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Chapter 636 – Gold Street

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Honorable Martial Group has finally appeared.

What the tall skinny man used was spirit techniques, bringing forth the bearing of the Honorable Martial Group, although it was different, but Tang Tian still saw through it.

~Honorable Martial Continent, the Tall skinny man was sent by the Honorable Martial Continent, who knew He Ying's backer would be the Honorable Martial Continent.~

Tang Tian thought about Charlie, who had not sent any news for the past few days. Thinking about the messy situation, even if Richard wanted to find them, it would not be easy.

~He Ying will definitely make counterplans soon.~

But Tang Tian also suspected, if the tall skinny man had caught wind of their backgrounds. Honorable Martial Continent and Temple definitely had a unique way of communication, through the Temple, the Honorable Martial Continent could easily obtain information.

But Tang Tian did not think much about it, to ponder on it was useless, and it would be better to think about the upcoming battles.

~Honorable Martial Continent's plans are unknown, but He Ying definitely will have no way of retreat. As long as he fails, he will be dead.~

~He Ying would not have any way out, so how would they have one?~

Tang Tian's fighting intent was soaring, he never thought that he would come into contact with Honorable Martial Continent so soon. Tang Tian who had entered his battle state would become extremely cold, calm and sharp.

He was thinking extremely quickly.

What they would be facing would be He Ying's 2nd Army, a true silver grade army.

Although the Vanguard Unit was destroyed and was a huge blow to the 2nd Army, but the vanguard units would only be considered a sharp weapon for the army, and not the true core.

If they were to fight outside the city, with the Swift Army and Skull Unit against the 2nd Army, they would have no chance at all. Ignoring the fact that the Skull Unit had won beautifully, but the time that the Swift Army and Skull Unit were in Tang Chou's hands was short.

If it was before, He Ying would want them to leave as soon as possible. But now, He Ying would definitely not let them off, they were no longer in the passive situation.

The lucky thing was the 3rd and 4th Armies were gone, if not, their situation would be even more severe.

But there was no news of the 1st Army, which was the variable. Tang Tian suddenly thought about it, Eldest Young Noble's visit was suggested by Suo Bi, that meant that Suo Bi had actually sensed something earlier on.

If they escaped, it would instead give the 2nd Army the chance to destroy them. If they were to stand and defend, they would be able to make up for the disadvantage.

"If we are talking about defense, Master, this place is extremely unsuitable." Tang Chou said directly. He never placed silver grade armies in his eyes, given enough time, he believed that he could transform the two armies into silver grade armies. But now, there was still a large gap, and that was the truth.

Although he had given the order to set up defense, but after knowing that they were about to face off against a silver grade army, he immediately voiced out.

"We will go to Gold Street." Tang Tian who was racking his brain suddenly thought of something. Bing was not by his side, Tang Chou was oblivious to White Sands City, so he had no choice but to be the one planning.

"Gold street?" Tang Chou did not know where it was, but Eldest Young Noble and Ling Xia revealed looks of startlement.

"Gold Street has many tall buildings, the terrain is extremely complicated and more beneficial for us." Tang Tian who was in his fighting state seemed to have become an entirely different person, his sharp intuition and fighting experience enabled him to be able to take note of details he would not usually take not of.

Following that: "And in order to prevent break ins and thefts, the shops has rather good defenses, if we just change them slightly, they will become extremely good defensive positions."

"If that is the case, that is a good location." Tang Chou voiced out.

"But those shops belongs to the Lord….." Ling Xua was hesitant.

But unexpectedly, it was Eldest Young Noble who spoke: "At this point in time, who cares about that."

He was determined, after everything that had happened, he completely understood his situation. If not for Tang Tian's protection, he would had been killed by He Ying without any of his bones remaining.

"What about them?" Ling Xia looked at the ladies inside moon Manor.

Upon hearing that, Qin Yu Ran who had rushed over anxiously spoke up: "Big Brother Meng, you must definitely save them!"

Tang Tian thought for a moment, and said: "Ling Xia, go and talk to them, those who are willing to leave with us can follow us, if not, leave them be. I will give them one minute."

Ling Xia did not hesitate, although the ladies were burdens, but she knew of their worth. If they were to give up on them, they would most likely go to He Ying, which meant that their families would back He Ying up instead.

"I will go with you." Qin Yu Ran said.

Very quickly, all of the ladies followed along. Qin Yu Ran's display of calmness and steadiness made everyone trust in them, more importantly, no one dared to stay. In such a chaotic situation, to separate from the big group would be death. Even the people who aligned themselves with He Ying did not dare to stay. Before He Ying arrived, all of the small hoodlums would most probably find them first.

"Tell them to follow the troops, whoever drops out can just die."

Tang Tian's cold tone caused Qin Yu Ran's heart to shudder, the Big Brother Meng who was in front of her was very foreign, or maybe, this was the real Big Brother Meng.

She knew that Big Brother Meng was not one to scare people, she quickly flew into the group of ladies and reminded them, encouraged them, and from time to time she would help them.

Tang Tian was surprised. Qin Yu Ran was performing much more outstanding compared to other men. But he quickly placed his attention on the incoming battle.

He was using all the time to recover, if not for the battle with the Qing Continent's Tyrannical Mounts that had completely exhausted him, He Ying would not have escaped. The following battle would be even more intense.

For such a huge group of people to move, all of the small bandits that wanted to exploit any opportunities naturally made way.

But they did not hide for long, for they believed that He Ying would arrive soon enough.

The flourishing Gold Street was completely empty, leaving behind a cold and bleak street, occasionally there would be a few people with malicious intents, but upon seeing the huge group of people, they were all so afraid they ran.

The defense of the shops were extremely strong, but the owners had already escaped, with no one left to control the defense, it would only require one to two hours for thieves to break through, so facing any army, the defense would be much weaker.

They clashed head on into shops after shops.

Suddenly, the door of the Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce opened, revealing Xu Jin, he immediately waved to Tang Tian: "Over here!"

Upon seeing Xu Jin, Tang Tian became joyous and ran over.

Xu Jin coughed slightly: "How can all of you barge into my shop? Our Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce is an honest business! You can use everything here, but you must ensure the safety of my shop members, our Xu Ji Worldwide commerce is not related to your battles."

Tang Tian was startled, ~Isn't the shop still doing well? There doesn't even seem to be any cracks anywhere….~

Eldest Young Noble reacted the fastest, he immediately laughed out loud: "Of course, of course! Our grievances is with He Ying, we will only borrow your shop temporarily. It has no relation to the Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce."

Xu Jin laughed, and then spoke to Tang Tian softly: "You guys came at the right time, there are still a batch of things in the warehouse that were not sent out, there are good things in there. Oh right, your warship is here too."

Tang TIan's face immediately became elated: "Warship!"

"How can we casually touch our customer's goods?" Xu Jin started to act upright and honest, and then said: "Everything has been installed."

He then continued: "The next door shop, the Sun Family, and the Rong Family opposite all have good things there. Their shelves might be empty, but every family definitely has a warehouse, with no time to move their things, there should still be things there. Be fast."

Tang Chou looked at Aya, who happily sprinted out.

All of the bad things were what the Skull Unit were proficient in. Aya was extremely excited, it was her first time to be able to outrightly steal and plunder.

Tang Chou brought Xie Yu An to the Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce's warehouse, they wanted to check and see what could be used.

When the warehouse opened, the luster and glossiness of mountains after mountains of weapons dazzled everyone.

They were all dumbstruck.

Tang Chou's eyes suddenly became so bright that no one could look at him. All the weapons could transform Gold Street into a fort!

Tang Tian's gaze landed on the warship that was placed quietly in the corner.

Lady Rou drank her tea quietly.

"I suspect that they come from Heaven's Road." The tall and skinny man said.

Lady Rou just listened and did not speak.

"I want you to mobilize everyone." The tall and skinny man's expression turned cold: "If they truly come from Heaven's Road, then they are the real threat!"

"You do not have the authority." Lady Rou's voice was gentle and charming: "Furthermore, you were just guessing."

The tall skinny man was speechless.

"My task is to seize White Sands, and cause chaos in the Southern Region." Lady Rou said gently: "Even if they come from Heaven's Road, what does that have to do with me?"

"You!" The tall and skinny man was enraged.

"You are too anxious." Lady Rou spoke casually, her beautiful face was composed, she continued to sip on her tea: "So what if they come from Heaven's Road, these soldiers that cross the river are all lonely orphans. The differentiated Southern Region is a big power, with it in hand, all of those lonely orphans are just ants. That lonely orphan in the past, where is he now?"

The tall skinny man's heart trembled, he knew that he had lost the verbal conversation, he was still inferior to her.

He took a deep breath: "You're right. But you are linked to He Ying, if he loses, then you lose too."

"You are right about that." Lady Rou chuckled, and placed her cup down: "That is why my men have already left."

The tall skinny man heaved a sigh of relief: "You could had said that earlier."

Lady Rou said indifferently: "I just want to remind you not to forget your mission. Those families are the real trouble."

The tall skinny man nodded: "I know the severity of the matter."

"Have you thought about what happens if He Ying fails?" Lady Rou suddenly asked.

"If He Ying fails? How can he fail?" The tall and skinny man was surprised, his face was of disbelief, although they had just lost, but they still had He Ying who had three silver grade armies, and that was already an absolute advantage.

~How can we lose?~

"I said if." Lady Rou chuckled, her bone chilling voice was extremely intoxicating: "If he loses, then let the pirates in."

The tall and skinny man's heart shuddered, his face overwhelmed with shock.

"If we cannot obtain White Sands Continent, then we will let it become a wreck." Lady Rou chuckled: "With the multiple wars dispute, it will be enough."

Looking at the beauty in front of him, the tall skinny man only felt his body turn cold.

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