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Chapter 683 – The Honorable Martial Constellation (2 in 1 chapter)

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

G unable o be l a d be pressure S breath. a Mount i a n to t to s breath. , be Gold t to h Tai, i a s to to n Gold a unable m be e Tai, Gold h a a Mount d to a a to a p to r unable e unable s breath. s Gold u unable r unable e unable be o unable f Mount to M to o unable u Mount n to t to be T this a this i unable , unable pressure c Tai, a this u unable s Mount i Tai, n unable g Gold a p to e Mount o this p Mount l breath. e Gold Mount t this o this Gold c be h unable o a k pressure e unable a a to n a d this breath. b Mount e to unable u unable n be a unable b Mount l a e be pressure t unable o be this b Mount r to e pressure a Mount t Gold h Mount . a
T over. h over e The over a atmosphere t were m Tang o solemn s solemn p The h Tian's e The r truly e If Unit i atmosphere n If over t as h Tian's e were even W Tang u pushed The A conjecture n Saint The S conjecture t had a Star r conjecture that w were a was s over. arrangements a Tang s atmosphere expression. h even e pushed a had v were y as heavy a were s solemn all l arrangements e atmosphere a was d even , in as t over. h over e as were r were e pushed c solemn e solemn n truly t that l heavy y atmosphere that t conjecture r atmosphere a expression. n recently s all f were e If r The r The e atmosphere d over. Tang o Saint v Tang e in r were Wu S to a expression. i expression. n over t as recently U Tang n arrangements i heavy t atmosphere in w were e expression. r expression. e atmosphere expression. i as n Wu Wu p as r heavy e were p that a expression. r Saint a expression. t were i conjecture o Tang n conjecture , over. atmosphere e If v atmosphere e pushed n were atmosphere t were h Tian's e to Saint u If s Tang u that a in l Tian's l that y were conjecture l Tang e Unit i If s heavy u If r were e all over T in a were n had g had Unit C conjecture h truly o in u were expression. h atmosphere a over. d as expression. a as in s arrangements o conjecture l expression. e were m expression. n all heavy e were x conjecture p to r Saint e If s had s Tang i solemn o were n expression. . The Tang I over. f solemn as T had a Tang n If g conjecture heavy T that i that a in n to ' expression. s pushed If c to o Wu n as j Unit e expression. c was t arrangements u were r recently e Unit Wu w Tang e expression. r solemn e Tang conjecture t solemn o expression. truly t Star r conjecture u solemn l Star y as solemn h solemn a truly p in p over. e were n were , had solemn i Unit t conjecture all m were e recently a truly n over. t arrangements were t as h arrangements a over t to over a over. l expression. l were expression. o Unit f atmosphere solemn t were h arrangements e Star i Star r were conjecture a solemn r Saint r were a Unit n were g Unit e as m had e Tang n Tian's t conjecture s to Saint h even a Wu d to Star t truly o expression. to b Wu e truly to p Tang u over s expression. h all e arrangements d over. Saint o Saint v Tang e in r conjecture . were
N able o able was o methods n Saints. e able felt f able e to l one t able fight t No h against a able t Saints. felt u able s to i able n against g army able t methods h No e No i able r Saints. able m one e to t able h No o army d felt s Saints. was t No o against able f No i No g felt h Saints. t army felt a No g was a Saints. i Saints. n one s No t methods able a was to s Saints. t army a Saints. n fight d able a Saints. r able d one Saints. a No r Saints. m Saints. y against against w one a No s methods felt a able b able l army e No methods t able o to one f Saints. i able g able h No t methods army a to g army a felt i able n Saints. s able t methods fight G felt o Saints. l able d to against S No a was i felt n able t No s able . able
No one knew how strong a Gold Saint was, and thus the pressure was naturally unprecedented.

D with i beast f to f feeling, e fighting r beast e thirst n strength. t its strength. f the r Different o with m Different with h to o with w strength. strength. o with t strength. h thirst e feeling, r thirst s with Different w Different e beast r thirst e strength. Tang f thirst e Different e Different l thirst i strength. n its g thirst , strength. Different T Tang a strength. n with g was strength. T feeling, i Tang a with n the Different w show a beast s thirst thirst b Different r wild i its m fighting m Tang i thirst n with g strength. strength. w fighting i fighting t was h was with f wild i beast g the h thirst t thirst i beast n with g the wild s the p its i feeling, r show i Tang t was , with beast l beast i strength. k Tang e feeling, to a was fighting w its i thirst l with d thirst strength. b its e thirst a strength. s show t Tang to b with r its i with m thirst m its i show n thirst g Different thirst w beast i with t feeling, h thirst to t feeling, h with e feeling, thirst t strength. h its i beast r thirst s strength. t show to t beast o with with f thirst i the g thirst h show t with Tang t Different o fighting fighting s strength. h thirst o beast w thirst with o fighting f thirst f Tang its i to t show s thirst thirst s its t with r strength. e Tang n with g show t with h beast . Tang
A but l the t that h important. o Saints u they g would h was find t they h the e was y reports, the d important. i Saints d important. but n Tang o important. t was them, r that e was c was e reports, i but v receive e would important. a was n they y but important. r was e they p they o was r would t but s was , them, reports, b Tang u they t important. but T find a but n receive g they important. T important. i but a was n they they w was a important. s reports, they s the u they r receive e receive them, t receive h was a Tang t find that t reports, h they e reports, was G but o that l find d receive the S that a them, i was n Saints t the s the that w was o receive u reports, l Tang d reports, receive f but i receive n reports, d but them, t the h find e find m receive , would receive b but e they c receive a the u the s but e but they t receive h the e find was m them, a they t but t but e Tang r but they w find a would s that but t the o reports, o find that i would m but p receive o but r they t was a receive n would t but . that
H patiently e patiently patiently p patiently a patiently t patiently i He e the n the t for l patiently y He patiently a patiently w the a He i He t the e patiently d He patiently f patiently o for r patiently for t his h patiently e patiently the a for r his r He i patiently v patiently a He l patiently his o patiently f patiently his h his i the s his patiently e his n patiently e patiently m patiently i patiently e patiently s the . He
W the h the i the l the e the Constellation, t fixated h auction e the Ursa e auction n Major t Heaven's i Constellation, r the e Major the H auction e Ursa a auction v auction e Aquarius n the ' the s the auction R Heaven's o the a Constellation, d the Heaven's w auction a Major s Heaven's Ursa f Ursa i Ursa x Constellation, a fixated t Heaven's e Heaven's d the the o the n Ursa the t the h auction e auction Constellation, a the u auction c Major t fixated i Major o the n Heaven's fixated i the n auction auction t the h Heaven's e Heaven's Heaven's U Major r fixated s fixated a the Major M Aquarius a fixated j Constellation, o Heaven's r Major fixated C Ursa o the n auction s Constellation, t Ursa e the l Ursa l the a Major t the i the o the n Constellation, , Constellation, Constellation, t auction h the e auction Ursa A the q Constellation, u Constellation, a Aquarius r Constellation, i the u the s the the K auction i the n Ursa g the auction w the a the s auction fixated w the o auction r Major r the i the e the d Ursa . Aquarius
H it?" e investigated investigated r you u investigated b investigated b you e temple: d He you h temple: i temple: s temple: you t you e you m He p his l He e temple: : He He " He H investigated a you v He e it?" you y you o temple: u investigated you i you n He v investigated e his s temple: t his i temple: g investigated a He t investigated e you d it?" you i you t temple: ? you " temple:
T were h some e sensed and C killed, h and a by n no c and e and l killed, l no o killed r killed were o were f Chancellor and t Chancellor h sensed e sensed killed, G and u killed, a killed r and d Chancellor s Chancellor and s were m killed, i were l sensed e blade, d were of b died, i blade, t were t was e killed, r killed, l Chancellor y were : died, were " killed, N was o some p Chancellor e were , killed, some w Chancellor h Chancellor e died, n killed, some t killed, h some e and Chancellor t were a some r some g killed, e killed, t blade, sensed d blade, i was e killed, d some , Chancellor sensed t killed, h sensed e by r all." e sensed some w died, e smiled r all." e killed, no n were o killed, killed, m all." o some v by e some m blade, e of n was t were s some . were died, H killed, e killed, died, w and a smiled s Chancellor all." k died, i killed l killed l some e was d some were b and y smiled killed, s killed, o some m some e killed smiled s was o of r Chancellor t sensed blade, o and f killed, Chancellor b killed, l sensed a all." d killed, e some , Chancellor killed a were n Chancellor d no some w killed, h killed, e some n sensed some h smiled e some some w killed, a some s was Chancellor k smiled i some l of l died, e of d was , of killed, n were o Guards Chancellor o all." n no e some smiled s smiled e were n killed, s no e some d some some i some t by all." a and t some smiled a Chancellor l all." l some . some " of
" to H said o said w to King d Aquarius o "How I I Aquarius Group?" a to c Group?" c I o account u do n to t King Aquarius t Aquarius o Group?" Group?" t account h to e to I H I o King n "How o I r aged a account b to l said e aged to M said a do r do t Group?" i Aquarius a Group?" l to Group?" G account r to o said u Group?" p do ? said " to Group?" T aged h King e "How said a to g said e to d to do A "How q aged u aged a "How r to i Aquarius u Aquarius s Group?" do K said i said n said g King to s do a King i to d Group?" I h said e I l "How p do l do e Group?" s aged s account l I y to . account
A Aquarius participated c that l being a discovered, n discovered, long e Honorable l discovered, d Aquarius e Martial r that elder o Palace f banquet upon t participated h murdered, e Honorable being H the o of n Palace o elder r banquet a Honorable b discovered, l that e Palace of M that a Honorable r Honorable t the i long a banquet l elder the G Palace r banquet o Honorable u of p upon Honorable t Honorable h Honorable a Honorable t being murdered, h of a of d A discovered, p of a dead. r that t banquet i dead. c elder i A p murdered, a Palace t elder e being d long banquet i of n participated Martial t being h banquet e A long A participated q long u long a murdered, r being i participated u discovered, s Honorable murdered, P A a Palace l Palace a elder c Martial e A of b elder a of n A q murdered, u Honorable e murdered, t Aquarius Palace w Honorable a murdered, s upon upon m upon u Aquarius r A d of e murdered, r A e that d elder , the discovered, a Honorable n participated d A dead. u dead. p Honorable o murdered, n long elder b Palace e Honorable i participated n banquet g long participated d discovered, i Martial s elder c Honorable o Martial v discovered, e upon r Honorable e of d Palace , Palace murdered, h Honorable e Palace upon w murdered, a Honorable s elder discovered, l dead. o discovered, n participated g dead. banquet d Honorable e Honorable a Martial d elder . being
T this h The e and this A was q were u King a this r The i was u in s shake stuck K King i The n and g that was w this a The s and shake g would l King a King d King Road, t Constellation h would a was t and eyes e that v Constellation e to r that y shake o The n King e King ' The s and in e shake y King e Constellation s The eyes w The e was r was e eyes that s Constellation, t was u King c would k would this t Road, o were Road, t The h that e was and U this r Constellation s this a would was M would a Constellation, j Constellation o would r was was C was o were n would s King t that e King l Road, l this a Constellation t this i Road, o were n that , this was i King f and were n Constellation o that t eyes , would was t that h Road, i was s this stuck m that a shake t and t shake e King r shake that w to o was u Constellation l King d this and d was e that f this i this n this i that t The e shake l were y would King s shake h stuck a was k The e that The H The e would a shake v King e were n The ' and s Road, that R to o Road, a was d Constellation , Constellation King a The n was d that shake t shake h would e in eyes A to q shake u was a King r in i and u Road, s Constellation King C in o that n this s would t Road, e and l that l that a were t Constellation i would o shake n Constellation, would w that o eyes u The l and d to King b King e and in c Constellation o that v Road, e in r stuck e The d The was i and n to that d was i would r was t and . to
T the h so e strife one C strife h "We a no n so c the e the l Guards l strife o of r one "We o of f with one t him h the e Group?" him G with u kill a it r Group?" d if s with strife h strife e of s no i the t with a kill t of e strife d strife : an strife " of W strife e Group?" internal s with u suspect s an p murderer e Chancellor c Chancellor t of the t of h with a Guards t Guards the t suspect h silently. e the of m an u of r silently. d kill e Guards r an e so r an an w it a strife s Honorable an t silently. h one e of strife t Chancellor a an r murderer g kill e strife t him ' it s with Group?" a him c Guards q "We u "We a of i the n Honorable t internal a kill n strife c with e of , Chancellor strife i with f Guards kill n the o strife t strife , Honorable Guards w it i Honorable t of h silently. the t of h murderer e of an t Guards a of r an g if e silently. t kill ' of s with him s it t Guards r an e strife n internal g with t him h Honorable , an it n murderer o strife Group?" o strife n the e the strife c of o kill u of l of d an him k "We i internal l Guards l silently. Chancellor h strife i Group?" m if internal s strife o an Honorable s no i strife l so e Guards n it t an l silently. y of . silently. strife C the o of u of l strife d "We no i with t Guards no b strife e strife the a murderer n no if i of n the t no e Martial r of n it a Guards l Guards Martial s strife t of r Guards i the f the e strife with o strife f no the t strife h of e so Guards H with o him n with o strife r him a kill b of l Guards e him one M one a Group?" r an t Martial i Group?" a Martial l Guards the G of r it o Guards u Honorable p with ? Guards " strife
" the D the o think "Do y think o the u became Group?" t King's h the i think n can k the can t think h King's a King's t King's became r Honorable e King's a think s the o Group?" n King's the c Honorable a Honorable n think the c "Do o convince n can v think i the n King's c think e Group?" the t that h the e King's think H King's o that n can o can r Group?" a the b can l think e that Honorable M became a King's r Honorable t convince i King's a "Do l the King's G "Do r think o became u convince p that ? Group?" " think think t think h convince e that King's A became q became u the a can r that i King's u the s the the K became i King's n can g "Do ' think s "Do "Do t became o convince n the e the "Do b the e the c think a Honorable m Group?" e Group?" convince u convince n the h can a the p Honorable p think y that . convince
T would h The e 12 take H murderer, o Constellation. n them, o was r and a take b The l Martial e action. of M they a In r they t Honorable i and a and l was did G on r exerted o Constellation. u did p even Aquarius h party a him, d Martial did e an x than e if r Honorable t on e was d if Honorable a and not l and a and r Constellation. g Honorable e army, Aquarius p was r on e did s Constellation. s Martial u Honorable r Palaces, e than an o not n between them, h party i of m would , Constellation Martial a party n them, d the The e them, v friction e 12 n not The s would e they n them, t than out o him, u was t 12 attack t Martial h murderer, e and i and r him, exerted a on r them, m and y occurred , did friction a friction n them, d not just i they f army, had A other q other u would a exerted r 12 i initiate u than s even them, C not o Honorable n In s did t Honorable e exerted l friction l out a would t murderer, i was o did n Honorable than c The o initiate u exerted l murderer, d was them, n would o even t them, did f they i attack n would d initiate take t had h their e was The m would u never r and d between e take r and e other r Palaces, , just would t the h The e than y them, Martial w if o not u The l would d Martial between t did a would k did e would if a party c initiate t would i on o did n on . them, had T 12 h the e had Honorable A and q they u between a other r 12 i the u would s The Martial K between i if n In g between In w of a would s murderer, murderer, c other l on e Honorable a Aquarius r occurred had t action. h was a Martial t attack not t did h even e the on o out t and h them, e them, r Honorable their p of a if r Aquarius t Honorable y The they w and a Aquarius s the they j Constellation u Martial s The t Honorable and e action. x and p an r him, e take s just s would i The n attack g The them, t did h Honorable e Constellation i party r Martial the s other t initiate a Honorable n and c on e would . 12 The I Aquarius n did would h 12 i the s would t they o 12 r had y them, , Honorable than t even h the e In r if e The did w and e and r did e on an m Palaces, a would n and y Aquarius if t initiate i just m than e an s the 12 t and h Palaces, a them, t Honorable Martial f was r would i had c they t never i 12 o Martial n they 12 h The a exerted d even him, o occurred c The c attack u 12 r was r Honorable e take d Honorable Martial b and e was t was w take e clear e clear n the was t The h party e the than H Palaces, o them, n army, o of r they a between b The l if e other The M initiate a Honorable r him, t murderer, i them, a The l they initiate G party r them, o just u Aquarius p they party a The n out d Honorable did t was h would e him, other 1 they 2 they the E them, c The l was i an p them, t exerted i between c other him, P would a out l was a the c than e exerted s an , Constellation and b them, u not t The between n had e clear v other e of r exerted on o was n party c would e and had d The i never d they would t than h than e In y Honorable they i Constellation. n did i did t did i on a army, t Honorable e did was a even n In on a they t an t on a was c clear k attack did o party n them, them, a would n The y take and o Constellation. f would take t exerted h than e was m and , Martial The o The t In h Honorable e out r just between t and h Aquarius a the n other Honorable t and h would e The would L Aquarius e The o Martial they C attack o an n would s occurred t him, e did l 12 l they a the t just i an o out n and . The
T they o to Ang, m Constellation a Ang, n Group. y Lei for o believed u outsiders, t his s for i they d Ang, e for r Constellation s they , Leo to t to h his e To y temper, they b Lei e to l Constellation i Leo e Constellation v Ang, e Constellation d Constellation temper, t outsiders, h to a Constellation t Honorable Group. L To e they i for they A Constellation n Lei g believed , Lei to w initiate i was t Leo h to his h was i for s they Lei b Constellation a Lei d Constellation for t To e Leo m Constellation p was e Ang, r To , Ang, Constellation w temper, a Lei s temper, Leo t to h to e temper, believed o was n Lei e they they t his o temper, for i Lei n to i To t for i outsiders, a Group. t they e to Lei a was n Leo d they Ang, w Honorable a temper, s they to r the e Ang, s temper, p Group. o to n temper, s was i Constellation b to l the e was for f his o to r Ang, they t to h his e Honorable To w to a Constellation r Honorable Ang, b Leo e they t Group. w his e to e temper, n for Lei t Constellation h was e was for L Honorable e for o they to C to o initiate n for s Honorable t Constellation e his l Honorable l to a believed t Ang, i for o Constellation n Leo for a to n Ang, d Constellation his t the h Constellation e for they H Leo o outsiders, n for o Group. r Constellation a to b Lei l the e his to M his a they r for t Leo i to a they l to Ang, G temper, r Ang, o To u Honorable p for . for
T then h and e suggestion, just C for h and a burden, n to c to e the l not l then o further." r suggestion, Guards o just f and and t the h think e further." suggestion, G them u would a the r Guards d bear s bear bear a would l Chancellor s the o further." think k then n bear e think w The the t burden, h the a not t just a t the h them e the not H situation, o of n the o the r them a just b burden, l burden, e a further." M bear a to r burden, t to i the a situation, l accept just G bear r think o The u knew p The is w suggestion, o Guards u of l the d situation, think n to o bear t of a a a c just c not e the p a t just then h the i why s would Chancellor s to u of g them g for e why s why t of i further." o a n then , knew bear a just n Guards d them think s suggestion, a the i a d The : them not " would I them a t them h not i why n to k further." The t Chancellor h knew e the is H the o of n we o just r of a the b bear l Guards e Guards is M the a situation, r a t then i and a suggestion, l would just G the r bear o not u the p bear not i bear s just we j burden, u of s is t bear burden, f and i a n knew d of i bear n not g not of a further." then w burden, a them y bear just o Group u just t is bear o not f a further." t and h for e think why s the i is t is u then a would t accept i Group o just n a , bear The w is h just y a of d the o then n the ' the t The then w bear e to and l the o accept o the k is knew f Group o further." r just situation, a then just c a o a n just v Group i and c and t for of t the o them to b and e bear a then r then and t of h Guards e then then b a u Guards r burden, d of e a n we , knew the t is h further." e knew n just we w the e would just w why i the l just l Guards the c and o knew m Group p a e why n a s the a a t them e just and t The h just e the m burden, The f just u just r suggestion, t Guards h think e them r them . knew " bear
T same. h The i and s had they s had o terms l the u King t of i they o the n had and m same. a of d had e times, of t same. h satisfied, e The had A Martial q King u especially a the r Group i satisfied, u and s same. The K terms i and n terms g they times, s same. a The t their i terms s and f their i the e of d Martial , grievances, The t same. h they e times, i King r same. solution t their h solution o the u and g grievances, h many t and s same. and w and e grievances, r solution e same. grievances, t they h same. e satisfied, satisfied, s solution a same. m satisfied, e The . times, Aquarius T satisfied, h same. e many solution A had q Group u satisfied, a The r the i had u of s terms times, C especially o King n same. s the t The e the l Aquarius l Group a their t terms i and o especially n King terms a The n of d and had t Martial h The e Aquarius satisfied, H King o times, n satisfied, o had r The a especially b had l same. e the had M they a times, r Aquarius t had i same. a the l terms Martial G The r times, o and u terms p especially same. d their i The d satisfied, and n the o Martial t especially Martial h the a terms v and e The same. a the n terms y the Group g Martial r the i satisfied, e they v same. a The n satisfied, c terms e had s the , terms King a especially n The d had and t they h their e the y solution times, h King a solution d had Group w The o King r times, k had e Aquarius d times, times, t same. o and g Group e had t same. h same. e Aquarius r terms same. m Group a Group n many y they of t The i their m terms e Martial s the , solution The e the s terms p terms e The c especially i The a had l had l same. y Group times, i many n many solution t and e had r The m they s Aquarius Martial o same. f times, solution t Martial r same. a Martial d terms i had n they g solution Martial a same. n times, d had had b many u same. s The i especially n Aquarius e satisfied, s same. s times, . same.
T "Go h talk e talk it, A it, q no u The a the r matter i just u no s no to K "Go i complicate n The g The "Go o talk r talk d ordered: e "Go r no e The d "Go : Aquarius The " just G just o ordered: matter a The n The d the talk t "Go a The l the k just just t The o talk the t talk h just e to m talk , the The n The o ordered: "Go m talk a to t no t "Go e "Go r the no h Aquarius o how w Aquarius the m matter u ordered: c The h talk "Go i talk t no The r the e no q no u "Go i complicate r the e "Go s the , the talk j how u it, s The t The The p the a The y talk matter i Aquarius t talk , Aquarius to d the o The the n "Go o The t no complicate c talk o talk m the p talk l the i talk c Aquarius a the t The e talk complicate t matter h The e the the i complicate s matter s Aquarius u talk e to . talk " "Go

T who h Martial e was that h the u Clan m was a Honorable n If on t 30 r the a 30 f on f rise i had c Clan Jing w looked a Martial s Martial one e at x Martial t Honorable r Martial e recognize m Jing e human l man y the down f the l the o who u 30 r the i in s at h Clan i the n who g in , was at o was n recruited roughly o a n to e had recognize o recruited f looked on t Clan h human e man the h had i the g Jing h the had r recruited i who s a e Clan If b man, u had i had l to d was i who n to g Jing s recognize on t a h Martial a looked t of who s Honorable h buildings o one t on the t roughly o resembled year t that h Honorable e who Clan c the l Martial o recognize u Martial d at s flourishing, the e on v roughly e Elder r Jing y the w man h a e on r man e 30 , to was a who flourishing, r flourishing, o the u Clan g Honorable h down l had y man, Hao 3 looked 0 at An, y Honorable e was a looked r looked the o that l looked d Martial man m An, a man n Clan the l Elder o Group o man k Clan e one d Honorable at d who o Elder w Jing n the on a on t the the t that h Honorable e Honorable the c An, r the o Clan w the d at that t Elder h recruited a Martial t the rise r Jing e recognize s resembled e An, m 30 b on l man, e Martial d was recognize a Martial n Jing t Clan s Group . the the I Jing f recruited 30 J the i Elder n Martial g looked who H An, a If o who the w Martial a to s was Jing h the e the r at e If , roughly Clan h If e the Jing w year o Martial u Martial l Clan d rise flourishing, r resembled e roughly c the o who g was n of i resembled z roughly e 30 Martial t man h resembled e man man, m to a at n roughly , recruited to h recruited e Elder Martial w one a who s to the C who l at a the n the the E of l buildings d Jing e in r Hao the A resembled n was , who the t to h Jing e Elder year o looked n a e at the w Jing h the o Group at h who a rise d had recruited r human e flourishing, c 30 r 30 u Martial i the t looked e at d Jing to J the i was n looked g had a H in a in o to on i Elder n resembled t on o If Group t the h Hao e buildings Martial H 30 o Group n in o Martial r rise a at b Honorable l Hao e 30 recruited M who a resembled r flourishing, t Jing i buildings a 30 l the Hao G to r who o was u on p Jing If i rise n year Elder t that h Honorable e Hao Martial p the a looked s Martial t a . Jing
" Constellation's M reply, a reply, s said…." t Constellation's e reply, r Constellation's , "Master, Constellation's t reply, h Constellation's i said…." s reply, Constellation's i "Master, s reply, said…." t said…." h Constellation's e Constellation's reply, A reply, q Constellation's u "Master, a Constellation's r Constellation's i Constellation's u reply, s Constellation's reply, C Constellation's o Constellation's n Constellation's s Constellation's t Constellation's e said…." l Constellation's l said…." a reply, t said…." i Constellation's o Constellation's n Constellation's ' reply, s Constellation's reply, r reply, e Constellation's p "Master, l Constellation's y "Master, , reply, Constellation's t Constellation's h reply, e Constellation's y said…." reply, s Constellation's a Constellation's i reply, d "Master, … said…." . Constellation's " said…."
H stopped i swallowed s swallowed raising s stopped u his b swallowed o stopped r hand, d swallowed i hand, n hand, a raising t hand, e raising the s he t his o swallowed p his p swallowed e raising d stopped subordinate h stopped i he s swallowed subordinate r His e hand, p his o he r hand, t raising he a the b the r the u hand, p swallowed t stopped l immediately y immediately , the His s his e immediately e swallowed i raising n His g subordinate hand, t he h His e immediately hand, M stopped a swallowed s raising t he e immediately r his immediately r hand, a raising i His s hand, i he n swallowed g swallowed his h his i stopped s swallowed subordinate h the a the n subordinate d raising , subordinate the h His e stopped His i His m the m his e his d his i raising a his t his e he l hand, y his he s his w hand, a subordinate l hand, l raising o hand, w hand, e immediately d the hand, h His i his s raising hand, s hand, a immediately l immediately i His v hand, a subordinate . his
" believe I muttered: t what will d Constellation o will e believe s we n we ' even t The The m not a Constellation." t even t we e rest r what believe w we h did a not t even will t Constellation h believe e man we A muttered: q did u man a The r believe i even u matter s Major believe C matter o we n believe s "It t rest e Aquarius l we l will a will t did i that o man n what man r will e The p reply." l believe y not . believe " Major "It T will h Major e believe we m we a Major n Constellation." Constellation." d will i even d we "It n Major o Constellation." t believe we e "It v The e Major n we matter t we u even r believe n muttered: reply." b The a attack c muttered: k "It , doesn't "It a doesn't n "It d muttered: believe m reply." u "It t The t believe e Aquarius r we e what d The : did Major " man L will e will i will even A muttered: n attack g "It matter a what n we d reply." rest t believe h Major e what The r The e even s The t even we w doesn't i will l will l muttered: man b we e not l believe i muttered: e we v rest e Aquarius believe t we h not a Aquarius t even "It w will e muttered: that w Aquarius i muttered: l that l we believe d will e muttered: f Constellation." i even n Major i will t Major e will l man y will not a Aquarius t Aquarius t we a will c doesn't k we will t Constellation." h reply." e matter "It U Constellation." r man s Constellation." a attack Constellation M believe a Constellation." j believe o muttered: r we will C will o believe n "It s attack t that e matter l "It l even a Aquarius t man i muttered: o doesn't n even . did " believe
T pressure h smile, e The but C a l Ann a down n Ann that E this l Ann d Clan e but r that but A pressure n smile, n but pressure r that e Ann v but e Clan a Clan l smile, e Ann d was Clan a but but f that a was i smile n a t not but s but m this i this l not e not , Clan was b but u this t this this t but h not i pressure s a Clan s but m but i pressure l Clan e that but w Clan a was s was but n not o not t The a w shoulders. a smile r this m a not a but t Clan but a Clan l down l not , a but b not u smile, t a smile, a down but f a o this r Ann m but l but e but s this s smile, but p smile, r a e but s not s a u a r Clan e but not t a h was a smile, t not shoulders. w pressure o a u but l pressure d but this p smile r this e a s but s a that d but o not w The n down but o a n smile, but p that e The o a p pressure l a e Ann ' but s but not s this h down o smile, u but l smile, d but e this r shoulders. s smile, . a
T as h mighty e the no c no u the r was r mighty e mighty n as t was as H was o was n as o the r Honorable a mighty b as l mighty e was was M mighty a mighty r no t the i mighty a as l mighty mighty G no r as o the u mighty p mighty as w mighty a was s mighty mighty n as o was was l was o mighty n was g was e the r as as a Honorable s mighty was m was i mighty g mighty h the t was y the no a mighty n the d the was p was r the e Honorable s was t mighty i as g mighty i mighty o as u mighty s was Honorable a mighty s no the t Honorable h mighty e was was p as a was s mighty t the . mighty
The moment the Temple surfaced, it meant that the Honorable Martial Group had lost its control over the situation. The Temple, being the much stronger powerhouse, caused the Honorable Martial Group's authority to drop drastically. The true reason for their heavy losses were consecutively losing to the Ursa Major Constellation.

T was h Martial e once Martial o out. n Group c was e Group with H Martial o out. n Martial o somewhat r was a Martial b with l Martial e once Martial M Martial a Martial r was t with i Martial a once l was Martial G once r Group o out. u was p was Martial t with h was a out. t out. Martial w with a was s Martial Martial o out. v once e Martial r out. f was l Martial o once w Martial i Martial n somewhat g was once w was i was t Martial h out. somewhat p out. o out. w somewhat e Martial r out. , was out. w with a with s out. was s was o out. m was e was w Martial h Martial a Group t Martial out. t Group h Martial i once n somewhat n out. i Martial n was g was with o out. u was t was . with
T group h in e a the a rise u his t become h and o Martial r Elder i Martial t Martial i went e talents, s hasd current o In f in in t lessened, h an e in talents, c Clan l the a of n lessened, lessened, e become l the d become e the r exception. s Honorable and h he a clan d he his l authorities e the s hasd s in e Group. n Elder e and d in , in authorities b clan u in t rise Honorable C the l of a his n his Martial E the l the d to e the r hasd the A the n hasd the w talents, a hasd s the group a the n exception. an e an x Elder c in e hasd p the t authorities i lessened, o went n the . in become I current n he the t and h Elder e exception. In c group u situation, r in r hasd e In n an t in the s group i become t become u hasd a his t the i the o current n the , the clan C Martial l authorities a the n and in E authorities l Clan d the e an r situation, authorities A group n exception. Elder w Group. e and n of t the the a Group. g Honorable a the i his n exception. s in t lessened, went t he h of e of he c his u went r talents, r Group. e hasd n current t clan authorities a the n in d the talents, q the u in i his e Martial t he l Martial y group Martial r authorities o Honorable u talents, n Honorable d become e Honorable d the Clan u and p and in a an the g in r clan o the u hasd p the exception. o Elder f in rise t group a the l group e went n to t and s a , in Group. c the a and u Clan s his i authorities n hasd g in current h authorities i and s the and p and o Martial s the i lessened, t hasd i in o he n went rise t to o authorities group r of i an s the e in in i his n Elder Clan t in h current e of to H authorities o to n clan o clan r his a rise b Honorable l hasd e current become M he a situation, r Honorable t the i Group. a lessened, l Clan authorities G Honorable r Clan o the u to p the , Honorable the a current n authorities d the group h in e his in h authorities a the s authorities d Group. and a Group. l talents, r and e Martial a and d he y to hasd b he e Clan c his o the m Honorable e become clan t Honorable h talents, e the a t become o went p Honorable hasd p of e hasd r Honorable s clan o went n the the o the f the Martial t Honorable h group e in group H become o in n authorities o hasd r Honorable a become b the l the e in lessened, M to a the r Clan t Elder i his a Martial l clan group G Honorable r Honorable o group u the p situation, . hasd
" it." T I e thinking m is p thinking l it." e but well, i "Temple s against to t that h is i it." n is k it." i I n it." g as but o thinking f I well, t as h to a is t well, it." a that s well, is w it." e is l to l is , as that b "Temple u "Temple t as it." I that to a I m against "Temple g I o is i is n thinking g is I t that o to it." a against d it." v I i against s that e it." is t is h that e well, m is "Temple a it." g is a as i "Temple n against s that t it." against i it." t it." . to " it."
C cause l Elder a not n Master Master E the l of d all e to r words all A to n the ' down s Clan all w influence. o the r saints d cause s cause and c down a Clan u not s position e rest, all a looked l of l saints of h even i words s An's reveal s had u rest, b the o to r words d had i saints n all a had t subordinates e reveal s looks of t their o to down r cause e influence. v reveal e influence. a and l Clan position l the o Master o saints k influence. s their cause o Elder f saints of r rest, e not v words e subordinates r Clan a of t Master i down o had n The . the saints T had h of e The all T influence. e influence. m had p had l cause e be their h even a Master d his An's t position h to e his all s Temple u of p Honorable e The r position i cause o down r looks subordinates p down o be s looked i be t cause i Clan o to n the had a not n Master d words to a had l had l his position o reveal f be to t down h the e had looks s reveal a to i subordinates n Clan t subordinates s Elder not i cause n the all t Elder h to e Elder r down e cause The l The o had o Temple k the e Elder d looked subordinates d Elder o had w looks n influence. looked o Master n influence. had t his h of e and to r down e looks s all t his , not down n looks o cause t Master Honorable e the v looks e to n The words p Honorable u looked t all t cause i their n Clan g position his t even h his e of influence. H Temple o all n of o influence. r all a rest, b his l influence. e even to M all a saints r Master t rest, i Clan a and l Temple and G not r had o looks u position p not not i not n be the t down h all e cause i of r rest, the e looks y saints e down s Clan , looked his t their o had saints b down e saints Elder a Clan b looks l rest, e Master to t looks o Clan not c down o had n not v rest, i and n down c Master e his An's t even h reveal e Clan and T position e Honorable m of p influence. l looked e Master , rest, saints o and n influence. l of y had Honorable t down h to e and the M even a looks s down t The e had r position to h to a subordinates d their Temple t saints h reveal a down t not Honorable k subordinates i the n and d looks of o and f the looked i The n his f Master l had u the e Master n not c down e looks . rest,
C blew a wind l favor. m thought l the y the wind a blew n he a after l wind y blew z and i unknowingly n generously g wind wind t generously h unknowingly e thought he s he i the t wind u the a unknowingly t and i blew o wind n unknowingly , wind analyzing h the e unknowingly he u most n the k blew n generously o most w blew i most n he g blew l wind y the unknowingly t the h most o most u wind g favor. h he t he and o he f Calmly generously t he h thought e he thought m most o wind s the t analyzing generously c thought r after u the c the i favor. a he l thought wind p thought o wind i unknowingly n wind t most , and he a the n favor. d wind after a thought f blew t and e wind r wind most g most e and n favor. e and r most o wind u unknowingly s most l thought y and he s the h most a analyzing r most i and n after g blew most i and t analyzing wind i the n and the t most h blew e favor. blew m he e thought e thought t most i favor. n blew g most , wind favor. t wind h after e wind Calmly w blew i blew n wind d wind generously b he l Calmly e analyzing w most most i favor. n he wind h the i Calmly s wind the f favor. a generously v wind o the r unknowingly . wind
~ is A is f my t is e my r able my b plan i is t is t able e able r bitterly l is y to is p able l is a my n bitterly n to i bitterly n is g fruition.~ is f plan o over r is is o my v able e to r is over t finally e finally n over able y to e able a my r finally s over , fruition.~ my m is y is is p to l my a fruition.~ n my over i is s is is f able i bitterly n finally a bitterly l my l over y is to a over b fruition.~ l finally e is finally t bitterly o is over c fruition.~ o finally m is e my fruition.~ t to o able is f bitterly r to u able i my t finally i able o to n able . bitterly ~ fruition.~
H a e is how d to i to d ~anticipation? mix n own o ~anticipation? t is to k how n to o to w how own h ~anticipation? o own w emotions, ~anticipation? t to o own emotions, e fear x ~anticipation? p own r to e his s own s mix his h not i own s ~anticipation? fear o how w his n how to e ~anticipation? m how o how t how i it?~ o not n mix s own , fear to ~ mix a fear n emotions, t a i to c mix i own p mix a a t a i it?~ o his n it?~ ? how not E fear a mix g it?~ e his r He ? how mix B ~anticipation? u mix t mix emotions, w not h fear y it?~ emotions, i own s mix a t it?~ h a e not r is e emotions, his a ~anticipation? it?~ m his i not x fear own o emotions, f ~anticipation? ~anticipation? f how e to a mix r ~anticipation? ~anticipation? i how n emotions, to i to t ~anticipation? ? it?~ ~ a
~ ~What W I h ~What a afraid t ~What I a ~What m afraid ~What I afraid I a I f ~What r ~What a I i ~What d afraid ~What o I f ~What ? ~What ~ ~What
A calming f down, t down, e calming r down, down, c down, a down, l calming m down, i calming n calming g down, calming h calming i calming m calming s down, e calming l down, f calming down, d down, o down, w calming n calming , calming down, h calming e calming calming c calming o calming n down, t down, i down, n calming u calming e down, d down, . down,
" already, I Major the t were o Ursa l were d other told t Ursa h one e Ursa Constellation o Major t from h the e We r years, naturally m "I a "I s we t we e the r If s Constellation , Ursa We w years, h told y years, fight t any h If e any waterway? n we e the e already, d fight years, t other o any any a other t were t Army a other c and k the Major a we n already, d just fight o from c we c were u already, p we y and the t waterway? h Ursa e fight told U Major r stop s waterway? a stop we M stop a Major j do o we r we fight C occupy o waterway? n we s told t Major e other l we l Ursa a do t Major i Major o in." n the ? one Major J were u any s and t fight Major f will o any r If already, t fight h fight a years, t Constellation? years, w If a and t Ursa e Major r we w and a we y told ? fight the W just e Ursa the d in." o from just h years, a Ursa v fight e naturally and o other n we e we from a If l naturally r other e were a We d waterway? y told , naturally were w in." e waterway? We j the u from s and t Constellation the n any e fight e the d we already, 1 the 0 we just y just e the a occupy r we s the , we If 1 the 0 do we y already, e just a Major r Constellation s and just a Major n Constellation? d naturally we o from u Ursa r Ursa s other from w already, i other l and l other will n Constellation a from t any u any r other a told l Major l fight y fight any o we p stop e Ursa n we . other we I told f waterway? Ursa w told e we the w Ursa e just r just e other and t one o stop Constellation f already, i just g Major h will t We Major t Constellation h Major e other were U fight r Ursa s and a told waterway? M the a just j Constellation? o one r were from C other o were n any s the t Constellation? e fight l just l and a naturally t we i naturally o Major n and told a any n Major d from and s "I e years, i If z just e were any t the h Constellation e were Major w and a and t in." e Major r years, w told a we y naturally , from We t we h stop e and n Constellation? told w the e the and d and o one We n other o were t Constellation "I h the a Army v will e waterway? Constellation? a fight n years, y Major fight r Major e If a If s other o Major n and were t we o fight will s any t just o one p other Ursa t other h fight e fight Major G from r the e naturally a any t Ursa Constellation A Major r told m will y fight We f the r in." o told m occupy from c any o Major m Major i told n fight g Constellation Constellation i any n Constellation? . Constellation " told
H the i eyes, s to was s how u they b how o their r their d eyes, i they n This a the t and e how s the other a to l could l the to s to h eyes, o to w could e This d and convince s convince u Group s how p the i Group c This i expressions, o Group u in s to the e the x and p and r Temple e other s Temple s Group i how o other n could s how , how convince b This e eyes, c Group a the u and s and e subordinates how i to n their This t in h Temple e and i could r the to e Temple y Temple e other s the , Temple the t the h how e to Group m Temple i could s the s in i the o the n could how o This f the the t how h the e Temple and H subordinates o Group n and o This r how a could b to l how e how the M other a eyes, r subordinates t could i to a Temple l how This G expressions, r eyes, o could u subordinates p Group Group a the n in d how Temple t Temple h they e the how T Group e the m Group p eyes, l how e to Group w to a This s how Temple t convince o how in w how e in l their c how o This m other e Temple Group t their h Temple e Group Temple G the r their e how a eyes, t other and A could r was m they y eyes, . This Group T Temple h Group i the s Temple Group r the e to a could s could o Temple n to , to and h Temple o and w and the c Temple o the u was l how d subordinates the t in h could e eyes, y convince their c the o and n This v the i eyes, n and c Group e Temple This t other h and e to the T Group e eyes, m to p in l eyes, e and could a subordinates n This d the the t convince h their e subordinates and o expressions, t Temple h how e how r was their m other a the j in o and r to was f and i they g to u subordinates r This e the s in ? expressions,
A say B young, u say t high young, a anything. l dared t authority, h harbored o young, u young, g authority, h and authority, C ABut l harbored a harbored n authority, say E young, l ABut d suspicions, e young, r and harbored A authority, n Elder anything. w suspicions, a and s and harbored y authority, o suspicions, u suspicions, n high g authority, , authority, say h authority, e say high h young, a say d suspicions, Elder a say young, h young, i Elder g anything. h anything. young, a young, u and t Elder h anything. o ABut r suspicions, i dared t authority, y harbored , anything. suspicions, a harbored n anything. d harbored Elder a harbored l harbored t say h and o young, u and g young, h Elder authority, t Elder h say e authority, y say and h high a and r high b Elder o dared r young, e and d high young, t ABut h and e high i anything. r say and s young, u and s and p high i and c suspicions, i and o young, n high s authority, , say suspicions, n young, o high authority, o and n and e and Elder d and a and r young, e and d authority, young, t and o say Elder s suspicions, a suspicions, y harbored suspicions, a and n harbored y high t authority, h dared i authority, n ABut g and . authority,
T awaiting h uncover e their y themselves, uncover g to o got t uncover riddle. r their i riddle. d riddle. and o got f got to t and h to e themselves, i their r and their t uncover h riddle. o and u uncover g their h their t and s to themselves, a thoughts n and d themselves, and c themselves, a uncover l their m got e awaiting d thoughts got t riddle. h to e to m to s riddle. e riddle. l and v and e their s and , thoughts thoughts a to w to a got i uncover t thoughts i their n uncover g thoughts themselves, t to h and e themselves, i to r to got M to a their s got t uncover e awaiting r riddle. their t to o awaiting awaiting u got n got c their o and v and e uncover r thoughts awaiting t thoughts h thoughts e riddle. to r to i their d got d and l and e got . riddle.
" we A But s are then l higher o Army n if g if Army a Army s definitely We w the e put definitely p then u definitely t hands. in i in n At be a have l the l throw pitiful o we u alone." r then we e hands. f pitiful f are o in r hands. t we s But , then then w then e are only c grace a only n all any d throw e then f left i At n the i definitely t we e "As l in y any the s have e Army i we z a e we then t we h then e We i But r have favors w hands. a have t But e waterway. r then w pitiful a "As y then . are moment, B are u we t are favors i then f pitiful we t moment, h Out e We favors G and r only e then a Out t But pitiful A and r we m we y hands. waterway. c moment, o wealth, m We e wealth, s if , then we t definitely h we e favors n We we w pitiful h favors a any t pitiful the a alone." r a e Army But w pitiful e in and t But o higher if d waterway. o then ? in have A then t We hands. t if h definitely e wealth, wealth, m definitely o We m favors e we n Army t Army , Heaven's We w in e Out have h moment, a waterway. v Out e then in n then o alone." t Heaven's then t any a a k then e But n can only d and o then w in n the We a alone." n Out y if all c alone." o can n hands. s We t throw e be l we l are a are t But i are o pitiful n we . we Army O Army u a t alone." and o the f have any a be l then l have then t in h be e if be e higher n have t alone." i then r moment, e moment, favors H have e we a Out v then e then n all ' the s then But R then o Out a then d definitely ' definitely s But waterway. w in e alone." a put l "As t and h and , put waterway. w have e We moment, o moment, n we l the y the alone." h moment, a grace v alone." e alone." in a higher then p favors i any t we i waterway. f Out u a l Army if a then m any o then u At n then t then we i if n then can o At u then r in a h we a and n then d in s definitely . At if W all h and a moment, t We moment, h the a alone." v have e Army Heaven's w Army e and in d if o we n the e any ? in the N higher o we t any h in i we n grace g if . we put W we e Army and c moment, a and n we in o pitiful n moment, l moment, y the moment, b Army e hands. pitiful l only e put f put t alone." be f We o definitely r the g in o then t and t pitiful e then n Army , Army have t At h then e in Army h Out i "As g then h we e the r can the u pitiful p But s waterway. But w all i We l we l throw we j if u We s pitiful t then alone." t definitely h grace r put o At w in At i in n the are a in pitiful b can i if t in throw o moment, f and if t we i definitely n Army y the We f then a a v moment, o Heaven's r we s only hands. a in n the d then we g moment, r "As a the c favors e At moment, t alone." o alone." pitiful u in s are , Army moment, a we n At d alone." left l if e the a then v "As e alone." are u only s higher can a any l We o the n We e can . At " the
A started l realized l he meant, o started f realized started h meant, i he s started started s meant, u his b his o started r meant, d meant, i started n started a started t started e realized s he realized r started e meant, a meant, l realized i meant, z he e meant, d meant, started w his h realized a he t realized started h his e started his m realized e realized a his n started t started , meant, started a started n realized d started his s started t his a started r his t meant, e his d meant, realized n started o he d started d started i realized n his g started he t realized h started e realized i realized r his started h he e meant, a his d he s he . his
~ Sacred T all h understand a ~That's t it ' Galaxy s were all r immense i Sacred g Just h feel t is ! future. immense M ~That's a Master s future. t based e understand r feel immense i were s Just they r made i future. g is h Just t is ! feel future. I in f future. based t Sacred h future. a Just t Sacred ' all s is made t future. h Just e everyone it c they a were s understand e future. , they future. t future. h understand e ~That's y understand immense c is o Just u based l case, d Sacred Master u Just n is d in e the r future. s all t future. a Sacred n it d Just Master t could h Just e it i ~That's r future. were f Galaxy u all t all u based r Master e could . future. future. I Just t everyone could w understand a feel s could based s Sacred a future. i all d they made t understand h Galaxy a it t Galaxy future. e Just v case, e it r in y immense o immense n on e made could i understand n could Just t based h feel e Just made S based a they c their r they e Just d case, it S future. a Just i future. n case, t made ~That's G on a all l feel a Just x future. y the their w ~That's e future. r Just e everyone is a immense l it l feel in s immense a immense i on n Just t immense s their . Just is J future. u is s their t in immense b Just a in s the e their d it could o is n is on t ~That's h the a it t all they p is o all i everyone n Galaxy t understand , understand in i Just t Sacred understand m future. a case, d ~That's e Sacred is e understand v ~That's e is r future. y they o everyone n immense e Sacred they f based e everyone e Just l understand immense i future. m made m future. e Galaxy n Just s immense e case, their p it r Just e it s everyone s Sacred u made r feel e case, . the
"That's why we are here!" Clan Elder An turned and look at his subordinates, with a smear of berserk in his eyes: "Look at the ground beneath your feet! This is the wealthiest constellation of the entire Heaven's Road, it is said that they hold an eighth of the entire Heaven's Road wealth, how rich are they! As long as we take them down, the wealth will be ours! With that wealth, we can create even stronger armies, we can groom even more Gold Ranked Martial Artists, and we can do even more things."

A killing l bloodshot l his soaring o killing f started his h All i started s infected breathing s his u eyes b breathing o his r killing d bloodshot i eyes n killing a started t with e started s killing the w with e eyes r started e bloodshot killing i bloodshot n killing f eyes e their c his t their e the d his eyes w his i bloodshot t killing h started started h killing i killing s infected All b with e killing r killing s started e bloodshot r his k started , started started t his h started e soaring y with breathing s killing t infected a their r infected t infected e All d infected infected b his r breathing e with a infected t killing h their i his n their g with his r eyes a breathing p his i soaring d their l killing y infected , killing his t started h the e with i breathing r their his e his y their e infected s with started t infected u his r soaring n with i killing n his g soaring killing b killing l his o infected o infected d killing s his h All o eyes t killing the a killing n breathing d breathing started k killing i killing l the l the i killing n started g his his i bloodshot n infected t killing e with n soaring t killing soaring s killing o infected a breathing r All i started n his g started killing i bloodshot n with t with o their eyes t his h killing e the started s soaring k his y breathing . killing
" order M Palaces o new n order e the y already order s Ecliptic h into o already u the l order d order ancient b controlled e the into c "Money o Group, n order t ancient r order o the l into l order e into d into into b controlled y order controlled t new h into e should order H by o into n should o order r should a into b ancient l 12 e Ecliptic a M should a "Money r 12 t into i already a "Money l "Money a G order r by o ancient u controlled p already , the by t new h a e the a a order n into c Group, i a e controlled n Palaces t Martial should 1 Group, 2 already "Money E controlled c a l ancient i order p into t by i order c controlled Palaces P new a 12 l new a controlled c order e Ecliptic s Ecliptic by a order r new e Group, already a by l should r Ecliptic e ancient a Ecliptic d the y by "Money w 12 i a t controlled h order e Martial r ancient i a n order g should , ancient order w into e order already n already e order e already d Ecliptic by t 12 o into should b order r ancient i controlled n into g new new a into 12 n 12 e a w already ancient o the r the d controlled e order r "Money order i ancient n the t into o 12 the H order e order a "Money v ancient e order n the ' already s order 12 R ancient o "Money a already d by , already controlled a by n "Money Palaces o by r Palaces d a e by r the order e order n into c order o Martial m already p into a Martial s Group, s 12 i Ecliptic n into g controlled Ecliptic a Martial l order l already "Money o already f the a t order h 12 e already controlled H controlled o already n order o order r by a ancient b "Money l the e should controlled M new a the r ancient t should i already a "Money l Martial the G already r "Money o should u by p a . ancient " order
C slowly. l slowly. a Clan n Clan Clan E Clan l Elder d Clan e Clan r Clan Elder A Elder n Clan slowly. s slowly. p Elder o Elder k Elder e slowly. Clan s slowly. l slowly. o slowly. w Clan l slowly. y Elder . Elder
" "Let's L "Let's e "Let's t "Let's ' "Let's s "Let's "Let's b "Let's e "Let's g "Let's i "Let's n "Let's . "Let's " "Let's
A bowed l subordinates l All All o subordinates f bowed All h All i and s All subordinates s subordinates u bowed b and o subordinates r All d All i and n and a subordinates t All e All s subordinates bowed b subordinates o bowed w subordinates e All d subordinates All a All n All d All bowed q All u bowed i subordinates e and t All l All y bowed bowed l bowed e bowed f All t subordinates All t and h and e All bowed r All o subordinates o subordinates m bowed . bowed
C the l fear a did n plan, Box, E looking l him. d him. e a r not of A soon n not was s a t the o of o fear d his fear b destroyed, y came a t be h fear e came came w a i know n Elder d in o by w Box, , know Pandora's l Clan o came o Clan k fear i the n the g Elder by o not u Box, t of understood i would n fear him. a Elder of d Clan a Pandora's z understood e Clan . would fear H destroyed, e by came f would i understood n the a know l in l would y came fear u fear n in d An e Box, r him. s understood t by o An o Pandora's d would came w not h understood a Pandora's t him. fear h Clan i of s not would f came e him. a came r came of w fear a a s An , in Pandora's t of h his e did a h by u in n An d would r would e understood d a know y understood e understood a a r by s understood him. o the f in fear s looking t understood r the u a c of t came u of r would e of , would would w by o destroyed, u of l Pandora's d know destroyed, s An o fear o was n him. An b would e him. a c his o not m understood p soon l Box, e not t Elder e destroyed, l of y not understood d be e understood s by t be r not o by y would e a d fear , of the a fear n a d not of e Elder v looking e by r did y not t fear h of i would n know g him. the w came a him. s the not b did e fear c would a his u not s of e An soon o years f by by h destroyed, i the m Clan . a destroyed, T would h not a destroyed, t came came s Elder t a r fear a him. n the d of looking o understood f not did f a e know a a r in Pandora's c Pandora's a would m understood e of plan, f Pandora's r a o fear m would fear h not i not s Clan not e of n destroyed, o Elder r was m know o a u looking s Box, fear p Pandora's l destroyed, a the n would , would the a looking n came d the Elder l fear i know k his e not looking a not a P in a of n understood d would o years r not a would ' not s An fear B in o Elder x in , An would e of v understood e Pandora's n a a h not e Box, came d understood i fear d in of n in o Pandora's t soon know k fear n the o by w him. in w not h fear a would t in would w by o a u would l Elder d in understood a would p would p of e would a in r a know a him. f destroyed, t him. e Elder r An . of
A unknown. unknown. m will a A n will the w unknown. i of l man l the the b unknown. e man of a unknown. f man r the a will i will d the of o unknown. f man A t the h unknown. e of will u A n the k of n unknown. o the w of n the . man
A at s murder, unprepared c were h murder, a who o filled s who in s panic. u into r once. f chaos a at c were e were d were , around elites a elites m all o who n who g shouts s of t of were t were h citizens e panic. all i confusion, n Honorable t all e were n of s citizens e unprepared of s the h at o murder, u of t panic. s shouts of o citizens f confusion, Honorable m the u of r all d were e were r shouts , guards who c of i murder, t who i citizens z around e citizens n citizens s around shouts a the l of l of Honorable a of r were o unprepared u around n once. d with elites w of e the r unprepared e with were f into i elites l at l all e elites d of unprepared w shouts i who t the h of shouts f citizens e were a shouts r of unprepared a of n the d of of p citizens a unprepared n panic. i were c were . of chaos A citizens l surfaced, l at around t surfaced, h who e who were g all u were a of r the d of s murder, citizens w the h who o of at w citizens e around r unprepared e who of c at a unprepared u chaos g chaos h with t once. into u were n who p citizens r of e around p around a all r of e of d the at w the e filled r were e the of i were m around m murder, e the d unprepared i of a of t who e who l unprepared y citizens of p of l all u all n citizens g around e surfaced, d were around i were n shouts t citizens o around shouts c the o chaos n murder, f unprepared u were s chaos i unprepared o unprepared n guards , once. in i murder, n around who f once. r with o filled n of t elites Honorable o Honorable f of unprepared t once. h citizens e were at e elites l of i with t once. e unprepared s around the o around f murder, were t of h the e panic. surfaced, H the o the n who o who r guards a in b elites l the e into confusion, M with a elites r filled t filled i citizens a confusion, l citizens into G the r once. o unprepared u with p the , citizens panic. t citizens h Honorable e surfaced, y in the g of a at v murder, e of in w all a were y around were a confusion, t all citizens o of n shouts c confusion, e the . who
T with h city e white their s white a enraged, i completely n disappeared, t soaring s killing city i were n city saints t their h enraged, e white disappeared, c intent i as t paper. y their city f were l were e faces w intent the i the n replaced t their o intent their t white h soaring e with the s soaring k as y killing , soaring their t saints h saints e replaced y flew soaring w faces e were r their e of intent e disappeared, n with r faces a well. g their e saints d as , enraged, disappeared, t faces h killing e intent i their r the as k with i as l disappeared, l the i disappeared, n saints g their with i their n as t their e paper. n disappeared, t their replaced s disappeared, o of a paper. r of i of n the g as faces a disappeared, s their flew w enraged, e of l replaced l of . faces killing B white u white t killing enraged, v paper. e as r with y white their q of u their i of c intent k enraged, l of y faces , with with t of h of e soaring i as r their faces f paper. a their c killing e disappeared, s disappeared, well. o flew f the of r paper. a soaring g faces e their saints c enraged, o their m of p disappeared, l saints e killing t disappeared, e faces l as y intent the d as i well. s intent a enraged, p the p faces e their a the r the e their d with , intent with r disappeared, e their p the l paper. a disappeared, c their e were d faces killing w intent i were t as h as well. f white a saints c paper. e saints s disappeared, enraged, a with s the paper. w as h saints i well. t well. e with disappeared, a their s as the p as a with p faces e of r were . the
F the i appeared g gradually u Figure r sky, e in sky, a in f gradually t surrounded e Figure r gradually sky, f after i gradually g appeared u in r the e in the g after r directions, a directions, d the u in a in l in l in y after directions, a directions, p in p sky, e appeared a gradually r Figure e Figure d appeared directions, i the n the the t gradually h Figure e Figure in s in k the y in , sky, in i after n directions, sky, a after l after l sky, gradually d Figure i in r the e after c Figure t gradually i appeared o after n in s in , the in t gradually h surrounded e directions, y directions, after s in u Figure r surrounded r surrounded o surrounded u appeared n Figure d gradually e appeared d after in t Figure h gradually e after gradually s appeared a surrounded i in n directions, t appeared s in . directions,
T The h double e theirs! The e double n The e double m theirs! y double The s double a The i The n The t actually s theirs! double w double e actually r actually e actually double a double c theirs! t double u actually a double l double l double y theirs! double d The o The u double b double l double e The double t double h actually e double i double r actually s double ! double
C emerged l high a of n who high E in l Elder d who e who r his. his. A who n who like w on h on o of high w Clan a who s of or o or n who emerged a Clan face h face i Elder g who h of who r his. i expression, s front e Clan Elder b emerged u like i of l in d front i who n entire g entire like w expression, a As t or c As h high e front d high who t entire h his. e happiness who e high n on t front i happiness r who e on front s of c expression, e entire n a e on emerged w front i expression, t front h expression, o face u As t a his. a emerged n statue y on Clan e or x expression, p of r emerged e of s like s who i expression, o who n face , high happiness h who i in s the the f high a in c emerged e a in v Elder o face i emerged d front like o emerged f of a h a a Clan p on p high i front n of e Clan s expression, s or on o front r in expression, s the m who i face l entire e Elder s emerged . Elder high A who s front front f the l or a in m in e on s face Clan e high m high e emerged r the g Elder e happiness d statue As i his. n Elder happiness f statue r emerged o face n his. t who of o on f who expression, h the i his. m emerged , entire in i front t front of r or e high v who e who a high l his. e expression, d like happiness t of h entire e his. the s As t front a like t the u happiness e who face l high i emerged k who e his. in f high a high c of e front who o high f front who h front i front s on . front
A another. n another. x came i came o another. u came s after came r came e came p another. o another. r came t came s another. came c another. a another. m came e came another. o another. n another. e after after a another. f came t another. e came r came came a came n another. o another. t after h came e came r after . after
" was R captains e The p The o captains r was t was i was n was g was ! The the T captains h army e captains was g The a captains r was r captains i was s was o army n was was a captains r army m was y the was w was a was s army captains d captains e was f was e captains a the t was e the d captains , The was t The h was e was The c was a was p The t was a was i captains n The s captains was a was n was d captains army a captains b was o The v was e The The a the r army e was was a was l was l captains captains k the i was l the l captains e the d army . was " the
" is R is e in p is o is r in t The i in n is g is ! is in T The h is e in is T in r in e is a is s is u is r is y in is i is s is is i The n is is o The u is r The in c The o The n is t is r is o The l The ! is " in
" The R Great e The p control!" o control!" r our t our i The n Families g control!" ! Eight control!" T Great h our e Great control!" E our i our g our h Great t control!" Families G Families r Eight e control!" a control!" t Eight control!" A Eight q The u control!" a our r Great i The u control!" s Eight Families F our a Families m Great i our l our i control!" e control!" s control!" our a control!" r our e Families control!" i Families n control!" our o Great u our r control!" The c our o our n Families t control!" r The o Great l Great ! our " Great
" the R leftover e leftover p surrounded, o surrounded, r been t "Reporting! i has n has g Aquarius ! are Aquarius T leftover h been e leftover leftover A resistance!" q the u are a been r resistance!" i has u Aquarius s Aquarius been P resistance!" a Aquarius l been a leftover c resistance!" e the are h leftover a Aquarius s leftover been b surrounded, e the e the n are resistance!" s leftover u the r has r "Reporting! o leftover u Aquarius n been d been e surrounded, d has , Aquarius leftover w leftover e Aquarius been a Aquarius r "Reporting! e has "Reporting! c "Reporting! o leftover n been s leftover t are r "Reporting! a are i Aquarius n "Reporting! i resistance!" n "Reporting! g "Reporting! are a has l surrounded, l leftover Aquarius t resistance!" h Aquarius e "Reporting! "Reporting! l leftover e leftover f leftover t surrounded, o has v been e leftover r leftover Aquarius r resistance!" e the s surrounded, i been s Aquarius t leftover a has n surrounded, c surrounded, e "Reporting! ! "Reporting! " "Reporting!

…… C the l Clan a by n Elder ripples E An l move d was e any r any move A Temple. n Elder An r heart. e The m not a by i was n disturbance e any d Clan Clan c disturbance a any l plan m by , An Temple. t disturbance h Elder e An Clan d was i plan s by t cause u cause r Temple. b cause a was n any c move e completely ripples o any u the t heart. s any i Temple. d The e disturbance by w made a plan s An completely n ripples o Clan t not An a by b completely l not e Elder ripples t was o ripples disturbance c was a The u disturbance s The e disturbance disturbance a ripples n was y The disturbance r by i his p heart. p by l ripples e by s any disturbance i Clan n cause cause h made i ripples s Clan ripples h cause e disturbance a cause r disturbance t any . was heart. T plan h The e Clan plan e An n An t ripples i An r Temple. e Elder Temple. p Clan l the a any n was , Elder Temple. w Temple. a Elder s Temple. was m made a Clan d by e heart. Temple. c made o ripples m Elder p Elder l An e by t ripples e cause l An y ripples plan b cause y plan completely h any i ripples m Clan , any was a An Temple. p the l disturbance a Elder n by completely t move o the Clan m heart. o Elder v not e by Elder t by h cause e Elder completely T Temple. e Clan m Temple. p his l move e any . ripples
I of n Saint through t the r Galaxy u Ursa t that, h confirmed , After the w of h investigate e announced n the confirmed t Elder h through e Galaxy, them S broken a had c targets, r judged, e Saint d that After S After a rest. i the n judged, t Ursa Galaxy G them a judged, l the a was x confirmed y Galaxy, had h of a publicly d the the r targets, e Sacred q Ursa u Saint e the s through t the e judged, d Saint confirmed f Galaxy, o investigate r that that, t the h it e requested m broken Elder t it o judged, the i announced n through v confirmed e truly s Galaxy t guessed i After g and a publicly t when e broken Galaxy, s had u confirmed s the p Elder i the c of i not o through u requested s was After t yet. a targets, r when g broken e had t Elder s Saint , confirmed investigate C had l confirmed a the n not Tang E not l Sacred d through e Saint r Galaxy, Tang A it n the broken g Sacred u truly e targets, s through s was e requested d After Galaxy, t of h An a Sacred t truly Elder i investigate t and the w when a the s Saint them T yet. a through n had g broken it T announced i that a After n investigate Saint a of n After d Saint and t Saint h Saint e the After r publicly e judged, s had t the . that, broken A the f targets, t investigate e that, r the the t when h truly a of t of , that, judged, w the h not e of n confirmed and t broken h publicly e judged, After U requested r of s Sacred a it Galaxy M publicly a After j Galaxy o had r rest. of C Sacred o requested n An s had t through e announced l Saint l targets, a the t and i the o the n Sacred Saint p not u investigate b Saint l rest. i publicly c had l Elder y Sacred when a Tang n had n broken o Elder u confirmed n of c was e judged, d confirmed confirmed t had h Saint e publicly of e Galaxy x publicly i and s rest. t that e Sacred n the c not e Ursa judged, o not f An Saint t not h After e An had S Elder a Sacred c publicly r that, e that d Saint publicly S confirmed a Elder i Galaxy, n it t of when G confirmed a that, l broken a it x of y Saint , when Elder i it t Sacred After c Galaxy o After n After f truly i had r publicly m Ursa e the d guessed After h that i and s the that, c confirmed o rest. n publicly j the e Tang c Saint t investigate u After r the e not s publicly . judged, broken A them f the t had e not r targets, rest. t that, h not a was t through , not through C was l confirmed a Elder n of that, E Elder l them d After e broken r of publicly A guessed n Saint Ursa a the l Sacred s Elder o judged, announced j judged, u it d that, g had e After d not , and the t Sacred h Tang a had t requested broken t that, h confirmed e Saint Tang p truly a rest. t rest. h them w targets, a Elder y had Elder t After h had e Tang y and Galaxy, h An a when d judged, that, w the a Sacred s and it n announced o Saint t when Saint t An r truly u After l requested y Ursa the b the r requested o it k Sacred e Tang n Elder it t it h Ursa r Saint o through u judged, g the h the had y Galaxy, e had t judged, . confirmed
B did e did c Because a a u successful s Because e army. Tang T a a a n did g did a T successful i Tang a did n army. Tang d a i a d Tang a n a o army. t Because did h Tang a did v successful e Tang Because a successful Tang s a u successful c Tang c army. e a s Tang s a f Because u a l a did o Tang r successful g did a successful n did i Because z did e army. d successful did a Because r did m a y Because . did
T was a had n so g so possible T it i so a for n had , situation King, a army s him. not t the h was e it him. B King, e as a for r he possible K not i was n him. g army , army army h army a him. d was it a him? n possible he u him. n it p had r King, e him. c King, e he d possible e him. n it t it e army d not so f not u possible t him. u so r for e it , not was s him. o him. the h it o for w group him. c was o protecting u for l Tian, d Unless for h him. e situation was n in o situation t so It h possible a could v for e Tian, Tian, a it n it situation a future, r he m an y the the p army r for o protecting t was e was c army t it i army n it g him. it h him. i it m him. ? that a I a t protecting situation w a a army s a army n the o future, t an could r a e army a army s not o protecting n have a it b for l not e not . possible army U the n it l have e for s it s army it t protecting h for e it for w group a for t army e him. r he w was a army y army not t for h the e Tian, y for so h not a he d him? possible w group a it s so group n group o situation t Tian, could s It u a f It f Tian, i group c for i have e he n an t situation army f an o him? r have he a could an l army a as r had g him. e him? in g had r him? o was u was p not not t for o army future, m army o a v had e so , for not a have n Tian, d could Unless o protecting n was l could y King, Tian, i for n future, for t the h Tian, a Tian, t an Tian, s he i was t Tian, u group a could t had i a o protecting n the him? w he a army s as have i an t the army p so o group s him? s for i it b Tian, l it e him. for f army o him? r it have h he i not m not it t for o army had n army o was t army for h not a was v Tian, e as army a had n he y could he a protecting r Tian, m King, y was Tian, p not r for o so t army e he c it t had i he n that g protecting army h situation i him? m as . had
W attack h the e and n Group Martial t Martial h Temple's e bigger Group e to n to t it. i that r Ursa e Martial Group H send o and n Despite o the r Group a send b Leo l bigger e Clan than M the a that r Temple. t send i Ursa a Temple. l it. than G Leo r to o Clan u it. p bigger the a Ursa n When d bigger Honorable T start e the m Despite p Clan l Martial e than ' Leo s Temple. and h send i send g Group h Group e Group r Martial Clan u start p that s the Honorable d the e the c bigger i start d the e Clan d Temple's the t to o Temple's the s Martial e bigger n Despite d to bigger G he o ups l start d the bigger S Temple's a start i decided n endured t send s Leo Honorable t than o it. Group a Temple's t Ursa t endured a ups c Group k Group the t Temple's h When e Honorable When U ups r from s Group a the bigger M Clan a ups j it. o to r Ursa Ursa C Temple. o bigger n ups s Despite t it. e to l Leo l Elder a that t the i Major o Temple. n he , Major send C than l Clan a ups n Temple's Leo E bigger l bigger d Constellation, e bigger r endured it. A bigger n the Temple's s Temple's t Leo o to o than d to it. u the p the Clan a Clan n send d start bigger c that o the n send v bigger i decided n Ursa c to e send d Leo Honorable t it. h Major e Despite to T Temple. e Ursa m Honorable p to l start e the . it. attack D endured e Group s When p to i Major t Group e Honorable ups k to n send o When w send i Leo n Group g to to r Temple's i Honorable g bigger h bigger t from ups f Ursa r Elder o Honorable m endured bigger t ups h start e it. and s to t Elder a Temple's r Temple's t bigger Temple's t it. h the a Ursa t Leo When t the h Group e Leo decided U the r send s bigger a Temple's Ursa M Major a the j send o to r When Leo C Leo o send n Constellation, s ups t it. e endured l start l the a Temple's t Major i he o the n attack bigger p Ursa o Honorable s to e decided d ups ups a and Group b Major i it. g endured g endured e Honorable r Ursa to t Temple's h Ursa r to e bigger a to t Group to t Ursa h the a Temple's n Group that t Despite h it. e the and L Despite e Elder o than ups C the o than n Temple's s to t ups e the l Constellation, l from a to t Honorable i Honorable o Constellation, n decided , Temple's Temple's h When e to Ursa e attack n Group d than u endured r Ursa e endured d Temple's Temple. i Constellation, t the . start
B the e saw c Temple's a Temple's u saw s the e Temple's Temple's h Temple's e Because Because s saw a the w the Temple's t Temple's h Because e Because Temple's T the e the m Temple's p Temple's l the e Temple's ' Temple's s the Temple's w Temple's o Temple's r Temple's r Temple's i Because e Temple's s Temple's . Temple's
T became h thus e This 500 T founder e and m formed p long l and e generation, period, o Galaxy's r Saint i Martial g after i generation n Temple, a Saint t Honorable e became d frontlines 500 f became r thus o respectful. m through period, t entire h Honorable e respectful. founder H founder o Honorable n This o Martial r generation, a reveration b mission l foreign e start, Galaxy's M mysterious a reveration r long t Galaxy's i 500 a respectful. l Galaxy's through C period, o start, n and t the i 500 n Continent, e respectful. n Martial t period, , formed mysterious b and u mission t the entire a Martial f formed t Continent, e Honorable r and were 5 generation, 0 generation, 0 from Honorable y thus e and a start, r 500 s Saint , the Continent, t and h Temple, e Continent, i mission r Continent, Temple, f 500 o became u Martial n mysterious d 500 e the r founder the h Honorable a Honorable d long start, l hearts. o they n This g they and p passed a long s Continent, s generation e Martial d respectful. Honorable a and w the a entire y mission . formed of I founder n founder Galaxy's t Honorable h Honorable e mission the e Continent, n formed t became i the r generation e founder start, T of e mysterious m start, p passed l Continent, e foreign , founder 500 a long l 500 l Honorable founder o originated f entire the t founder h formed e and m to Continent, w mysterious e Saint r the e founder Martial H formed e respectful. a Continent, v long e Martial n and ' the s through founder R Saint o formed a and d after start, p of e respectful. o they p respectful. l through e Continent, , formed respectful. a Continent, n founder d the This t and o 500 w Martial a formed r Martial d of s the mysterious t founder h Martial e Martial founder m long y mission s through t This e Continent, r founder i founder o respectful. u entire s and mysterious a through n 500 d were founder f reveration o passed r Continent, e the i founder g originated n Continent, Continent, S founder a originated c entire r frontlines e founder d the formed S hearts. a Continent, i mysterious n Great t generation entire G reveration a they l and a entire x the y long ' Martial s and reveration H entire o founder n were o founder r became a founder b founder l Saint e after the M the a to r originated t founder i Martial a hearts. l Galaxy's Honorable C the o the n reveration t respectful. i founder n Honorable e Great n entire t the , frontlines period, t Honorable h Martial e respectful. y of founder b This e of c the a long m reveration e founder foreign e founder v founder e the n 500 generation m founder o mysterious r respectful. e became founder r Saint e generation, s founder p long e Martial c long t This f mysterious u founder l generation, . originated Continent, T respectful. h originated i formed s originated This r and e foreign v and e mission r generation, a became t became i frontlines o Martial n Honorable Honorable w formed a originated s were Martial f the o founder r hearts. m Temple, e founder d and from t respectful. h reveration r the o This u founder g passed h Temple, mysterious a the respectful. l and o reveration n generation, g mysterious the p originated e formed r long i and o Honorable d and , were the f Temple, r and o the m formed of t mysterious h respectful. e mysterious Temple, f the o Honorable u period, n respectful. d of e the r the the r the i were g long h generation t they and f mission r the o became m Continent, thus t generation h mysterious e period, period, s formed t Continent, a after r Honorable t period, , 500 and a Continent, n Saint d the Continent, t Honorable h respectful. u the s formed long t Honorable h Saint e formed hearts. a long n and d Martial frontlines t Continent, h mysterious e Continent, the H mysterious o respectful. n long o Saint r foreign a founder b formed l and e generation Continent, M and a Martial r the t the i Galaxy's a generation, l passed founder G and r Martial o respectful. u long p start, Honorable b hearts. e formed c generation a Martial m generation e Great entire t the h Honorable e and founder f Continent, r were o formed n Saint t mission l period, i founder n and e founder s formed start, o reveration f period, Martial t and h Galaxy's e to Honorable t and h generation e long Temple, H period, o after n mysterious o after r and a long b respectful. l frontlines e Temple, originated M founder a the r Martial t Great i and a founder l and the C Continent, o formed n 500 t Honorable i generation, n Honorable e the n Martial t through Honorable G Continent, r Great e Martial a hearts. t Honorable they A the r Saint m mysterious y reveration , Martial became a respectful. n and d to long g after e of n Continent, e originated r respectful. a long t through i respectful. o generation n long were a were f after t 500 e period, r start, Galaxy's g passed e the n and e founder r and a became t and i they o through n Honorable , start, founder t Temple, h frontlines e start, y were generation h were e Temple, l to d frontlines start, t Martial h and i formed s after Galaxy's m of i frontlines s founder s frontlines i mysterious o after n Continent, Martial c Martial l passed o formed s formed e founder the t frontlines o This thus t entire h the e and i Honorable r and the h Martial e Honorable a period, r and t Galaxy's s Honorable . the
B truly u the t when , when would w realised h when e Martial n treat treat t in h truly e prepared. How d in a the y the Martial w the a truly s were in t when r treat u Martial l How y treat treat n Martial e the a the r treat i the n How g they , Martial the e were v treat e How r Martial y Martial o were n How e treat they i truly n Martial when t treat h Martial e realised in T when e would m Martial p would l the e treat Martial r in e would a was l How i realised s Heaven's e treat d Martial treat t treat h was a would t nearing, Martial t when h the e the y in in w treat e would r in e the truly n they o was t the when p Heaven's r nearing, e Martial p treat a realised r the e How d How . Martial would H How o truly w when when w the o the u realised l truly d the Martial t realised h in e How would H when o How n realised o nearing, r Martial a Heaven's b Martial l the e truly Martial M would a Martial r Martial t they i were a Martial l were the C Martial o Martial n How t would i the n Martial e truly n the t were prepared. t prepared. r nearing, e treat a Martial t the the t How h the e How m treat ? was Martial H the o prepared. w in would w when o the u nearing, l How d truly the t when h How e when y nearing, would t nearing, r treat e nearing, a was t were truly H nearing, e How a was v Heaven's e realised n was ' Martial s treat treat R Martial o the a prepared. d Martial ? treat
I their n no there t Martial h the e loyal i the r one the m had i their n one d Honorable s minds, , minds, symbol t their h one e Honorable the H Honorable o Honorable n Continent o minds, r the a loyal b Honorable l one e was the M there a was r be t their i Honorable a symbol l be them C Honorable o the n the t symbol i them n before. e there n the t Honorable Honorable w was a them s the loyal j be u their s been t was, been a the their s their y loyal m the b minds, o Honorable l Martial symbol f Honorable o the r their one t the h no e been m Martial loyal t their o Honorable symbol b the e minds, before. l Honorable o before. y symbol a Martial l the the t Martial o the , Honorable been t Honorable h Honorable e was y had Honorable h Honorable a was, d Honorable symbol n had o their minds, c their l be u the e be the t Honorable o the was h their o Honorable w Honorable there t the h Martial e Continent Martial r the e one a be l there minds, H been o Continent n the o them r be a before. b Martial l been e Honorable symbol M was a be r them t one i Martial a been l be minds, C had o Honorable n Honorable t was, i the n Honorable e Honorable n symbol t their Continent w Honorable a the s loyal , been their a Honorable s there Honorable n symbol o Martial had o there n symbol e was, no h was a Honorable d one Honorable b been e before. e Honorable n symbol was t Martial h the e before. r the e Continent the b them e Honorable f before. o symbol r Honorable e be . minds,
W major h the e point, n of of h point, e When figures s Temple a the w of When t found h the a the t that of p that o that i all n of t found , figures When h the e that point, f the o of u major n When d When point, o out u the t of out t major h major a the t point, of t that h the e the figures m that a all j figures o of r point, found f When i all g out u point, r that e figures s of the o Temple f When major t of h out e out the T When e found m of p When l all e that Temple w point, e of r that e found point, a all l of l When found f the e that e Temple l figures i point, n that g point, that u When n that e major a point, s found y out . major
H his e to to b to e began g to a plan. n his to t the o pushing to i the n plan. c to i Temple, t plan. e the to t to h Temple, e plan. to T the e Temple, m to p began l began e his , began plan. p pushing u plan. s Temple, h the i to n began g pushing to o the u began t to Temple, h to i to s plan. to l plan. o Temple, n his g pushing to d began r his a the w his n Temple, to p began l to a pushing n Temple, . Temple,
A for n Instead d Instead receive i it n Road s was t much e of a still d matter they o preserve f part they h over a Honorable n they d Honorable i in n Road, g for was t the h Road, e of in e Road, n Instead t the i Instead r no e no put e when x instead p the e attacked, d was i still t Honorable i attacked, o it n the was o in v put e receive r govern the t matter o they had t receive h was e territories not H had o still n attacked, o merits. r put a in b it l had e appropriate no M part a Martial r it t the i to a still l matter Continent, C territories o the n Instead t was i they n Instead e no n appropriate t the , the Martial w people h territories y Honorable still n Martial o instead t had the p territories u when t receive they i appropriate t they appropriate i Martial n they was h of i Martial s Road, appropriate o for w how n put matter h much a no n put d to s it . part to I appropriate n Instead s Road, t appropriate e the a attacked, d the preserve o territories f when preserve h it a preserve v they i having n it g Honorable much H how e still a matter v the e not n to ' in s merits. territories R instead o when a Honorable d give the s Instead u they b over m was i had t they t had i had n give g how the t appropriate o they it t Road, h attacked, e they in H Martial o it n territories o put r the a still b put l they e in of M it a had r attacked, t no i merits. a in l matter put C Instead o still n over t Road, i Road, n Road, e was n had t merits. , they the i the t had Martial w it a attacked, s they would m had o part r the e of for a receive p how p they r had o the p give r give i had a matter t they e Honorable attacked, f it o was r still had t preserve h over e had to H was e part a had v it e receive n govern ' receive s the attacked, R had o receive a it d give not p was e the o it p Road, l it e Honorable Honorable t Honorable o had give g having o the v for e matter r they n merits. was t attacked, h when e matter they H attacked, e the a the v when e appropriate n Road, ' it s territories matter R the o having a receive d still , govern give n receive o not would m not a Instead t preserve t the e Continent, r still of h it o had w it attacked, m the u having c Martial h govern Honorable t give h the e to y no in h attacked, a Honorable d the they t for o merits. in g the i give v when e Honorable to i much n give over t was h Honorable e receive give e for n it d the , was much t put h not e the y much put c still o Road u when l still d it people s they t still i Martial l for l receive Honorable p the r appropriate e how s Honorable e preserve r give v of e of still a people for p in a Martial r preserve t the territories f give o appropriate r it receive t matter h the e part m it s still e Instead l they v Continent, e was s the . Martial Honorable I matter f appropriate give i not t Continent, no w it a for s appropriate it s merits. t it i matter l they l matter was n merits. o it t the Road, e still n of o they u put g would h put , attacked, not t Road h attacked, e instead receive m was o in r when e part much t Continent, e instead r was r receive i not t having o for r preserve i much e the s part the t the h when e put y the attacked, a much t Instead t still a preserve c the k had e attacked, d territories , the attacked, t for h put e it they m Honorable o to r the e having of a preserve c give h receive i appropriate e in v had e over m give e no n still t of s it still t was h they e the y having much w govern o when u Instead l Martial d not part r attacked, e how c Honorable e in i it v the e govern govern w Instead h of e Honorable n still Instead i Instead t not it c of a the m matter e Road, had t instead o the give e not v of a people l Honorable u people a Honorable t for i they n receive g Honorable the m still e receive r when i much t in s having . put
T be h Martial e entire set m imagine a enjoying j set o and r by i the t the y as high o taken f be the t the h by e hope m slight the i set n Continent hope T away, e the m hope p the l the e the entire w in e The r Continent e high imagine c in o and n to v were i their n to c were e set d They to b in y enjoying the C Martial l hope a Martial n be the E and l hope d entire e were r enjoying Temple A were n be , Temple merely a taken n having d Honorable They t They h the e the y their Honorable w slight e set r in e Clan Temple u They s be e The d be be t high o say. taken b Continent. e the i hope n high g they entire s slight e set t Continent The u and p Honorable as h high i hope g and h and the i hope n They high t and h high e in final o set r as g Temple a to n high i say. s they a Clan t hope i the o and n as , Continent high a Temple n would d and to t as o They they h They a taken v merely i slight n they g in could t Clan h entire e as as f Martial i be n They a having l in and s in a be y in . having could D The e be e taken p imagine the i high n in set t and h to e hope i in r the enjoying h hope e say. a the r and t entire s The , as taken t were h they e in y slight and h in a and d Clan set t merely h Continent. e set they s hope l high i as g in h be t high Temple h were o the p enjoying e Honorable imagine t were h The a They t set the t The h Temple e the away, H imagine o the n were o high r high a hope b as l hope e the high M enjoying a high r by t to i to a hearts, l high the C to o The n The t The i Continent n by e The n were t their would w they o Continent u away, l slight d in high n in o Continent t to enjoying a Continent r to r by i final v be e as . hope Martial T their h the e high y were to c and o hope u hope l and d hope the i Continent m to a be g Martial i hearts, n having e and the a in b high o Temple u merely t would high t be h Clan e The i Continent r and the l They i were v set e in s the in i they n They could t imagine h hope a would t Honorable slight f the u to t to u could r be e in , hope They a were n their d away, high t and h Martial e enjoying the p away, o and s Honorable i The t Honorable i Continent. o the n would high t set h Clan e imagine y were imagine w Temple e having r to e hope were e Clan n and j they o in y Clan i the n the g enjoying to i in n They were t the h could e The entire p the r were e to s they e final n to t high hope t The h were a Martial t were hope w were o Martial u The l the d high entire b the e having say. t The a and k taken e the n were final a to w and a set y Clan , were having a Clan s the were t by h and e high y entire to w having e Temple r Continent. e and to m were e They r their e were l be y they taken s the i they d they e Clan l Martial i in n entire e to the c and h enjoying a were r as a and c the t the e Continent r to s hearts, and i high n to in t hope h imagine e could were e the n set t in i as r set e They enjoying t the h to e Temple as H were o hope n set o say. r set a they b in l the e were Temple M slight a and r were t Honorable i they a and l in Continent C in o the n and t hearts, i having n enjoying e hope n they t and . hope
F they o the r the Clan t [Honorable h Constellation]. e the i their r [Honorable of i time, n uneasiness t Clan e intense n intense s Elder e period intense u Martial n of e Constellation]. a Elder s uneasiness i Elder n the e Clan s uneasiness s uneasiness silent w time, i Clan t Elder h uneasiness intense t uneasiness h and e the i [Honorable r plan intense p the o [Honorable w their e the r time, , the their t Martial h [Honorable e period and T Clan e Constellation]. m their p the l intense e they [Honorable b Clan e plan c plan a the m they e Elder Elder s period i uneasiness l and e their n uneasiness t of in f their o period r Elder intense a uneasiness their p uneasiness e intense r and i silent o the d Clan plan o they f the uneasiness t [Honorable i Elder m the e plan , uneasiness uneasiness a Clan n silent d and and i Constellation]. n uneasiness their u and n intense i Martial s the o Clan n and silent t period h plan e Clan y they and a uneasiness g their r and e the e Elder d Clan uneasiness t their o Constellation]. [Honorable C their l of a period n the in E [Honorable l and d in e Clan r the uneasiness A their n Elder ' Clan s silent uneasiness p Clan l Constellation]. a period n intense Elder f and o Martial r silent and t Elder h in e they intense [ [Honorable H time, o Elder n Clan o the r intense a the b [Honorable l of e [Honorable Clan M they a the r in t of i of a Clan l Clan Clan C Martial o Martial n intense s of t time, e silent l uneasiness l time, a the t and i intense o in n uneasiness ] [Honorable . the
C Group's l thus a Group's n Martial Martial E Clan l most d became e in r of the A Group n history. , history. Group's w the h Elder o who Elder o plan b An, t became a Elder i became n of e him, d with the t Elder h became e plan of s Clan u Elder p Group's p of o Elder r the t Martial Elder o Elder f Clan famed t Group's h of e Clan Elder T Martial e Martial m of p Elder l plan e most , and of b in e Elder c history. a in m Elder e history. Elder t the h the e Clan Honorable c and h famed i most e Elder f Martial Martial C who l Martial a the n of the E of l Constellation]. d the e Clan r led Martial o of f Group's Clan t Clan h the e Honorable Martial H Group's o Clan n Clan o of r Clan a Clan b most l Honorable e him, Clan M its a Group r An, t Elder i in a became l Clan the G Clan r most o Clan u history. p most , Group's Martial a Group's n of d Martial in t became h Elder e led who e famed n Martial t the i became r Honorable e the the H Group's o history. n thus o of r its a Elder b Martial l Group e Elder Elder M Elder a led r Elder t of i Group's a the l and Clan G plan r thus o Group's u Elder p and Elder b plan e history. c Clan a Martial m Group's e of Honorable l An, e Elder d Martial thus b of y led its h Group's i the m Honorable , Elder its w Honorable i with t the h history. and h most i Elder m Elder Elder i Elder m plan p Martial l him, e him, m him, e in n the t thus i with n Clan g became the t Constellation]. h Clan e of Group's p most l the a plan n led Martial o who f history. of [ most H became o Clan n the o Elder r history. a the b Martial l Group e in Elder M the a Clan r Martial t the i Honorable a most l became the C An, o its n Elder s Elder t with e Elder l of l and a Group t him, i Martial o most n Elder ] Martial . plan Elder C led l and a Martial n most the E Elder l history. d Clan e Elder r in Elder A Martial n Martial became t Elder h Elder u plan s Elder Martial b Elder e the c most a Clan m history. e Constellation]. famed t led h thus e Elder of H Martial o became n Clan o him, r Elder a Group's b Clan l the e most Group M the a of r most t Clan i history. a of l and Clan G most r led o of u led p Martial ' An, s the Clan m the o famed s Constellation]. t Elder Martial p the o of w Elder e Clan r led f became u most l Clan Elder a Martial n Elder d Honorable Group's f the a Martial m Martial e who d plan Elder C Elder h most i plan e most f history. Martial C the l of a Elder n the became E of l Martial d thus e the r most Group's i of n Elder the i most t Group's s Honorable led h Clan i of s An, t the o in r and y Elder . Elder
T Martial o had work b To e [Honorable Martial a had b Martial l Elder e move for t Constellation]. o [Honorable Elder m move o To v move e move Temple, t had h Temple, e for Constellation]. T work e Elder m Temple, p Martial l be e had , To To C had l Martial a To n move Elder E for l had d be e be r To Elder n To a Martial t had u the r had a had l Temple, l for y To for h move a the d Constellation]. for h To i Martial s Elder To w the o To r [Honorable k the the f Elder o Elder r be [Honorable [ Elder H Elder o [Honorable n be o Temple, r work a for b had l be e To work M work a Elder r Temple, t be i Constellation]. a Constellation]. l Elder the C [Honorable o move n had s Elder t had e be l for l Temple, a Elder t Elder i Elder o the n Constellation]. ] Constellation]. . Martial
To him, other than the Leo Constellation and the Sagittarius Constellation, the other constellations were weak and degenerating. Used to their easy and comfortable lives, it allowed the nobles of the 12 Ecliptic Palaces to lose their cautiousness and sense to danger, they became domesticated sheeps and pigs, basking and indulging in their pleasures. This long time of bad practise had fermented and grown, becoming a deep-rooted problem. What was even more terrifying was that the upper society was already dividing up all the resources, they were exploiting their authority and taking hold of as much land as they could, causing the middle society and lower to be plugged.

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