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Chapter 635 – Bing's Plans

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Bu Zi Fei never ever thought that he would be someone else's captive. Only after three days did he finally come back to his senses, trapped in his fear.

~Are they going to kill me? Or torture me?~

When he was truly in such a situation, he realized that he was not as brave as he thought himself to be.

"Master wants to see you." The soldier that was responsible for watching over him opened the door.

The eye piercing sunlight flooded the room, and shone on his face. He became somewhat uncomfortable after being trapped in the room for the past few days. But at the moment, the fear in him gradually disappeared, and a tranquil calmness filled him.

~Have they finally made their judgement?~

He was feeling extremely calm. He was not unhappy about the loss, for the opponent was far stronger than him. Disregarding all the strangeness, in terms of individual strength, he had lost the initiative advantage right from the start. And what followed on after that, was that they landed in the opponent's arrangements, the opponent's general displayed extremely refine and high level commanding abilities, far more than him.

He was completely convinced of his loss, he was also brimming with curiosity to the mysterious general. Especially when he heard that the general was a Spirit Dyad, he became even more curious.

When Bu Zi Fei saw Bing, he was truly surprised, a Spirit Dyad that smoked…..

Bing did not seem to notice, he puffed out smoke rings and said casually: "Please sit, I wonder how has Mister Bu been for the past few days?"

"Not bad." Bu Zi Fei said calmly: "Although I had to adapt."

"What does Mister Bu have for your future plans?" Bing puffed another smoke ring and asked casually.

Bu Zi Fei's heart trembled, he knew that the time to determine his fate had arrived. He could die, he could live, even though he had gradually calmed down for the past few days, but the thought made him afraid. He steadied himself: "The defeated general does not have the authority to choose."

"It seems that Mister Bu, you did not think about it much." Bing thought for a moment: "I wonder if I have the fortune of engaging Mister Bu to take up the job of being my officer?"

Bu Zi Fei heaved a sigh of relief in his mind, ~Seems that my life will be kept.~ But straight after, a surge of complicated emotions surged, ~I will actually be the assistant of a Spirit Dyad~ He laughed.

It had always been Spirit Dyads being assistants to humans, ~But I might not be the first to be an assistant to one, but I am definitely the first as a silver grade general to be an assistant.~

The pair of eyes behind the smoke seemed to be able to see into Bu Zi Fei's thoughts. Bing said indifferently: "Since time immemorial, the loser will submit to the winner, I defeated you, I am stronger than you, is it not right and proper that you be serve me?"

Bu Zi Fei's mind shook, and a bright light seemed to envelop his mind, ~That's right, I was defeated by him, what does the arrogance and boasts mean anymore?~ Upon thinking clearly, his eyes became clear: "This subordinate is willing!"

Upon saying that, he felt his entire body relax, as though he felt an indescribable anticipation for the future.

He was extremely curious about everything inside the stronghold. The strange fortification of strongholds, the strangely strong martial artists, and everything inside, everything was made to fruition under the hands of his superior, he had never heard of any spirit dyad that had freedom and responsibility.

"You have made the right choice." Bing said: "Your task now is to advise the rest to surrender."

"Yes!" Bu Zi Fei complied, upon accepting the reality, he did not have any distracting thoughts: "If they do not want to surrender, how should I handle them? They have many people, and the majority of their families in Vast Star Continent."

"If they do not surrender, lock them up, oh, you can make them do some manual labor." Bing thought about it: "Do not advise those with families to surrender yet. Wait for a while, then send people to Vast Star Continent and bring their families over."

Bu Zi Fei hesitated for a while, then said: "Are we not preparing to guard against Vast Star Continent's attack? They will not give up so easily."

"No, they will." Bing scoffed: "The news of Vast Star Continent's Three Armies decimation has already spread to the other continents. Now what they should be worrying about is whether or not they can hold their ground, and not find trouble with us. Oh no, what they should worry about is whether or not we will bring trouble to them."

Bu Zi Fei's heart trembled, ~He had planned for it long ago.~

~He has clear-cut objectives, but the Vast Star Continent doesn't, another reason why we lost.~ But what made him feel shocked was that Bing had such confidence that they could beat the strong Vast Star Continent?

Such a person was truly befitting a supernatural deity!

~Wait a minute….. Did Master just say, bring trouble to Vast Star Continent?~

Bu Zi Fei was somewhat shocked: "Could it be that we have other armies?"

The Precious Bright Village Regiment could only defend and definitely were unable to attack. And with the three powerful martial artists that need the support of the stronghold, with their limited fighting ability, they would not be able to launch attacks.

Bing smoked out a smoke ring, his eyes gleaming with a cold glint.

"It is about time it began."

Inside the Blue world.

Song Didi looked at the war report and scratched his head with a weird face: "He actually won."

"Of course!" Barbara said with pride: "Our legendary friend is definitely legendary. When we die, we will be legends too."

Song Didi seemed to be jolted out to his senses, he finally completely respected the general of Sword Forest Stronghold.

He was finally convinced by Barbara, the two of them thought of methods to gather up an army full of Awakened Blue Dwarves. The excited Barbara immediately sent a letter to Sword Forest Stronghold, and the return letter shocked the two of them. Bing rejected their proposal to send reinforcements, but even requested them to take the time wisely to train, and even gave them a mysterious order.

To find the path to the Pontoon Bridge in the sea of light and await orders there.

When Song Didi received the order, he thought that the brains of the general of Sword Forest Stronghold was broken. ~Could it be that he thought he could rely on some village army to fight against a silver grade army?~ Song Didi was a Blue Dwarf that had received the military education and knew the disparity between the human village armies and silver grade armies.

If not for him suggesting training for the Blue Dwarves, in the eyes of Song Didi, he would definitely think that the other party was ignorant and incompetent.

The Blue Dwarves have short statures and had weak strength, and did not have any unique features with energy. But they were extremely fast, and after training, their speed could become even faster. They were good in throwing all sorts of spears and javelins accurately, and all of the strange type of spears and javelins produced by the Blue World were powerful.

Song Didi could see through it, the other party had referenced the human light cavalry, but he had to admit it was the best road for the Blue Dwarves to expand on.

Song Didi continued to train the unit according to Bing's suggestion. In the Blue World, there had never been such a training for any unit, the Blue Dwarves war tactics were mediocre, and other than the tactic of numbers, there were nothing praiseworthy about them.

A brand new war tactic caused all the Awakened Blue Dwarves to become excited, their morale was sky high. What could be more exciting than being pioneers? Especially to the Blue Dwarves that awakened and rebelled.

Song Didi then realized that the Forest Sword Stronghold had long believed in themselves, and the task given to the Blue Dwarves was the harvest from the victory.

"Army, gather, prepare to set out!"

The first battle was about to begin, and Song Didi was excited.

Yang Zi Qing felt as though he was dreaming for the past few days, the war reports were like nightmares that came in one after another. He never had thought that Bu Zi Fei's Seventh Army would be defeated. Sun Jie's defeat could be said that they were underestimating the enemy, but Bu Zi Fei was a cautious man, and to still be defeated, that was not something that could be explained with underestimating the enemy.

Their opponents were powerful, far more powerful than what they had imagined!

"What? The other continents have also received the information?" Yang Zi Qing's voice was trembling.

"Yes!" The subordinate swallowed his saliva and said: "We have sent out a few spies, Qin Continent, Flower Rock Continent, Li Continent and the Meng Continent have received news."

Yang Zi Qing felt as if he was struck in the brain by a punch, and was stunned. All of the continents reported were the neighbouring continents of Vast Star Continent. He only composed himself after a long time. All of the continents had sent people out, meaning that they had received the information earlier than him. He had only received the war reports three days ago, and he realized.

~The enemy had long prepared for this!~

~They knew that they would win!~

The consecutive defeats of two silver grade army caused Vast Star Continent to be placed in extreme danger. And when the other continents got wind of it, it was the start of a downturn.

Suddenly, a subordinate rushed in in panic.

Yang Zi Qing suddenly had a bad premonition, ~Is it more bad news…..~

"Master, the Pontoon Bridge in the Sea of Light was ambushed by Blue Dwarves, the 22nd Army was severely injured!"

Yang Zi Qing's eyes darkened, he almost fell.

After a moment, he regained his senses and asked: "What happened? Why is there a Blue Tide all of a sudden?"

The Pontoon Bridge also had Blue Dwarves, but on much smaller scale. As long as they were few in numbers, the Blue Dwarves would become weak. That was also why the army sent to protect the Pontoon Bridge was an ordinary army.

"Reporting to Master, It was not a Blue Tide, There were only 1000 Blue Dwarves. But they were extremely cunning, they suddenly rushed out of the Sea of light and threw their spears, the 22nd Army were not in time to defend and suffered huge losses. After doing that, the Blue Dwarves disappeared."

Just at that moment, another subordinate rushed in in panic: "Master, not good! The Pontoon Bridge in the Sea of Light was struck, there were seven locations that were destroyed."

Immediately, Yang Zi Qing felt that unstable.

He forced himself to calm down, ~It was a calculated attack!~

His first thought was Sword Forest Stronghold, he could vaguely see the intricate web, an extremely invisible and large web.

~If……if everything was planned completely by the Sword Forest Stronghold…..~

Yang Zi Qing shuddered.

He focused and said: "I want to go to the Sword Forest Stronghold."

Everyone immediately flew into panic.

"Master, no!"

"Master, it is a trap!"

Yang Zi Qing calmed down, with a look of determination: "I have to go!"

He knew that the Vast Star Continent was in the most dangerous crisis, and if the other continents were to confirm the loss of the Vast Star Continent, then what awaited Vast Star Continent would be the threats from the various continents. At that time, with the Sword Forest Stronghold behind them breathing cold air at his back, Vast Star Continent would definitely fall.

"Sword Forest Stronghold……"

Yang Zi Qing muttered, a curious feeling throbbed in his eyes.

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