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Chapter 661 – Pirate Invasion

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

6000 li away from the Shang Continent's Estuary, a fleet of pirates quietly advanced in the Sea of Energy.

"It is currently the period where the Shang Continent is the most empty, and also our best chance." The one who spoke was a tall and skinny man, his face had a smile that was not a smile, with squinted eyes, he looked like a fox. The East Divergent Fox, Fu Dong Ku, was an intelligent man and known as the wise general of the East Divergent Continent, proficient in dangerous and unconventional moves, always appearing unexpectedly, he was a man hard to fathom.

"But with this, we will become enemies with the Shang Continent." His adjutant's face was filled with worry, Fu Dong Ku was a man who played on the edge, but his adjutant was a cautious man, one who sought to protect his own life.

Although the two of them had differing opinions, Fu Dong Ku never changed his adjutant. Fu Dong Ku knew of his own dangerous gambits, and needed a meticulous and cautious man to pull him down from his absurdity. His own adjutant had average strength, but was a careful and steady man, and was the best compliment to him.

"We are a group of pirates, since when did pirates and the Shang Continent ever see eye to eye?" Fu Dong Ku waved his hand with a look of innocence.

His adjutant did not know whether to cry or laugh with his superior's attitude: "They will find out."

"So what if they find out?" Fu Dong Ku laughed: "Who told the Shang Continent to fight so well? But the Pontoon Bridge that everyone is vying for, if he wants to gift it out, he also has to prove that he has the qualifications to. If not, to give an ownerless land to others as a favor, that is truly thinking too much. If not for the White Sands Continent, Bai Family, and the Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce, what's the Shang Continent?"

His Adjutant did not know how to refute him, and spoke after thinking a long while: "Actually, this alliance is not a bad choice for us too."

"Not a bad choice?" Fu Dong Ku laughed: "Yes, It is not a bad choice, after calculating, what can we get, 12.5% or 10%? But why take 12.5%? The White Sands Continent is strong, the Bai Family has deep roots and connections, and the Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce is even richer, but they are too far. To extend their hands, hehe, that will be tiring. Being mediators isn't easy either, if the Shang Continent is destroyed, they can only watch and sigh. This is our territory, this piece of meat is not for them to decide."

The adjutant, who was from the East Divergent Continent, agreed, but his cautious nature still spoke: "But the Shang Continent is truly powerful."

"So we always go back to this point!" Fu Dong Ku clapped his hands and exclaimed.

Although he had decided for a sneak attack, but he did not dare to underestimate the Shang Continent at all. In truth, he was fearful of them, the Shang Continent had defeated the the Vast Star Continent in a few battles, on the surface it might just be because of two points, homeground territory and underestimation, but Fu Dong Ku still saw many more things.

Even Bu Zi Fei was held captive, and surrendered to the Shang Continent. Underestimating the enemy was no different than seeking death.

And his spies came back with information that made Fu Dong Ku even more fearful. He had never heard of any army of any continent that would train in the Sea of Energy. Such a fearsome army, if they were to hold even more sources of wealth, who would possibly be able to stop them?

Fu Dong Ku did not want to clash head on with the Shang Continent, but he did not want the Shang Continent to obtain the Pontoon Bridge so easily as well, and immediately thought of a way. The Shang Continent had left its nest, and it was at its weakest, such a time, even blowing cold air would cause the Shang Continent to fall.

The production of Black Gold in the Shang Continent was no longer any secret, the Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce and the Shang Continent's collaboration further proved this point.

Fu Dong Ku wanted to make the Shang Continent decide, ~Black Gold or the Pontoon Bridge, which do you want?~

Suddenly, the alarm on the warship sounded out.,

Fu Dong Ku immediately stood up and bellowed: "What's going on?"

"Sentries! We met with sentries!"

Fu Dong Ku's face changed, sentries! How could the Shang Continent place sentries at such a distance!

The Shang Continent's cautiousness and precaution far exceeded Fu Dong Ku's anticipation, but he then laughed, because that revealed the weakness of having insufficient strength.

He saw the Shang Continent's sentry, he was enveloped with light aura, whom upon seeing the fleet immediately escaped without hesitation. This sentry seemed to not be affected by the Sea of Energy, he ran extremely quickly.

Fu Dong Ku became calm again, since they were caught, there was no meaning on sneaking in.

"Army, advance quickly!"

Fu Dong Ku gave the order without hesitation. The Shang Continent did not have any organized army, and since he was going in with a storm, Fu Dong Ku had confidence in himself.

Tang Tian did not know that Fu Dong Ku was near the Shang Continent, but he could sense an abnormality. He initially thought that his proposal would be successful, and never thought that it would turn out not as smooth, that everyone chose to keep quiet and watch from the sidelines.

"My apologies, Mister Meng, until now I have not received any reply from any families." From the bronze plate was Eldest Young Noble, the current Continent Lord of White Sands Continent, spoke apologetically, he initially thought that the name of White Sands Continent would give him some face with the other continents, but he did not expect everyone to be indifferent.

"It's fine." Tang Tian consoled him: "They will soon understand the situation."

"I truly…." Eldest Young Noble felt embarrassed.

"Since their appetite is so big, then let us test their teeth." Tang Tian's voice was laced with a thread of killing intent.

Eldest Young Noble spoke: "Commander Suo Bi has said it, our White Sands will always be Mister Meng's friend, if you need our cooperation, just let us know. We will help Mister Meng and give some pressure to those greedy people."

In this matter, White Sands and the Shang Continent stood together. The refusal of the few families made the White Sands Continent rather annoyed. He and Suo Bi had specially discussed about the matter, if they were able to facilitate and help with the Pontoon Bridge, to the recovering White Sands Continent, it would definitely be good news to soothe the citizens.

"If I need your continent's help, I will definitely not be courteous!" Tang Tian laughed.

After finishing the conversation with the White Sands Continent, Tang Tian did not think about asking the other two mediators, he believed the result would be the same. Within expectations, not long later, Bai Yue and Xu JIn contacted Tang Tian to inform him of the bad news.

Bai Yue and Xu Jin were in the same plight.

Tang Tian knew what the other continents were thinking. The Pontoon Bridge was a big piece of meat, if they wanted to share with the few powerhouses, the share that each family would get would not be big. These continents were not satisfied with a 12.5% stake in the bridge.

Their appetites were truly big.

Tang Tian sneered, he was not someone new to the battlefield, and clearly understood what the others were waiting for. No one thought that the Shang Continent could hold the Pontoon Bridge. Furthermore, Tang Tian had initiated sharing the Pontoon Bridge, causing them to see it as lack of confidence. If they did not have enough strength, why would they want to share the Pontoon Bridge?

~Nowadays, wanting to gift things to people isn't easy too.~

Tang Tian felt helpless.

Just at that moment, Ye Lao Er barged in like the wind: "Boss! Boss! Pirates! There are Pirates!"

"Pirates?" Tang Tian squinted his eyes.

Ever since they finished the training in the Sea of Energy, Ye Lao Er and the rest were addicted to such high intensity training. To the disciples of the five families who bear the weight of hatred in their blood, their optimal choice in everything was to quickly raise their own strength. Whether it was danger or the intensity, they did not care.

They were overly excessive, everyday they would run out of the stronghold and train bitterly in the Sea of Energy. For the sake of attaining even higher intensity, they would run far and wide.

Fu Dong Ku mistook them as scouts.

Their use were truly like scouts, they were scattered to all the regions around the Estuary of the Shang Continent. Ye Lao Er flew out the furthest, and was the one who scouted the pirates.

He was recently excited because of Master Jing Hao. For someone who was just a few years older than him, but yet so much stronger than him and was able to defeat him in a few moves, from being unconvinced, Ye Lao Er was defeated multiple times till he was sincerely convinced and ready to concede. What he didn't expect was that even the powerful Master Jing Hao would also run into the Sea of Energy and temper himself seriously.

~If Master Jing Hao was doing such a thing, what kind of excuse could they give to skive?~

Jing Hao's determination became a role model for the three families in the stronghold.

The Sagittarius Constellation and Aries Constellation were brought away by Crane and Ling Xu, while the remaining three were given to Jing Hao by Tang Tian.

Tang Tian felt that the five families were suitable to walk the path of how Heaven's Road people fought, as armies were not suited for them. Tang Tian retrieved many spirit cards from Three Spirits City relating to the five constellations, although their martial techniques were not powerful, they were extremely suitable for them. They were filled with plenty of energy, and in their hands, the low grade martial techniques could become extremely powerful. Spirit technique cards were not suitable for them as they required enlightenment on laws, which was still far for them.

Jing Hao used a simple method to teach them, sparring.

The ruthless Drunk on Saint Blood became a nightmare for the disciples in the training period, but Jing Hao's reputation soared. Adding that Jing Hao was a good role model, he quickly became deeply respected.

Jing Hao noticed the energy vortex ahead of him.

It spanned roughly 10m long and was mixed with a myriad of colors, faintly rotating. Such an energy vortex was common in the Sea of Energy, while the large energy vortices could span over 10 thousand li. Such monstrosities would be extremely dangerous to go close to.

Jing Hao watched it for three days, his gaze fully focused without moving.

He had already found 46 different types of energy inside this particular energy vortex. He realised that energy vortices were in truth not peaceful at all. The insides were like a volcano, the berserk energy that mixed with each other, formed a strange and miraculous equilibrium. He realised that the energy was continuously fighting and destroying each other, with new energy growing from within. Inside the chaotic energy, there was destruction and birth, there would occasionally be a straight light beam, it was extremely ordinary looking, and extremely short lived, but Jing Hao was always attracted to them.

He had never thought that he would be able to witness such an enriching world in the energy vortex.

It was as if he was drunk and intoxicated.

Suddenly, he sensed something, and raised his head. His calm and deep eyes seem to penetrate through the boundless energy…..

A fleet with pirate flags were disrupting the energy, heading towards his direction with great speed.

Behind him…..was the Estuary to the Shang Continent!

Jing Hao squinted his eyes, he looked at the energy vortex in front of him, and suddenly laughed.

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