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Chapter 662 – Storm

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Song Didi was not the Song Didi of the past.

The deep blue eyes above his aquiline nose were sharp and filled with oppressiveness. He had been high spirited recently, due to his personally created Awakened Army, he had become sharper. To any general, there was nothing that could make them feel more successful. Barbara took the position as his adjutant, mainly to facilitate the logistics and to communicate with the Shang Continent, adding that his military achievements were beyond bad, he also had many evil tricks up his sleeves, and could frequently help Song Didi solve difficult problems.

The Awakened Army's prestige grew more and more in the Blue World, and more and more awakened came up to help, hoping to join the army.

The flourishing and fertile Sacred Saint Galaxy left these conscious awakened Blue Dwarves to be filled with yearning. Compared to the barren and quiet Blue World, the Sacred Saint Galaxy's rich history and unique culture was colorful and filled with attraction.

The Awakened Army's strength was quickly improving, as well as Song Didi's standard. Throughout the history of mankind, wars never ceased, how to fight, how to battle with brains and brawn, all of the abundant and perfect theories, allowed the military theories in the Blue World to look extremely primitive and naive. The awakened Blue Dwarves greedily absorbed all that knowledge, they yearned to have a day that they could create their own culture and and civilization with their hands and brains that they could call their own, and not just the Blue Sea.

Although after being awakened, the Blue Dwarves were rather timid and extremely intelligent.

They were quickly improving, and after the grinding of constant battles, although it did not make them fearless, but it unearthed the crafty nature deep within them.

They were quick and hard to fathom and could slip away easily. This Awakened Army gradually formed its characteristics that its enemies hated.

The prior task of the Awakened Army was to swim around the Pontoon Bridge and increase the pressure on the Vast Star Continent, so they had not left the Pontoon Bridge When Bing's order arrived, Song Didi immediately sent the Awakened Army to move.

When he arrived at the battlefield, he coincidentally saw the light beams and the dazzling light auras that shot out periodically from the Bright Symbol Stronghold.

The sounds of explosions caused the Song Didi's fighting intent to soar.

His blue hunter like eyes quickly found his target, the pirates that were attacking the stronghold from the outside.


Song Didi sneered, his blue eyes were as cold as the Blue Sea, releasing an extremely cold glare, his enemies did not have any defense behind them, truly like the soft abdomen of a wild beast.

He quickly raised his right hand.

All the Blue Dwarves behind him retrieved out their different shaped parts and components on their back, they moved silently, their blue eyes releasing a dark blue light aura that resembled blue flames.

They moved adeptly as they begun to construct, and after a minute and a half, their assemblies were complete.

It was a brand new type of weapon, it looked like armor, but they were just at the upper bodies. Their shoulders and arms were exceptionally thick and bulky, but the most eye catching thing was the big and massive black gold basket that resembled a palm grabbing an object.

The Blue Dwarves had skinny figures, so it made them look as though their heads were big and their legs were small.

Storm was its name. The Shang Continent's Black Gold Series new weapon, created by Grandmaster Sai Lei.

The expansion of the Black Gold Series weapons was requested by Bing, the reason was simple, it was cheap. To the Shang Continent, the boundless black stone desert was the cheapest it could get. It was still possible to bring a few materials from Three Spirits City, but to bring conventional weapons from Three Spirits City, then young lad Tang need not bother to do anything else as he would be too busy.

These lower end weapon plans were unable to incite Sai Lei's interests, but lucky for them, her subordinates were all crouching tiger hidden dragons, with countless of different tastes. To finally obtain a chance to display themselves, all of them looked as if they were on drugs, they racked their brains and worked around the clock.

Many bizarre and strange weapons were sent over, numbering over 162 types, and after Bing's screening, only seven were selected, Storm being one of them.

Storm was sent to Song Didi, immediately causing his eyes to become bright, although the Empyrean Ice Tree Spears possessed considerable might for battles inside continents, but if they were in the Sea of Energy, it was far from sufficient to fight against warships. Storm was used for that reason.

It was Storm's first practical use in battle. Song Didi opened his eyes wide, not daring to relax for a second. The only way to test a weapon was in real battle.

Storm was rather troublesome in being set up, even with adept and familiar hands, it required at least a minute, so for the Awakened Army that used a minute and a half was already not too bad. But it looked rather comical, a straight neat row of soldiers dressed in swollen upper body armor, and on the thick arms that were bigger than the Blue Dwarves body carried two black baskets.

Barbara who was glancing left and right froze, he sent his respects to the person who designed Storm over a hundred times!

~Asshole, why does it look like a group of people going to the market to buy vegetables….~

~Where is the agreed formidable majestic look? Where is the tyrannical vigor?~

Song Didi was instead very calm, he focused more on strength and power, after waving the black baskets, and finding that they were not sluggish at all, he was rather satisfied.


He raised the black basket on his right hand, and the army quietened down.

"Everyone get ready!"

Song Didi felt the blood in his veins surging, he arched his back, the black basket on his right hand naturally drooped down, a dazzling light aura quickly converging inside the black basket, instantly becoming extremely bright, forming a bright light ball!

All the soldiers in the Awakened Army did the same movement, many light balls appearing.


Song Didi roared, he suddenly threw the light ball in his hand. The powerful upper body armor and arms increased his strength exponentially, the light ball flung out at an extreme speed.


All of them roared in unison, countless of the different sized light balls inside the baskets were flung out, and dropped onto the warships ahead like rain.

Song Didi did not stop, borrowing the momentum as he flung the light ball in his right hand, he took a step forward and flung the light ball in his left as well. His movements were extremely quick and in a blink of an eye, he had flung out 12 of the light balls. The soldiers behind him were also frantically throwing them out, consecutively 12 waves of light balls were flung, in total, each person threw out 24 of the light balls.

The Awakened Army had a total of 3000 soldiers, and was the largest drawn up army of the Shang Continent, because Bing thought that the fighting ability of the Blue Dwarves individually were weaker, and with too few a number, they would not be practical.

72000 light balls flew out like a storm, occupying the entire sky.

Ying Yan was fully focused on attacking the Symbol Stronghold that he never thought that there would be people sneaking an attack from behind.

When the sudden intense energy undulation appeared behind him, he finally sensed it. He looked up to see the rain of light balls, causing his face to turn ashen.

~What's that?~

That was the only question that he could think of at that time, followed by the intense explosions that caused him to go blank.

Bang bang bang!

The energy barrier of the warship only lasted for three seconds before it shattered. The throng of light balls smashed onto the hull of the warship like raindrops, light of fires soared into the sky, planks flying all over, the explosion sounds shook the entire place, overpowering any other sounds, the piercing light aura shining into every corner of the warship, causing the entire place to be white and blinded. Every single pirate was pale white and afraid, they had never received such an intense attack before.

This silver grade warship was heavily damaged in an instant, dense smoke arising from its body, while all the other warships around it were already up in flames.

Song Didi gasped for breath as he watched the battlefield ahead, he could almost not believe his own eyes. The Storm Armor on their bodies were covered in cracks, pa, they shattered and fell from the soldier's bodies, but the soldiers had the same expression as Song Didi, watching the fleet that were enveloped in flames and explosions.

~Is this truly what we can achieve?~

Many of the soldiers hugged their heads subconsciously, they could not believe it.

Those were warships, in the Blue World, every single time the humans' warships appeared, they could only escape. If not for the Blue World being a natural protection that stopped the warships, the Blue World might had been ravaged long ago.

The Blue Dwarves were experts in throwing at long distance and the black gold was suitable as warship weapons, and thus Storm was the perfect combination of these two. The strength of the Blue Dwarves' arms were strengthened from the armor, allowing their ability to throw to become even stronger. The light balls that were comparable to shots made by warships weapons, although they could only sustain 24 shots, but it was more than enough for a Blue Dwarf.

The Storm was a one time use type of weapon.

Clank clank clank, Song Didi shrugged off the remaining pieces of the armor and shouted in excitement: "Do not leave any alive!"

The other soldiers were awakened from their stupor. They took out their spears and rushed forward along with Song Didi.


An unprecedented fire suddenly exploded from Ying Yan's warship, it had completely exploded, the immense wave shot towards the Awakened Army, causing the front lines to turn sluggish.

When the fire disappeared, there was no one left in front of the Awakened Army.

And at that moment, the massacre in the Bright Symbol Stronghold was nearing its end. The exploding sounds of the warships outside caused the all the pirates who were in peril inside the stronghold to lose all hopes of resistance. They were after all pirates, their determination to fight was never as strong as the elites of the Honorable Martial Continent, and the elites fighting amongst them were still resisting in the corner.

But very quickly, these Honorable Martial Continent elites were all killed.

Bright Symbol Stronghold, Cleared.

Three hours later.

"Do you understand your mission?" Bing looked at Xie Yu An and asked.

"This subordinate understands." Xie Yu An replied calmly, his tone did not have any traces of excitement or undulation, as though he was answering an ordinary question.

Bing nodded his head in satisfaction, Xie Yu An's state of mind was strong, and with the Bright Symbol Stronghold in his hands, Bing felt relieved.

After completing the installations inside the Bright Symbol Stronghold, and relying on Xie Yu An's outstanding defense abilities, even if Bright Symbol Stronghold was not an invulnerable stronghold, it was definitely a tough nut to crack.

"I'll leave this place to you."

With that, Bing brought the majority of the troops and left.

Xie Yu An watched as they left, his calm gaze, finally revealed a trace of movement. He knew that the following battles would be extremely difficult, but wasn't that what he had been looking for?

His gaze became calm again, and he spoke: "Gather the captives to form groups to repair the gates. Get the defensive layout of the Bright Symbol Stronghold out."

His guard over the Bright Symbol Stronghold would become one of the iron locks of the Pontoon Bridge,

And no one would be able to pass through his territory.

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