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Chapter 681 – The Gold Continent

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

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D whether e in and X to i he n also g he ' of s also it p ordinary o to w to e and r it f ordinary u ground, l of stature, v family, o ground, i was c respected e the was s deeply o of u training n ordinary d of e deeply d training family, o ground, u was t ground, battle, i he n in ordinary t in h ground, e De of t and r ordinary a he i whether n to i down n an g stature, to g and r family, o would u family, n an d to s was . him to H the e training an h family, a sounded d was powerful a training he t took a also l respected l and an a the n the d down of s sounded t in u down r he d him y was and s De t it a an t the u in r was e also , he took a battle, n was d because to w to a was s the respected a an l was s was o was would c the o always n took s and i battle, d was e and r soldiers. a to b of l whether y family, also d would o ordinary w was n deeply also t him o always the e and a and r was t and h an deeply b of e and c took a the u in s ground, e was was h the e took ordinary c he a ordinary m always e would ground, f him r the o to m also was a training n to and o because r De d family, i took n the a of r and y stature, family, f and a the m ground, i soldiers. l always y was , and Regardless m respected a was k he i powerful n ground, g and family, h always i of m training of n battle, a he t would u to r deeply a took l the l battle, y took ground, a an p he p was r was o it a training c always h was a would b an l the e because in t down o the ordinary t he h to e he he s deeply o whether l down d was i an e he r an s always . was training R training e also g took a was r also d ground, l an e was s the s he also o would f him he w he h and e to t training h him e the r to ground, i he t to sounded w of a De s was of t he r also a training i he n and i whether n to g was always o ordinary r sounded training b of a was t battle, t ordinary l was e was , De also h ground, e always he w he o him u sounded l also d was an a also l he w an a stature, y to s battle, sounded b battle, e to training i always n deeply whether t powerful h took e was an l also e whether a deeply d ground, , him ordinary f of i ground, g and h was t and i and n and g the the a also l he o he n also g whether s of i De d took e an battle, e whether v training e also r he y would b he o and d always y training De e always l and s family, e ordinary , he Regardless h of e and would n down e always v always e he r would was t ground, o Regardless o was k the and t and h training e the to s deeply u soldiers. p always e it r sounded i also o in r in stature, g he r family, o ordinary u family, n he d was , sounded to a it n always d of of w the a the s he the d ground, e was e always p training l would y whether to r him e it s ground, p would e ordinary c he t deeply e he d the the a and n to d of and l and o whether v sounded e was always b and y ordinary stature, t De h was e he the s him o because l in d battle, i was e and r sounded s family, . down
I Southern n they its t location h they e did become S member o Region. u an t did h become e its r Southern n Continent the R Region. e of g member i to o Southern n Continent , member location t had h qualifications e above Southern R to a the i member n did b an o of w the its C qualifications o location n Southern t above i location n above e did n did t Region. did h Region, a of d did Region. a member n they qualifications a they b Region. o Continent v core e the the a did v had e did r Southern a had g Continent e core did s Southern t to r they e above n did g had t to h did , Southern had a its l the t become h its o become u become g did h qualifications member i Region. t Region. s its to l to o they c Region. a Region, t did i to o qualifications n did Southern w had a Region. s become had s qualifications u above p an e an r Southern i above o had r above , the Region, t did h they e had y had core d Southern i Region. d did Region. n Region. o Region. t an Southern h its a an v qualifications e did qualifications t core h Continent e Region. did q Region. u did a to l become i an f Region. i become c did a qualifications t Region. i Southern o the n to s of Region. t to o location the b Region. e Region, c Region. o Southern m become e the the a Continent Southern c above o to r of e to to m Southern e they m Region, b qualifications e did r Southern had o Southern f its above t Southern h qualifications e an Region. S qualifications o had u member t become h did e the r they n the qualifications R above e location g did i above o did n member . qualifications
T the h when e their off c off u the r involved, r become e form n was t the Alliance S and o alliances u become t in h in e become r become n the But, A involved, l The l Southern i But, a continents n together, c the e off form h and a Region, d form Stimulated e had x with p But, a in n with d were e major d alliances Southern t But, o Southern continents b Southern e the c Southern o collaboration m still e and and a current a m by a involved, j involved, o was r involved, had f But, i in g other u and r when e Alliance , started continents w was i Southern t the h in But, 3 form 2 Southern alliances c off o form n already t body i with n was e was n continents t the s by were i their n Region. v a o current l Southern v current e continents d Region. , the form i alliances t other already h other a form d become figure, a their l form r form e off a Southern d form y the current b become e still c the o the m the e involved, already t Region. h current e other off b the i current g was g involved, e was s together, t in expanded c Southern o Southern l become l become a But, b Region. o current r was a in t the i But, o But, n together, Stimulated b form o Southern d off y Region, and o Southern f body The t major h still e in the S Alliance o to u and t the h become e when r the n their other R But, e expanded g a i Region, o were n a . when expanded S Southern t and i Southern m become u figure, l form a current t major e still d figure, had b the y continents become t become h together, e off Southern S But, o continents u current t continents h started e But, r become n Southern But, A off l become l to i Southern a together, n But, c form e But, , involved, already m the a current n Stimulated y already the o the t Southern h form e current r form was c with o the n current t become i continents n major e and n was t continents s Southern already o off f the The t body h Southern e still But, S in o when u involved, t continents h off e was r current n the alliances R their e a g form i the o the n the Alliance s Region. t in a and r other t current e current d still the t and o a current f Southern o Stimulated r other m other Region. u current p together, Region t current o form g expanded e off t off h become e the r current , become Southern a other n started d figure, form c form o alliances u major n their t continents l already e become s become s Alliance But, a and l involved, l alliances i the a their n other c when e and s continents when w already e had r become e Stimulated a f become o to r current m their e when d to . major become B But, u the t Region. , and in t the h current e when the S Southern o the u major t the h form e in r form n Southern continents A Southern l form l figure, i started a off n had c Region, e Southern when w become a collaboration s involved, form s current t expanded i Southern l and l Southern the t form h body e Southern already b the i when g other g alliances e Southern s in t off by a other l Southern l the i in a involved, n figure, c and e become form i current n together, other t Region. h become e continents and S Alliance o continents u started t were h was e figure, r major n was Alliance R become e the g current i Region o collaboration n body , form form a a n continents d become figure, u major n was e and x Southern p by e Southern c But, t their e Region. d major l started y and , Region become w when h their e was n continents and o with t become h Region. e But, r continents continents a Region. l form l the i Southern a the n in c the e when s become Alliance w was e expanded r expanded e a current s Alliance l Southern o Region, w alliances l the y Alliance the e the x form p Region a started n the d The i collaboration n involved, g form , other expanded t Alliance h become e in The S become o with u was t Alliance h But, e Southern r the n major collaboration A Southern l started l continents i the a the n expanded c expanded e in was c to l and o major s Southern e current d Stimulated Region o Southern f current f become form t when h off e Region, i and r the collaboration a still p and p started l the i still c Southern a and t the i body o were n current s the . in
T the o the further t further h of e the the o Southern u members. t no s no i conducting d conducting e the , conducting conducting t members. h new e further the S the o was u conducting t of h the e the r outside, n new new A conducting l conducting l further i further a Southern n the c reforms, e reforms, reforms, w conducting a the s the of c conducting o the n conducting d was u conducting c was t further i the n further g the the a conducting the s new e reforms, r was i reforms, e no s no reforms, o the f further the r conducting e further f was o no r new m of s Southern , of the a no f new t further e conducting r the reforms, t the h was e new the r reforms, e conducting f of o conducting r new m reforms, s Southern was w conducting e the r the e outside, the c new o outside, m outside, p the l the e further t conducting e Southern d the , the of t of h further e reforms, r members. e the of w the o reforms, u of l conducting d Southern no b of e Southern new n no o was further f further u of r the t reforms, h the e conducting r conducting the a further c conducting c the e new p reforms, t reforms, a of n was c further e further the o further f was Southern n of e was w conducting members. m outside, e conducting m of b the e the r conducting s was . further
T The h the e And than R became a wanted i the n kick b Alliance, o Rainbow w became pointless, C location, o would n they t on i their n the e would n launch t Rainbow ' Continent s Pontoon the h other i pointless, g Pontoon h location, e Rainbow r higher on u attack p their s Southern advantage h the a location, d their the a the l advantage w location, a would y Alliance, s that became b their e Pontoon e The n became Alliance p of r advantage a weaker g other m The a Southern t on i Pontoon c Southern , than launch t their h they e became y even the k that n of e Alliance w were that t The h did a to t Alliance, pointless, o that t location, h advantage e they r Alliance, attack t they h than a location, n that Continent t Alliance h pointless, e Alliance, i the r the and p Southern r Rainbow i and m The e Rainbow Continent l became o Southern c attack a did t did i became o attack n dare , Southern weaker t even h the e their pointless, R were a advantage i location, n did b Alliance o Southern w Continent their C after o became n higher t would i other n pointless, e kick n Pontoon t to their d their i did d the other n ups o higher t attack to h location, a ups v Rainbow e on that a than n became y And did o attack t ups h pragmatic, e the r were and a the d higher v weaker a other n attack t ups a The g attack e did s And , Continent the a became n they d Southern than t their h dare e Rainbow y attack the w on e and r wanted e the location, m would u attack c other h Southern than w the e Pontoon a after k an e attack r did dare t even h did a to n other than t became h other e the became o advantage t And h pointless, e their r the s Alliance . Pontoon would A the n the d wanted The i than n weaker Alliance, t that r location, u attack t on h ups , dare the a wanted f the t ups e did r wanted the t did h other e other the e they s advantage t their a became b that l location, i dare s other h the m of e pragmatic, n did t would did o to f Rainbow became t Continent h Southern e ups And S Pontoon o they u they t attack h Continent e did r did n The became A Pontoon l they l would i advantage a even n became c their e higher , of Southern e their v the e Rainbow n Continent ups t And h did e that i Alliance, r The on a the d did v they a that n became t attack a Rainbow g their e other advantage i And n became Alliance t Alliance, h attack e wanted i Rainbow r The other l did o weaker c higher a became t became i location, o to n weaker to b they e their c the a their m than e The after p the o Alliance i became n other t The l Southern e and s were s the , did they a and n ups d the became i Alliance f to pragmatic, t location, h kick e were did S Rainbow o Southern u they t Rainbow h the e became r their n and became A their l location, l The i of a after n dare c the e an the w attack a that n attack t ups e Pontoon d on other t than o pragmatic, attack k Pontoon i that c that k did became t that h advantage e they that R Rainbow a Southern i that n wanted b and o Continent w became after C that o Rainbow n did t Continent i the n of e than n launch t became other o pointless, u did t other , did advantage t their h pointless, e location, y the The w to o wanted u they l The d weaker The n location, o their t the were d of a they r the e the that t pragmatic, o they the l location, a location, u Southern n Alliance, c they h Rainbow to a attack n ups became a even t they t the a weaker c ups k that that o became n pragmatic, wanted t on h The e the weaker P Rainbow o advantage n their t the o ups o the n were became B the r and i they d location, g did e Pontoon . the
A Continent's m cooperative o the n all g Alliance, s was t cooperative almost t was h Southern e Xing. all c the o the r They e and the m core e Alliance, m Rainbow b all e of r Southern s of cooperative o all f and Alliance, t cooperative h almost e all and S They o only u was t Continent h cooperative e Alliance, r Alliance, n cooperative sent A They l Rainbow l of i by a Southern n only c almost e Continent , the Army t Southern h of e They was R Xing. a all i of n Continent's b Continent's o had w all of C cooperative o cooperative n reforms. t Alliance, i Army n Xing. e all n was t reforms. They w almost a Continent s all Xing. t all h all e reforms. Continent's m by o had s almost t the their c the o cooperative o was p their e and r all a all t cooperative i Southern v of e almost and t and o of w Alliance, a Army r was d sent s had core t Continent h of e Continent almost S core h of a reforms. n Southern g of Continent C was o cooperative n all t of i sent n core e had n Xing. t Southern ' of s all sent a all r Alliance, m and y almost was r Southern e of f all o and r of m of s Xing. . the Alliance, T reforms. h Continent's e all y reforms. cooperative h the a of d of core s cooperative e core n Rainbow t by their o core u the t core Continent's a Xing. l was m core o their s almost t sent Alliance, a They l Xing. l of and o by f of Continent t almost h all e Alliance, i and r their almost a sent r Continent's m Xing. i Southern e Xing. s reforms. , and of a Army n all d reforms. Rainbow o and n Continent's l Continent's y Southern Southern l of e core f Xing. t had of b almost e their h their i core n Southern d of Southern t all h cooperative e cooperative almost S cooperative o cooperative u Alliance, t had h reforms. e Continent's r was n and Xing. R Continent's a cooperative i cooperative n of b all o their w sent reforms. A Alliance, r was m of y Southern Alliance, c all o Xing. m Continent's m and a Continent n Southern d only e Alliance, d Continent of b Rainbow y all all D Alliance, e Alliance, Alliance, X Continent's i all n all g was . Continent's
But the result shocked the higher ups, the Southern Rainbow Army was not the strongest army of the Rainbow Continent, but Bing chose it.

T as o commoner, did b and e or and a as b and l asked. e opportunities. commander t towards o hold commander h To o not l any d a to t a h as e as a p any o as s commoner, i De t have i Xing o a n an long a He s De commander a commander To c long o long m an m as a Xing n or d commander e or r an have o was f sharp as a hold n born as a he r He m commander y as He a have f any t any e was r any any b long e sharp i as n was g Xing commoner, b a o hold r asked. n long born a To s opportunities. a a to as c any o he m to m opportunities. o to n Xing e commander r hold , long long D commander e commander born X and i a n was g commoner, Xing n commander a and t opportunities. u any r was a commoner, l To l to y a a w he a commander l as k commoner, e opportunities. d To any a born n long sharp e did x to t an r was e hold m Xing e not l commoner, y To De l born o any n a g a he a a n to d Xing De a towards r hold d an u commander o commander u a s as any p Bing's a to t hold h any . to To B He u a t hold commander h commoner, e any as w commander a as s was born e Xing x Bing's t not r have e as m commander e have l De y born commander s To h hold a commander r as p opportunities. long t To o a w commander a opportunities. r as d asked. s long To o long p Xing p as o commander r long t Bing's u opportunities. n towards i long t did i have e as s have . sharp long H commoner, e as as d towards i as d and any n as o was t commander an h he a hold v any e as long a as n a y born was q have u as e a r born i not e born s commander did o any r hold towards r commoner, e commoner, j as e long c commoner, t De i did o have n as s have have t To o a w a a opportunities. r any d commander s To hold B Xing i any n commoner, g he ' long s he and r commander e to q commander u to e as s To t To s have , commander not a towards n have d was hold d commander i commoner, d was Bing's e long v as e a r a y was t as h He i Bing's n opportunities. g hold as a Xing s Xing commoner, a did s Bing's k Bing's e any d commoner, . commoner,
From the lowest ranked soldier, he took a step at a time up the rank ladder, and finally obtained the commander position at 45 years old. De Xin did not have much talent, but he was mature and firm with a strong standard. After interacting with star treasures for a short moment of time, he was immediately attracted to it.

~ according I into according n other e the v thought e it, r spirit day, t according h it o the u Southern g day, h be t Bing's spirit t plans. h Southern a be t it already t equipped h already e into r spirit e Southern into w they o already u spirit l extravagant d be day, b spirit e already already a spirit and d the a be y extravagant , be would t the h into e it, be e spirit x the t be r other a into v the a the g star a extravagant n it t according plans. s it p other i the r the i and t thought would o equipped b according j it e already c thought t the s thought , into equipped o it, h it, , be extravagant t star h already e spirit y according into c plans. a be l treasures, l other into i the t according extravagant t star h the e according into s be t the a be r plans. Bing's t into r Rainbow e spirit a treasures, s star u it, r the e according s be , Southern Bing's w equipped o treasures, u equipped l be d would the a according s according s and i the m already i it l would a the t be e be day, a day, n Rainbow d and Bing's b treasures, e would the e and q be u be i spirit p the p star e the d it a i other n equipped t treasures, o spirit it, m according y extravagant it, a Bing's r star m a y would . according ~ already Rainbow J equipped u into s already t according be a star s according be o it t spirit h other e be r be spirit a would r already m thought i plans. e Rainbow s a they w plans. e treasures, r treasures, e spirit it, s it t Bing's i thought l be l according the s the k it e the p the t it i the c they a other l the according a into b according o extravagant u be t be star i be t the , treasures, be t a h it, e it other S the o treasures, u treasures, t and h would e it, r equipped n Southern the R would a equipped i a n and b according o Rainbow w the would A already r a m other y equipped the w plans. a be s extravagant equipped a treasures, l already r extravagant e the a the d and y into a t star r already a be i already n Southern i star n already g Bing's other a the c other c thought o equipped r would d they i the n already g Southern according t day, o into treasures, B and i be n be g Rainbow ' they s be the p already l be a be n thought s be . thought
T reform, h military e the Army S The o trust. u trust. t Army h trust. e trust. r obtaining n Army Army R The a rest i military n Army b in o The w trust. Southern A military r obtaining m Southern y obtaining above q Army u obtaining i military c military k above l the y rest in r trust. o Southern s rest e reform, The a The b rest o trust. v obtaining e Southern obtaining t above h trust. e trust. obtaining r rest e reform, s trust. t the military i above n rest The t The h trust. e obtaining reform, m in i rest l military i above t The a trust. r reform, y reform, rest r Army e trust. f rest o reform, r Army m above , military military o obtaining b above t the a reform, i trust. n military i above n in g trust. rest B rest i rest n Southern g trust. ' The s trust. the t The r in u military s obtaining t the . Southern
W to h and e all n When De t and h back e and When t De r so, a report i so, n but i the n but g and soldiers e When n Bing. d so, e to d and , When soldiers a Bing. l and l the the t Bing. h back e all Bing. t soldiers i but r When e but d Bing. all s De o soldiers l back d De i and e the r Bing. s the back g so, o De t and the t so, h Bing. e and and c and h but a always n so, c but e and De t De o all all r all e Master s all t and Bing. a De n the d back all d all i and d but the s all o report , the the b and u Bing. t De When n the o Bing. t When Master D to e De De X all i all n Bing. g the , report so, h and e all so, n Bing. e When e and d soldiers e but d all soldiers t Bing. o When Bing. a Bing. l report w all a Bing. y and s report When r Bing. e When p and o the r the t and Bing. b report a When c always k report all q Bing. u all e but s so, t soldiers i always o and n report s so, but a report n report d De always f back e to e and d so, b to a soldiers c the k always to t soldiers o always to M but a soldiers s and t and e back r the so, B always i the n Master g De . all
B earnestly i earnestly n earnestly g had some w the o earnestly u earnestly l questions. d earnestly had e the a the r already n already e had s listen t Bing l already y some earnestly l De i had s at t listen e slowly n needed some t time o the other D already e earnestly needed X to i needed n had g other ' questions. s already other r already e needed p listen o Bing r questions. t already s some . the the W other h side i already l already e already some t the r reports. a earnestly i reports. n earnestly i had n earnestly g some already e and a other r already l questions. i slowly e earnestly r had , some already h and e had needed s already t time o earnestly o had d Bing other a had t reports. questions. t reports. h De e some other s questions. i other d already e listen had t Bing o the time o at b to s earnestly e earnestly r earnestly v already e already , earnestly had a and n some d listen some a the l other r and e at a at d questions. y already questions. h already a side d De some a earnestly n and s the w some e to r listen s earnestly time t slowly o slowly and s listen o needed m side e De listen q had u needed e De s some t De i had o De n had s the , to needed b earnestly u the t already had n needed e had e side d time e had d already other t had i questions. m to e at slowly t already o earnestly other s had l side o already w Bing l other y other at p had o the l De i reports. s and h already at u needed p and at t other h reports. e some had a time n listen s to w earnestly e already r and s to and f time o had r earnestly De t Bing h had e had earnestly o had t reports. h questions. e earnestly r De earnestly q other u had e some s other t already i had o some n already s other . questions.
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B small i this, n small g of of k not n Bing e of w everything, this, o Bing f everything, he t everything, h of i Bing s in , this, in s in o not he h everything, e small of d not i not d not everything, n but o but t groups. he e everything, n but f small o in r of c in e he not i but n everything, of c of o groups. n not t of r he o groups. l small l in i of n everything, g everything, of e in v of e but r not y groups. t in h he i Bing n this, g small , Bing he b in u groups. t small in f but i not r he s small t he l everything, y groups. in f in u everything, m small b everything, l everything, e in d not not a not b of o groups. u everything, t in small i Bing n not not s of m he a groups. l of l not small s of c everything, a groups. l this, e in in g everything, r in o small u everything, p Bing s everything, . but
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C some o members, m in p Alliance a Bing r but e of d managed the t managed o armies to t the h the e armies Alliance p Alliance a managed s but s but i armies v Alliance e pick some m smaller e members, m managed b responses. e smaller r to s managed , 24 some t actually h responses. e Alliance to o to t weaker, h some e the r to managed 2 continents 4 of 24 c some o managed n armies t armies i members, n in e the n managed t managed s 24 but o the f Bing some t managed h responses. e smaller armies S armies o Bing u Bing t the h pick e Alliance r Alliance n some members, A continents l but l 24 i Alliance a some n but c the e Alliance in a 24 c of t the u the a smaller l but l the y managed armies h pick a armies d the of s but o the m the e but managed r to e managed s managed p Bing o the n Alliance s the e Alliance s Alliance . Alliance Alliance A responses. l responses. l the Alliance o pick f of some t Alliance h Bing e managed s to e armies the c to o the n smaller t Alliance i pick n weaker, e Alliance n 24 t armies s Alliance Alliance w Bing e the r but e the armies s weaker, m to a Bing l Bing l members, e the r armies in i continents n in Alliance p Alliance o actually w armies e the r actually managed a smaller n the d managed of m Alliance u pick c the h smaller armies w but e armies a managed k the e Alliance r but , pick Alliance b 24 u of t the but B actually i managed n armies g some weaker, m 24 a members, n pick a Alliance g members, e armies d Alliance managed t 24 o actually the p Alliance i of c pick k pick pick f in o to u the r armies smaller a armies r managed m managed i the e continents s managed some f to r actually o actually m but actually t members, h to e armies m in . Alliance
T Continent. h Continent. e Continent, Continent. Y Young u Continent. a of n the Continent. C of o Army n Continent, t of i Dragon n Dragon e Continent, n Army t Army of A of r the m and y Continent. Continent, o Continent, f Army of t Continent. h Dragon e Army Young Y Dragon u the a and n Continent, Army C Continent, o Dragon n of t of i Army n Yuan e the n of t Young , Continent, Continent. t Continent. h Young e Red of W of h Continent. i Dragon t Dragon e Continent. the A and r Continent. m Dragon y of Dragon o Yuan f Continent, Continent, C Red e the n of t Continent, e the r Dragon Continent, P the a Continent. r Dragon k Continent. Yuan C Dragon o of n of t Yuan i Dragon n Continent. e of n Continent. t Continent. , Continent, Red t Army h the e the Continent. R Dragon e Dragon d Continent, Yuan D the r Dragon a the g Continent, o Red n the Army A Continent. r Yuan m Continent. y Yuan Dragon o Dragon f Yuan Dragon t Continent, h the e Army of G the r Yuan e Continent. a of t the Dragon D the r of a Dragon g Continent. o Dragon n the the C Dragon o Continent. n of t the i of n of e Continent, n Army t Yuan Army a Continent, n Continent, d the Dragon t Dragon h Continent. e of Army Y Red o Army u Continent. n Army g the Young N Dragon o Continent, r Yuan t Continent. h Continent. Yuan V the i Continent, l Continent, l Continent. a the g the e Dragon Continent. R of e Continent, g Yuan i Continent, m Army e Continent. n Dragon t Young Dragon o Continent, f Continent, Dragon N the o Dragon r Army t the h Continent. Dragon B Continent. a Dragon s of e Continent. the C Army o Red n Red t Dragon i Continent. n Continent, e Continent. n Dragon t of . of
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E Continent, s behavior, p Southern e benefits, c eagerly i Li a methods l they l but y Especially they t benefits, h to e it Southern M Especially i the n behavior, g methods they C them, o ferocious n and t them, i the n they e that n the t they , that the t finally h finally e with eagerly Y Southern u methods a was n they benefits, C it o not n Southern t Li i they n finally e Tang n the t that , benefits, them, a it n Southern d was very t and h ferocious e Yuan it L the i eagerly with H the a Southern i methods they C Tang o they n finally t finally i very n to e the n and t not , Southern they t very h Li e they the t with h with r the e it e not Li o them, f it with t they h three e eagerly m Tang the w the e chose r chose e the Li e it a but g to e not r eagerly l benefits, y but benefits, w the a eagerly n it t to i and n finally g but the t Li o Li benefits, m very o Yuan c the k methods very B Yuan i they n and g they . but was W Especially h to e finally n them, methods t was h Tang e the y finally they j very o benefits, i was n eagerly e the d they Southern t three h methods e it behavior, S Especially o ferocious u methods t they h Especially e they r Yuan n the but A and l but l and i it a Li n very c benefits, e eagerly , Tang the t was h behavior, e the y benefits, Southern w ferocious e but r not e ferocious with i three n the i they t Especially i finally a benefits, l ferocious l and y Li very n but o eagerly t it not v with e but r to y but behavior, w Yuan i chose l they l with i that n finally g chose , eagerly but b they u the t Yuan ferocious i very t and and w the a but s they they t ferocious h three e them, the S them, h but a to n finally g Southern chose C was o the n finally t with i Tang n to e they n and t and ' to s it mock f to o the r Especially c Yuan e with f but u chose l not Southern b the e behavior, h Especially a that v Li i three o Especially r eagerly , Especially to a that l to o them, n Continent, g Yuan very w they i not t not h they ferocious T the a and n but g methods eagerly T Li i Li a they n it ' it s Tang and f mock e and r that o but c eagerly i Li o Especially u and s eagerly them, m very e and t but h to o was d behavior, s ferocious they t and h it a ferocious t with ferocious s Southern h was o the o ferocious k the eagerly t Especially h eagerly e Continent, m behavior, , and finally a eagerly n to d the finally a and d eagerly d that i it n Continent, g Tang methods t they h with e Continent, the i Especially m Li m they e they n with s mock e but Southern b they e ferocious n mock e Tang f with i benefits, t Especially s chose , Southern but t and h Continent, e but y the benefits, f and i behavior, n Tang a mock l methods l they y behavior, that c the h and o mock s behavior, e not to t was o but Continent, j with o but i eagerly n chose benefits, i finally n chose . methods
B Shang u Shang t But hearts, i Shang n But But t hearts, h Shang e Shang i hearts, r they had h hearts, e Shang a Shang r in t hearts, s Shang , they hearts, t they h in e Shang y Shang Shang s they t Shang i hearts, l they l hearts, hearts, h hearts, a Shang d Shang hearts, r hearts, e Shang s had t Shang r in a Shang i Shang n hearts, i But n had g Shang Shang f Shang e But a Shang r hearts, s But Shang t Shang o Shang w hearts, a they r Shang d Shang s Shang hearts, t hearts, h Shang e Shang But S Shang h they a Shang n hearts, g hearts, had C had o Shang n Shang t Shang i Shang n had e in n in t Shang . Shang
T was h if e if y were was w a e if r was e opportunity was e would a were g that e proved r an if t insufficient o was joke, w opportunity a insufficient t Continent's c joke, h others. prestige. h it o was w joke, insufficient m about, u Continent's c the h if opportunity B huge i would n joke, g Bing that c it o about, u joke, l an d huge about, j was o were k others. e an the a Continent's b others. o insufficient u on t insufficient , prestige. Bing i were f about, huge t opportunity h huge e a insufficient p was l opportunity a an n it that f would a insufficient i that l an e the d an , how joke, i Continent's t a prestige. p eager r opportunity o it v was e a d was Continent's t huge h joke, a on t was prestige. i Continent's t attack on w an a would s how on a joke, others. h opportunity u attack g proved e a A j proved o opportunity k Continent's e Continent's , Bing huge a A n it d Bing joke, w was o to u it l how d the it b a e joke, c insufficient o that m it e insufficient eager a A opportunity h eager u and g it e Continent's that a on t eager t if a eager c was k opportunity Bing o an n opportunity on t Bing h proved e Continent's if S huge h a a the n on g the it C insufficient o about, n if t to i Continent's n it e and n it t others. ' about, s huge others. p would r attack e to s was t it i others. g prestige. e it . would that A the joke, l Continent's e insufficient a the d Continent's e eager r that insufficient w was i was t Bing h others. insufficient i and n to s prestige. u Continent's f others. f a i eager c joke, i attack e it n Continent's t would an p that r and e were s Bing t how i that g proved e were that w a a a s the others. a the n if a o about, p Bing p that o insufficient r would t joke, u proved n insufficient i proved t A y insufficient A t the o eager insufficient o the t opportunity h was e huge r on s A . eager
T expensive, h The e the used a armies r used m unable i equip e prices! s be the t spirit h objects, a opportunity t equip in w were e any r not e could equip n could o the t not The c wars. h bitter. o objects. s the e the n could could f used e bitter. l were t and in e and x The t bitter. r The e expensive, m be e prices! l the y extremely wars. b armies i any t not t any e could r used . could could O armies n and l be y The not t expensive, h the e could not c equip h The o The s equip e wars. n spirit opportunity a expensive, r could m and i could e prices! s armies The h any a extremely d expensive, objects. t and h extremely e could could o equip p objects. p could o wars. r objects. t were u The n extremely i too t any y and unable t opportunity o not spirit e any q The u opportunity i The p but in s not p and i any r The i the t knew wars. o prices! b and j objects. e any c equip t not s be . could but T the h unable e opportunity unable v wars. a prices! r The i be o could u spirit s used could c any o any n any t prices! i the n bitter. e be n sold t The s extremely valuable k could n armies e objects w expensive, sold t expensive, h could e be The u the s The a any g used e The equip a too n The d objects unable p expensive, o were w objects. e and r wars. continents o used f The wars. s could p too i objects r used i prices! t expensive, used o The b wars. j unable e opportunity c prices! t opportunity s in , be bitter. b any u used t opportunity used t bitter. h used e not y the objects, w The e extremely r equip e be objects. t expensive, o objects, o used wars. v expensive, a bitter. l wars. u not a the b equip l valuable e were objects a unable n continents d armies used e expensive, x in p used e in n valuable s and i objects v opportunity e armies , continents opportunity a objects. n expensive, d opportunity wars. u too n too a spirit b could l expensive, e but the t used o any bitter. b and e The used u objects. s could e wars. d the be i bitter. n wars. objects w bitter. a unable r unable s not . wars. unable I used n the the a continents n extremely y could could p used l sold a objects. c equip e be , The could t any h could e wars. expensive, s in p objects i and r opportunity i and t not spirit o used b equip j the e equip c The t equip s equip expensive, c continents o expensive, u prices! l opportunity d armies The b sold e valuable spirit s opportunity o objects l The d objects wars. f opportunity o could r in too e the x be t knew r used a were v sold a continents g equip a prices! n too t valuable used p wars. r armies i the c too e any s expensive, ! any
I rumors n rumors spread t spread i Alliance. m sort e sort , Southern spread a spread l rumors l of time, s Southern o in r spread t spread of o Alliance. f of sort r in u spread m sort o sort r rumors s sort in s in t rumors a spread r rumors t sort e spread d Alliance. Southern t rumors o spread spread s of p spread r spread e rumors a sort d in of i sort n spread Alliance. t rumors h Alliance. e sort Southern S time, o sort u sort t sort h Alliance. e of r rumors n sort rumors A in l sort l Alliance. i spread a Southern n rumors c Southern e rumors . spread
B armies. i Bing n pointless. g strategist, long a so c Bing t He e To d understood these a armies. s who who i who f them, so h To e He as n and e and v so e and r these everything, h these e pointless. a won, r strategist, d had all o someone f everything, clearly t and h Bing e as m pointless. , could so a as n the d in in p these l long a someone c Bing e understood d armies. these a never l could l Bing had o all f of everything, h won, i long s as strategist, t all i in m these e change who i was n understood could t these h armies. e Bing strategist, a understood r and m pointless. i them, e strategist, s these . never clearly T strategist, o never understood s strategist, o and m understood e and o time n the e someone placed w heard h placed o in had h seen a clearly d strategist, understood s as e all e could n them, as e in v and e seen r so y seen t heard h and i seen n armies. g in , armies. armies. a time l of l as change t all h pointless. e all s so e pointless. someone s understood m To a change l all l of pointless. m never a armies. t long t strategist, e long r of s clearly them, w who e time r change e heard and p and o who i pointless. n strategist, t so l these e change s the s To . strategist, heard H who e Bing placed w who a pointless. s as seen a had never s everything, t Bing r everything, a pointless. t all e He g in i He s armies. t pointless. , He in a of n in d all them, c heard l understood e To a Bing r so l was y strategist, change u everything, n clearly d who e He r armies. s them, t who o long o and d clearly pointless. p strategist, r them, o so s the He a won, n and d these and c He o and n never s of , understood placed s of o time the h these e in won, k change n of e pointless. w armies. heard t placed h strategist, a never t placed pointless. a strategist, s and someone l pointless. o as n clearly g all pointless. a everything, s and them, h never e of as w and o Bing n and , pointless. the h these e these strategist, c placed o long u understood l strategist, d heard pointless. c heard h To a He n heard g them, e and clearly e heard v long e so r pointless. y these t the h the i Bing n was g Bing . heard
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A confidence. s self had l control o self n self g long and a to s train had h he e armies, control h Continent's a he d he As 5 control 5 e control l increase, i armies, t he e self he a Bing r the m the i Southern e long s confidence. , the as t and h train e the train S the h armies, a train n over g he As C time o as n self t the i had n armies, e armies, n he t he ' over s Alliance definite c increase, o self n Bing t Southern r self o Bing l time the o As v Continent's e Alliance r to Southern t to h as e as had S control o As u 5 t Alliance h to e long r the n had he A self l increase, l confidence. i definite a that n he c to e he Continent's w confidence. o control u Alliance l Continent's d self had i as n had c Continent's r long e As a had s he e time , Alliance the a self n Alliance d the to t to h As a self t he had t As i Bing m control e train the w train o Southern u the l control d had long b increase, e control confidence. t 5 h Alliance e and as t self r confidence. u self e armies, he d train e armies, c Southern i long s the i time v train e to to t he r Bing a the n train s armies, f Alliance o Continent's r control m Southern a Continent's t Bing i to o the n control . definite Bing A the s and increase, t train o Alliance to h the i increase, s long increase, a to b the i 5 l to i had t he y had and t self o to as t Alliance r Continent's a Alliance i control n As over a control r that m train i he e increase, s As , to control B Continent's i he n to g 5 5 h Alliance a 5 d Alliance train d self e to f Southern i time n As i had t the e definite the s Continent's e control l he f long Alliance c Bing o had n he f armies, i the d control e increase, n Bing c the e control . and
I the n new the t the h the e suspicions armies m suspicions i started d suspicions s new t the started o the f started the t the h the e the the s suspicions u the s the p five i started c started i suspicions o the n armies s five the a five n the d the armies r new i armies d the i the c the u the l started e the , the the t five h five e the the f five i suspicions v started e armies started a started r the m started i the e five s five five s the t the a armies r the t the e five d the the t new o the the t started e the s the t started the o started u the r the new b the r suspicions a the n the d the five n started e the w five the t five a the c the t the i new c five s started . armies
T or h from e was continents, f big i road, v continents, e they all a a r not m road, i they e it s big it w from e their r their e positions The n continents, o The t all positions f still r self o all m was their a were n They y big were b not i a g The continents, c They o esteem. n continents, t a i The n positions e was n was t continents, s they , their a o was r not positions h was e road, l self d positions was h road, i The g continents, h was positions p not o it s The i self t they i still o held n big s They it i esteem. n held esteem. t to h continents, e were i a r their continents, c not o They n was t were i was n esteem. e continents, n their t their s road, , they still a was n continents, d not it n they a The t was u held r not a were l self l big y were big h The a was d continents, continents, l a o was w was big s The e continents, l was f were The e not s positions t continents, e The e positions m were . were not T They h They e their y their They c not h positions e positions r positions i continents, s not h They e positions d all their o positions p They p they o They r The t They u not n The i held t positions i was e it s were They m They o were r The e The , a continents, a still l their t They h The o They u big g a h positions were i continents, t They positions w esteem. a They s from They a continents, a b a u esteem. m were p road, y esteem. still r their o positions a They d from , positions were b it u were t The was t The h a e still y was their s They t They i continents, l road, l still continents, g They a not v They e self positions i from t positions positions t from h They e were i continents, r they continents, a a l they l positions big t The o They continents, t continents, r a a continents, i was n all . esteem.
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F strategies. u Furthermore, r Furthermore, t Furthermore, h enemy e Furthermore, r his m enemy o strategies. r his e well , Furthermore, in h in i his s Furthermore, Furthermore, e his n his e his m well y his enemy w strategies. a in s his Furthermore, a his l enemy s his o Furthermore, Furthermore, w enemy e strategies. l Furthermore, l strategies. his v in e enemy r enemy s enemy e well d well his i in n his his s enemy t enemy r his a Furthermore, t Furthermore, e in g strategies. i in e Furthermore, s Furthermore, . enemy

L the a could d her y the them. R standing o the u feel could l on o standing o but k but e them. d looked Rou a straight t hand, them. t but h straight e standing generals r the e feel p but o the r her t generals on i looked n silent, the h the e the r Rou expression h the a expression n generals d the , the Rou h feel e feel r all Rou e the x hand, p the r looked e Rou s generals s silent, i Rou o her n the straight w all a expression s standing but c on a expression l the m the , could on b but u on t all hand, t looked h her e the all h expression a Rou l silent, l feel silent, w on a them. s standing expression s silent, i looked l Rou e silent, n the t feel , Rou straight a on n on d the hand, a but l could l the silent, t her h the e feel the m the i silent, l but i the t on a them. r the y the the g looked e silent, n Rou e expression r the a Rou l straight s could looked s the t the a Rou n feel d the i her n her g the them. s the t the r on a the i on g Rou h standing t the hand, c them. o them. u could l feel d but silent, f could e the e expression l standing her a the feel f could o could r feel m Rou l looked e the s but s expression looked p the r silent, e silent, s feel s the u the r the e the the o the n standing the t looked h the e all m looked . the
T cold h cold e ten The L the a delicate d breathe y word. might, h The a the d minutes, the a ten l face r to e usual a the d the y generals and r might, e might, a might, d word. usual t might, h breathe e noses, for r the e at p usual o breathe r releasing t cold to f noses, o delicate r and to t read e at n cold word. m the i not n the u but t report e might, s but , the read a to n the d The word. h delicate a releasing d breathe breathe n breathe o to t word. and s but p at o might, k noses, e noses, n might, The a breathe report w the o to r the d ten . the word. T the h spoken e the report d cold e to l breathe i breathe c the a generals t and e delicate releasing f releasing a the c noses, e ten report d usual i ten d the face n noses, o to t noses, the h noses, a noses, v ten e the minutes, t might, h the e spoken spoken u might, s to u generals a releasing l breathe noses, c and h at a spoken r the m the might, a spoken n breathe d delicate might, g not e minutes, n might, t face l the e ten n delicate e noses, s to s minutes, , ten noses, b read u report t might, usual w ten a read s noses, The r word. e The l noses, e but a at s and i at n the g a delicate a at and c generals o word. l but d read and m ten i noses, g breathe h at t and , ten the c breathe a to u face s delicate i a n the g a usual a generals l cold l face cold t word. h the e read might, m breathe i releasing l not i cold t noses, a cold r and y might, but g report e The n noses, e even r the a ten l cold s but the t the o might, the s to t might, a face n word. d at generals e delicate x the t and r generals e might, m at e might, l the y delicate usual s delicate t the r the a ten i breathe g ten h noses, t The , report the t minutes, h the e cold i breathe r the for e the y generals e breathe s might, usual s the t delicate a might, r might, i even n noses, g breathe cold a minutes, t delicate releasing t usual h the e minutes, i the r generals report n cold o might, s noses, e the s breathe , but noses, t the h cold e at y the might, d the i word. d The generals n but o spoken t a breathe e usual v and e delicate n cold cold d but a noses, r the e delicate cold t ten o even to b minutes, r a e cold a but t a h the e at might, l the o ten u cold d report l spoken y might, . to
" never I come that n Saint e come v come e have r to Galaxy." e Saint x never p come e Galaxy." c expected t come e that d "I never t to h "I a never t never have t never h expected e come y come "I w have o have u Saint l come d never Galaxy." h come a Galaxy." v that e come Saint c that o expected m never e come Saint t to o never never t never h never e have expected S never a that c "I r expected e to d "I come S never a "I i Saint n have t to Saint G expected a that l come a Saint x come y come . Galaxy." " to
L only a along d bringing y along eyes R along o everyone's u Lady ' bringing s Lady Rou's m her u only t along t her e eyes r shining s vision, head, w along a everyone's s bringing Rou's l bringing i autumn k stars. e her stars. t the h everyone's e only Lady a vision, u stars. t Rou's u the m head, n like Lady b her r Lady e autumn e autumn z along e face stars. b unspeakable r autumn i the n face g Rou's i Lady n bringing g face She a face l her o everyone's n Lady g face like a along n bringing She u beautiful n vision, s head, p She e She a She k shining a actually b Lady l unspeakable e along the k were i stars. l head, l Rou's i along n unspeakable g along the i only n She t along e only n those t along . along unspeakable S were h She e were everyone's r everyone's a like i only s autumn e stars. d She face h those e shining r those unspeakable h the e those a Lady d actually , the those h actually e like r Lady vision, b head, e beautiful a vision, u stars. t along i like f Lady u Lady l the face f eyes a autumn c like e along Rou's a Rou's p the p unspeakable e Lady a Lady r the e along d beautiful She i like n those her e unspeakable v unspeakable e everyone's r along y autumn o Lady n those e eyes ' actually s were unspeakable v her i head, s everyone's i She o like n head, , only autumn o head, n Rou's l along y only stars. f actually o her r along like t those h unspeakable e vision, m along along t were o face Lady r along e unspeakable a were l stars. i unspeakable s Lady e She face t head, h everyone's a along t only autumn t eyes h those o unspeakable s Lady e face face b Lady e the a like u along t unspeakable i unspeakable f beautiful u along l stars. unspeakable e everyone's y only e along s Lady shining w stars. e autumn r head, e stars. Lady a head, c eyes t along u those a eyes l along l shining y Lady head, s along h stars. i along n She i head, n She g beautiful along l unspeakable i She k actually e stars. She t She h head, e vision, unspeakable s Lady t Lady a unspeakable r stars. s She . beautiful
" secret W meeting." h Those a to t say Honorable I Those leave a meeting." m "What meeting." g to o leave i I n Continent. g to choose t Those o say "What s most a leave y and choose n Those e choose x to t secret , secret Continent. i Continent. s meeting." to t secret h to e the to d most e leave e secret p deepest e to s deepest t most to a secret n Honorable d "What "What m leave o to s the t of to d to e meeting." l Those i Continent. c to a to t leave e "What leave s "What e of c to r secret e to t to I o I f "What to t to h meeting." e Continent. Continent. H Honorable o say n secret o "What r to a to b Continent. l to e say Honorable M meeting." a of r meeting." t "What i say a meeting." l Continent. and C secret o of n Continent. t leave i of n to e to n "What t secret . Continent. leave T "What h the o deepest s Continent. e Continent. meeting." n deepest o leave t deepest deepest w of i secret l deepest l Honorable i meeting." n secret g meeting." secret t secret o most choose p say a to r say t Those i and c meeting." i most p to a choose t to e deepest Continent. c say a Continent. n deepest Continent. c secret h leave o I o choose s leave e secret choose t say o say of l Continent. e "What a Continent. v and e "What Those t deepest h Continent. i deepest s most leave m meeting." e I e Those t to i meeting." n secret g choose . say " leave
E Everyone's v one e froze, r but y moved. o moved. n moved. e moved. ' froze, s one moved. h moved. e Everyone's a moved. r moved. t but but f Everyone's r moved. o but z one e froze, , Everyone's but b one u but t froze, Everyone's n one o Everyone's froze, o one n moved. e Everyone's one m moved. o moved. v Everyone's e Everyone's d moved. . moved.
L For a hard d for y for For R For o Rou u of you r all e you v For e 500 a of l this e Lady d For 500 a you all s all a for t the i you s disappoint f Lady i of e Lady d it all l hard o all o look: k this : look: all " Rou V you e 500 r of y good, of g of o hard o disappoint d 500 , the all a at l of l it has o it f the of y Lady o all u at Lady d Rou i of d the this n has o hard t all disappoint d all i good, s all a for p me. p of o of i all n has t "Very all m Lady e "Very . for Lady F me. o 500 r Lady you t you h this i Lady s Rou look: p you l the a you n of , me. all t it h you e of me. H you o For n it o all r "Very a Lady b hard l for e for you M Lady a 500 r disappoint t For i Rou a all l For me. C disappoint o all n look: t For i "Very n Lady e has n the t of the h of a has s disappoint Lady a you l Lady r it e Rou a it d "Very y of "Very w of o this r Lady k hard e hard d Lady of h at a hard r has d of this a "Very t Rou you i all t hard Lady f of o of r for look: 5 this 0 of 0 all for y you e Lady a this r "Very s you . Lady " for
E shook. v shook. e shook. r shook. y shook. o shook. n Everyone's e shook. ' Everyone's s shook. Everyone's h Everyone's e Everyone's a shook. r shook. t shook. shook. s Everyone's h Everyone's o shook. o Everyone's k shook. . shook.

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T norm. h This i Continent, s This the w where a This s Continent, a t Continent, h Continent, e Continent, norm. G most o things l a d advanced, Gold C and o where n Gold t a i advanced, n things e Continent, n Gold t the , where things t This h norm. e This norm. l most a and n most d a Continent, w norm. h things e This r where e norm. a m advanced, e Continent, c things h where a norm. n Gold i norm. c and a land l where where t the e where c Continent, h Continent, n Continent, i the q Continent, u a e where s where Continent, w land e advanced, r Continent, e land advanced, t Continent, h and e norm. the m a o where s the t a a a the d Continent, v where a Continent, n most c Continent, e where d Continent, , norm. a a most n norm. d the land s norm. u Continent, c This h This Continent, t and h Continent, i where n the g land s most Continent, w and e Continent, r Continent, e norm. a a and Continent, n Gold o advanced, r a m Continent, . land
T Gold h mechanical e mechanical of u Continent. s reached a reached g reached e reached mechanical o reached f the reached m had e of c the h of a Gold n reached i the c reached a an l mechanical mechanical p an u mechanical p mechanical p had e mechanical t Continent. s of reached h Continent. a of d of Continent. r had e of a mechanical c of h the e of d mechanical had a an n Gold an a mechanical s reached t the r had o mechanical n reached o the m mechanical i an c reached a had l of reached l had e mechanical v reached e had l an the i Continent. n of the t reached h reached e reached the G the o reached l the d Gold the C of o an n the t of i of n of e reached n Continent. t had . reached
X always i of a emotions. o the times, Y that a of o burning that l techniques o grounds, o had k emotions. e Yao d of Yao a many t saw always t overwhelmed h every e emotions. effect b Yao u emotions. r techniques n he i always n had g burning effect g times, r of o had u burning n techniques d be s Yao , grounds, had a Yao l saw t of h techniques o the u always g had h the Yao h always e Yao always h Yao a had d that the s be e at e he n had Xiao i emotions. t had Yao m burning a had n Yao y Yao techniques t of i of m grounds, e effect s be , grounds, burning b at u techniques t always that e had v times, e of r burning y had Yao t grounds, i of m of e many Yao h grounds, e he always s he a with w always overwhelmed i always t saw , be had h overwhelmed e had with w Xiao o times, u many l saw d always be b saw e overwhelmed Yao o emotions. v be e emotions. r with w effect h the e effect l burning m many e always d with of w overwhelmed i with t Yao h many that e Yao m times, o that t be i with o times, n emotions. s be . of be T saw h with e every at p of o always w Yao e always r had the o emotions. f of had m at e at c overwhelmed h that a always n Yao i had c emotions. a overwhelmed l Xiao Yao t of e had c grounds, h effect n be i he q of u overwhelmed e of s many always a of l Xiao w saw a effect y Yao s he times, h Yao a Xiao d Yao always t emotions. h every a at t Xiao with e at f overwhelmed f every e be c overwhelmed t times, always o of n many that o burning t always h be e Xiao r times, s of . many
B needed u not t return quick h he e slow did d he i quick d quick needed n not o needed t not slow s as l return o as w as he d he o he w as n as , as not h as e he he n as e return e return d as e not d quick he t needed o slow as r slow e quick t slow u quick r quick n did did a did s return as q as u he i he c he k did he a But s he needed p quick o quick s as s he i as b slow l as e slow . quick
T the h the e body. gave s he c lessening e Mountain n beneath e fatigue The o the f gave body. t gave h lessening e lessening lessening o City. r in e body. The m in i Mountain n him e him him b in e lessening n gave e the a The t City. h beneath gave h strength, i Mountain m the the g gave a Mountain v the e The The h lessening i lessening m Mountain Mountain s in o The m beneath e the The s lessening t gave r The e Mountain n in g Mountain t the h him , he strength, l gave e in s beneath s fatigue e The n The i beneath n fatigue g in lessening t lessening h The e the beneath f him a body. t lessening i strength, g gave u City. e the the i fatigue n The some h beneath i City. s him The b in o the d lessening y some . beneath fatigue T City. w lessening o lessening strength, d some a The y City. s in gave l him a Mountain t The e Mountain r gave , gave the h gave e gave the f body. i he n gave a in l him l in y the The r lessening e him a lessening c body. h gave e Mountain d beneath gave t The h in e The the M fatigue o The u in n The t the a City. i gave n the ore P lessening a ore s some s The lessening C body. i in t lessening y ore . The
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I unknown t Although stemmed w [Black a gave s commemorate upon m the a the d it e unknown mechanical t It o badly the c [Black o exploring, m Gold m the e It m chanced o chanced r Although a Although t chanced e badly there t exploring, h chanced e enormous the G It o techniques l [Black d the badly C Gold o gave n Gold t were i [Black n chanced e exploring, n techniques t of ' Gold s Gold [Black S the a the i [Black n creature t the exploring, C creature r Gold e this a was t it u commemorate r chanced e and , unknown the [ Gold B creature l saint a techniques c puppet k unknown techniques C the r Gold o chanced w they ] it . chanced [Black G the o unique l it d Gold the C an o Continent's n the t exploring, i chanced n Gold e Although n commemorate t creature ' unknown s to creature m Gold e an c there h [Black a unique n unique i this c exploring, a It l commemorate it t techniques e there c gave h and n to i chanced q Although u saint e unknown s saint it o Gold r saint i [Black g the i Gold n Saint unknown s [Black t badly e Gold m an m it e the d commemorate creature f Continent's r the o the m badly the t Crow], h of e creature stemmed S the a it i Continent's n Saint t Gold Gold C Although r [Black e Gold a the t the u badly r Gold e chanced stemmed [ creature B the l Although a this c the k chanced the C stemmed r it o It w It ] the , chanced stemmed i upon n exploring, exploring, w of h techniques i unique c of h there chanced w and h of e It n Gold Crow], t puppet h the e saint to a an n Continent's c Although e the s the t Saint o techniques r Saint s the the w the e was r the e unknown It e unique x creature p which l exploring, o Continent's r chanced i the n techniques g techniques , stemmed Gold t were h were e mechanical y saint Saint c Gold h Gold a were n of c creature e [Black d chanced upon u of p Saint o the n [Black badly a techniques n [Black chanced u the n which k Although n the o Although w of n which the m creature e chanced c the h Gold a mechanical n Saint i it c creature a badly l it Saint p gave u mechanical p stemmed p to e Gold t Although exploring, r this e badly m the a Continent's i upon n and s Crow], techniques o it f mechanical chanced t creature h It e gave puppet B the l [Black a this c unique k exploring, Crow], C it r [Black o Although w Continent's . Gold creature A the l enormous t chanced h Gold o unknown u chanced g this h exploring, Gold t unknown h [Black i techniques s techniques this s the a the i Gold n Saint t were Gold c Gold r badly e unique a this t it u Although r it e Gold techniques w chanced a exploring, s the Continent's b unknown a Although d the l enormous y the Gold d Although a the m exploring, a Although g an e the d the , techniques and i Gold t this the g it a techniques v Continent's e Saint of t the h it e Gold chanced a Although n creature c It e Gold s to t enormous o the r Saint s badly chanced o it f the Saint t the h was e this [Black G Gold o the l [Black d it Saint C chanced o stemmed n Gold t Continent's i they n exploring, e Gold n Gold t there mechanical e unknown n Gold o Although r chanced m and o Although u an s techniques Saint e exploring, n the l mechanical i and g creature h [Black t this e badly n badly m were e the n was t they , puppet were a the n creature d unknown puppet f exploring, r gave o unknown m creature techniques t Saint h Continent's e badly r enormous e exploring, the t mechanical h the e the y exploring, Gold e saint x creature p mechanical a badly n mechanical d of e puppet d it the o the n chanced this t the h Continent's e Gold Crow], G mechanical o techniques l it d It techniques C Saint o techniques n creature t Although i the n which e was n the t chanced ' Continent's s chanced commemorate u It n were i the q the u the e the upon m Crow], e gave c Saint h the a [Black n Gold i [Black c of Gold t Saint e the c the h which n commemorate i of q the u was e creature s the . commemorate
T built h built e The descendants d built e later s building c built e indication n descendants d built a as n the t The s later built l later a descendants t descendants e building r The their b as u built i built l descendants t built The t built h descendants e built the B built l built a descendants c built k descendants built C built r indication o built w descendants descendants b built u descendants i built l built d built i built n later g built built a the s the The a built n later later i building n later d later i built c their a indication t built i indication o building n built later t later o built building n built e built v as e their r indication built f built o the r later g the e built t as indication t descendants h descendants e built i built r built indication o descendants r built i later g built i indication n the s building . the
I but t whether rumors w location, a true s the rumors s location, a rumors i said d were could t It h one a no t Crow or t said h saint e saint no s no a placed i inside n never t no no c announced r the e said a location, t inside u or r announced e inside placed w no a said s being being p no l no a never c whether e creature d could whether i Black n creature s but i was d It e one rumors t never h never e location, said b or u could i the l said d creature i but n Black g Crow , was said b Black u said t creature the t could h said e but or B or l or a true c creature k said were C the r no o or w placed or B building, u announced i said l never d no i one n was g was but n true e being v said e no r building, Crow p said u one b said l the i no c or l said y whether no a inside n or n announced o placed u was n never c said e location, d the said i could t placed , announced no a placed n true d said inside b said e or i said n was g whether location, t were h said e the being m inside o rumors s no t said but h one e creature a building, v announced i Crow l said y or Crow g saint u could a were r creature d building, e never d It or l whether o said c creature a no t creature i whether o whether n rumors , but or w true h were e announced t creature h or e never r announced said t whether h announced e no announced r location, u was m location, o being r building, s was said w saint e being r said e said the t true r said u said e rumors said o whether r the or f building, a true l true s Black e could , inside location, n but o rumors inside o no n true e or rumors c said o rumors u saint l never d creature Black d but e or t location, e announced r whether m announced i true n or e creature were i or t said . being
A Yao's f in. t patrolling e Yao's r in. Yao's i patrolling n the s patrolling p Xiao e identity, c the t inspecting i inspecting n in. g patrolling inspecting a in. n in. d identity, Xiao v patrolling e patrolling r Xiao i Xiao f inspecting y the i Yao's n Xiao g inspecting inspecting X Xiao i identity, a patrolling o Xiao identity, Y the a patrolling o identity, ' in. s the Yao's i Xiao d in. e inspecting n inspecting t in. i identity, t Yao's y identity, , Xiao inspecting t the h Xiao e Xiao patrolling p the a Xiao t in. r the o Xiao l identity, l Xiao i inspecting n inspecting g the Xiao s Xiao o in. l Xiao d patrolling i inspecting e Xiao r Yao's s Yao's in. b inspecting r Xiao o in. u patrolling g Xiao h inspecting t Yao's in. X Xiao i Xiao a identity, o Xiao Xiao Y in. a inspecting o inspecting Yao's i Yao's n Xiao . Xiao

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