Ye then revealed a bitter look: "The bad news is that Su Qing's death has shocked the Su Family. They want revenge, and will come after us. Su Qing's death is a reason for them to do so. My previous worry is how the Four Main Cities would probe us, but now, I reckon that the Su Family will take the lead."

"I understand." Nie Qiu nodded his head: "We will soon meet with the enemy's attacks."

"I am afraid so." Xu Ye's eyes flashed with a look of worry: "The Su Family's attack will definitely be strong!"

Right at that moment, a warning signal sounded out like a owl hooting, breaking the silence.

"Your judgement is very accurate."

Nie Qiu laughed, he stood up and left, leaving Xu Ye dumbstruck.

The Lu Family residence in Galloping Horse City lit up with lights, and human all flew out.

"Everyone in position!"

"Prepare to face the enemy!"

On the high walls of Galloping Horse City, four figures stood side by side and overlooked the entire place.

"They are truly ants."

The tallest figure stood there quietly with his cold voice. Qin Zhen, His eyes was leaking out a venomous anger, it was the ants in front of him that destroyed the Qin Family, and caused his few decades of hard work to go down the drain.

By his side was an old man that looked like a farmer. Lu Sheng Xiang, the Sect Leader of Lu Family, he looked as if he had aged a decade, his face was even more sunken as he remained silent.

"I still feel that they are rather neat." The one who spoke was a lady, her lustrous purple hair hang down like snakes to her waist, with a pair of full and voluptuous breasts, her deep red lips and ice blue eyes gave people a very beautiful sight to look at.

Su Fei, ranked 36 on the List of Powerhouses.

The last person was enveloped with black mist all over his body, making him look like a ghost. The other three looked to be fearful of him, maintaining a respectable distance away from him.

No one knew his name, but he was a famous man who dealt with death, and was well known in the entire Sin Domain as Death Servant, with a position of 28 on the List of Powerhouses. He was extremely mysterious, other than the fact the he trains in Death Laws, everything else was unknown. He was always reclusive and hardly came out, no one would have expected for the Su Family to be able to employ him.

Right at that moment, a light 'eh' came out from the dense black mist.

The three of them were startled, ~Did he sense something?~ They all turned their gaze towards the Lu Family courtyard.

Nie Qiu was seated down quietly, in front of him, the Growing Yin Sword floated in front of him with the sword tip pointed towards the ground. He could feel an extremely miraculous connection with it, causing him to feel out of sorts. After the continuous probing, his understanding towards the Growing Yin Sword grew stronger and deeper, it was able to strengthen his formation's might, and knew the value of the sword.

Tang Tian's generosity truly made him surprised.

In the Leo Constellation, such a treasure would never be so easily given to subordinates. Of course, even if it was given, it would definitely not be given to someone like him. Because hope births ambitions, when he left Leo Constellation, and became Tang Tian's subordinate, he still did things carefully and cautiously. Regardless of how one saw it, he could not be considered a direct faction of Tang Tian.

He used to think that it was good enough for Tang Tian to give him control over an army, so much that he did not even have the hope that his army would be able to obtain a level as that of a core army.

But he did not expect that not only did the Master give him the Null Division, he even gave him the trust and space, and the Growing Yin Sword, a treasured spirit object to him.

Such a treatment far exceeded all of his expectations.

In the Leo Constellation, although everyone hailed him as a genius, but he had never been treated so importantly before. But under the Master, he as an outsider, to be able to control an important army, that trust and expectation in him, this heavy pressure became an endless force for him to push on.

~Thinking about the days where he sighed about the difficulty for him to achieve magnificent goals, to actually be able to enjoy battles, how fortunate is that~

~Life is just like that, all of this is enough!~

Nie Qiu's palm held onto Growing Yin Sword's hilt, his word suddenly quieted down, and the fringe on his forehead moved although there was no wind, his somewhat pale white face revealed a gentle yet fanatical smile.

~Come, I will fight in the name of my Master!~

~Come, I will win in the name of my Master!~

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