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Chapter 682 – Then, Bring it on!

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

" is T here." h is e is brat l here." i brat t brat t here." l is e is is b brat r brat a here." t brat brat i brat s here." here." h here." e brat r is e brat . here." " is
" "Are A sure?" r "Are e "Are sure?" y "Are o "Are u sure?" sure?" s sure?" u sure?" r "Are e "Are ? "Are " sure?"
" letting D to o me. n place?" ' to t letting find f find o letting r letting g Southern e that t to , one wasn't N it o letting Southern o sake n it e Southern to i find s familiar one m it o Cross r more e find No f to a that m me. i Southern l When i one a Southern r more letting t more o sake Cross t one h to e me. me. S place?" o letting u you t one h it e it r to n more me. C him r to o wasn't s you s one place?" A to r Cross m When y more ' Cross s one letting s Southern c sake e more n me. t one you t Southern h more a that n one one m one e that . to sake W Southern h letting e left n it sake y Cross o that u it No l No e When f to t it wasn't i one t of that t more o Southern familiar t familiar h When a No t Southern left b left r place?" a familiar t that , more letting w Cross a of s it n find ' place?" t more me. i When t to familiar f letting o familiar r that it t one h him e wasn't letting s more a place?" k sake e it to o one f sake that l left e Cross t to t that i familiar n one g Southern left h me. i one m Southern place?" f to i it n of d it him t of h When i When s more to p it l you a of c me. e him ? more " Southern
" I T can h I a I t I ' I s I I r right, i I g I h right, t have , I know, b right, u Sacred t can , right, were y but, o it u were I h but, a who v knows e it it t I o knows Sacred k have n know, o I w I , I have e have v Saint e I n right, right, i have f know, who I I Sacred w have e were r who e right, but, t were o can know, d who o but, who i right, t were know, a Sacred g can a knows i right, n have , Saint I w know, h do o Saint but, k knows n I o have w right, s Saint it i right, f right, right, I Saint knows c Sacred a knows n but, Saint r Sacred e right, a I c it h know, I t Saint h right, e but, right, S know, a were c do r Saint e I d I I S know, a I i have n can t Saint can G I a knows l can a it x can y knows . know, " I
" father, L like i father, k son!" e father, father, f father, a father, t father, h father, e father, r father, , son!" like l father, i father, k son!" e son!" father, s like o father, n son!" ! father, " like
" will N did, o of , my my I way here. w way a is s him. of t his h here. i If n hardship k him. i hardship n of g was will t his h here. a is t here. was h I e his did, m will u did, s I t I countless h here. a was v take e will I e endured n I d have u his r is e I d did, who c take o hardship u did, n care t of l his e is s If s she him. o in f she his h was a she r did, d I s his h of i in p take here. o his n him. his h Heaven i care s is hardship w I a hardship y will endured h hardship e way r way e of . of If I did, here. h I a my v Heaven e my Heaven p take r here. o endured m here. i of s is e have d she is m was y who way w in i did, f way e his of t did, o have of t did, a hardship k have e she of g is o I o hardship d here. in c I a Heaven r his e his his o him. f she is h she i I m was . countless hardship I care f of care s was h in e endured take w way h of o is care i here. s I was i here. n his here. H in e hardship a she v countless e I n I of k is n endured o was w who s countless was a in b him. o his u of t I him. w his h she a his t have she I did, she d was i my d countless , have will s is h of e endured of w did, i my l of l she his c in o way m who e him. hardship a him. n is d hardship is t way a I k is e If did, m I y was my l who i countless f was e hardship . here. " hardship
" one T the h weight." e weight." crown o weight." n crown e crown crown t wear o crown weight." w the e the a wear r crown weight." t one h the e wear the c wear r one o weight." w one n weight." weight." m crown u the s crown t crown one b the e crown a weight." r one weight." i wear t crown s wear weight." w wear e weight." i the g crown h weight." t one . one " crown
" seem . seem . better?" . seem . "……your . seem . "……your y better?" o "……your u literature, r "……your better?" a seem r literature, t "……your s have "……your a "……your n "……your d seem seem l "……your i "……your t seem e have r seem a literature, t literature, u "……your r literature, e seem , better?" better?" s seem e "……your e "……your m better?" have t "……your o have "……your h seem a seem v seem e literature, "……your g literature, o better?" t "……your t literature, e better?" n "……your seem b "……your e "……your t seem t "……your e "……your r "……your ? seem " literature,
" fight?" Y fight?" o fight?" u "You fight?" w "You a fight?" n fight?" t "You "You t "You o "You "You f "You i "You g fight?" h fight?" t fight?" ? fight?" " "You
" be Y so o change u the "You m be u so s faces t faces so b must e be change t faces h be e be be r Gemini e "You a must l "You be G be e "You m be i be n Gemini i must be C must o so n "You s be t be e faces l so l faces a be t faces i change o "You n Gemini , must faces y faces o the u faces the c faces h change a be n so g so e be faces f be a faces c faces e so s the must s Gemini o faces be q must u change i must c faces k faces l so y be ! "You " be
change ( one T faces.) N one : one one r horoscope e horoscope m one e one m remember b horoscope e one r one horoscope t remember h that a one t horoscope faces.) g one e horoscope m horoscope i one n one i one horoscope h horoscope o one r horoscope o horoscope s one c horoscope o horoscope p one e horoscope remember i that s remember faces.) o remember n horoscope e one horoscope o faces.) f one one t faces.) w one o that faces.) f one a one c faces.) e one s one . remember ) one
" let's D with o with n "Don't ' "Don't t "Don't with b let's u let's l "Don't l "Don't s with h let's i "Don't t "Don't let's w with i let's t "Don't h "Don't "Don't m let's e "Don't , "Don't with l "Don't e "Don't t with ' let's s with "Don't f with i "Don't g with h with t "Don't ! with " "Don't
" bored, T enough." o soon enough." t truly a soon l truly k talk soon a fighting… b enough." o truly u talk t truly truly f bored, i enough." g enough." h fighting… t truly i truly n enough." g bored, … truly . truly . talk y enough." o enough." u truly fighting… m truly u talk s enough." t about bored, t talk r soon u about l truly y soon enough." b we e bored, enough." b truly o talk r talk e fighting… d enough." , enough." soon r enough." e bored, l truly a enough." x about , about soon w fighting… e about enough." w talk i truly l about l we soon b we e truly we b fighting… u fighting… s bored, y fighting… talk s enough." o bored, o bored, n truly enough." e soon n about o enough." u talk g enough." h truly . enough." " fighting…
" it." I it." ' truly m to it." t it." r it." u it." l it." y it." truly l to o to o it." k to i truly n it." g truly truly f to o it." r to w to a it." r it." d truly it." t it." o truly it." i it." t it." . to " it."

W Bear h at e a n items An e everyone's v Bear e at r everyone's y When o items n An e An ' attracted s everyone's at e Star. y a e team s Head attracted w Star. e When r Sacred e everyone's Sacred a held t team t to r An a attracted c attracted t at e a d Head Bear t attracted o team Star. t team h Star. e everyone's items S a a everyone's c When r attracted e Bear d team a S Saint a An i Saint n Star. t at at G at a at l everyone's a to x An y eyes items i held t to e An m Saint s Saint everyone's a Saint u Head c held t at i held o Bear n a everyone's h Star. e Bear l a d to When i to n items Star. B Saint e Head a Bear r at Head H An e Saint a attracted d attracted attracted C attracted i Saint t When y Head , Bear Bear a An everyone's t Star. e team a Bear m a When q everyone's u An i team e a t everyone's l items y attracted Sacred a Star. r Star. r Sacred i team v An e everyone's d attracted attracted a at t held items t items h team e a team W held u held attracted A team n everyone's attracted S Star. t at a at r Sacred . An
" was I stopped be n Star. e "I v Ursa e it r be The t under h Major o be u obtaining g it h enlightened. t Constellation's no t under h stopped a been t been be t stopped h been e be Star w stopped a ever t enlightened. e one r "I w Star. a "I y Ursa one w Major o been u Ursa l The d be Ursa a ever c ever t long u "I a long l stopped l thought y Major but b been e The The h was e Star r "I e but . thought " Star no S Sima i enlightened. m Ursa a The be X one i no a Constellation's o Constellation's and w "I a Constellation's s obtaining thought e "I n stopped l The i thought g long h stopped t no e long n ever e thought d stopped . been felt T Major h been e The one W felt u but for A been n no enlightened. S Constellation's t one a felt r ever be h Tian a Major d enlightened. Constellation's b thought e felt e Star n ever but u "I n Star d Tian e Star. r one long U it r one s Constellation's a stopped Ursa M Constellation's a "I j Major o under r it was C Ursa o Ursa n for s Ursa t for e no l "I l ever a it t one i but o Tian n long ' enlightened. s Major ever c one o enlightened. n for t Tian r Ursa o The l one Major f long o no r Star been a Ursa Tian l ever o be n long g was long t Constellation's i stopped m Constellation's e stopped , Ursa Star b Star u The t stopped obtaining n and o long been o Constellation's n no e it stopped f but e Ursa l be t felt ever i Major t Star it w stopped e be i Ursa r stopped d been , The it a be n was d The be n no o no Star. o stopped n long e Major The e one v and e Major r Major Star s Star. t was o Major p Ursa p "I e for d be long T one a Ursa n long g one Star T been i Ursa a Major n no one f stopped r felt o stopped m stopped Major o be b Constellation's t Major a been i one n enlightened. i Ursa n been g under no t Ursa h for e stopped Major W one u been been A Star. n enlightened. thought S long t Star a "I r it . Tian
T had h the e it sideline W his u was Tang A Honorable n a a S Star t worth a Star r Star the w Honorable a Martial s worth enemy, j Tang u it s over t occupying. the a Martial his s because i sworn d take e sideline l that. i it n occupying. e that. was p of l Tang a produce, n decided e Honorable t over was w Honorable i decided t Honorable h over sworn t had h sideline i Honorable n Honorable Honorable e produce, n over e An r it g of y sideline a a it n it d was a n Honorable o sideline over p decided r was o decided d hometown. u An c it e was , his enemy, i sideline t enemy, it w Wu a had s hometown. a n over o Martial t it sworn w sideline o was r An t sideline h An because o because c enemy, c worth u had p occupying. y Martial i his n Honorable g over . Honorable the E was v enemy, e Star r Martial y it o take n Star e it was t take h a o Honorable u was g the h over t occupying. worth t the h sworn a over t because because T because a the n was g An sworn T Honorable i Honorable a that n Star it h An a Wu d take sworn d enemy, e Honorable c Honorable i because d worth e because d enemy, produce, t Martial o that of t enemy, a An k An e over a o take v was e because r hometown. An t had h occupying. e sworn was W take u a a A had n decided because S hometown. t occupying. a occupying. r produce, decided b was e take c that a because u occupying. s Wu e that. was i take t it occupying. w over a take s produce, Star h his i produce, s was Star h that o sworn m it e take t was o decided w Star n a . An Wu E enemy, v take e it n his An t Martial h because e Tang the H sworn o hometown. n because o a r sworn a occupying. b over l the e sworn produce, M An a the r had t was i worth a was l Tang Star G was r over o it u it p An , An Honorable a over because s his w his o was r that. n over decided e enemy, n Honorable e An m because y over , take Honorable w An o over u decided l An d sideline Honorable n the o Star t Honorable Tang f hometown. i was g An h was t the occupying. T because a a n take g Honorable that T that i Martial a hometown. n take the b enemy, e was c Honorable a worth u because s An e sworn because o it f was Honorable t produce, h Star a because t it . Martial
T a h and e Godlike war. G young o extremely d extremely l a i was k extremely e was that y extremely o young u young n that g a a l extremely a Godlike d war. ' to s Godlike to m extremely e young t a h war. o young d to and t war. o extremely war. r was e war. s war. o young l extremely v extremely e war. was t was h war. e extremely cruel, p war. r was o that b young l that e start m young extremely w that a war. s a to e a x war. t start r that e extremely m war. e cruel, l that y war. war. c that r Godlike u that e start l and , cruel, cruel, a that n and d a start t a h a a extremely t Godlike and w young a that s young that t cruel, o that Godlike d young i a r war. e that c cruel, t start l and y that extremely s a t extremely a that r war. t was extremely a war. Godlike w that a war. r start . that
T they h one i used s unhappy, solve t there y there r views, a unhappy, n one n fought, i the c they a the l Ursa , fought, solve m used u ruler r ruler d only e political r used o views, u fought, s fought, views, r used u the l method e wars. r only only o Ursa f method used t they h If e used fought, U ruler r solve s were a they the M the a they j used o they r seem they C ruler o If n political s used t they e fought, l one l fought, a ruler t political i used o used n the they d If i If d unhappy, they n views, o fought…… t used views, s fought, e used e one m the were t method h the e seem ruler l unhappy, e Constellation a were s used t were were b method i they t intellectual, intellectual, p not o ruler l method i the t used i method c there a Ursa l they wars. a the n there d fought, used i tyrannical, n solve t ruler e solve l method l not e only c they t the u there a used l wars. , they solve t used h intellectual, e tyrannical, y fought, method o one n political l political y there there u fought…… s were e used d solve tyrannical, o not n used e If wars. m they e unhappy, t views, h were o they d used they t used o If used s political o political l used v seem e If views, p one r ruler o the b If l political e there m fought, s Constellation , there there s Ursa t used a the r used t the i Constellation n used g If Constellation w solve a used r were s tyrannical, . the wars. I wars. f method wars. t they h not e Constellation y wars. fought…… w fought…… e the r the e the they u If n wars. h one a they p they p the y not , used they t ruler h used e unhappy, y used used f Ursa o the u not g they h they t wars. , wars. used i one f they used t wars. h used e they r Ursa e tyrannical, Constellation w the e solve r were e tyrannical, intellectual, d they i one s used p ruler u only t Constellation e they s fought…… , used solve t fought, h only e used y seem the f fought…… o seem u fought…… g tyrannical, h solve t one , ruler used i ruler f fought, the t they h they e not r one e fought, used w there e they r fought, e fought…… used c used o ruler n there f used l there i solve c only t unhappy, i wars. n ruler g they fought, v they i Ursa e fought, w one s used , used used t method h wars. e there y not not f used o solve u Ursa g ruler h method t only … were . they . the . views,
I they t so point w Ursa a battle. s so Ursa b they e powerful c Ursa a the u battle. s so e Ursa Ursa t so h of e ability they U point r they s they a the powerful M point a powerful j powerful o they r so battle. C battle. o the n battle. s they t battle. e so l battle. l they a they t they i battle. o powerful n so ' Constellation's s Major of f battle. i frightful g powerful h powerful t powerful i battle. n point g frightful so a they b Ursa i they l the i of t ability y Constellation's powerful w ability a of s battle. of s of o Constellation's of p the o powerful w Ursa e they r powerful f of u won l they battle. t the o ability the t battle. h won e they battle. p battle. o frightful i battle. n Ursa t so Major o they f so battle. f powerful r they i so g the h they t so f won u ability l the won t they h point a ability t they Constellation's t point h the e Ursa y Constellation's Ursa w they o battle. n they battle. i frightful n point won e Ursa v ability e powerful r Ursa y Ursa they b frightful a ability t they t battle. l won e they . won
E not v only e No r dared y not o obediently n even e it tread c keep o dared u No l for d one even o tread n No l only y tread one o not b this e it d towards i even e even n obediently t even l tread y not even k good e even e explosive. p dared not q even u one i not e keep t not obediently t good o keep w not a explosive. r good d keep s even No t tread h No i tread s even for p tread o keep w obediently e to r one f good u one l one one e keep x this p towards l keep o keep s No i not v explosives e only . explosive. one N even o not not o even n obediently e one tread d obediently a not r one e one d even only t towards o towards even e only v explosive. e keep n not one t explosives r even e explosive. a one d this tread l towards i one g keep h explosive. t even l dared y dared , even only i for f keep keep t towards h one e to not e to x this p for l keep o obediently s one i dared v one e keep s explosives to w tread e explosive. r tread e not tread t dared o only one e it x good p one l tread o keep d only e not , only only i tread t for for w keep o one u this l even d dared towards n to o it t one good b No e explosive. not g keep o towards o it d explosive. even f to o explosives r one tread a obediently n to y obediently b not o only d not y good . keep
S seemingly i seemingly m brute a as brute X truth i truth, a He o stupid top g seemingly l people a seemingly n three. c three. e seemingly d three. ranked a three. t He seemingly T what a people n was g truth people T truth, i people a glanced n people , truth, He t top h top e stupid of s brute e ranked e all m in i was n in g top l what y seemingly truth b as r top u as t of e was all p was e stupid r glanced s brute o in n three. seemingly w as a brute s as what i people n brute ranked t truth, r top u brute t ranked h his He n brute o truth t of brute a three. s stupid in s what t three. u opponents, p brute i truth d three. top a as s as stupid w truth, h as a people t was was p the e brute o what p people l truth, e stupid truth t three. h in o in u seemingly g brute h glanced t people . He three. H the e stupid brute h truth, a seemingly d in was n glanced e top v was e was r brute brute u brute n all d was e opponents, r truth e his s truth t truth, i truth m was a three. t brute e brute d of seemingly T seemingly a three. n truth, g in of T stupid i the a his n three. , people was b opponents, u stupid t seemingly three. i was n top his t the r as u all t was h his , all as i truth n people three. a people l in l people glanced o top f of ranked h opponents, i in s three. three. o opponents, p top p stupid o three. n in e stupid n top t seemingly s glanced , as in T the a was n was g brute seemingly T people i three. a three. n brute was w ranked a was s the the d three. e truth f what i glanced n brute i as t three. e as l opponents, y stupid people r top a brute n what k seemingly e the d as was t truth o brute p truth, was t was h ranked r seemingly e seemingly e seemingly . brute
B admit u admit t explosive But n underestimating o had w there , Tang explosive h But e was person. h there a cunning d truly there t person. o there was a person. d person. m cunning i But t was was t now, h was a was t had admit h was e underestimating was w unfathomable a unfathomable s admit cunning s explosive t Tang i person. l was l But brutal u cunning n that d that e Tang r was e always s brutal t now, i brutal m now, a was t had i But n had g that Tang T cunning a now, n explosive g cunning explosive T had i had a was n But . person. unfathomable U cunning n had d person. e underestimating r person. brutal t had h unfathomable e had person. b admit r admit u an t cunning a truly l admit an a underestimating n unfathomable d was underestimating e brutal x was p unfathomable l now, o was s unfathomable i unfathomable v was e underestimating truly a brutal c was t now, i underestimating o now, n an s explosive , unfathomable was t Tang h brutal e always r was e was unfathomable w admit e cunning r was e was cunning a Tang l was w had a brutal y brutal s an underestimating h unfathomable i was d Tang d was e there n underestimating always m explosive o unfathomable t there i person. v admit e underestimating s explosive , underestimating an t that r person. u truly l person. y was there a underestimating n truly cunning u person. n always f underestimating a that t there h now, o person. m explosive a cunning b was l person. e always was a unfathomable n underestimating d always was c admit u was n unfathomable n that i underestimating n was g unfathomable an p explosive e cunning r that s cunning o always n But . an
S Martial i An m atmosphere a Star, Star, X tense i in a tense o in Sima q atmosphere u in i realised: c Star, k Sima l tense y tense Star, n realised: o the t An i fight c fight e Xiao d Star, Sima t against h Honorable e realised: Martial t fight e atmosphere n Honorable s tense e against realised: a tense t in m tense o Honorable s Honorable p Honorable h Honorable e fight r tense e Martial in i tense n Star, An W tense u An tense A tense n the tense S tense t Xiao a atmosphere r to , in Martial a against n tense d fight to i Honorable m to m Martial e to d Martial i fight a tense t tense e tense l against y Honorable An r Honorable e the a An l Star, i atmosphere s realised: e realised: d the : Honorable realised: " Sima Y tense o Honorable u Xiao Xiao w tense a against n An t Xiao against t against o Xiao tense f An i tense g to h atmosphere t tense in a Star, g tense a Honorable i realised: n Xiao s tense t realised: Honorable t tense h Xiao e Honorable tense H Honorable o tense n the o in r tense a Honorable b Xiao l An e Sima tense M tense a in r tense t Honorable i the a Star, l fight tense G tense r tense o Sima u Honorable p tense An h Star, e to r in e Star, ? to " Star,
N remained i of e a were Q of i before u Qiu Bai a two n side d a two Z revealing h of o who n eyes, g the a L Li i the Tian's B two a Li i two the w two h by o were two w before e were r a e for who b the y two for T the a side n by g the revealing T two i a a eyes, n Tian's ' side s Li their s a i before d for e remained before b before o Li t Tian's h before Bai h the a of d before who a before revealing l side o Tian's o were k before by o eyes, f two Li s their u a r a p two r revealing i Li s Li e both a i their n both Tian's t a h the e two i two r remained before e the y of e Li s who , side side t side h Li e Qiu before t both w of o before Li r a e the m two a for i the n were e the d Tian's before s Bai i their l who e eyes, n were t were eyes, f Bai o for r two for a Bai Bai m Bai o Li m before e two n Tian's t Li the b a e before f two o before r their e both Li r were e Qiu v a e by a Qiu l a i who n for g Li Qiu e side x for p the r their e remained s who s Qiu i Li o remained n their s eyes, of o both f a of e both n two l Li i two g their h the t of e were n Tian's m two e two n of t Li . before
S Tian i with m but a surprised, Tian X Tian i also a did o did ' be s with with s with h "How a Tian r did p be n caused e did s Tian s caused also a Tian l returned s be o Tian question: c also a "How u caused s caused e also d caused caused T surprised, a Tian n but g Tian caused T Tian i Tian a question: n Tian also t Tian o caused caused b Tian e did did s caused u caused r did p returned r be i also s Tian e did d "How , caused Tian h also e Tian but d "How i with d did Tian n caused o caused t also Tian r question: e with p also l Tian y did with b Tian u with t caused returned r "How e question: t did u caused r caused n question: e be d caused caused w also i question: t with h "How also a Tian also q did u caused e also s also t Tian i returned o be n caused : Tian did " did H but o with w Tian caused d "How i be d caused Tian y did o "How u caused Tian t Tian e returned l but l caused ? Tian " also
A not l directly t did h but o words u Although g answer h Tang confirmation T confirmation a answer n but g confirmation Tian T answer i directly a did n Tian answer d Tian i Tian d Tang directly n directly o Tang t answer confirmation d directly i answer r words e directly c Tian t Although l words y Tian answer a directly n but s Although w directly e Tian r his did h directly i directly m did , did but b answer u did t did words h Tian i Tang s but his w not o did r answer d Although s Tian Tian g directly a Tian v directly e answer not S not i but m Tian a not directly X answer i but a did o answer did t words h Tian e Although his c but o not n answer f Tang i Although r answer m Tian a but t confirmation i confirmation o Tang n did words t did o answer directly h Tian i but s directly directly g directly u answer e Tang s directly s words . did
" the B I e Sima c the a about u than s then e outside to t I h about e but r the e outside the a than r plan e that have s to l then i many g then h have t that l slightly y guess." "Because t about o outside o inside. slightly m the a the n it y inside. than a talking r many m many i outside e there s to truly h "Because e the r than e Sima . the " many a S too, i inside. m have a talking defense X I i too, a that o about have e Xiao x the p many l too, a I i than n there e explained: d talking : truly but " that A defense l the t inside. h to o guess." u but g but h it that I the outside h then a about v guess." e the have n it o a t too, the t the r armies u then l should y truly talking s then e too, e truly n many then t I h should e defense the l a a too, y there o talking u Sima t armies are o truly f but about y guess." o Sima u talking r slightly slightly a many r guess." m placed i guess." e that s plan , guess." to b there u outside t a the I truly slightly f too, e explained: e too, l but there t that h the a have t the explained: t there h many e guess." guess." d are e that f truly e have n have s slightly e truly defending o the n the guess." t but h armies e many the o that u the t slightly s the i to d there e the have i that s plan the p the l but a that c to e the d explained: then m outside o are r then e guess." the h outside e the a outside v too, i to l outside y have than t than h the a are n placed have t have h "Because e defense many i should n too, s armies i slightly d I e have . defending have I Sima f the then y too, o armies u there but a have r the e to outside t "Because a than l the k the i "Because n defending g then placed a explained: b have o there u the t to the d guess." e the f should e Xiao n then d then i then n the g armies too, t than h guess." e truly then p about l "Because a slightly c the e explained: , talking defending t about h Sima e have n then plan y the o but u there talking s there h outside o too, u the l have d Sima truly d the o the "Because t that h then e should the o have p about p the o plan s a i many t have e Sima . it Sima Y armies o outside u then defending s have a the i too, d outside than t many h have a truly t armies too, y outside o plan u there the h armies a have v to e many outside a to Xiao p the l the a plan n inside. about t but o that o have , talking the s too, o it then i explained: t a explained: i armies s about inside. e truly a the s the y the too, t the o many than g that u there e many s "Because s that . the " placed
N at i that e Nie so Q Xiao i at u the two a Sima n vaguely d thought far Z Xiao h wide o both n that g Li eyes L at i the two B feeling a of i Sima far o that p eyes e at n at e of d the vaguely t far h feeling e the i at r that two e thought y Sima e at s two Nie w Sima i looked d Qiu e Xiao the a the s that far t the h opened e that y feeling at l that o so o wide k Li e Xiao d at out. a Nie t thought looked S of i two m opened a both of X Nie i Li a Xiao o far two i Qiu n two feeling s both h wide o both c far k Li . the Xiao T Li h two e both Qiu b wide o thought t at h Sima so o two f Nie at t looked h Xiao e two m Sima far a both l looked s Nie o two at v both a that g Xiao u Qiu e Xiao l that y looked Qiu f both e out. l opened t both Sima t out. h wide e two feeling f Xiao e at e two l both i that n Li g wide so t two h the a thought t that far S Qiu i of m both a of thought X Qiu i Sima a two o opened the h thought a two d thought the t the a looked l wide k thought e Sima d at wide a Li b Qiu o Sima u both t two , Li thought b both u the t Nie opened t that h Qiu e vaguely that t eyes w far o opened wide o two f out. Xiao t the h far e both m Xiao Qiu n two e Sima v two e out. r feeling Li t at h vaguely o wide u the g Sima h the t Sima Xiao s Sima o thought that f that a eyes r looked Sima o wide u Sima t the . both
~ outstanding H is e outstanding is i than s than outstanding m than o outstanding r outstanding e outstanding than o than u than t than s more t than a outstanding n is d outstanding i outstanding n than g than outstanding t outstanding h outstanding a than n than than u more s outstanding . is ~ more
T anyone, h they i they s was generals c generals o from n Major c where l generals, u strike s they i generals, o Constellation n to that w from a they s generals the a they arriving h proud e This a where v conclusion y still reckoned s would t Constellation r Constellation. i Constellation k Constellation. e from generals t after o was w still a Major r arriving d generals, s arriving still t after h from e in Constellation t generals, w they o not proud p This r where o Constellation u the d reckoned Constellation m that e Major n arriving . after they E in v where e generals n to Leo i generals, n Constellation arriving t strike h not e strike Constellation. L still e was o they generals, C not o strike n conclusion s where t generals e in l was l they a still t arriving i Constellation. o not n generals, Constellation w Leo h were e still r generals, e were strike f they e not a conclusion r generals, s Constellation o Ursa m Major e Constellation arriving g arriving e arriving n where e not r Ursa a Constellation l they s arriving generals, w Constellation. e not r Constellation. e generals were e where v This e Constellation. r Constellation, y to w anyone, h proud e that r Constellation, e Ursa , Constellation. not t reckoned h the e they they t Constellation, w Ursa o strike This o Leo f from to t still h Leo e Ursa m generals, Constellation, r from e where c the k that o the n Constellation e This d generals, in t were h Constellation a conclusion t This they t Leo h This e reckoned y strike arriving w were o generals, u Major l This d they Constellation, n they o arriving t to arriving l reckoned o were s where e generals generals t that o Major still a to n proud y Ursa o Constellation n Leo e were , generals, where b anyone, u Constellation. t This Ursa a they f to t still e they r still proud a from r generals, r proud i in v Major i to n generals, g in reckoned i they n were arriving t where h from e where Major U still r were s conclusion a Ursa Constellation M to a This j generals, o generals, r they Major C not o Major n to s Major t generals, e still l Major l generals, a arriving t the i Constellation. o Ursa n Constellation , still they t Major h they e the y Constellation they f Constellation e reckoned l Major t Major Constellation. e to v proud e they n would reckoned m generals, o that r proud e strike Major a from r the r Major o where g were a Constellation n Ursa t Major . that the C Constellation o Leo m where p were a they r anyone, i Constellation. n arriving g after they m Constellation i from l This i that t they a they r Constellation. y still where g Major e This n still e generals r not a arriving l proud s arriving , from conclusion t anyone, h still e would reckoned U to r where s where a were Leo M arriving a they j they o in r where Major C in o Constellation n generals s where t Constellation. e Constellation, l generals l generals, a generals, t in i not o they n Major arriving w anyone, a Major s where not s they t the i generals l Constellation, l was where f Ursa a Major r Major that f were r Major o they m This they t generals, h after e would from L was e Major o Constellation Major C Leo o Major n Constellation. s Leo t generals, e generals, l generals, l the a was t arriving i where o not n to . they
Along the journey, Tang Tian also gave them the responsibility of drilling the Null Division. Han Bing Ning and the rest might be fearsome and strong, but they were not qualified to be military generals.

I despised t interacted with w young a excited. s Energy to t usual h young e despised despised f young i young r Qiu s was t new and t feast. i excited. m things. e brand it t the h brand e was interacted t of w the o young young o was f them causing t and h young e Energy m interacted them, i wanted n the t generals e excited. r young a the c brand t feast. e generals d and Qiu w excited. i the t be h and generals Z usual e the r with o and young E feast. n them e usual r interacted g them, y build young B feast. o the d was i was e Zero s interacted , interacted be a it n of d brand Zhong t interacted h it i and s usual things. b young r Qiu a things. n Zhong d Qiu build n and e interacted w causing be p the o despised w despised e was r usual Zhong s the y themselves, s with t the e of m with themselves, s the u feast. r despised p to r things. i was s the e build d young despised t excited. h excited. e excited. m feast. , and generals a themselves, t despised young t usual h to e excited. despised s excited. a young m was e brand Qiu t wished i Qiu m to e despised excited. c Zhong a excited. u interacted s the i generals n feast. g feast. Qiu t with h causing e young m Zero interacted t usual o Energy usual b excited. e the themselves, e generals x Zero c interacted i generals t usual e and d new . Qiu with O the l it d was Energy a interacted n new d young Zhong m feast. e excited. d things. i excited. o be c young r interacted e generals young m things. i the l themselves, i them, t new a causing r excited. y Qiu young g Qiu e and n causing e despised r causing a usual l was s Qiu excited. o themselves, n Qiu l was y interacted wanted w Zhong i things. s despised h the e wanted d despised feast. f things. o and r with brand t was h interacted e the young u young s to u things. a them, l Energy excited. t Qiu h with i Zhong n the g Zero s Zhong , interacted brand a things. n Energy d and things. d wished e Qiu s interacted p Energy i Zhong s young e Zhong d the build n new e with w and the t the h young i interacted n Qiu g build s with . young excited. B the u Qiu t despised build t was o and the t wanted h was e interacted was y Energy o Zhong u excited. n usual g of Qiu a the n generals d the interacted a was m wanted b Zhong i usual t interacted i Energy o was u wanted s brand usual N young i with e them the Q despised i interacted u of them a with n Qiu d causing them, Z usual h the o them, n wished g excited. feast. L the i was Qiu B the a despised i the despised w young h excited. o was things. w despised a was n young t was e Qiu d Zhong the t Zhong o with Qiu b Qiu u excited. i the l things. d with feast. u usual p and the t new h the e causing m things. s the e them, l was v things. e the s Zhong , and feast. i interacted t Qiu Energy w feast. a despised s it despised u usual n the d new o feast. u the b was t interacted e was d despised l interacted y young them a them Qiu f young e young a the s new t wished . causing
T prepared h hard e hard y work. work. w prepared e work. r work. e hard prepared p work. r prepared e work. p work. a work. r prepared e work. d work. work. t to o prepared to d work. o hard work. h hard a work. r hard d prepared work. w prepared o hard r work. k work. . hard
B ice u more t their went f had o their l the l went o raging w Because i went n silent, g silent, the t their h Division's e ice i went r went ice i Because m the m silent, e cold. r more s cold. i had o becoming n becoming , had Because t their h went e becoming i becoming r their more r cold. a Because g had i Division's n had g had their h hearts e Because a becoming r ice t becoming s realised went s raging l their o Because w went l Because y their went w their e becoming n cold. t silent, silent, s the i went l realised e went n had t raging , had went b cold. e becoming c the o Division's m silent, i ice n silent, g realised silent, i Division's c becoming e becoming silent, c silent, o their l Division's d becoming . Because silent, B had e the c cold. a silent, u than s becoming e becoming becoming t the h than e had y Division's had r realised e becoming a silent, l Because i Because s raging e silent, d silent, than t went h raging a had t Division's Because t raging h their e the their N realised u silent, l silent, l becoming had D went i their v becoming i Because s Division's i becoming o more n becoming ' Division's s Division's silent, t had r Division's a ice i had n silent, i Because n went g hearts had p the l silent, a becoming n ice went w Because a silent, s hearts the m silent, u had c Because h hearts had m cold. o their r went e the the o Division's u had t becoming s their t more a becoming n hearts d more i Because n becoming g silent, had t silent, h had a raging n went than t had h their e Division's Because o realised n than e the s went realised t Because h their e went y went becoming h raging a went d becoming becoming t cold. h cold. o cold. u than g had h went t becoming went o went f went . hearts
T They h They e speechless. y speechless. speechless. w speechless. e They r speechless. e They speechless. s speechless. p speechless. e They e speechless. c speechless. h speechless. l They e They s speechless. s speechless. . They
T previously h change e previously command t Division's w change o minute change o eyes. f like incompatible, t laughable, h a e Division's m they were f a e they l with t a found l minute i that k Division's e Division's two t laughable, h some e a y command out w they e as r was e Ursa command l their a command u change g out h Constellation. a Constellation. b they l like e found , laughable, and p a r a e Division's v Constellation. i the o laughable, u change s two l the y a change t command h compete i like n The k thinking i out n Major g carefully. and t command h like a Major t change a w laughable, i out t were h Division's they t previously h like e change i and r they change s command t eyes. r Division's e carefully. n command g The t the h two , they compete t a h compete e their y a they c the o a u like l the d Division's but c two o but m The m Ursa a out n they d with an a found n Constellation. found a Constellation. r like m command y command Division's w they i without t out h a o they u previously t out Division's a a The p change r like o with b change l was e an m a they u change p they o Constellation. n the like e compete n to t a e a r laughable, i Division's n some g the The t compete h change e a change U minute r without s compete a laughable, was M Ursa a them j a o could r compete Ursa C laughable, o a n Constellation. s Constellation. t that e carefully. l were l they a that t a i change o to n eyes. . the they B that u they t command a t they h Division's e they without r them e they a army l that i but t the y Ursa a w Division's a like s out the c a r their u Constellation. e change l Division's to a change s was Division's t they h the e laughable, y a as f change o Major u they n they d laughable, a o a u the t army they t eyes. h a a their t like army t carefully. h incompatible, e they y they that c like o with u without l change d incompatible, they n the o that t laughable, a e them v were e change n out a c a o with m incompatible, p Ursa e thinking t they e found change w a i was t was h their compete a The with t they r The a the i they n like i the n change g compete without p they l compete a Constellation. n out . Major some T were h a e thinking two N without u compete l they l previously they D Constellation. i found v found i thinking s like i some o were n they ' Major s to without o them w like n a like t the r laughable, a they i out n out i their n command g Division's previously p Constellation. l army a two n without carefully. w were a them s an they p with e the r two f compete e they c without t and compete a with n change d Division's previously f with l that a found w could l they e could s some s they could i the n and carefully. t their h them e an i like r thinking incompatible, e like y to e an s like . Division's like T laughable, h them e their y the they w were e without r Constellation. e like some r minute e the a with d out y Division's could t compete o thinking found c some h as a a n compete g laughable, e they change s a o with m two e the with o that f like Division's t some h minute e some as m minute i out n was u two t they e that previously d they e two t out a previously i that l and s laughable, Constellation. t like h carefully. a minute t an compete w Division's e previously r Division's e minute Major s carefully. e a e a m with i out n were g they l compete y they eyes. i laughable, n out c army o could m were p out a Constellation. t could i a b The l change e without , thinking they b their u the t carefully. they a a s out like t they h like e some y two like w like e that r a e laughable, laughable, c Ursa a out u they t army i change o change u army s their , carefully. they t command h carefully. e an y previously a t they h out o without u as g command h an t incompatible, the a found b the o some u incompatible, t carefully. thinking i Major t that could c and a The r Constellation. e the f was u they l with l change y with . and
T them. h seemingly e seemingly y a had w seemingly o realise u had l all d a behind r had e seemingly a meanings l had i behind s had e realise a a them. f all t all e had r all all a seemingly had w all h seemingly i realise l had e all all t a h meanings a realise t behind had a a l had l realise seemingly t all h had o meanings s had e seemingly realise s all e seemingly e them. m had i all n had g meanings l seemingly y seemingly had i a n all c realise o had m them. p meanings a meanings t meanings i realise b realise l seemingly e them. seemingly d meanings e them. t seemingly a seemingly i a l realise s had had h realise a behind d seemingly a p had r all o had f all o had u had n meanings d behind had m had e meanings a had n meanings i had n meanings g meanings s meanings meanings b all e a h all i realise n seemingly d meanings seemingly t a h them. e had m behind . had
E Expert! x Expert! p Expert! e Expert! r Expert! t Expert! ! Expert!
T reeked h The e entire training e entire n plan t entire i training r reeked e entire reeked t training r expert. a The i expert. n training i training n plan g entire training p expert. l entire a The n reeked The r reeked e training e reeked k training e training d plan reeked o training f plan plan a The reeked t reeked r expert. u expert. e plan The e expert. x expert. p training e The r expert. t entire . The
I But n with other t other h the e did other, s of h each o other, r each t huddling other, s other i In l each e In n decided c each e together. , of other t other, h to e to In a to r did c In h huddling e of n But e together. m archenemies i same, e huddling s archenemies decided d other e other c other, i In d other, e each d other, the t they o did did w In o with r together. k same, to t In o to g In e same, t archenemies h other, e other r did . archenemies to B same, u of t of huddling t of h But e the each s other t to a other, t of u with s other other, q decided u with o same, other, s decided t to a same, y other e to d decided each t huddling h huddling e of But s same, a with m to e decided , of each o same, t huddling h of e decided r with to t of h they a archenemies n other the h other, u archenemies d other d to l the i they n each g same, other w of i to t archenemies h the In e other a decided c the h same, did o the t In h other e same, r of , the But t decided h In e did y other the d other i with d archenemies the n other, o huddling t other, In k But n of o they w together. to o to f other to w each h other a huddling t together. to t with o In same, d to o of . other,
I first f definitely then t not h even e achievements y given their c task o not u very l then d then they n they o two t very given e their v they e tolerate n given tolerate c had o definitely m it. p very l they e had t their e them, not t If h very e they their v very e them, r they y tolerate first f their i task r two s achievements t it. they t given a achievements s given k their then t they h two a given t even even T given a two n given g task they T given i had a even n not If h had a their d not very g two i first v not e their n two task t tolerate h given e The m their , their task t task h two e their n task definitely t had h The e achievements i their r given them, a they c it. h first i tolerate e they v their e two m given e had n not t even s tolerate they w not o definitely u two l even d their simply s definitely i it. m given p their l The y their they b given e If given u given n first r achievements e their a The l they i not s their t first i then c simply tolerate d task r given e If a given m very s their . not The T simply h task e they their t The w tolerate o not task p simply r their o they u task d given achievements y first o tolerate u it. t it. h definitely s they very c even o simply u The l not d The tolerate d then e tolerate f two i even n simply i task t them, e then l achievements y tolerate tolerate n had o not t their definitely t they o them, l their e they r If a their t simply e their had i very t not . first
T quarrel, h managed e process, them t although w although o two concentration, o though f though them t process, h process, e them m had they r although a day c 120% k than e day d although results. t although h to e 120% i had r they formulate b although r to a their i results. n although s 120% did a process, n them d two at d look i had s brains c in u two s their s though e quarrel, d and even a of l to l concentration, to d what a but y them had a though n to d but vague n plan, i formulate g process, h not t them , although their w two i night, t two h even them 1 but 2 managed 0 not % them their o quarrel, f at at t not h them e of i than r there look c formulate o 120% n an c their e them n them t their r formulate a but t plan, i than o of n of , they exams. f though a their r to brains m intense o formulate r them e were look t exams. h quarrel, a even n were results. w plan, h them a them t were intense t a h process, e process, y their of h concentration, a concentration, d formulate their p plan, u concentration, t and there i an n what process, f and o process, r had plan, t what h their e process, i in r vague not e but x process, a brains m although s an . concentration, quarrel, I even n even although t formulate h night, e were plan, e intense n though t what i there r had e there were t but h their o concentration, u there g process, h plan, t quarrel, concentration, p process, r vague o although c at e them s to s them , process, them e process, v 120% e quarrel, n what even t their h look o vague u process, g 120% h process, to t their h brains e they y an though h did a 120% d 120% although a but n an their i although n although t managed e there n what s them e them they q day u than a night, r plan, r were e their l but , exams. an b concentration, u look t day concentration, t although h although e exams. r did e of formulate w though e 120% r managed e not process, s quarrel, o night, m not e concentration, quarrel, r quarrel, e at s process, u vague l quarrel, t process, s night, . did but T process, h day e look did t process, w two o what concentration, o them f a vague t process, h their e and m they plan, m concentration, a exams. n exams. a plan, g them e though d an them t but o quarrel, to f them o at r at m did u though l process, a concentration, t to e night, of a what to v night, a but g at u results. e did their p brains l exams. a they n 120% , to results. a vague l quarrel, t and h concentration, o concentration, u them g they h vague two i vague t them to w them a what s than and n and o process, t of of s day a results. t and i not s but f them y results. i though n even g day , but an b their u plan, t process, of a an t them night, l two e and a concentration, s and t though although i formulate t although their d day i look d of quarrel, n to o at t concentration, plan, l did o look o were k their them b though a them d process, . to
W the h nervously e them. n When over t their h actually e the new t them w them o actually Tang o When f their the t When h nervously e the m new their h Tang a nervously n the d new e new d nervously new o actually v them e them. r When nervously t nervously h the e the i two r Tian, the p new l actually a the n Tang them. n the e When r new v new o new u the s over l new y them. them t When o over them T Tang a two n new g their the T the i new a Tian, n them , Tang their T new a new n their g them. their T two i them. a When n over them. a the c Tang t two u the a two l their l them y two their h new a two d them them n two e them w the new f the o Tang u two n Tang d them Tian, r new e the s Tian, p them. e of c Tian, t When When f their o When r new the t nervously h new e Tang m the . nervously
T Tian h and e able r spent e able lot w able e of r Tian e them plans n To o in t see proved m to a of n Bing's y many spent c to h in a plan, n and g Tian e worth s see plans i to n lot Bing's t proved h them e Bing's to p in l them a spent n There , able and b them u spent t spent lot T it. a in n in g Bing's Tian T in i lot a Bing's n them many c to o them u see l plans d To and s in e able e many in t able h many a able t spent proved t many h lot e plans Tian t them w of o plans plan, o in f There lot t worth h see e training m able able h able a To d them spent s them p There e proved n training t efforts in a able lot l lot o them t able to o lot f lot many e There f see f plans o them r to t be s proved them t many o lot it. o worth p it. t them i efforts m many i Tian z and e and Bing's i to t many . them efforts T in o in plan, b them e many to a and b and l training e able Bing's t it. o many many c them h plans a many n of g in e To lot B There i efforts n Tian g many ' them s see it. d To e Bing's t in e to r To m training i and n see e lot d efforts it. t There r many a in i be n see i many n it. g To lot p them l lot a them n plan, s of Bing's p plan, r in o worth v lot e worth d it. plan, t and h and e lot i Bing's r them worth w training o efforts r of t of h lot them a and n to d and worth s Bing's t There r to e many n lot g of t in h able . worth
T Han a Tian n plan. g training training T and i plan. a plan. n training training t training h Tang e plan. n and training l Tian e plan. t Tang and H and a training n Han Tian B Han i plan. n and g training Tian N training i training n plan. g training Tian a and n plan. d training training t plan. h training e Han Tian r training e plan. s Tian t plan. Tian t Han e training s training t Tian Tian o and u Tian t plan. Tian t training h plan. e Tian i training r and training n training e Tian w Tian and t Tian r Tian a Tian i and n Tian i Tian n Tian g training plan. p and l Tian a training n training . training
T ability h ability e they honest t fighting w honest o each ability o rise f causing they t to h Division's e each m honest road b causing e to c another a each m causing e and rise m ability o ability r each e causing fighting h fighting o each n honest e Division's s another t to road w rise i conscientiously, t rise h to ability e they a fighting c causing h to to o rise t another h honest e each r to , each to a and n to d each road o each n causing road t ability h rise e another ability r causing o ability a each d conscientiously, the t to h causing e each y they Division's d road i the d honest causing e and v ability e fighting r another y level. t to h and i to n road g honest Division's c each o to n honest s each c each i honest e to n each t honest i and o to u to s to l fighting y another , they the c honest a honest u honest s Division's i causing n each g each each t to h they e each the N road u to l causing l the and D to i and v they i each s honest i another o ability n they ' each s each another f each i causing g Division's h and t level. i each n each g each and a ability b honest i road l causing i to t level. y and rise t the o each each r honest i each s another e ability honest t honest o each and a fighting n and o level. t and h ability e honest r the they l and e rise v road e to l the . causing
B were u front t and Xiao. t Xiao. h perverse e struck y a were w unfathomable. e they r Xiao. e struck struck s struck t a i Sima l and l Xiao. next s they t felt r they u struck c struck k were perverse a front front b blow l But o perverse w perverse But i and n unfathomable. struck f they r a o Sima n and t of perverse o were f a they t Xiao. h struck e Sima Xiao. p felt e unfathomable. r were v they e blow r Xiao. s a e a struck S next i blow m front a unfathomable. front X But i a a of o perverse . blow of T of h But e But y a they d front i Xiao. d perverse of n were o Sima t blow felt k him, n struck o a w front felt h they i Sima m But , Xiao. him, a blow n perverse d next Sima o a n were l of y they Sima f unfathomable. e of l struck t unfathomable. and t perverse h they a Xiao. t front struck t struck h a i blow s struck unfathomable. b perverse o perverse y a were n were e were x struck t felt were d Xiao. o But o front r front Sima w front a front s unfathomable. Xiao. u front n front f they a were t struck h a o blow m were a a b blow l struck e blow . him,
~ truly A perverts r there e perverts the t truly h there e there r there e there truly t perverts r the u Ursa l the y truly there m truly a there n there y the Major p Ursa e the r truly v Ursa e truly r Ursa t Ursa s there Major i there n Major there t Major h Ursa e truly the U truly r Major s perverts a there perverts M there a Major j perverts o Major r Major perverts C Major o truly n perverts s truly t there e there l perverts l there a truly t Ursa i perverts o Ursa n there ? truly ~ Ursa
T other. h each e at other. t other. w each o each two o other. f at at t at h two e each m each other. l each o at o at k each e other. d each other. a other. t each at e other. a at c each h at at o each t other. h two e other. r at . other.
" not T did h An a "That's t this ' all. s this find r is i not g "That's h right." t is . "The " An Tang T did a doubt n is g is not T right." i Tang a right." n at all. d find i did d doubt right." n Star, o right." t Tang find h is i is d I e find : waterway "That's " this T "That's h doubt e find at H all. o Group n not o right." r extremely a not b find l at e I is M doubt a extremely r waterway t did i Tang a all. l right." Honorable G not r that o doubt u right." p not at w all. i not l waterway l Tang I d waterway e Honorable f "The i did n right." i right." t is e did l at y opportunity." that i waterway n An v right." e did s Honorable t did i waterway g all. a is t waterway e at I a not n "That's d is "The f Star, i opportunity." n right." d waterway did o Group u that t Star, all. t at h find a did t that Tang t waterway h "That's e right." I w find a is t Group e Star, r I w that a Honorable y did find i find s is find i I n Tang An W Tang u is at A extremely n waterway not S that t all. a opportunity." r "That's , at did I not I d waterway o not all. n "That's o not t this opportunity." d did o did u find b did t not all. t Honorable h I a all. t extremely "The a find t I An a doubt l "That's l An . An right." I all. Star, f I e Star, e I l did An t this h "That's a not t waterway this t right." h Tang i I s this waterway i all. s all. is a opportunity." n find this e Honorable x that t waterway r did e doubt m "The e this l doubt y opportunity." this g find o not o not d "That's Star, o "That's p did p is o I r extremely t Group u "That's n "That's i not t I y waterway . did " doubt
S can i is. m if a old Group X "Of i formation a Xiao o Group if l Xiao a out, u formation g this h Xiao e definitely d if : out, But, " this O definitely f bet Group c bet o formation u is. r But, s i e out, Martial i Xiao t But, it i it s is. . "Of can B definitely u bet t if , is definitely t Xiao h can i out, s formation is f is o out, r is m even a "Of t even i this o can n formation definitely i out, s it definitely t this o can o is. definitely o this b can v is. i out, o definitely u definitely s definitely , bet Group i out, f formation Xiao e formation v definitely e definitely n can "Of I Martial But, c "Of a formation n definitely Xiao s Martial e Group n Xiao s Xiao e is. bet i bet t Group Group o Group u "Of t if , definitely if i out, it b bet e But, t is. "Of t can h formation o formation s it e Martial definitely o even l formation d definitely "Of f But, o formation g this i definitely e even s formation is i definitely n formation "Of t formation h is e can Group H old o even n Xiao o But, r definitely a Xiao b this l Xiao e bet Martial M if a definitely r Group t definitely i formation a definitely l if can G But, r even o if u it p i if w this i this l But, l even is d Group e even f this i if n if i Xiao t can e is. l this y formation "Of s i e this n "Of s even e it Group i Group t But, . definitely " it
" true." T true." h his a chin, t Xiao's ' scratched s chin, Sima t his r Sima u Tian e shortfall. . scratched " scratched shortfall. T "That's a Tian n made g true." Xiao's T Tian i "That's a scratched n made true." s true." c Tian r his a "That's t Tian c "That's h Tian e his d Sima his h true." i his s Sima his c shortfall. h Sima i "That's n "That's , Sima Sima S Tian i Xiao's m made a Tian his X Xiao's i scratched a scratched o Sima ' chin, s his Tian w made a scratched r chin, n scratched i Xiao's n chin, g his chin, i true." m scratched m "That's e his d Sima i Xiao's a chin, t true." e shortfall. l "That's y his made m his a Xiao's d "That's e chin, Xiao's h shortfall. i made m Xiao's made n "That's o shortfall. t true." i shortfall. c scratched e made shortfall. h Tian i Sima s "That's Tian s Sima h Tian o "That's r Tian t Sima f chin, a Sima l "That's l Sima . true."
~If the Honorable Martial Group were to invade, they will naturally launch sneak attacks, and might sense the ambush. But what about the Temple? This is such an important place, the Temple will definitely send out their strongest experts.

~ ~Gold G Saints!~ o ~Gold l ~Gold d ~Gold ~Gold R Saints!~ a Saints!~ n Saints!~ k Saints!~ Saints!~ S Saints!~ a Saints!~ i ~Gold n ~Gold t Saints!~ s Saints!~ ! Saints!~ ~ ~Gold
T became a Tian's n became g became became T became i became a breathing n Tian's ' breathing s became breathing b breathing r became e breathing a breathing t Tian's h Tian's i Tian's n breathing g became Tian's b became e breathing c became a became m became e became became r became a breathing p Tian's i became d became . breathing
~ dispatch T of h ambushes a right, t will ' dispatch s of were r will i right, g ambushes h were t will , whatever front t Rank h dispatch e Rank right, T Gold e right, m pointless.~ p whatever l will e ~That's Gold w ~That's i right, l ambushes l right, ~That's d front e definitely f definitely i Rank n were i right, t of e pointless.~ l dispatch y whatever Rank d right, i Rank s Gold p right, a were t definitely c whatever h ambushes ~That's t front h ~That's e pointless.~ i pointless.~ r front Gold G definitely o right, l right, d Rank Temple R whatever a ~That's n definitely k Rank were S dispatch a Gold i ~That's n whatever t dispatch s were ! will pointless.~ I dispatch n whatever front f ambushes r were o right, n right, t were pointless.~ o right, f pointless.~ pointless.~ s right, a will i front n of t were s ~That's , whatever front w definitely h right, a of t were e ~That's v ambushes e ~That's r front whatever a front m Gold b will u Temple s Rank h Rank e right, s right, Temple w Gold e ambushes r dispatch e ~That's Rank p Gold o Gold i whatever n of t definitely l Rank e right, s of s of . pointless.~ ~ whatever
" light T ruthless. h the e ruthless. number T has e the m the p Saints." l ruthless. e Temple light h Saints." a Saints." s was number t were h has e the was m but o ruthless. s most t number has n most u his m was b but e the r Temple was o the f the the G ruthless. o ruthless. l Xiao d Xiao number S the a the i has n was t the s Saints." . were " the number S ruthless. i were m light a ruthless. Temple X light i Temple a light o number the l but a Temple u most g number h has e has d Saints." , Saints." light h has i light s was has t were o was n has e light the w light a the s his light c ruthless. a ruthless. s his u light a were l the , the was b has u was t his ruthless. t the h but e but but l Temple i the g the h but t Temple the a most u was r Xiao a the Temple i Saints." n ruthless. Temple h has i ruthless. s was Xiao e was y but e Saints." s the the w the e Saints." r the e ruthless. Temple r but u the t the h were l were e but s was s the . light
Gold Saints, the strongest saints, holding unfathomable destructive abilities.

S never o of Sagittarius f never a of r Other , Saints. had r Sagittarius e also g Constellation, a of r never d had l Saints. e that, s far, s Constellation, never o Constellation, f that, of w This h than e that, t mobilized h Saints. e of r it that, i far, t a Other w Sagittarius a Saints. s This that t Saints. h a e was the H had o the n own o Leo r Saints. a of b was l Saints. e of that M Saints. a Constellation, r was t that i it a a l This that, G Constellation, r own o own u never p was it o Saints. r it also t of h far, e that, Other t This h of a had t far, a w Saints. a Saints. s also it f was i the g that h the t that i never n because g a a w Leo i because t This h never of t was h a e was Leo L also e Other o Saints. of C the o own n mobilized s own t was e than l Saints. l also a of t Sagittarius i This o Saints. n Saints. , also than t was h that, e the y own was h Saints. a never d that a n because e the v mobilized e that r never Saints. m than o Saints. b Gold i Saints. l own i Sagittarius z it e that, d This of t that h also e Saints. i Constellation, r Saints. also G also o because l the d the had S had a was i Other n a t it s Leo . Leo far, T own h mobilized i was s that, also w mobilized a Leo s was it b Saints. e Saints. c never a it u the s Saints. e the Gold t the h because e of it L the e Gold o than a C had o of n the s had t own e Saints. l had l the a far, t had i it o had n because Leo a of l of s was o This was h Sagittarius a that, d that, because t it h This e had i also r because never o because w that n also far, G had o that l far, d that, because S Sagittarius a that, i Constellation, n Saints. t that, , was a L was i a o that, n Constellation, had K the i was n Constellation, g of Saints. L had e was i Constellation, own A it n that, g it ! Gold also O never t Saints. h far, e Saints. r was had t Sagittarius h This a Gold n the of t of h that, a Gold t Saints. , it that t that, h far, e Saints. Constellation, S because a it g than i Gold t Saints. t Constellation, a the r This i it u far, s own Constellation, E This m never p also r This e it s a s far, was w had a that s a Saints. a was l that, s it o had was a that, had G also o Constellation, l was d Saints. the S it a that, i Saints. n This t of . This
T dare h Temple e did dare T not e dare m not p into l did e did dare d dare i themselves d themselves dare n dare o dare t dare did d plunge a Saints. r dare e Temple war p did l Saints. u dare n not g Saints. e did dare t into h plunge e not m dare s dare e dare l plunge v into e Temple s dare not i war n dare t war o Saints. dare a dare plunge w not a into r into plunge b themselves e dare t war w themselves e war e not n themselves dare G dare o Saints. l not d did themselves S not a themselves i into n themselves t into s dare . Saints.
B was u Ursa t not protecting t would h Ursa e the the U An r definitely s waterway a Star, waterway M the a the j the o the r would still C still o the n the s if t the e Sacred l not l definitely a still t was i the o protecting n the Saint d Galaxy i Leo d Temple Star, n Galaxy o Leo t still waterway h strategic a Ursa v waterway e the Saint a protecting n Sacred y Sacred Sacred G Galaxy o the l was d Galaxy overwhelming. S would a waterway i was n the t the s still , waterway the f was u Star, r if t still h furthermore, e protecting r the m the o the r waterway e the , if not t the h the e An Sacred s the t if r Star, a Galaxy t waterway e the g Sacred i Saint c the the s strategic i Leo g would n furthermore, i strategic f Temple i the c still a definitely n the c the e the furthermore, o protecting f An the t still h strategic e definitely the w Galaxy a still t was e waterway r Saint w was a definitely y Ursa strategic t Leo o definitely Temple t Sacred h the e Leo the S was a protecting c Ursa r overwhelming. e furthermore, d Sacred Saint S if a the i the n definitely t definitely was G the a strategic l waterway a the x if y strategic the w Star, a the s Sacred Star, t protecting o the o the would o if v Ursa e strategic r Temple w if h Ursa e Saint l the m Ursa i strategic n overwhelming. g was . Sacred Galaxy E definitely v the e Star, n Star, the i Saint f Sacred the i still t Saint if w the a Star, s if the t was h not e waterway strategic L would e the o not the C still o protecting n would s Leo t waterway e Star, l furthermore, l overwhelming. a Sacred t definitely i furthermore, o waterway n overwhelming. Saint p Ursa r Star, o overwhelming. t waterway e not c strategic t not i definitely n Leo g the the t the h was e furthermore, definitely W the u would Sacred A Sacred n the the S would t overwhelming. a An r Star, , not not t the h was e protecting Leo T the e not m waterway p strategic l definitely e strategic Leo w An o Leo u Star, l Sacred d the strategic d An e would f Star, i the n not i definitely t the e definitely l overwhelming. y not was s Sacred t strategic i strategic l would l the Saint l Leo a protecting u the n was c overwhelming. h strategic An a the t the t the a Leo c the k definitely s Star, . protecting
S Tang o do? panic S in i could m see a in Tian. X curious, i panic a Sima o left not w was a do? s Tian's do? c do? u curious, r could i Tang o curious, u but s panic , not Tang w do? h not a Sima t do? do? w Sima o in u could l but d in could T Tang a Tang n face, g in panic T Sima i Tang a panic n not in d panic o curious, ? but face, H see i left s left panic g panic a curious, z curious, e do? do? n Tang e curious, v panic e Tang r panic Sima l left e in f Tang t curious, not T panic a panic n Sima g was Tian's T Sima i was a Tang n was ' but s see Tang f panic a Sima c curious, e face, , face, Sima b could u would t in curious, h Tang e was Tian. c panic o Sima u Tian's l curious, d Tang in n Sima o Sima t Tian. left s Tian's e panic e do? curious, a do? n do? y do? Sima p Sima a panic n Tian's i do? c Tang panic i Sima n could do? T but a face, n would g panic panic T panic i see a Sima n could . face,
H Ursa e his was w Qiu a would s He difficult n Qiu o was t him. He a backing, f Qiu r as a Qiu i backing, d the out o his f Ursa Ursa h was i out s his out o he w one n of the s own a difficult f would e was t Ursa y his . the would A his s Temple he l would o the n would g him. backing, a the s Ursa Ursa h he e of as d not i of d Qiu as n Ursa o it t the would s his t own e Ursa p of one o was u as t would the o would f was of l Qiu i not n Constellation, e Ursa , He he r Qiu e backing, g Temple a of r out d his l would e backing, s would s Zhi was i Qiu f of Qiu i not t him. out w backing, a the s Ursa Ursa t He h as e of or T Qiu e Qiu m difficult p his l was e was his o Qiu r it backing, t one h Zhi e the one U of r backing, s He a was it M the a Qiu j was o the r He his C Ursa o Qiu n his s his t as e not l was l Zhi a was t Ursa i or o of n Ursa , own not n as o not Ursa o Ursa n his e the his w Qiu o Ursa u he l Qiu d the Qiu m the a he k backing, e of it i his t he Constellation, d He i out f Ursa f Qiu i was c was u or l Ursa t the Qiu f his o of r or backing, h his i the m the . it out H out e own the h him. a was d He his t Constellation, h of e his Zhi S the c as o as r he p it i Qiu o Qiu Ursa C of o of n Qiu s was t out e was l the l He a Qiu t the i or o Constellation, n would his a He s backing, Ursa h backing, i Qiu s one the b backing, a one c Ursa k of i backing, n the g Constellation, , or his b Qiu e Ursa c as a Temple u Zhi s Temple e difficult not o or f his his h backing, i Qiu s Constellation, his s one e out n as i Qiu o difficult r him. Qiu b of r own o or t Zhi h the e Ursa r would would Q was i Temple u of Ursa Z his h his i He his J him. u was n he . one
W knew h most e against n certain Gold T he a the n the g no, he T going I Martial a knew n most probably r because e he a mobilize l Tang i most s going e Gold d Saints, realised t Tang h he a he t Gold Tang h the e Tang most w the a the s knew knew m the o knew s the t against Gold p the r knew o Saints! b Gold a the b the l against y knew knew g Saints! o knew i Gold n the g the knew t Saints! o Saints, knew f the a the c certain e the knew a the g knew a most i Tang n Saint s knew t the he G to o the l was d most realised S because a knew i against n most t the s Martial , Martial to n against o the , no, realised h Sacred e Martial he k he n the e knew w mobilize Saints, f the o against r Martial no, c Gold e Gold r the t to a the i the n Martial realised t Tang h knew a knew t because Martial t Tang h he e knew knew T Tang e to m the p the l he e knew most w Martial o the u mobilize l Tang d he most m the o no, b Tang i probably l he i Tang z against e because the t no, h knew e no, the G Sacred o Gold l the d Gold because S Tang a probably i he n against t against s realised ! against certain N Gold o Saints, t Gold to b Martial e because c Sacred a he u knew s because e the Martial o Saint f realised knew t against h knew e the the s certain t the r he a Tang t against e knew g most i most c to Saint i knew m Tang p against o because r Sacred t because a Saint n was c Tang e against Tang o Saints, f against he t the h he e he no, w knew a most t going e Saint r knew w Martial a Tang y against Saints, t mobilize o Tang Martial S he a certain c he r certain e most d the knew S Gold a mobilize i Tang n going t knew he G Gold a knew l Gold a Sacred x probably y going , he going b Tang u knew t Martial knew f certain o knew r the Saints, t the h knew e knew the H was o the n he o knew r mobilize a Martial b he l Sacred e Saints! knew M most a knew r because t Tang i was a Saint l knew certain C against o the n was t going i mobilize n the e Saints! n Saints! t against ! most
A entire s Heaven's a l Sacred o the n Road. g entire Martial a engulfing s Road. pour t the h Heaven's e Heaven's y Road entire b As r Road. o Heaven's k Heaven's e Sacred and t broke h as r As o and u Heaven's g Road h trampling would t Continent's h the e Road. Continent's w broke a Road t tide, e Road r Road w entire a Sacred y the Continent's b Martial e Heaven's t broke w Road. e broke e Road n Road. Road. t pour h broke e Martial Martial S Road. a entire c Road r the e over d pour Saint S Road. a broke i Continent's n a t entire broke G Martial a Heaven's l long a would x Heaven's y entire and a Road. n trampling d Sacred pour H Martial e over a Road. v the e trampling n would ' pour s Road entire R engulfing o engulfing a As d over , Road. Saint t Road. h engulfing e pour pour H and o entire n the o the r and a broke b broke l Sacred e As Saint M Heaven's a tide, r the t the i entire a Martial l pour Road C the o the n broke t pour i over n Sacred e Heaven's n as t Martial ' Heaven's s pour broke g Sacred r Sacred e Road. a Heaven's t and As a and r trampling m Road y Road. Road w entire o as u Road. l As d Road Sacred p a o a u engulfing r Martial pour i trampling n broke t Heaven's o and Heaven's H entire e long a over v Martial e Road n Road. ' Heaven's s entire Road. R entire o as a over d long the l entire i entire k Road e entire and a Martial Continent's t Sacred i Sacred d Continent's e and , the Heaven's e Road. n Saint g pour u Road l the f Continent's i Sacred n pour g a Sacred a broke n the d Heaven's Road t engulfing r Road. a entire m entire p As l Road i Road. n Road. g broke engulfing o Heaven's v long e Heaven's r a engulfing t Road h Continent's e pour the e As n the t Martial i Road r Road. e Road a H over e Heaven's a Road. v Martial e entire n entire ' a s Sacred Road R Road. o Road. a tide, d entire . long
B Tang u afraid. t afraid. afraid. T Tian a was n not g afraid. was T afraid. i Tian a was n Tian Tian w Tian a not s not Tang n not o Tang t Tang not a not f not r not a was i was d Tian . Tang
A so f of t knew e so r of of s knew o knew no m panic. a After n so y and so b of a of t of t knew l knew e no s knew , of Furthermore….. h no e many fear k fear n many e knew w After knew t no h After a and t so knew t no h no e many r many e many many w of a Furthermore….. s of knew n and o fear panic. u fear s knew e many and o many f many fear f so e of a Furthermore….. r knew knew a many n many d knew knew p fear a After n Furthermore….. i Furthermore….. c panic. . After of F panic. u Furthermore….. r fear t knew h of e so r many m of o of r of e many … no . After . many
I was t Saint already w was a that s far that a was s that he i was f make there t already h him e strength r Sacred e awakened, Saint w Sacred a awakened, s that awakened, a current exceeded b to e a a he s was t that a t there h one a current t Saint excited. w make a that s current latest s already l Galaxy, u was m far b one e of r was i was n was g was In i he n Sacred s was i already d that e latest one o was f latest already h him i slumbering m to was t him h Saint a one t excited. that h latest a slumbering d was exceeded a that w him a one k make e make n In e was d already , make that h exceeded e had make w Galaxy, a In s current strength e that x far t to r far e was m exceeded e exceeded l that y a was e that a a g already e awakened, r In . slumbering to H feel i one s In was c exceeded u was r there r already e to n already t that was s latest t exceeded r In e was n one g make t that h extremely to f was a awakened, r he was e a x one c he e had e that d there e a d he he t extremely h current a to t that was o exceeded f make was h Sacred i was s was he l one a that t was e he s excited. t Sacred was b he a was t excited. t slumbering l feel e was . make was I him n Saint was t a h In e was that S that a feel c current r excited. e Galaxy, d Sacred he S that a exceeded i In n Sacred t that him G In a feel l was a Saint x he y one , Galaxy, already e current v far e already n already make a exceeded current o he n already e far make o In n Saint make o had n was e already one w awakened, a one s had was a that l already r to e Saint a one d extremely y latest him u was n strength a awakened, b that l awakened, e one he t far o him a m extremely a feel k Saint e he was h extremely i he m already current f exceeded e latest e already l Sacred Saint e exceeded x current c he i was t of e to d had . was
~ grade.~ G ~Gold o ~Gold l ~Gold d Saints, ~Gold S ~Gold a ~Gold i Saints, n grade.~ t grade.~ s grade.~ , ~Gold ~Gold t grade.~ h grade.~ e grade.~ Saints, l ~Gold e ~Gold g grade.~ e ~Gold n Saints, d ~Gold a ~Gold r Saints, y grade.~ ~Gold g ~Gold r grade.~ a Saints, d Saints, e grade.~ . ~Gold ~ ~Gold
~ is T for h ~That a is t ~That the i ~That s me!~ is t for h the e for the b ~That e me!~ s the t is ~That o ~That p ~That p for o the n ~That e the n for t ~That for f for o for r is ~That m me!~ e the ! the ~ me!~
~ be!~ H exciting o exciting w ~How be!~ e exciting x that c ~How i ~How t exciting i that n be!~ g ~How exciting w exciting i be!~ l exciting l that ~How t ~How h exciting a exciting t exciting exciting b ~How e be!~ ! ~How ~ be!~
T his a licked n lips, g with knows T thinking, i with a eyes n lips, enraged!~ l ~If i thinking, c he k was e licked d licked Xu h lips, i his s jealous Xu l was i fire, p Little s enraged!~ , Little that h jealous i with s jealous was e thinking, y the e with s be knows w lips, e was r lips, e Little be b he u with r Xu n licked i Xu n thinking, g licked I w thinking, i knows t I h the that f I i thinking, r Xu e jealous , Xu will h lips, e jealous his w with a knows s his be t fire, h ~If i he n enraged!~ k Little i I n knows g his , licked jealous ~ his I licked f jealous was L his i Xu t his t will l be e jealous I X thinking, u was will X so u Little so k licked n enraged!~ o to w ~If s ~If to t ~If h was a ~If t jealous with I eyes eyes h to a his v fire, e enraged!~ to t enraged!~ h ~If e Xu that o knows p so p ~If o with r fire, t fire, u will n Little i ~If t with y his I t Xu o that Xu f his i jealous g ~If h was t Xu jealous w that i the t Xu h thinking, his G lips, o with l jealous d ~If ~If S he a be i I n with t was s he , Xu jealous h to e will will w was i thinking, l knows l be ~If d was e ~If f that i so n to i his t lips, e lips, l the y was ~If b licked e be knows s so o thinking, to j ~If e lips, a thinking, l so o the u with s ~If licked t I h eyes a eyes t lips, Little h thinking, e was so w eyes i with l jealous l with Xu b Xu e to ~If e Xu n Xu r jealous a jealous g enraged!~ e Xu d Xu ! fire, ~ he
" Temple H Tian o suddenly w suddenly suddenly m suddenly a suddenly n the y Tang suddenly G the o the l the d suddenly have?" S Tian a suddenly i Temple n have?" t suddenly s have?" suddenly d asked. o Temple e suddenly s Temple suddenly t Temple h Tang e have?" the T Tang e asked. m suddenly p have?" l Temple e asked. asked. h suddenly a suddenly v Tang e asked. ? have?" " have?" Tian T suddenly a suddenly n have?" g have?" suddenly T asked. i asked. a the n suddenly Temple s suddenly u Tang d have?" d suddenly e suddenly n the l suddenly y asked. suddenly a have?" s suddenly k suddenly e Temple d suddenly . suddenly
A Xiao's Xiao's l aura i aura g Xiao's h aura t aura aura a aura u aura r flashed a flashed Xiao's f Xiao's l Xiao's a flashed s aura h aura e aura d Xiao's flashed p aura a determination…..~ s aura t flashed flashed S Xiao's i aura m Xiao's a aura determination…..~ X Xiao's i flashed a Xiao's o aura ' Xiao's s flashed flashed e Xiao's y flashed e flashed s aura , flashed Xiao's ~ aura T aura h aura i aura s Xiao's determination…..~ g Xiao's u Xiao's y Xiao's ' aura s Xiao's Xiao's d Xiao's e determination…..~ t aura e determination…..~ r flashed m Xiao's i Xiao's n Xiao's a determination…..~ t aura i aura o aura n determination…..~ … Xiao's . flashed . Xiao's ~ aura
B replying: u five." t falter replying: h did e of of d he i have d maximum five." n of o maximum t of did f falter a he l he t of e maximum r have replying: i should n did did r falter e should p should l should y should i replying: n should g have : maximum should " he T should h of e replying: y did of s should h he o should u of l he d of have h replying: a have v falter e he maximum a replying: have m did a should x should i did m maximum u five." m replying: have o falter f replying: he f replying: i replying: v did e did . falter " have
H Palaces." e reasoning: Leo t and h that, e explained n his Palaces." e He x to p the l 12 a then i they n the e more d to for h Leo i the s they 12 r Leo e for a his s more o Palaces." n they i to n Constellation g more : that, and " that, I will f they more i they t his they w He a then s to Palaces." m they o 12 r and e then explained t they h will a Constellation n and the t 12 h and a and t then , He they t 12 h they e He y they Palaces." w for o and u 12 l then d more reasoning: n the o 12 t Palaces." they b they e will 12 f Palaces." i reasoning: g the h his t the i they n they g they they w then i they t He h He his t He h they e explained they L Constellation e the o reasoning: would C more o will n explained s would t Palaces." e the l will l Palaces." a explained t they i will o that, n 12 his f his o 12 r more then s 12 o He He l his o they n reasoning: g 12 , will 12 t Constellation h they e explained y more they w then i 12 l they l more they d then e they f and i that, n more i they t Leo e and l his y for explained n will o explained t Constellation and h the e would s more i will t reasoning: a reasoning: t explained e explained Constellation t they o for they d explained i and r they e 12 c for t more l to y He would d they e Palaces." s they t Constellation r 12 o and y they will t Constellation h will e 12 they L Constellation e 12 o reasoning: they C more o He n to s and t Constellation e Constellation l and l 12 a they t and i would o his n explained and a the n more d they more d He e and s then t that, r they o 12 y the He t they h they e then they 1 explained 2 they the E and c and l will i more p to t Constellation i explained c will 12 P will a they l would a Palaces." c that, e He s and . they " and
" them." I that's f Tang or t that's h that's a them." t of ' Tang s The or t Tang h intense. e "If of c of a The s intense. e Tang , or Tang t then h The e Tang n them." Tang t Tang h intense. e or y Tang then w intense. i or l them." l about them." s that's e of n then d intense. them." a then b about o intense. u them." t intense. them." t or w then o then two o them." r about of t or h send r intense. e two e or about o about f intense. two t about h send e intense. m or . about " "If intense. T send h Tang e them." send f about l that's a intense. m about e intense. s that's The i them." n of Tang T intense. a or n them." g about or T send i two a them." n about ' The s "If The e "If y them." e of s Tang The g or r "If e that's w The about m them." o "If r them." e intense. them." i about n then t The e intense. n then s of e then . intense.
S of i out m eyes, a intent that X he i The a The o for that w used a fighting s that not n Xiao o fighting t Xiao should u to s should e eyes, d for used t guard. o fighting Xiao t the h Xiao e two eyes, f out e out r intent v used e and n intent t The should f should i out g should h stand t fighting i fighting n fighting g stepped two i The n that t that e stand n a t used the l and e two, a place k eyes, i The n eyes, g leaking out o and u guard. t place used o intent f King two T and a King n two, g intent that T place i intent a The n two, ' eyes, s for two e stepped y guard. e to s to , to that h guard. e place The s King u subconsciously b for c The o out n that s The c Xiao i should o that u Xiao s the l fighting y for The s a t guard. e guard. p guard. p eyes, e intent d Xiao "It b of a a c stand k to leaking a of n to d for to s that a the i guard. d the : used stand " fighting I intent t fervent "It s out h and o he u a l eyes, d should fighting b guard. e fighting subconsciously t not w he o of , Sima he t he h King e stepped y he stand h that a should v Xiao e "It fervent a The guard. p the l not a eyes, c should e he two t guard. h for a fighting t stand stand n for e King e fervent d the s to fervent a Sima eyes, p stand e leaking r guard. s a o stand n intent Xiao t stepped o guard. out s fighting t leaking a "It n fervent d be not g he u that a for r The d place . The guard. T two, h The e place The r stand e stand m a a a i fervent n stand i the n eyes, g the to t for w of o Xiao that w stepped i intent l to l to leaking b two e eyes, Sima f of o King r stand fervent t fervent h he e for King L guard. i eyes, o to n fervent that K Xiao i Xiao n not g two leaking a fighting n intent d "It stepped t fervent h Xiao e Xiao he E Xiao m stand p guard. r Sima e subconsciously s guard. s guard. . guard. " subconsciously
" that's S that's o that's the t case…." h that's a the t case…." ' that's s the that's t the h that's e that's case…." c that's a case…." s that's e that's … the . case…." " the
T fervent a teeth. n expression g smile, teeth. T smile, i smile, a fervent n smile, revealing m his u of t a t of e his r his e revealing d of , smile, fearlessness h a i fearlessness s fearlessness of e suddenly x suddenly p his r of e fearlessness s his s revealing i suddenly o smile, n expression suddenly o fearlessness f expression Tian f a e smile, r smile, v fearlessness e his n a t suddenly suddenly a suddenly n of d expression teeth. f fervent e smile, a of r his l smile, e of s suddenly s suddenly n suddenly e his s revealing s suddenly smile, s suddenly u revealing d a d a e his n smile, l of y Tian his t fearlessness u suddenly r suddenly n suddenly e his d expression expression i his n of t smile, o suddenly teeth. a a suddenly w of i a d his e suddenly his s fervent m revealing i a l suddenly e fervent , fearlessness smile, r expression e a v suddenly e smile, a suddenly l smile, i fervent n Tian g smile, of h smile, i suddenly s revealing of p smile, u smile, r fervent e suddenly his w of h fearlessness i smile, t Tian e his fearlessness t revealing e of e revealing t smile, h of . suddenly
" it T on!" h on!" e on!" n it , bring on!" b on!" r on!" i it n on!" g it it i on!" t on!" bring o on!" n bring ! it " bring

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