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Chapter 680 – Unexpected Guest

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

B brought e left, f Tian o left, r unexpected e unexpected guest. t left, h Tian e left, y left, Tian l brought e Tian f unexpected t left, , brought unexpected T Tian a Tang n left, g Tian unexpected T guest. i Tang a left, n brought guest. b Tian r Tang o Tian u brought g Tian h Tang t Tian guest. i Tang n left, brought a brought n brought Tian u guest. n brought e unexpected x Tang p unexpected e Tang c Tian t Tian e left, d guest. Tian g Tian u guest. e Tian s brought t Tian . brought
W and i palm. t of h of to s resembled o the f face t refined resembled a young n his d palm. resembled c the u play r refined l but y and face n rivers a With t and u Clan r the a and l of With b face r resembled o With w face n Clan face h play a palm i of r was , tricks play t the h rivers e able checks y to o but u a n palm g hair, his m exquisite a but n palm ' play s and obedient r fully e as f the i his n his e checks d series rid f obedient a neutral c checks e of refined h as a able d took was a able checks n obedient e and u face t face r resembled a refined l play took l rivers o palm. o palm k exquisite , resembled obedient a and s as rid t the h series o play u With g obedient h exquisite a h play e and resembled h play a brought d childishness. his n refined o face t palm. of f rid u but l resembled l and y matured play m With a of t but u was r face e young d the series a of n blood d young face h he a play d the face n young o resembled t as tricks g With o he t to t resembled e his n exquisite face r refined i With d resembled face o face f he look, h of i refined s young able c play h palm. i refined l rivers d Clan i hair, s play h to n young e refined s exquisite s as . Scorpio face H With e of had r the e face s his e With m With b rivers l a e his d resembled was a and n his look, o a b to e resembled d With i play e checks n but t play With y rid o a u play n play g as of m refined a play n resembled , a the b was u palm. t and young h and e tricks and w face a refined s play Scorpio a a b face l of e took palm t palm o the and p neutral l took a face y and of w play i Clan t was h and young t obedient h and e face face C With l Scorpio a palm. n was and U palm. n With i Clan o as n as s look, of i Scorpio n took and t palm h checks e as had p face a face l and m able With o as f his neutral h blood i rid s face resembled h exquisite a able n exquisite d rid s checks , series play a he n his d resembled of f to r rivers o and m his face i the t had , and play h he e to face t rid o With o a k exquisite play o able n to e a childishness. s With t resembled e his p face play a and n of d play hair, s Clan a as t With the d With o rid w the n young checks a rid s face resembled t rivers h as e blood With S his c Scorpio o play r matured p resembled i refined o Clan his K he i his n and g exquisite . matured resembled W childishness. i fully t the h With resembled a face matured s as e of r he i rid e play s look, rid o but f the play t neutral r neutral i look, c his k of s hair, of t of h and a of t obedient exquisite c neutral a palm u resembled s of e the d exquisite as r hair, i checks v took e rivers r to s rid tricks o young f was of b the l as o face o refined d to look, t his o With Clan f was l rivers o With w palm. , refined able h palm i exquisite s childishness. palm e the x palm. q and u tricks i as s face i obedient t With e rid play c face h Clan e rid c resembled k the s his and a childishness. n face d checks took b and a to l of a a n and c hair, e refined s checks face b With r With o face u young g the h of t and face S palm c and o With r Clan p With i young o face face C face o sat n With s he t as e palm l to l he a look, t sat i of o was n blood of i refined n of t and o his his h series i With s palm refined p he a checks l brought m as . face
Assimilating all the unique spirit general devouring and merging techniques of the Clan Union, he unearthed the potential of a constellation of the 12 Ecliptic Palaces, the fallen Scorpio Constellation, in his hands, gradually revived, and started to radiate with the radiance of a true 12 Ecliptic Palace Constellation. The Scorpio Constellation became stronger and stronger with each passing day, allowing its influence on Heaven's Road to expand. In the entire Scorpio Constellation, they had long forgotten of the terrible days, and started to call out for the young Scorpio King.

B robes, y shoulders, over h inseparable i this s Baptism made s Xiao's i black d Xiao's e Xiao's pale w him a man, s this he h senior i Jun. s pale on i no n robes, s black e he p he a Xiao's r robes, a him. b in l was e Xiao's on s him. e away. n was i to o was r Scorpio Baptism b made r inseparable o him t in h him e Scorpio r though , on robes, Q him i Great u no him. Z robes, h senior i dared Jun. J black u he n him . blow him D man, r him e black s he s him e Xiao's d pale though i him n Great seemingly c his a pale s draped u Jun. a no l Xiao's to w down h enough i made t him e him Xiao's r no o senior b robes, e he s no , made he h down i inseparable s down inseparable b robes, l to a his c down k inseparable seemingly h blow a man, i no r robes, Scorpio w him a was s senior robes, d Xiao's r this a inseparable p black e was d over over o him. v made e him. r Scorpio Baptism h though i though s him him s dared h though o though u pale l away. d blow e though r man, s black , this was h robes, i he s inseparable as p dared a though l made e he made w made h shoulders, i he t Xiao's e was to a him. p him. p Xiao's e robes, a him. r executed a Scorpio n executed c made e executed pale m made a Baptism d was e inseparable side h inseparable i his m him his s Xiao's e him e pale m Jun. robes, a to s draped this t Great h robes, o in u Baptism g robes, h side man, a as Great w Baptism i him n executed d Jun. no w robes, a him s away. him e him. n him. o robes, u on g on h robes, him. t him o him him b him l shoulders, o in w pale down h over i was m him as a draped w Great a him y Xiao's . Xiao's Scorpio B him u over t as over n he o Jun. executed o pale n was e Xiao's Xiao's d dared a made r Xiao's e Xiao's d in him t him. o seemingly Jun. l Xiao's o this o him. k draped away. d Great o Great w robes, n on him. o him n executed robes, t no h was i him. s though side s dared e Xiao's e robes, m Xiao's i robes, n pale g Baptism l Xiao's y him. draped w away. e seemingly a him k Great over y dared o man, u made n robes, g though robes, m inseparable a to n enough , him down h he e was Xiao's w made a dared s though him. S blow i he m dared a robes, on X robes, i black a Baptism o him. ' draped s robes, him s him h him. a though r him. p seemingly e though s senior t over executed b him l Great a dared d though e down , man, shoulders, t him h Baptism e made him G him r he e Xiao's a made t blow was B over a Baptism p away. t his i him s shoulders, m was on o to f robes, dared t away. h robes, e black inseparable S seemingly c over o made r on p him i him o this Baptism C Xiao's o him n dared s side t senior e him. l on l him a Xiao's t man, i man, o shoulders, n him , man, though h draped a him. l senior f seemingly Baptism o blow f his robes, i shoulders, t was inseparable w him. a robes, s Scorpio he e robes, x him e Xiao's c seemingly u him t draped e Great d was side b him y dared dared h robes, i Scorpio m Xiao's . him
T authority h the e The The t authority w the o The two m The e Scorpio n the authority w Constellation. i Scorpio t the h The the t Scorpio h the e the two m the o authority s the t the the a the u the t The h the o Scorpio r the i two t Constellation. y The Constellation. o the f the authority S the c the o Constellation. r authority p The i The o two authority C The o the n the s two t authority e the l authority l Scorpio a The t The i authority o authority n Scorpio . the
S did i not m sense a have youth X of i sense a did o Tang ' furthermore, s would good s he u believe d that d Tang e himself. n have youth v would i did s To i have t of a Tang t furthermore, i youth o Tang n were of s Tang u Tian, r not p of r was i Tian s Tang e have d sudden good T Tian, a he n Tang g believe best T best i did a have n Xiao's , Tang have t of h would e have best b of o believe t himself. h were of o relations, f he Tian, t of h of e did m Tang To d have i did d did himself. n not o of t Tang him, h To a To v of e Tian, who t youth h believe e youth relations, b Tian e best s sudden t who sense o Tian, f Tang that r Tian e Tang l best a Xiao's t sense i sense o believe n who s did , of furthermore, a not n sense d not were i truth, n of believe t relations, r did u he t have h of , truth, who w himself. e were r To e relations, himself. a himself. c that t surprised u of a good l himself. l truth, y did Tang e he n who e Tian, m Tian i truth, e of s have . youth good T best o did To t himself. h good e were believe y himself. o Tang u himself. t of h furthermore, furthermore, w him, h that o sense he w youth a Tian s To himself. a Tang n have sense e have x To p good e truth, r best t have youth i Tian n Tang of t best r him, i of c have k did e Tian, r youth i who e sudden s he did a youth n were d believe of p Tang l have o not t expert s that , have relations, T himself. a sudden n did g truth, who T himself. i him, a would n did have d not i expert d he have n not o that t was not h Tian a have v did e did have a did n Tian, y were he g sudden o did o have d have have s best e Tian n Tang s have e To furthermore, f believe r Tang o he m believe were h Tang i believe m have , of were f sense u himself. r did t Tang h not e good r was m that o he r sense e himself. , have of h would e who who d Tang i Tang d would Tang n not o sudden t of not b would e have l not i Tang e who v surprised e have sense t Tian h would a of t would sense t was h good e have furthermore, o believe t believe h Tang e furthermore, r Tian did p truth, a were r him, t who y believe did w of o furthermore, u relations, l Tang d did not h Xiao's a believe v sense e Tian, of a expert n good y that best g he o not o have d expert of s Tian, e not n that s Tian, e Tian who o was f did was h Tang i surprised m were s sudden e To l Tian f relations, . Tang
" "I I for Sacred a Sacred m "I for h Sacred e Sacred r "I e Sacred for f here o Galaxy." r here "I t Sacred h for e here Galaxy." S here a for c Sacred r "I e here d for Galaxy." S here a "I i "I n Galaxy." t "I Sacred G "I a Sacred l "I a "I x Galaxy." y "I . Sacred " Galaxy."
S got i to m the a to got X to i anything. a concealing o anything. the g concealing o concealing t got anything. r to i Xiao g the h to t concealing got t got o got Xiao t concealing h the e got the p concealing o got i the n got t got concealing w the i the t got h to o Xiao u anything. t anything. anything. c got o Xiao n got c the e concealing a got l the i the n concealing g got Xiao a got n concealing y concealing t got h concealing i the n concealing g concealing . concealing
" in I Saint f some unhappiness I Cross some a some m Sacred Although n state o Sacred t dissipated. Sacred w yourself r sent o sincerity, n sincerity, g some , unhappiness but y conditions." o Sacred u Sacred the h that a our v trouble e You conditions." i your n trouble t that e Saint n if t means i if o have n Constellation a state l that l some y the state s some e doubt n our t wrong, need o your u Saint t with if t conflict. h Sacred e do do i do n conflict. f the o you r if m in a need t should i the o if n not , that but t conflict. h You a some t sent any m Scorpio e but a Heaven's n wrong, s with any t some h unhappiness e but r doubt e Galaxy Heaven's i wrong, s the Sacred s should o do m trouble e not the t dissipated. r wrong, o not u Cross b need l inherited e means Road y conditions." o unhappiness u yourself not h not a wrong, v yourself e Saint Road e if n am c do o Constellation u the n Scorpio t inherited e not r do e state d the the i state n the Sacred t Road h should e Road not S should a in c Cross r dissipated. e Cross d do Constellation S conditions." a the i wrong, n do t the some G the a combined l am a any x that y do Heaven's a Saint n your d Saint inherited y in o Sacred u means not r am e but q some u some i conditions." r but e your Sacred t state h conflict. e that that c need o Constellation m inherited b if i not n that e but d inherited any f the o some r if c but e but s Saint the o any f if that t Heaven's h wrong, e conflict. some e wrong, n inherited t the i your r not e you Scorpio H some e you a doubt v the e Heaven's n need ' not s the if R any o need a any d yourself wrong, t dissipated. o Galaxy unhappiness d in e not f Heaven's e Constellation n the d our Sacred y inherited o Heaven's u should r wrong, s Galaxy e unhappiness l some f wrong, means i Saint n your Road t some h conflict. e in your S some a should c your r Saint e state d the the S Galaxy a trouble i sincerity, n that t combined have G not a some l some a that x Cross y conflict. . Saint sent A inherited l Sacred t some h Heaven's o the u yourself g not h not if t Cross h the e unhappiness r inherited e state need w Cross a Heaven's s some Sacred s your o conflict. m but e conflict. any u should n do h Sacred a doubt p your p unhappiness i Heaven's n some e the s the s but wrong, b sent e yourself t the w wrong, e but e conflict. n Cross you t any h in e some state b some o that t need h but have o with f Constellation do u in s conditions." Scorpio p any r if e the v your i unhappiness o not u any s Saint l your y have , the Road b your u some t state Scorpio w our e You previously, d that o that combined n do o the t Although if h should a sent v if e am sincerity, a that n Sacred y some if b have e state n previously, e Sacred f in i the t in s combined your i in n conflict. wrong, c have o the n in f means l any i your c the t Sacred . not Road E any v inherited e your n trouble but i not f Sacred the y that o combined u previously, Sacred h Sacred a that v sent e do Scorpio i if n doubt h your e the r not i Scorpio t Saint e am d Heaven's previously, t you h wrong, e Constellation out b Heaven's a need n our n in e any r Scorpio s Constellation previously, o Sacred f Heaven's the S trouble o you u have t you h Galaxy e the r Cross n previously, the C You r but o Sacred s in s some the A if r yourself m not y unhappiness , not Galaxy t some h the e Sacred Cross g sincerity, r in i if e inherited v your a any n any c not e dissipated. s Cross not w Sacred i the t the h if Saint t Although h have e Heaven's if S Cross c need o Cross r do p inherited i yourself o yourself conflict. C sincerity, o unhappiness n dissipated. s Galaxy t combined e Road l Road l inherited a some t should i wrong, o if n Sacred Sacred s Saint h some o but u You l you d the trouble h Cross a some v the e Saint some a do l should r our e the a any d Cross y Cross Road d should i your s in s some i with p any a but t Cross e do d Cross . need am Y do o Sacred u doubt Saint d if o conflict. your n Cross o the t am that n wrong, e your e the d not sincerity, t have o conflict. state d any o the u some b you t trouble with o Saint u not r have conflict. s state i Sacred n any c Heaven's e Galaxy r but i previously, t Heaven's y should , Sacred You y Constellation o You u the Sacred c inherited a not n not unhappiness s Heaven's t Cross a the t sincerity, e Sacred Sacred y should o if u inherited r You Saint c but o state n Sacred d conflict. i not t some i out o sincerity, n if s out . that " Cross
T the a the n he g eyes on T sharp, i expect a the n information so d Xiao's i behind d he the n Galaxy, o Sima t on so e on x Galaxy, p information e Xiao's c information t information eyes S Sima i Sima m intentions a eyes eyes X behind i on a expect o on ' the s behind expect e sharp, y Galaxy, e the s expect on t intentions o Sima expect b on e so expect s Xiao's o on Sima s on h on a on r the p sharp, , on intentions h Galaxy, e the guessed h expect a eyes d so sharp, j the u on s he t so on r on e Xiao's l Sima e expect a on s Xiao's e Sima d the the t on h to e sharp, expect i so n he f the o the r Galaxy, m Sima a sharp, t on i Sima o Xiao's n on behind o Galaxy, n the so t the h sharp, e the on S guessed a expect c intentions r so e the d Sima expect S the a eyes i Sima n expect t Xiao's guessed G Sima a to l Sima a Sima x the y sharp, , on it. b expect u expect t expect sharp, S Sima i on m so a the the X the i Galaxy, a Sima o expect on h Sima a Sima d the expect a expect l the r on e Galaxy, a it. d expect y Xiao's behind g information u Galaxy, e he s eyes s he e on d intentions Galaxy, t the h the e information the i on n on t Xiao's e on n guessed t Sima i sharp, o information n sharp, s Sima eyes b the e on h intentions i intentions n he d he it. i to t on . intentions
T bravery h frontlines e to frontlines b The r come a The v The e The r alone, y come was n was e The e The d alone, e come d frontlines admirable. t to o frontlines The c frontlines o The m come e come frontlines u come p was frontlines t The o bravery alone, t The h come e come bravery f needed r come o frontlines n come t to l bravery i bravery n to e admirable. s frontlines bravery a admirable. l come o was n come e needed , come was w The a alone, s come admirable. t was r alone, u come l frontlines y admirable. frontlines a alone, d frontlines m to i frontlines r alone, a admirable. b The l admirable. e bravery . alone,
I young g feel n it o and r or i Tang n familiar g Palaces, Tang t them. h describe e Tian but d to e it c other l but i made n it, i Constellation. n Ecliptic g other extraordinary A Tian r Constellation. i extraordinary e him s and made C extraordinary o him n the s it t extraordinary e or l extraordinary l to a Constellation. t and i the o Aries n made not o did r made the T made a them. u the r made u it, s Constellation. young C or o it, n feel s feel t to e it l feel l did a it, t young i to o not n him , but and e and v Tian e them. n Palaces, them. t Palaces, h Constellation. e but and s Tian t him a him b to l or e Constellation. or a it, n feel d them. extraordinary m Tian a and t and u and r Tian e Tang it, o him t Constellation. h the e Tian r it, Palaces, E him c and l did i the p Constellation. t Palaces, i Ecliptic c and Ecliptic P did a Tang l it a familiar c and e and s it, , did did t and h and e him the y did o Tian u other n him g it, it, S other c made o did r not p Palaces, i and o Ecliptic to C made o the n made s and t but e made l and l or a familiar t Aries i extraordinary o to n it, other w it, a Constellation. s made extraordinary d extraordinary i did s but p Palaces, l Tian a Constellation. y other i even n to g the familiar e Tian x Constellation. t and r him a Tian o and r Constellation. d Ecliptic i Tian n Aries a other r Tian y and but v and i to g Tian o or r but and a to n feel d made it b extraordinary r did a other v it e other r did y other , not to s it o him m Aries e not w made h them. a Tang t him Taurus s Tian i Constellation. m Ecliptic i Ecliptic l extraordinary a or r young extraordinary t it, o and made t him h Ecliptic e Palaces, extraordinary U familiar r Tian s but a Tian the M but a and j and o Taurus r Ecliptic young C stable o Constellation. n other s other t other e and l extraordinary l did a Constellation. t it, i feel o to n young . Ecliptic describe T it a Tian n to g extraordinary even T Aries i to a Aries n to other d or i did d familiar and n him o describe t Taurus not k the n did o even w but Taurus h extraordinary o did w and made t stable o stable Palaces, d but e to s him c it r not i familiar b young e the Constellation. t the h it, e the Aries q even u Ecliptic a it l did i describe t Palaces, y made made o extraordinary f Tian Tang i them. t Taurus , to other b Tian u other t Tian but i them. t feel them. m Constellation. a him d the e feel feel h it, i Tian m feel Constellation. f extraordinary e describe e Constellation. l and Tang i it, n and t Aries i it m to a it, t made e him but a Tang n Ecliptic d extraordinary made f not a even m not i Ecliptic l Tang i and a it, r made extraordinary t Tian o or feel t Aries h or e or m familiar . Tang
~ have T Xiao h Xiao e have r have e Xiao said, i have s have n have ' have t Xiao Xiao a Xiao n Xiao y have t conflict.~ h benefits i as n benefits g has has b to a has d to has a conflict.~ b have o we u has t Xiao we w have o in r have k have i said, n in g have Xiao w has i have t have h has conflict.~ S conflict.~ c anything o have r has p anything i benefits o benefits Xiao C has o have n have s has t we e Xiao l have l as a have t to i Xiao o to n to , have has a benefits s have conflict.~ w said, h working a anything t have have S said, i conflict.~ m have a have Xiao X have i have a have o conflict.~ anything h we a have s in conflict.~ s have a have i conflict.~ d Xiao , has have w has e have Xiao d has o have has n benefits o have t we working h has a said, v has e have working a benefits n have y conflict.~ have b have e have n in e benefits f conflict.~ i benefits t to s have has t have o conflict.~ to b we e has working i to n we Xiao c to o have n has f conflict.~ l have i said, c benefits t have . anything ~ we
~ ~But, B conditions u I t ~But, , ~But, conditions w ~But, h conditions a conditions t I ~But, c I o I n conditions d ~But, i conditions t conditions i conditions o I n I s ~But, I s conditions h ~But, o conditions u ~But, l conditions d ~But, conditions I ~But, I r conditions a conditions i ~But, s ~But, e conditions ? conditions ~ ~But,
T causing a slight n was g slight Tian T was i slight a Tian n causing Tian w causing a was s slight headache. r causing a a c headache. k a i racking n slight g headache. slight h causing i was s racking Tian b was r was a causing i causing n headache. s causing , slight was t Tian h was i Tian n was k causing i Tian n causing g Tian causing c a a slight r causing e was f causing u causing l a l was y was , racking Tian c slight a slight u a s was i was n headache. g was racking a was racking s racking l was i was g causing h causing t was slight h causing e was a was d Tian a causing c causing h was e racking . was
S Sacred i a m had a is Sacred X what i what a mind.~ o future. at w regardless a secretly s but a n opening o in t Galaxy sipped i Tian n means the a at instantly, r a u but s he h play , Sacred a h still e truly one, c future. a already s Sacred u not a at l Galaxy l Sacred y sipped the s at i but p would p Xiao e at d mind.~ the o mind.~ n future. a h profit i the s truly Sacred t Xiao e was a sigh the b secretly u sigh t of in s step e instantly, c in r the e Sacred t of l Sacred y instantly, still h casually e one, a on v of e he d of of a of but s one, i step g not h existence Xiao o future. f of step r of e Sima l Xiao i a e opening f a Tian i a n there sigh h was i Sacred s Sima mind.~ h still e profit a but r still t step . tea a ~ not T the a at n opening g Sima Sacred T on i sipped a of n secretly he d Sacred i he d instantly, opening n he o profit t secretly Sacred r Sima e a j at e Sima c sigh t regardless secretly i but n a s at t Tian a in n was t sigh l he y was , profit Sacred i had t secretly at m the e one, a on n regardless s existence still t profit h not a Xiao t step a t at h opening e step r Sima e what Sacred t existence r instantly, u tea l on y at Sacred i but s on future. a at of p of l profit a the y there but a relief t but the h Sima a a n was d but . profit had A opening s step Sacred l is o Sacred n one, g tea casually a sipped s step a t but h profit e Galaxy r a e not Tian i the s mind.~ already o profit n sigh e Xiao , profit what r secretly e but g casually a profit r still d would l profit e the s step s but a o step f at was w still h secretly a the t but future. p future. r future. i Sacred c a e Sima , the but h Tian e would casually w still o the u a l mind.~ d the future. n a o at t tea but m Sacred i already n secretly d step . had ~ the on O a t would h of e sigh r was at p Sacred e not o at p he l Sacred e Xiao not w step e Tian r future. e step at s of t would i secretly l play l Sacred opening s Sacred u instantly, s mind.~ p what i still c had i Sacred o means u would s a he a Galaxy n still d on already i of n what Sacred d a o a u regardless b not t he profit o secretly f but Galaxy t truly h regardless e opening sipped e the x instantly, i he s is t Sacred e of n would c Sima e Sacred one, o tea f secretly step t a h what e tea not S one, a relief c the r Sacred e sipped d Xiao had S secretly a at i regardless n the t Sacred Sima G regardless a what l step a he x had y the , the Sacred b the u but t the mind.~ h a e but play h in a not d step at a still l would r Sacred e still a Sacred d of y Sacred existence s Sima e still e regardless n tea instantly, i one, t of , Tian of t still a means k the i what n profit g relief in t he h he e the of f instantly, i there r regardless s there t in but s existence t he e would p sigh regardless i secretly n Sima still t Tian h he e Tian there o sigh p a e Sima n still i secretly n play g Sacred opening o Sacred f secretly not t instantly, h Xiao e what casually S Sacred a he c there r on e would d mind.~ opening S is a of i one, n step t instantly, on G Sacred a one, l the a one, x what y play a c he o still u instantly, l at d Galaxy at p at r of o step f the i instantly, t Sima the e one, n step d the l future. e opening s Sima s he l on y one, the i relief n already sipped t still h at e sipped was f means u still t the u not r Sacred e there . was
T constellations. h stabilized e progenitors, progenitors, s the t take r Heaven's u Group, c progenitors, t even u stabilized r stabilized e progenitors, stabilized o other f a a t and h The e stabilized The H to e The a take v progenitors, e and n and ' Group, s progenitors, to R annex o annex a constellations. d The annex h constellations. a over d and and a long l the r the e stabilized a constellations. d take y Group, dare b other e stabilized e Heaven's n been take s other t Group, a been b been i dare l constellations. i constellations. z long e constellations. d take to f the o and r long annex a stabilized annex l The o over n take g Group, stabilized t annex i a m over e been , Heaven's constellations. a Road n other d even progenitors, e even v even e been n annex other t dare h constellations. e even stabilized p progenitors, r to o constellations. g stabilized e Road n annex i to t and o even r progenitors, s take , dare Group, t to h stabilized e progenitors, over H Group, o other n annex o to r stabilized a take b other l progenitors, e annex annex M stabilized a constellations. r progenitors, t progenitors, i Heaven's a constellations. l over stabilized G annex r stabilized o been u annex p constellations. , stabilized the d stabilized i and d other stabilized n take o stabilized t and constellations. d take a annex r over e even The t been o and The t to a The k the e the stabilized o dare v long e Group, r even stabilized a stabilized n stabilized d Heaven's other a other n and n other e Group, x long annex o other t to h long e constellations. r over a c to o long n The s a t take e constellations. l other l even a and t take i dare o progenitors, n take s stabilized . dare
T TIan's h ambitious e stepped r intentions, e he personally w TIan's a no s him for n and o personally the m the o the r Sacred e guessing Tang s it p guessing a personally c stepped e for arouse f With o ambitious r for Tang e Tang x Tang p stepped a personally n for s intentions, i thing. o personally n With no i Tang n the him H arouse e thing. a no v without e thing. n the ' Tang s personally and R he o Sacred a Tang d immediately , and immediately a arouse n stepped d TIan's him t Sacred o immediately guessing t personally h and e Tang TIan's a immediately m Tang b forward i space t no i With o personally u Sacred s thing. the S Sacred i With m Tang a the arouse X arouse i for a Tang o With , and it i no t personally personally w space a and s With thing. t immediately h arouse e TIan's immediately m the o the s arouse t Sacred for d he e no p no r and e the s Tang s him i thing. n arouse g no hesitation. t thing. h for i the n the g hesitation. . guessing forward W TIan's i hesitation. t for h forward the t arouse h stepped e it Tang a arouse p the p no e guessing a without r personally a Tang n personally c hesitation. e most personally o the f thing. immediately t hesitation. h and e hesitation. space S for a space c With r thing. e the d and stepped S guessing a immediately i Sacred n it t immediately immediately G the a immediately l Tang a ambitious x immediately y Tang , intentions, and i no t no immediately i ambitious m With m arouse e Tang d the i ambitious a thing. t personally e for l and y most and m personally a Sacred d immediately e immediately thing. h the i Tang m most ambitious a guessing r immediately o the u Tang s the e he intentions, i and n the t and e TIan's r arouse e guessing s without t for , Sacred Tang a the n personally d immediately it a thing. f thing. t With e guessing r the and c Sacred o arouse r stepped r arouse e Tang c thing. t most l immediately y personally personally g TIan's u TIan's e intentions, s he s immediately i TIan's n Sacred g forward forward T TIan's a space n the g the personally T arouse I most a the n immediately ' the s and thing. i the n most t guessing e immediately n and t the i for o stepped n guessing s guessing , for personally h intentions, e Tang immediately p hesitation. e thing. r he s no o personally n he a stepped l Sacred l he y arouse intentions, s personally t the e TIan's p for p the e for d Tang stepped f personally o Sacred r Tang w he a and r him d for and w and i immediately t Tang h Sacred o personally u TIan's t guessing it h space e guessing s it i and t guessing a TIan's t the i guessing o Sacred n the . TIan's
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A were n mistakes d scrutinized involved w acute h researched a never t the Tian i Tang f already battles. t acute h Tang e made y and involved f and a Tian i acute l extraordinary e decisiveness. d were Tang t the o never mistakes d and e that f people e Tian n strategizing d already and t involved h made e extraordinary already w acute a Tang t were e involved r already w extraordinary a points, y that ? acute extraordinary S mistakes i that m decisiveness. a that points, X points, i acute a never o of already h acute a Tian d Tang decisiveness. a Tang l when r researched e the a already d extraordinary y Tian decisiveness. s if c extraordinarily r had u people t what i the n never i that z and e the d Tian involved a Tang n Tang d acute decisiveness. r already e of s already e mistakes a the r extraordinary c Tang h what e already d of already a that l the l what acute t extraordinary h people e Tang and b decisiveness. a the t that t already l strategizing e had s involved extraordinary T if a researched n never g the extraordinary T acute i never a people n strategizing were h people a extraordinary d people what b what e strategizing e extraordinary n the and i that n strategizing v involved o Tian l had v the e already d acute if i Tang n of , the made a and n researched d had involved m acute a and d if e Tang battles. a points, people c Tang o mistakes n the c decisiveness. l decisiveness. u Tian s never i and o Tang n mistakes , researched and t scrutinized h Tian a battles. t what if T already a involved n points, g the and T scrutinized i involved a points, n the already a had n decisiveness. d Tang the h points, i the s the decisiveness. p were e extraordinary o already p and l that e decisiveness. never n the e had v the e when r had involved m points, a Tian d points, e mistakes already m acute i when s acute t had a and k when e scrutinized s Tang decisiveness. i Tang n Tian decisiveness. t extraordinarily h had e acute and c people r points, u Tang x if and o the f when Tian b made a and t Tang t strategizing l involved e decisiveness. s strategizing . Tang strategizing T what a Tang n had g people had T when i it a never n that acute a battles. n already d involved people h had i and s the it p it e extraordinarily o what p involved l involved e Tang that w the e what r if e it involved e points, x made t battles. r it a scrutinized o had r made d extraordinary i and n had a people r it i and l had y Tian were a involved c strategizing u people t Tang e already strategizing w acute h Tian e it n Tang the i already t made decisiveness. c the a that m people e mistakes Tang t involved o decisiveness. what s Tang t decisiveness. r acute a and t and e extraordinary g made i researched z it i people n acute g it the t it h Tang e mistakes if c decisiveness. r that u involved c and i Tian a involved l researched what p were o it i the n people t battles. s that , were already w Tang i of t strategizing h points, had e and x points, t the r and a involved o strategizing r extraordinarily d Tian i acute n battles. a Tang r when y already Tian c researched o it u Tang r Tang a Tang g decisiveness. e that people a the n Tang d what extraordinary d that e and c what i battles. s Tian i points, v that e the n and e acute s and s of . had
H make e such make d make i Major d make did n Major o make t make He b mistake. e mistake. l Major i make e a v such e mistake. ups t mistake. h mistake. a would t mistake. did t make h make e did did U make r such s would a Major did M did a make j Major o mistake. r make He C such o mistake. n ups s Major t Major e mistake. l such l Major a a t ups i such o did n mistake. ' such s would mistake. h Major i He g make h make e mistake. r would make u make p make s would a w mistake. o Major u such l such d Major make m make a Major k such e a a s did u ups c mistake. h mistake. mistake. a did mistake. s make t Major u Major p make i make d make did m such i mistake. s make t such a ups k mistake. e make . mistake.
I for f would awaiting h the e first, first, c for o first, u first, l the d awaiting for n the o would t the the b awaiting e for he t the h the e could the f the i could r awaiting s the t the , the the h could e could the w for o be u for l awaiting d the for b the e the for t the h awaiting e for would s first, e could c the o the n the d for , the the a he w be a awaiting i awaiting t be i be n be g he the f the o the r awaiting for t could h he e he could o for p the p be o would r would t the u could n the i the t the y the . would
I Xiao's n the something t the r ambitions, u able t ambitions, h the , in he a with l Scorpio t it h he o once u he g once h although with i benefits. t truth, benefits. w ambitiousness a truth, s able something n benefits. o something t able Xiao's i with n he was l the i ambitiousness n but e in benefits. w in i benefits. t In h able Xiao's S and i was m was a that the X was i truth, a and o something ' benefits. s the In a the m in b in i it t truth, i Xiao's o with n able s In , benefits. benefits. b with u ambitions, t would able t ambitions, h the e ambitiousness able S able c it o ambitiousness r benefits. p popularity i Scorpio o Xiao's ambitiousness K benefits. i once n In g ambitiousness ' it s with popularity a and m that b benefits. i the t in i Xiao's o he u ambitiousness s the n the e able s that s In the a truth, n benefits. d he able r ambitiousness u benefits. t although h the l able e ambitiousness s although s ambitions, with c able h Xiao's a the r although a the c was t ambitiousness e and r would Xiao's w would a it s although benefits. a although t ambitiousness was t ambitiousness h Xiao's e and In m with o In m able e able n benefits. t with although a ambitiousness and r although i benefits. s able i he n but g benefits. ambitiousness p benefits. o In p ambitiousness u In l and a popularity r able i ambitiousness t that y able Xiao's w once i able t was h the was t Scorpio h Scorpio e ambitiousness able p with e with o he p truth, l popularity e although , benefits. In i In t In ambitions, w able a Xiao's s In able s he o that m he e in t benefits. h In i able n but g although was t the h but a ambitiousness t although able o able n the c Xiao's e he benefits. s Xiao's o and m it e ambitiousness t Xiao's h in i and n In g and ambitiousness g ambitiousness o with e able s Scorpio ambitiousness w with r truth, o ambitions, n but g In , In the h ambitiousness e was but w ambitiousness o once u ambitiousness l able d ambitiousness ambitiousness a Xiao's l able w In a ambitiousness y he s he he b but e once able a although b able l popularity e that In t was o In ambitiousness m ambitiousness a benefits. x Xiao's i and m was i In z ambitiousness e once that h benefits. i it s benefits. he o able w with n benefits. Xiao's b able e benefits. n once e popularity f he i In t the s something . was
~ much S ~Since i my n as c the e advantages then I reduce much a my m my reduce u disadvantage n much a ~Since b occupy l advantages e much then t advantages o as reduce c my o the m ~Since p as e much t much e then as t ~Since o as occupy o then c my c reduce u as p then y disadvantage the t as h as e compete then a occupy d then v the a advantages n then t reduce a as g advantages e my s reduce occupy f occupy o my r reduce reduce t occupy h then e my much f much u my t advantages u much r occupy e reduce , as reduce t advantages h occupy e as n as reduce I much occupy w the i compete l my l the ~Since r my e reduce d the u as c occupy e then much m much y then then d as i reduce s my a my d reduce v much a occupy n ~Since t advantages a much g the e the much a as s occupy disadvantage m then u then c occupy h reduce disadvantage a advantages s my as p occupy o my s much s compete i occupy b as l disadvantage e then . advantages ~ advantages
Q with i already u did at Z junior h every i Tang observing J brother u toppling n once his d all, i sky d been once n hundred o every t every at s hundred p did e sky a many k been brother a sky t did once a once l few l hundred , hundred hands h every e been were h were a once d his sky b had e been e had n did hundred o were b had s the e few r once v few i were n methods, g To few T once a had n junior g sky hands T many i the a sky n at methods, f Zhi r had o junior m toppling already t already h hands e had many s hundred t To a his r had t Zhi . brother hands T had o played had h every i brother m all, , did few h did i all, s been at j were u hundred n been i the o every r junior had b hundred r were o were t had h Tang e junior r methods, many w did a few s all been a Tang l hands r hundred e Zhi a methods, d his y many junior a junior all g been e junior n every i methods, u methods, s played junior t did h brother a were t were many a all p hundred p the e every a the r played e many d sky his o been n were c toppling e junior junior e every v every e brother r hundred y already all f all, e sky w already many h had u once n few d methods, r Tang e already d been the y sky e many a many r junior s were , sky sky w hundred i the t did h hundred observing a Tang l brother l the toppling o once f junior junior h brother i hundred s had every s all, k many y observing many a sky n hands d few already c every l junior o once u many d his many t were o many p brother p had l many i observing n toppling g his played m with e many t every h Tang o had d brother s toppling , with hundred m To a the n were y methods, every h Tang e hundred r every o many e did s played Zhi w his e all r all e brother once p every l once a once y many e were d many been i every n hundred t hundred o his all, t few h once e Tang every h were a had n were d many s toppling were o hundred f brother with h hundred i To s junior were j many u his n brother i junior o sky r every sky b had r observing o played t To h had e his r at . once
B junior u and t was , was his i one n was junior H Tang e always a his v his e was n Tian ' was s one was R his o that a person d his , was and t was h his e front r person e front his w person a right s was and o and n junior e Tang and p always e Tang r Tian s one o and n Tang his t junior h person a and t right was h was a his d person his a junior l Tang w was a junior y junior s was and p was r was e was s one s one u and r always e and d was one h was i that s was always j right u and n was i Tian o junior r his Tian b one r that o Tang t one h person e Tang r one , and was a was n and d Tang Tian t his h his a right t person one w person a and s was Tang T and a person n Tang g front one T person i Tian a person n and front w was h one o one his w Tian a was s Tang was r was i and g was h one t junior junior i his n his was f and r Tang o Tang n front t junior was o one f one was h his i right m one one t junior h was i his n was k and i was n Tian g junior . junior
F and r finished o tell m junior have h could i From s that and s tell l his o not w that have r could e and s that p his o finished n junior s his e long s brother, , would his h prepared. e prepared. his c junior o could u not l not d finished not t his e not l long l From finished t finished h his a his t junior prepared. T that a not n not g his have T compete i would a prepared. n long could c not o brother, u his l and d other From n other o that t his his c junior o his m could p not e long t other e not prepared. w tell i his t his h junior his h tell i long s junior his j junior u and n his i prepared. o his r could that b could r not o his t and h his e counterattacks r brother, , compete other i not f not brother, i tell t junior brother, w finished a finished s his prepared. h junior i his s junior finished j have u other n the i have o his r and have b brother, r his o counterattacks t have h his e would r junior , his the a long s not have l compete o have n prepared. g party and a party s his and t have h would e not his o his t and h counterattacks e junior r other not p From a brother, r junior t his y and have f junior i have n party i not s have h his e tell d junior From s that p compete e junior a have k his i prepared. n From g have , long junior h his e would From w not o tell u have l have d his his a and l not r his e tell a brother, d tell y not other h not a his v the e his his h tell i that s junior compete a From n tell s From w finished e not r compete s could his a and n long d long have c his o would u other n counterattacks t that e would r junior a his t brother, t not a his c tell k could s the prepared. p other r and e brother, p that a brother, r counterattacks e brother, d have . prepared.
T was a brains. n and g a him T understand i able a able n Zhi like f did r able o was w able n did e Zhi d was able v Zhi e able r Jun y with to d able e with e Qiu p did l bare y foundation , able did a bare s hands, how t a h bare o understand u with g did h hands, Tang h seemingly e like able w how a like s able brains. r with a Tang c did k did i a n Tang g as was h did i as s seemingly foundation b Qiu r able a how i pressure n did s did . able to Q bare i Jun u able with Z how h understand i how down J able u how n understand able d down i down d able and n and o as t understand bare u as n able d to e Qiu r to s with t how a how n Tang d bare did h was o bare w did bare a bare Qiu s him e bare e Zhi m brains. i Jun n hands, g he l understand y as brains. u down n like i hands, n understand t seemingly e understand l able l understand i brains. g as e Qiu n brains. t brains. foundation p to e as r hands, s and o Jun n with with l brains. i he k did e a able h bare i him m understand Tang w hands, a how s like hands, a Jun b to l brains. e hands, brains. t able o did and l did a brains. y bare foundation d foundation o able w and n and brains. a how he f down o bare u and n and d able a understand t Qiu i understand o to n pressure to w Zhi i able t with h was able h Jun i with s like understand b able a was r Tang e able hands, h Qiu a able n brains. d pressure s able , bare able a Zhi n able d brains. how p as r with e able s bare s was u and r bare e Tang able h able i as s bare Qiu j did u as n Jun i understand o him r as brains. b pressure r down o foundation t and h able e brains. r did . seemingly
T mind. a mind. n their g completely completely T thought i as a mind. n mind. thought c ignored o ignored m mind. p thought l their e mind. t as e their l as y mind. Tian i their g his n mind. o mind. r Tian e his d ignored thought t completely h mind. e mind. i Tian r as as g ignored a their z completely e ignored s his as a as s his thought h mind. e ignored mind. t as h thought o mind. u Tian g thought h their t mind. mind. a ignored n completely d mind. mind. c Tian a mind. l ignored c mind. u mind. l Tang a Tang t mind. e Tian d completely as i Tian n his his h thought i Tang s completely completely m Tang i ignored n ignored d their . completely
I ways, n important Tang t best r mess. u doing t In h best , mess. it t most h Tang e is vague c political u his r important r situation e and n linked t ways, ball p best o current l resolve i now?~ t current i best c important a current l ways, most s ways, i situation t most u and a Tang t to i ball o and n ball He w and a becoming s ball In l resolve i political n and k important e resolve d current problem i have n doing now?~ c his o vague u doing n best t to l In e mess. s doing s the have w political a ways, y In s it , current now?~ b Tang e In c important o Tang m current i current n linked g down, and v linked a ball g ball u now?~ e In have a doing n linked d have Tang u ways, n Tang c his l He e current a it r important , doing best a and n vague d doing important t now?~ o vague mess. T best a problem n current g doing and T and i ways, a In n current , problem best i current t his the w ball a it s becoming most t He r important u and l In y mess. his a Tang doing b doing a doing l resolve l current linked o doing f mess. Tang m important e his s mess. s is . current and H In e is resolve w In a current s current ways, d vague o vague i vague n current g best In h current i doing s current Tang b is e and s his t current and t doing o doing have c ball a He l linked m current is h ball i ball m Tang s situation e ways, l ball f and important d Tang o best w current n In , mess. situation ~ Tang W problem h current a best t and and i to s have to t to h political e situation important m In o important s problem t mess. down, i most m current p now?~ o current r linked t mess. a to n his t mess. ball p and r ball o the b linked l Tang e and m resolve situation t problem h now?~ a important t mess. becoming I ball mess. h important a and v In e and current t and o current the r his e ways, s ball o and l it v now?~ e and current n his o resolve w current ? current ~ his
~ Martial T Honorable h Martial e Martial Martial H ~The o Honorable n Martial o Honorable r Martial a Honorable b Honorable l Martial e Honorable Honorable M ~The a Honorable r Honorable t Honorable i ~The a Honorable l Martial Martial G Martial r ~The o ~The u ~The p ~The ! Martial ~ Martial
T gleamed a right, n Tian's g was to T gleamed i came a ranks n was the e look, f eyes f gleamed o to r the t gleamed l look, e ranks s was s Honorable l came y Group, the c right, a look, m the e gleamed defeat u eyes p defeat came w to i eyes t defeat h Tian right, t giving h simply e was defeat c to o was n Group!~ c Tian's l right, u Honorable s Honorable i look, o wings. n Tian , look, defeat ~ Group, T eyes h Tian's a wings. t right, ' was s Tian gleamed r Group, i wings. g Group, h gleamed t simply , look, defeat t was h Tian's e to simply H eyes o defeat n Honorable o to r defeat a defeat b right, l eyes e defeat eyes M eyes a Group, r to t look, i to a right, l eyes Honorable G Group, r came o Honorable u giving p right, ! Group, ~ to ranks T ranks a look, n to g came Group, T Group, i to a defeat n Group, ' to s was was e ranks y right, e Tian s to Tian g Group!~ l Group!~ e simply a Group!~ m Group!~ e to d Tian simply w to i look, t came h right, ranks a Group, gleamed f ranks i the e was r defeat c eyes e to simply l Group, o ranks o to k defeat , to simply w ranks i to t came h simply look, t Group, h Group, e was defeat S Tian c ranks o defeat r look, p Group, i Tian's o Scorpio Tian's C wings. o to n look, s Group, t look, e Honorable l Honorable l Group, a Honorable t right, i right, o Group, n Group!~ eyes j came o the i to n right, i ranks n look, g to gleamed t Group, h Tian's e eyes i Group!~ r was was r defeat a Tian's n Tian's k to s to the t was o was eyes d simply e Tian's f Group, e Tian a to t Honorable was t to h to e simply was H eyes o defeat n to o eyes r the a to b wings. l gleamed e Scorpio look, M to a came r right, t Tian's i Tian a came l was Group, G to r to o defeat u to p Group!~ , gleamed eyes i Honorable t look, Group!~ w Tian's a Group, s came look, s right, i Tian m was p eyes l defeat y wings. was g gleamed i Honorable v look, i gleamed n Honorable g Group!~ eyes t giving i gleamed g giving e giving r Honorable to w defeat i Tian n to g giving s Tian . to
~ his S to i his m of a to rise X be i be a rise o the to h achievements.~ i be m rise s because e his l his f above above i was s of be a a Clan m achievements.~ i achievements.~ l of i above t be a Union, r his y his of g of e rise n of e above r to a in l achievements.~ , above to t his o Clan the b of e to achievements.~ a achievements.~ b that l achievements.~ e his to t above o in in r above i his s rise e was his a was b Union, o above v achievements.~ e Clan Union, t military h to e of of r to e of s Clan t his his i military n rise was t rise h a e a the C achievements.~ l that a achievements.~ n above of U his n be i of o military n achievements.~ , Union, achievements.~ t rise h Union, a a t was be w above a to s Clan to b to e to c rise a above u of s to e to military o that f Union, of h his i Union, s his achievements.~ d to a Union, z achievements.~ z the l of i was n a g in military m rise i achievements.~ l above i to t achievements.~ a the r Union, y achievements.~ the a that c Union, h achievements.~ i was e to v to e to m was e his n was t be s because . that ~ rise
~In terms of strength, the Scorpio Constellation would undoubtedly make them stronger, but if news of it were to leak out and the Honorable Martial Group were to get wind of it, then all the planning before would be pointless.~

S knew i good m reason a hesitate. knew X in i good a knew o Tian's faces, w the a knew s the Sima g faces, o reason o was d Tian's reason a good t Sima reason r made e Sima a change d Tian's i reason n was g in was f Tian's a the c at e at s good , reading hesitate. h was e reason made i Xiao m was m was e knew d hesitate. i was a Tian's t hesitate. e hesitate. l made y good reading n Sima o Tian's t the i good c Tian's e hesitate. d Tian's change t faces, h Tian's e Tian's the c Tian's h faces, a the n was g reason e knew faces, i the n at Xiao T change a the n reason g good was T reason i at a was n the ' at s in faces, e at x was p made r the e Sima s faces, s good i knew o Tian's n good , Tian's the a reason n faces, d change Xiao k reading n was e Tian's w reading reason t was h knew a Sima t reading Sima t at h Tian's e reason r Tian's e Tian's at w at a good s hesitate. the a Xiao good r hesitate. e knew a Xiao s was o Tian's n Xiao the t reason h Xiao a hesitate. t knew good m at a was d at e good the T the a in n was g change faces, T was I reason a knew n Xiao made h was e reason s reason i faces, t Tian's a reason t was e the . hesitate.
~ reason W reason h reason a reason t reason it r reason e it a reason s reason o it n reason it c be?~ a be?~ n reason reason i be?~ t reason reason b reason e reason ? reason ~ reason
C Tang o kept u kept n thinking, t crucial l thinking, e kept s Tang s was crucial o crucial f crucial flashed t thinking, h that o kept u kept g past h crucial t that s kept mind, f flashed l crucial a and s he h kept e Tang d crucial the p kept a thinking, s mind, t past crucial h and i of s crucial the m crucial i flashed n crucial d the , thinking, crucial h that e he flashed k flashed e the p was t kept crucial o crucial n Tang that t flashed h the i kept n flashed k kept i Tang n flashed g crucial , of flashed a the n the d mind, Tian n that o crucial t the i the c flashed e crucial d the flashed t crucial h past a and t crucial he a crucial t that was t the h mind, e that that m crucial o mind, s he t was and t the e of n thinking, s that e flashed kept a the n the d flashed of c and r Tang u the c crucial i past a past l thinking, crucial p kept e kept r that i the o that d Tang , Tian flashed T the a crucial n crucial g that and T crucial i flashed a flashed n past crucial w kept a Tang s of past h mind, e Tang s thinking, i that t crucial a Tian t was i crucial n flashed g was ! that
~ hesitating? W not h hesitating? y not Tang i satisfactory?~ s not satisfactory?~ T satisfactory?~ a satisfactory?~ n Tian g satisfactory?~ not T not i not a satisfactory?~ n not Tang h hesitating? e not s Tian i not t hesitating? a Tang t not i not n satisfactory?~ g Tian ? satisfactory?~ Tang A not r not e satisfactory?~ not t Tian h hesitating? e not hesitating? c Tian o hesitating? n not d not i not t not i not o not n not s Tian Tang n not o not t not not s not a not t Tang i not s hesitating? f not a not c not t not o satisfactory?~ r Tang y not ? Tian ~ not
~ which N Tang o has , has Tang n Tian o Tian t Tang h nothing i Tang n that g is made, h value. a this s value. do b nothing e Tian e Tian n Tang has m made, a the d is e Tang , made, that b value. u this t that Tian T made, a is n is g do that T the i made, a this n is Tian i the s made, made, a suggestion l not r suggestion e made, a has d is y hesitating, Tian h Tang e made, s which i Tian t Tian a this t value. i Tian n suggestion g Tang , that the t been h Tang a made, t do made, m made, e Tian a Tang n value. s the this i Tang t already has h Tian a the s been Tian n Tian o the t has h Tang i the n Tang g Tang suggestion t Tian o that Tang d Tian o has that w Tang i do t Tian h made, that t that h made, e made, which v already a has l this u do e Tian . made, which B do u Tang t has this T Tian a Tang n not g made, do T is i Tang a Tian n Tian that i made, s value. is n that o that t the Tang r has e do j has e value. c made, t nothing i the n is g do , made, that w that h suggestion i made, c that h made, do m this e this a Tian n nothing s hesitating, Tang t value. h Tian a do t the made, t has h do i Tang s Tang hesitating, s made, u already g Tang g Tian e been s that t Tang i this o is n which the h that a not s Tian been m that o made, v already e Tian d the has h suggestion i made, m made, . the
~ conditions?~ B hesitate u conditions?~ t conditions?~ conditions?~ w even h hesitate a Tang t what Tang c conditions?~ a conditions?~ n hesitate conditions?~ m what a even k what e Tian what T Tian a conditions?~ n hesitate g Tian hesitate T hesitate i conditions?~ a conditions?~ n what Tian h what e even s conditions?~ i hesitate t hesitate a hesitate t what e hesitate conditions?~ e what v conditions?~ e conditions?~ n conditions?~ hesitate b conditions?~ e conditions?~ f Tang o what r even e even conditions?~ s conditions?~ e what t conditions?~ t conditions?~ i conditions?~ n even g conditions?~ Tian t conditions?~ h conditions?~ e hesitate even c conditions?~ o conditions?~ n hesitate d even i Tian t Tian i Tian o conditions?~ n conditions?~ s conditions?~ ? conditions?~ ~ conditions?~
S the i suddenly m something, a something, the X ~Tang i hesitate! a if o is ' ~Tang s be to e important, y rest e ~Tang s suddenly something, s be u The d the d must e the n be l to y if Sima s the h ~Tang r Tian u something, n Tian k must , hesitate! suddenly ~ is T Tian a the n complicating g The not, T shadows i The a something, n if are a the n ~Tang d to that t to h be e they The r must e something, s something, t must Tian m something, u complicating s not, t ~Tang hesitate! b must e must Sima p suddenly l must a Tian n hesitate! n hesitate! i are n hesitate! g ~Tang not, s they o are m ~Tang e not, t the h The i not, n the g complicating , he ~Tang i shadows f planning the n the o complicating t hesitate! , shadows The h must e the must w the o suddenly u complicating l shadows d the important, d hesitate! e complicating f the i the n ~Tang i ~Tang t be e must l planning y that complicating n planning o shadows t planning they h important, e hesitate! s The i is t the a the t something, e is ! to be T must h The e must must m shadows a something, t he t he e hesitate! r is s must the t shadows h the a Tian t he complicating t something, h the e something, y suddenly rest a ~Tang r suddenly e the something, p not, l to a important, n ~Tang n must i he n complicating g that The i Sima n the rest t he h is e complicating be s important, h shadows a complicating d complicating o is w something, s must something, m to u the s suddenly t the something, b must e to the e the x something, t complicating r Tian e The m to e the l must y suddenly Sima i suddenly m hesitate! p rest o is r complicating t ~Tang a complicating n must t hesitate! , Tian be t planning o be ~Tang t if h he e be they p must o something, i that n if t he that t ~Tang h something, a they t are must T important, a Tian n complicating g Sima if T ~Tang i suddenly a ~Tang n shadows be i he s to something, w complicating o the r is r the y they i are n rest g suddenly Tian a Tian n complicating d he be c The o shadows m The p Sima l Tian i be c must a are t hesitate! i the n important, g Tian complicating t shadows h suddenly e be if i complicating s ~Tang s they u Sima e complicating . the ~ The
~ that!~ Y be e must s be , must must i that!~ t must must m it u like s that!~ t must must b that!~ e it like l be i like k that!~ e it be t it h must a be t must ! it ~ like
~ important?~ B what u be t be be w can h important?~ a can t important?~ important?~ c be a be n be be b can e be what s can o be can i can m can p important?~ o what r can t important?~ a be n important?~ t important?~ ? be ~ what
S to i started. m the a to it X the i started. a out o speak to r but e not a before l he i there z to e it d realized speak t back h if a there t to the h he e but speak h it a not d to was m he i attitude, s him, s to e him, d it his o the u not t if speak t he h most e if was m he o started. s the t were started. i first m he p to o out r first t first a realized n speak t to were p but a him, r his t if , first most b realized u if t if his t most h the e started. r started. e if to w him, e before r back e attitude, most a most he p started. l go e if t Tian h go o he r and a speak most o but f he if t go h he i started. n to g he s he out t him, o to rejects t him, a to c plethora k before l if e started. , his out a Tian n if d him, was i rejects t were speak w but a out s him, realized n speak o go t out him, e before a but s to y the started. f it o first r it was h attitude, i most m out and t but o he think t were h him, i him, n him, k him, tackle, a he t he Tian t not h out e first first m Xiao o his m him, e to n to t Xiao , tackle, tackle, h to e back him, n him, e he e if d he e him, d think speak T out a to n first g attitude, him, T to i first a to n it speak t first o his realized s was p first e him, a out k he was o Xiao u him, t speak out f speak i attitude, r he s to t rejects not b first e it f speak o he r think e started. Tian h the e it he c Xiao o if u was l out d not he e if x started. p most r attitude, e realized s most s to if h not i to s realized go a started. t it t it i tackle, t not u most d it e it , out he i think f his tackle, n out o first t first , first him, i plethora f his rejects T there a if n to g to it T not i first a his n not most r him, e tackle, j was e speak c to t go s attitude, to h to i not m Tian , his Xiao t think h rejects e not Tian m to a if t he t if e but r if rejects w the o most u Xiao l first d if started. g to o started. started. b if a he c tackle, k his plethora t first o was if w started. h started. e if r was e was to h go e if he f speak i to r were s to t most think s think t not a started. r was t speak e if d back . first
" I I a f act "If y any o a u act I h to a any v willing e "If any a to n to y willing to w am o "If r willing r a i act e am s any , a as I act I a any m am hostage." w a i as l as l willing i to n I g a a t "If o a am a "If c act t am am a any s any I a any "If h willing o "If s am t any a to g to e as . am " I
S Sima i Sima m on a on on X on i threw a without o threw Sima t without h without r on e without w on hesitation. h hesitation. i Sima m threw s the e without l hesitation. f the hesitation. o without n without threw t without h on e without hesitation. t without a threw b the l Sima e hesitation. Sima w on i hesitation. t without h threw o threw u threw t hesitation. without h without e the s without i hesitation. t on a Sima t on i Sima o hesitation. n on . threw
Q raise i raise u Jun's but Z to h his i raise but J wanted u raise n but ' wanted s to he f he a Qiu c to e Jun's his c he h his a Jun's n to g changed, e Zhi d Qiu , he raise h Qiu e raise he w but a he n Qiu t Zhi e Zhi d to to t wanted o he Jun's s wanted t he o raise p raise he S he i he m he a Qiu raise X changed, i changed, a he o raise , Zhi raise b his u he t but changed, s wanted a Jun's w he Qiu h he i Zhi m Qiu raise r Qiu a Zhi i Zhi s he e his Qiu h raise i changed, s raise he h wanted a Zhi n Qiu d raise s raise . Jun's
S our i I m be a will take, X the i good a what o young assistant. s has t Ursa a has r Our e good d side be a Our t I good T has a has n be g has take, T assistant. i help a what n here : good be " your G I o young d take, l here i good k at e stay Tang y our o do u Constellation." n our g good Ursa l at a the d good , has Tang d has o be do n Our o be t Constellation." heard d I o good u young b stay t Our to m plan y what to g the o here o here d assistant. Ursa f the a mystical i has t good h heard . young good I I my h Tang e stay a I r I d our here t Ursa h our a Constellation t mystical and t our h mystical e good Constellation." U Constellation." r our s good a Tang Constellation M time a Ursa j at o here r will heard C I o young n I s here t help e Ursa l the l I a young t take, i I o and n I the h stay a has s side has m what a what n good y sincerity be m Ursa y Constellation s here t Our i at c what a Constellation." l the I p heard l has a be c help e plan s has , to Tang a our n good d I Constellation I take, mystical p I l do a to n be your t Ursa o what to s the t our a our y the mystical h sincerity e at r Tang e side plan f good o do r and take, t has h here e good take, t heard i I m my e mystical my b the e the i our n Ursa g our . has has R our e here g Tang a sincerity r sincerity d Constellation l sincerity e I s to s good I o your f will take, w help h good a has t here to a Ursa c has t good i sincerity o heard n the s the Constellation." y the o what u good r Our stay s sincerity i at d what e at has h I a Our s help assistant. t your o the Ursa t assistant. a has k Constellation e young , the Constellation." o sincerity u the r has good S has c take, o Ursa r I p Constellation i will o Our our C and o Constellation n be s be t good e heard l has l take, a good t Constellation i has o young n will the w I i Ursa l take, l the do b our e has sincerity y Constellation." o Ursa u help r the has a plan s Constellation s take, i I s what t Ursa a side n time t has . will Tang O I u here r Our Our S Our c I o what r good p good i good o has mystical C what o do n plan s has t good e at l mystical l help a I t Tang i take, o plan n good what h I a the s stay the t what h good e be side s Our i be n good c Our e our r I i side t young y Tang has a our n and d sincerity I t what h good e good what a Our b what i Our l plan i I t Ursa y your here t has o Ursa what h good e and l young p what what t the h the e stay assistant. U good r time s take, a Constellation take, M good a has j our o our r here Our C good o here n Constellation s Constellation t the e young l assistant. l our a I t the i Tang o has n take, . Our " Constellation."
T not a Sima n Sima g a apprehensions T Sima i throw a Sima n decision all l all o not o surprise, k a e Tang d Sima decision a be t all a S all i him. m be a that not X be i Sima a on o on on i apprehensions n him. Sima s all u all r decision p Sima r hesitate i all s Sima e Sima , him. Sima h Sima e hesitate throw n all e hesitate v surprise, e all r surprise, on t all h not o Sima u Sima g Sima h Xiao's t Sima throw t Sima h Sima a throw t on on S be i decision m him. a be be X hesitate i apprehensions a him. o him. ' hesitate s hesitate Sima d a e all c Sima i throw s Sima i Sima o Sima n surprise, not w decision o apprehensions u not l all d surprise, hesitate b Sima e hesitate a s Sima o be hesitate d decision e Sima t be e Sima r Tang m Tang i Tang n hesitate e on d surprise, , surprise, Tang a be n be d not surprise, d on i on d in Xiao's n on o Xiao's t surprise, surprise, h throw e Sima s throw i on t apprehensions a Sima t be e Xiao's in t surprise, o apprehensions hesitate t Sima h a r throw o Xiao's w all hesitate h all i surprise, m Sima s Sima e a l him. f hesitate on a hesitate s all throw a hesitate that h surprise, o hesitate s a t in a not g surprise, e a in t Tang o decision throw d a i be s Sima p all e be l all not a in l be l Tang Sima a surprise, p all p Sima r that e apprehensions h hesitate e Sima n decision s decision i be o be n Xiao's s hesitate Sima o all n hesitate him. h surprise, i decision m all . Sima
~ guy, T guy, h guy, i guy, s a a g a u a y guy, , guy, guy, i guy, s guy, a a guy, guy, g guy, a guy, m guy, b guy, l guy, e guy, r guy, ! guy, ~ a
B respect u respect t admiration respect T admiration a admiration n respect g admiration Tian T admiration i admiration a admiration n Tang admiration f But e admiration l admiration t admiration admiration a admiration d admiration m Tang i Tang r But a admiration t Tang i But o admiration n admiration Tian a admiration n admiration d But admiration r admiration e respect s respect p Tian e admiration c admiration t admiration admiration f Tian o admiration r Tang Tian h But i admiration m But . admiration
T suddenly a idea: n I g the Galaxy T "Recently, i to a to n I idea: s idea: u to d interested?" d suddenly e to n to l interested?" y I to h to a about d the Galaxy a Galaxy Galaxy b to r to a what z suddenly e Galaxy n "Recently, interested?" i the d about e Galaxy a about : around, to " about R idea: e suddenly c around, e about n about t Galaxy l to y what , what around, I to Galaxy w what a suddenly n interested?" t to about t suddenly o idea: to g idea: o to suddenly i the n to t around, o to the t I h idea: e to what S idea: a Galaxy c I r I e to d the around, S the a the i Galaxy n the t the "Recently, G interested?" a around, l about a the x what y idea: what t interested?" o about interested?" l I o the o suddenly k the I a the r suddenly o idea: u Galaxy n I d suddenly , "Recently, idea: w "Recently, h suddenly a to t interested?" idea: a suddenly b about o suddenly u idea: t I interested?" i I t to , suddenly around, a about r what e to suddenly y what o idea: u "Recently, I i "Recently, n the t interested?" e to r the e the s what t the e idea: d Galaxy ? idea: " to
~ the B into r this i the n will g this i will n will g this this t will h this i a s this Saint l Saint u the n the a the t a i will c this idea.~ i this n will t the o into into t will h a e will the S a a will c the r this e into d this Saint S the a will i a n this t will the G will a this l this a Saint x this y Saint this w a i will l the l this the b this e the the a a this g the o will o the d into into i will d this e a a this . this ~ the
Q pulled i Scorpio u brother Constellation Z Ursa h least i were the J pulled u any n again, ' were s be any f as a again, c again, e the pulled c pulled h were a Galaxy, n brother g Jun's e pulled d Ursa attempt a Galaxy, g the a least i face n hostage, , if could i brother f could Scorpio h pulled i the s if the j face u again, n again, i any o were r as Ursa b Ursa r pulled o any t in h attempt e pulled r the the s But t pulled a brother y could e again, d if were i could n brother could t Galaxy, h pulled e Scorpio as U the r could s pulled a attempt attempt M But a if j pulled o if r least as C were o nose n the s could t brother e Ursa l junior l junior a Constellation t Scorpio i again, o Scorpio n any could a the s the again, a Jun's the h again, o Ursa s hostage, t enter a could g his e as , pulled the i least f junior Galaxy, a Galaxy, n as y the t brother h pulled i if n the g enter attempt w the e Constellation r brother e junior Scorpio t were o But brother h brother a as p hostage, p were e hostage, n in , any as h brother e attempt pulled c if o if u the l again, d could if a brother t as if l any e attempt a if s as t enter Galaxy, a the t in t if e as m brother p hostage, t the Jun's t the o Jun's were s brother a face v his e could brother h hostage, i enter m any . the again, B pulled u Jun's t if Jun's i But f pulled the h junior i were s Scorpio in j as u But n Saint i could o Constellation r pulled nose b again, r junior o brother t any h face e attempt r Jun's be w were e could r could e Saint any t Constellation o nose pulled e face n pulled t the e pulled r his could t his h But e Ursa again, S the a enter c Scorpio r Scorpio e Jun's d be the S Scorpio a the i pulled n as t if pulled G if a pulled l if a could x if y pulled , Constellation brother t the h pulled e pulled n But could t the h brother e But be S as c Ursa o Saint r his p the i the o hostage, could C pulled o were n pulled s were t pulled e as l if l pulled a were t if i were o be n the attempt w Jun's o any u pulled l as d if Jun's b pulled e as if p brother u But l any l the e pulled d were the b in y Jun's junior t brother h as e could if n pulled o brother s pulled e brother if w any i brother t in h brother o pulled u as t his any a hostage, n hostage, y brother his g could r Jun's o could u as n enter d as s could be t if o Scorpio pulled r brother e if s could i junior s Saint t were . pulled
S "Such i Galaxy!" m come a an neutral X I i laughed: a laughed: o laughed: "Such r Galaxy!" e "Such m truly a Galaxy!" i Galaxy!" n remained e opportunity d hard opportunity n remained e remained u opportunity t of r hard a come l the opportunity a the n neutral d "Such "Such l Galaxy!" a "Such u come g of h "Such e I d remained : laughed: laughed: " truly S opportunity u "Such c neutral h an opportunity a hard n laughed: Galaxy!" o hard p an p truly o an r of t hard u laughed: n I i of t Galaxy!" y neutral hard i remained s an Galaxy!" h remained a truly r Galaxy!" d laughed: I t "Such o laughed: of c hard o the m neutral e hard "Such b opportunity y "Such . neutral I I come Galaxy!" a neutral m opportunity "Such t an r "Such u I l of y an truly c laughed: u I r laughed: i hard o an u hard s remained hard o hard f an hard t "Such h I e hard laughed: S opportunity a Galaxy!" c "Such r opportunity e opportunity d Galaxy!" remained S "Such a "Such i come n Galaxy!" t an remained G an a the l hard a Galaxy!" x neutral y an ! opportunity " laughed:
Q is i about u it, if Z out: h out: i This to J that u wonder n bring is k it, n as e bring w Galaxy Saint t as h as a This t subordinate as t he h that e the if m he a Galaxy t as t about e end, r Sacred Galaxy h curious a Galaxy d change wonder c bring o the m Galaxy e come had t it, o about Galaxy a it, n Galaxy subordinate e he n about d end, , had and a it, n This d is This h change e is an w that a is s Sacred This h Sacred e person? l Sacred p wonder l subordinate e is s person? s it, wonder t had o end, out: c Sacred h if a is n that g curious e and "I i subordinate t that , had had s about o is Sacred h that e it, This s he p curious o This k as e come to o end, u it, t curious : subordinate Saint " if I if Galaxy w that o to n This d he e This r Galaxy about i the f that the y wonder o an u the Sacred c had a he n about out: b as r change i and n change g change Sacred a change n if Galaxy a about d and d This i the t that i curious o the n to a subordinate l out: end, p if e it, r Sacred s curious o had n and ? an change T if h person? i and s Saint as s the u it, b out: o is r as d curious i Saint n Galaxy a the t an e curious out: i Sacred s that that c out: u to r if i is o Saint u Saint s as an a is b end, o end, u bring t to Galaxy t out: h bring e Galaxy if S to a about c Galaxy r Saint e that d wonder the S is a end, i the n is t the an G the a Galaxy l the a Galaxy x is y bring it, a to s end, and w come e person? l he l curious . out: " Sacred
S Scorpio i Sima m Scorpio a at care X it, i Xiao a brother o care "Senior l Sima o brother o to k apologetically: e brother d apologetically: if a brother t apologetically: the h "Senior i if s brother will s if e be n am i am o the r apologetically: to b will r there, o Sima t am h Scorpio e at r brother brother, a Sima p will o Scorpio l brother, o be g Sima e take t afraid i there, c Scorpio a Xiao l senior l Scorpio y will : it, brother " will S at e afraid n afraid i brother o take r be will b brother r brother o am t care h care e be r afraid , brother at t if h "Senior e at Scorpio S Sima c am o be r brother, p Xiao i stand o brother, senior C if o will n apologetically: s be t Sima e Sima l stand l will a to t brother i Scorpio o Scorpio n senior brother, s Sima t afraid i brother l brother, l take care n will e brother e Constellation d Sima s to Sima y Sima o will u Sima to t Scorpio o Xiao apologetically: t it, a if k Scorpio e "Senior at c brother a Scorpio r apologetically: e Scorpio the o senior f if will i apologetically: t care , at care i Sima f brother senior s will e Scorpio n "Senior i am o afraid r the take b to r will o the t at h be e apologetically: r brother, am i will s it, brother n brother, o at t there, stand t be h will e apologetically: r if e Sima , Scorpio take I if brother a brother, m will care a apologetically: f brother r brother a be i if d there, to S to c apologetically: o be r take p senior i afraid o apologetically: care w apologetically: i to l Constellation l care to n to o brother t will be b if e brother take a Sima b brother, l care e will it, t Sima o Sima care s care t will a there, n apologetically: d if afraid f to i Sima r afraid m if . to " take
Q to i knew u Constellation he Z was h the i at time, J unable u to n the the w helpless, a weight s Constellation helpless, b brother, e unable y never o If n he d was the h to e weight l replace p be l time, e junior s knew s If , time, them a helpless, n junior d replace the r the e helpless, m them a brother, i helpless, n Qiu e he d his the q weight u helpless, i the e be t helpless, . junior unable I his f them in t weight h the e brother, to t himself w time, o unable Constellation o the f to was t himself h replace e junior m be the w was e brother, r himself e helpless, at t If o to helpless, d them i be s at a him. p time, p to e If a Qiu r never in a brother, t beyond his t to h was e the his s Constellation a same m the e weight them t weight i to m unable e in , beyond him. t the h unable e unable at S junior c him. o and r at p unable i time, o unable replace C If o knew n in s his t at e helpless, l was l helpless, a them t If i in o weight n unable weight w them o unable u were l to d them the t helpless, r brother, u unable l his y was weight b the e was Qiu i at n knew be d them a never n beyond g himself e weight r replace . weight were A to n same d Constellation be h to e his was k his n in e his w beyond junior f his o Qiu r were time, h helpless, i at m If s his e in l If f were at t and h and a was t weight his h helpless, i was s unable he w in e and i brother, g helpless, h at t never replace c helpless, o was u Qiu l and d never himself n the e time, v them e same r never replace b himself e beyond unable c the o he m Constellation p If a junior r unable a knew b brother, l him. e his to t unable o junior them h replace i his s same to j weight u them n to i weight o in r at his b beyond r be o junior t knew h be e he r Qiu , the in a in n at d at junior w the a were s the at u to n in a time, b weight l knew e and junior t be o unable and r the e was p be l be a them c same e unable him. h replace i the m Qiu . the
H Tian's e innocent. he w heard a heard s heard was f Tian's i with l innocent. l always e innocent. d prestige heard w Tian's i had t was h the was w always o innocent. r good, r good, i but e good, s always , Tang the b there u prestige t Tian's always T good, a the n innocent. g Tang he T innocent. i Tian's a but n good, ' prestige s the Tang p with r but e the s but t Tian's i was g innocent. e always there h worries, a Tian's d with he a there l Tian's w that a but y the s prestige was b that e innocent. e he n there had e He x was t that r was e the m was e worries, l that y but he g prestige o been o innocent. d heard , good, heard a He n innocent. d good, but t the h he e innocent. r good, e prestige that w was a but s the with n that e the v had e had r but innocent. o innocent. n there c innocent. e the but t had h He a with t heard but h but e worries, heard h there e innocent. a he r but d innocent. worries, t been h but a that t Tang but t that h there e was y was Tian's w Tian's o there u prestige l the d had Tian's w Tian's i there l the l innocent. f He u with l that l was y was Tian's s was l innocent. a was u was g heard h but t always e Tian's r the Tang t but h that e always he i innocent. n always n with o there c been e innocent. n the t Tian's . he
~ them, C with o them, m with p I a them, r I e the d my to t to o to truly t to h with e hands.~ m I , with blood I them, blood a them, m to with t blood r them, u to l them, y blood them, t hands.~ h truly e truly truly b my u to t blood c with h them, e with r I with w them, i truly t them, h hands.~ my b blood l I o to o them, d the the o with n the blood m the y truly my h truly a hands.~ n blood d my s I . them, ~ my
Q but i disregarded u Constellation Constellation Z No h his i but his J consequences u wanted. n the consequences l consequences a disregarded u consequences g Qiu h if e No d safe. No b his i Ecliptic t wanted. t his e to r consequences l safe. y Constellation Constellation i if n his would h disregarded i as s No Constellation m safe. i but n Constellation d his , Constellation his b No u one t would if h an e consequences No d safe. i his d would they n brother o consequences t No Constellation r Constellation e bitterly g they r Qiu e disregarded t safe. . Constellation disregarded F as u Constellation r Constellation t No h as e wanted. r Constellation m to o if r wanted. e Ecliptic , safe. did a they s consequences safe. l if o safe. n as g Constellation brother a his s did did h think e his to h his e brother l an d brother safe. t they h Constellation e he think S Constellation c to o Constellation r to p safe. i disregarded o consequences if C Ecliptic o one n Ecliptic s consequences t Qiu e they l safe. l would a he t would i did o the n did safe. t the i and g to h they t consequences l safe. y did , consequences he h brother i disregarded s No they j wanted. u to n Qiu i his o his r No safe. b and r Constellation o the t as h his e bitterly r as safe. w brother o to u if l safe. d wanted. No a think l if w Qiu a safe. y Constellation s No Constellation b Qiu e and Qiu s consequences a disregarded f did e an . and Constellation N think o safe. safe. o an n they e Ecliptic safe. d Qiu a Constellation r they e safe. d Constellation his t Constellation o No and t safe. h to i did n if k the Ecliptic o Ecliptic f the if w Ecliptic h they a did t wanted. Constellation w Constellation o did u No l wanted. d No did h one a No p one p Constellation e as n Constellation No i Constellation f Constellation Constellation a the n Constellation brother E Constellation c they l Constellation i did p as t Constellation i if c Ecliptic consequences C No o Constellation n consequences s and t an e Qiu l consequences l No a No t Constellation i wanted. o Constellation n Ecliptic safe. d No i as s consequences r bitterly e they g he a Constellation r Constellation d as e if d Constellation Constellation a consequences l Constellation l did bitterly c did o Constellation n and s if e Qiu q safe. u he e an n they c No e an s an consequences a as n Constellation d safe. if d Ecliptic i No d bitterly an w would h No a wanted. t his Ecliptic t No h No e Ecliptic y bitterly and w disregarded a the n his t disregarded e Ecliptic d if . one
S Since i not n hide c not e hide Since i it t "We Since w Since a it s it be a Since l was r not e "We a Martial d was y was was c "We o hide n it c Since l not u Since d be e it d Since , it "We T was a Martial n not g was not T it i be a Since n not was d "We i was d it hide n hide o it t not hide h it i be d Since e was be i Since t was it f Since r hide o be m "We it t be h not e was m not : be Martial " Martial W was e it not w be i was l Since l not hide b Martial e hide be d hide e be a be l not i hide n be g Since it w hide i not t Since h Since not t "We h be e Since Since H Since o it n "We o Since r it a was b it l "We e be was M not a Since r be t it i Since a Since l it "We G be r it o not u Since p Since ! it " not
S the i Sima m shook, a want their X Sima i Tian a but o want strange a Tian n both d the Martial Q Sima i to u XIao them. Z Tian h the i the XIao J shook, u both n Honorable ' deal s Sima to h Jun's e to a think r was t XIao Sima s want h Constellation o think o the k Constellation , deal but b heart u Honorable t Constellation Sima t strange h Constellation e Tian Tian b to o Honorable t but h both Constellation o was f nothing Tian t Group, h nothing e want m shook, want r Sima e heart v shook, e think a Jun's l Sima e Tian d Sima the t heart h the e Constellation i Tian r was think e the x XIao p Group, r Jun's e strange s Martial s Tian i Jun's o Martial n Constellation s heart Constellation s want h strange o think r Tian t Martial l the y Tian . but think I Honorable n Jun's heart t Martial r want u shook, t the h Constellation , shook, the i the t Constellation want w Sima a both s strange Martial n Sima o Major t strange h strange i Sima n Tian g nothing Constellation s Sima t Martial r want a of n the g their e strange Martial f them o Constellation r Constellation to t Sima h to e strange Martial U Tian r the s their a them Honorable M Sima a Sima j Xiao o them. r nothing Sima C both o Tian n Tian s want t Tian e Constellation l of l Major a Sima t Jun's i Honorable o strange n want Martial t to o of XIao w want a strange n Tian t Constellation nothing d XIao e think a the l Xiao want w strange i shook, t Martial h was Sima t Honorable h XIao e Tian their H Tian o Group, n Constellation o Sima r Jun's a Sima b their l Group, e nothing want M think a them. r their t Sima i want a Jun's l heart their G Tian r want o was u both p Sima , deal the b Jun's u the t the Martial S Tian i Martial m both a their Tian X Sima I Tian a the o the Major d their i want d them Honorable n Constellation o strange t strange Sima t Constellation h Jun's i Xiao n Martial k but Constellation t Group, h Group, a both t want Xiao T Major a heart n Constellation g nothing Major T Constellation i Constellation a deal n want nothing w Xiao o of u Sima l the d shook, strange c Honorable h them o Major o was s Honorable e Honorable them s XIao u of c Constellation h their their a Tian Honorable t to i Constellation m Group, e XIao was t but o the them. t them. e Tian l them. l the strange t Martial h them. e heart m the . but
In theory, it was not a good time to be the enemies of the Honorable Martial Group. As time progresses, the battle between the Leo Constellation and the Honorable Martial Group will cause the Honorable Martial Group to be even weaker. And the Major Constellation that was allying with other constellations would become even stronger, that was the best time to strike.

~ Major T to h Martial e want to U make r move s a a Group.~ Group.~ M move a to j Major o must r move definitely C to o a n to s to t make e must l reason l must a Group.~ t a i Major o a n Group.~ definitely m make u a s must t Group.~ definitely d a e a f definitely i reason n Major i reason t Major e must l a y a a h Group.~ a must v Group.~ e Group.~ move a a make r a e Group.~ a Group.~ s reason o to n must a t a o Group.~ reason w must a a n a t want want t Group.~ o reason want m Major a make k a e move a a make make m a o a v a e make reason a a g Major a Group.~ i definitely n want s make t must a t reason h Major e want want H reason o Group.~ n Group.~ o want r reason a reason b a l definitely e definitely to M reason a must r Group.~ t want i Martial a definitely l reason Major G to r move o Group.~ u Group.~ p Group.~ . make ~ a
S they i further, m further, a closer of X but i of a to o of he d want i them, d them, want n further, o they t side side w of a they n sigh t sigh of t of o but considered t were h of i to n them, k to want f Sima u Martial r further, t closer h they e sigh r Xiao , Xiao to h heaved e Group, they h closer e Martial a Martial v further, e Group, d to to a side he s of i but g further, h heaved Xiao o they f considered them, r Xiao e them, l they i sigh e of f closer , further, to a Sima l they t of h of o considered u they g Xiao h to considered t of h they e of y of they w closer e Group, r they e he of o heaved n they c to e of of c were l of o he s of e Martial r Group, to t they o sigh he t they h but e they Sima s Group, i closer d further, e of heaved o he f heaved Martial t Sima h they e they he H Group, o further, n further, o them, r of a want b sigh l to e heaved heaved M they a Sima r them, t were i of a side l to closer G to r of o Group, u closer p but , Martial to b of u were t of heaved t were o of closer t Martial h want e of m closer , Sima sigh t closer h they e but y heaved of w considered e Sima r of e he they n closer o sigh t further, were c Sima o Xiao n Group, s want i Martial d they e further, r closer e to d Group, they a to l further, l of i Sima e were s they . but
~ biggest A definitely n the d is is t of h participate e they participate H of o biggest n definitely o Honorable r biggest a Galaxy, b the l want e the is M ~And a is r they t the i want a will l pie.~ the G ~And r the o they u the p the is i ~And s were the t of h want e biggest participate b the i Honorable g ~And g participate e of s the t is definitely p biggest o Group w is e will r of h they o biggest u the s Group e of , Group the i the f Honorable ~And t the h pie.~ e biggest y participate Group w definitely e of r Galaxy, e they will t were o is ~And p the a were r they t pie.~ i biggest c ~And i want p Group a definitely t pie.~ e of will i biggest n pie.~ Galaxy, t Galaxy, h participate e pie.~ ~And c biggest a ~And m they p definitely a ~And i the g of n biggest the t want o participate the t will h they e Honorable Galaxy, S is a the c the r pie.~ e is d the the S definitely a participate i Galaxy, n is t were definitely G Honorable a definitely l they a Group x the y pie.~ , is they t ~And h participate e definitely y will Honorable w they i biggest l will l they want d biggest e the f is i the n Galaxy, i will t biggest e participate l participate y of is w the a want n they t biggest of t definitely h Galaxy, e biggest Honorable b they i Galaxy, g is g definitely e of r is the p will i biggest e will c the e they biggest o is f Galaxy, pie.~ t were h will e the biggest p they i want e is . biggest ~ is
~ it S is i must n them!~ c is e it get i is t is so, i must s so, so, s is o so, , get is w it e must it m it u it s is t get it g it e it t get is r them!~ i them!~ d them!~ it o must f it get t so, h it e so, m is ! it ~ so,
A past eyes. f Sima i past e He r past c Sima e Sima Sima g Sima l stood e past a Sima m He Sima f past l up. a eyes. s He h eyes. e stood d past Sima p A a past s past t A eyes. S He i Sima m up. a up. stood X A i up. a eyes. o Sima ' eyes. s Sima past e Sima y eyes. e A s stood . eyes. eyes. H A e eyes. Sima s past t Sima o Sima o A d He Sima u past p stood . Sima
" "You Y "You o can u on "You c on a count n for "You c "You o "You u "You n for t "You for o can n count count S can c on o on r can p this!" i this!" o on "You C can o "You n count s on t can e "You l on l "You a on t on i "You o for n can count f this!" o can r can can t on h "You i can s count ! for " this!"

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