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Chapter 626 – Diary

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Bing who was in the sky was smoking without a care in the world, the battle beneath him that blew up smoke and fire did not make him blink even an eye.

He had purposely revealed the three loopholes, which was space for the three of them to battle. The Sword Forest Stronghold had become a Treasure City, the armor had been through tempering through the energy for the entire time, and had been strengthened.

Around the Treasure City, all the energy was controlled by the Sword Forest Stronghold, and thus its defense had been greatly improved.

The reason why the 12 Ecliptic Palaces had rarely gone through any war was because of the formation of Treasure Cities.

This was the first time that the defense system of Heaven's Road was clashing head on with the Armies of Sacred Saint Galaxy.

Upon barging into the Sword Forest Stronghold, Bu Zi Fei sensed that something was strange, the energy flow inside was weird. ~It seems that this stronghold still has some weird things.~ He planned to study it properly after taking over the stronghold.

He was extremely curious about the fortification of strongholds.

Although there was something amiss, but Bu Zi Fei did not think that the enemy could make a comeback, their manpower was already swept clean. It was like a chef, he had used up all of his ingredients to create dishes, the famed general would be a more powerful chef, he can make plenty of delicious dishes, and he would have a touch with all sorts of ingredients, but if there were no ingredients, he could only stand there and do nothing.

After sacrificing the two cannon fodder armies, the opponent's energy had been exhausted, if they still had any preparations, they would definitely not watch the barrier be destroyed. The destruction of the barrier meant that the enemy's had reached the end of their line.

Bu Zi Fei admired the leader of the stronghold, he had such trashy cards to play, but to able to do what he did, could already be said to be perfectly done. If it was he himself, he would be in a much more terrible state.

They did not meet with any resistance. Bu Zi Fei did not tangle much with the stronghold, but ordered his troops to head directly to the main stronghold. ~The center of this fortifications must definitely be the main stronghold, as long as we conquer that, we will completely subdue this fortifications. And the enemy must definitely have their last bit of power concentrated at the main stronghold, and their last struggle.~

Suddenly, a rumble came up in front of them, and the speed of their troops instantly slowed down.

Ahead, a tall and sturdy red figure stood right in the center of the path.

The flaming armor, matched with the enchanting sword, resembled a lofty mountain.

For some reason, a string of words surfaced in Bu Zi Fei's mind: One man can hold out against ten thousand.

But he could not help but laugh involuntarily, he did not why he had such a bad thought. ~That man should be their last card to play~. But in Bu Zi Fei's eyes, the scene before him was filled with the scent of a battle with a beast.

Bu Zi Fei had never looked down on the use of experts, if not, he would not had spent so much effort building up his vanguard battalion. All of the proud and untamable experts, were like thin yet sharp daggers, when used well, they proved to be extremely powerful, but in a head on clash, they were so weak that they could immediately shatter into pieces.

"Rush through him!"

Bu Zi Fei decided, where they were, time was the most important, and they could not give the opponent time to regain their power. The opponents had sent out experts, the goal was to delay their advancements, and give the soldiers inside the stronghold time to recover.

The opponent raised the big sword in his hand.

In the next moment, Bu Zi Fei's face changed, the surging energy gushed in like a huge tide, suddenly surging towards the heavy sword that was raised high up.

Drunk on Saint Blood trembled, the dim sword blade lighting up with a bewitching red light aura, the energy that was at the tip of the sword suddenly dyed red, and revolved around Jing Hao, transforming into a gigantic red whirlpool. The energy around Jing Hao was truly too terrifying, as the concentration of the energy was too high, it had transformed into a molten lava like state, the bizarre blood energy storm caused everyone's hair to stand.

"Be careful!"

Bu Zi Fei's who had a strange look on his face had just spoke, when Jing Hao's raised Drunk on Saint Blood suddenly slashed down!

The bewitching red energy was like a dam that burst and flood that gushed forward, the surging red tide engulfing the screams of the people, flowing along the road, completely crushing everything in its path!

At the first second, Bu Zi Fei had raised his energy barrier, but it was one step too late, the first few soldiers at the front were immediately swallowed by the red tide.

The remaining red tide clashed onto the army's energy barrier.


Bu Zi Fei's face turned red, the surrounding soldiers around him all swayed, as though they were all drunk.

The energy barrier shattered, the red tide smashing their bones like a rolling boulder.

Bu Zi Fei was overwhelmed with shock, ~How is that possible… can one man be so powerful?~

Countless of energy threads flew from the top of the spires, making it look like there were rivers floating in the sky, endlessly flowing.

Bu Zi Fei suddenly thought about the strange sense he felt, and his face turned pale white. ~Energy, this fortification of strongholds can control the energy!~


Two explosive sounds came out, in the other two directions, dazzling light auras flew out, and wails and screams pervaded the air, causing Bu Zi Fei's heart to fall even further.

He did not know who designed the fortification of strongholds, but it confirmed his guess, the fortification was bound to topple the current stronghold systems.

To be able to control energy, the energy in its a region, this was the best trait that any defensive structure could have.

But, if this stronghold can control the energy in a region, then the stronghold should be impregnable, and definitely not something that two cannon fodder armies could break through.

A brazen guess flashed past his mind all of a sudden, and the bone chilling cold swept down his entire spine.

~Unless…..unless the enemy's goal from the very start was not to stop them from advancing, but to destroy the 7th Army!~


~How crazy is their general, to be able to think up of such a plan?~

Above the main stronghold, Bing sat down cross legged, his mouth biting on the cigarette that flickered with the wind, a hand supporting his chin as he gaze out far and wide, as though he was in a daze. He never placed the battles below in his heart, the goal from the start was to devastate and destroy the 7th Army. You could say that the 8th army was the first fulcrum of the Vast Star Continent, and the 7th Army the second.

To lose two of their main pivotal armies, the Vast Star Continent would soon be in huge trouble, their strength to defend themselves had greatly fallen, and thus their big wealth would naturally attract the eyes of others, the Vast Star Continent would soon plunge into an unspeakable state.

~After using the Precious Bright Village Regiment to fake fight for so long, Sigh, my acting skills are still not too bad.~ The limit of the Precious Bright Village Regiment was completely broken by Bing. He could foresee that after going through this tempering, the Precious Bright Village Regiment's strength would soar greatly.

And for the three, it was equally a chance that was hard to come by. The energy that was currently converging around Sword Forest Stronghold was far more concentrated than what Tang Tian had, it was far more than any Treasure City of the Twelve Ecliptic Palaces.

They were controlling the torrential energy, and with the unprecedented power of the energy, this was definitely an important experience.

~To be able to temper the troops, and obtain victory, I have perfectly achieved all my goals, I should be happy.~

But for some reason, an unspeakable loneliness crept up his heart.

~Am I lonely?~

Bing laughed in ridicule at himself, ~It was just an easy win, and I am actually feeling emotional about it, Oh my god, come to think of it, this solitary state of mind that seeks for defeat, this state of mind, is perfectly right for a famed general such as myself, if Captain saw this, he would definitely be surprised.~

Bing tilted his head and thought, he felt that his thought was rather optimistic, ~More like he would slap me, and then teach me a lesson… "Brat, you're proud with this mere achievement? You truly have put my reputation down!" All that nonsense.~

A shallow smile remained plastered on Bing's face.

~If I could hear his lessons, that would be great….~

Bing puffed out a smoke ring, still in a daze.

Qian Hui was quietly reading aloud. The building did not have anything but some scraps of diaries.

"……Hai Na Fan Sen Te represented the archaic sects card system, and basked in the glory for 300 years before disappearing without a trace. The person who took over next was the one who created the current card system, Chen Mu. It stems from the even more ancient Luo Sen Bo Ge, and even obtained further nourishment and back up from the archaic sects. It was more effective, more powerful, and the application of cards after that pushed it to the apex. The current card system, is like a greedy gigantic beast, tyrannically lording over it's position till this day. Generation after generation, no one can remember the ancient glory, Hai Na Fan Sen Te, and the ancient Heavenly Institutions. Chen Mu's influence was far greater than any grandmaster in history, his back is like a gigantic shadow, shadowing over every generation of new card masters. He is the glory, but spent his next 200 years in sorrow, there were no more new world shattering advancements or creations for the cards, and all the card manufacturing masters all had a suspicion, the card system, has it already reached its apex?"

"…..Teacher and I quarreled today, I found a glimmer of hope in the archaic sects today. Teacher thinks that I have gone crazy, He is a believer of Chen Mu, so we quarreled rather badly, and thus, I was expelled from the card manufacturing facility…."

"I have decided to once again search for the true meaning of the Archaic sects, I firmly believe that I will find my answer there. I will follow Hai Na Fan Sen Te's footsteps, and search for everything that he left behind….:

"I need a variable, I just need one variable, and I can change everything….."

"…..what the hell is this place? It is completely terrible…."

"…..hahaha, my new student has helped me find the variable! It is too miraculous! Spirits, it's actually spirits, there are actually spirits here…."

"…..yes, it is a brand new type of card, completely different from the traditional cards, it does not need any medium, does not require energy cards, it does not need anything, it is a body by itself, unique and not the same to another, it is like a new life, something worth revering…."

"…..both of us quarreled intensely today, the same like how I did with my teacher in the past. Spirit cards, yes, they are great, but, it is not what I want. It is the power from life and faith, and not an art of the card, I am a card manufacturing master, I was one, I am one, I will die as one…."

"The Star Door is sealed, I know it must definitely be him. He wants to be the ruler of that world, like Chen Mu, but a pity, he does not understand how powerful Chen Mu is."

"My body is getting weaker day by day, I am going to die. I dreamt of the card manufacturing facility, and dreamt about teacher, but a pity, I have already lost my way home."

Qian Hui's heart was filled with shock, she never thought that the history of spirit cards would actually come from another mysterious place. She had just read about the life of an obstinate and stubborn old man.

On the last page of the diary, wrote a few crooked words.

"The Archaic shall never die!"

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