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Chapter 625 – Bing's Backup Plan

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

To be subjected as experiments by Tang Chou was definitely not a happy thing.

"Slow, you guys are too slow! Did you guys even eat? Is this the best that you're giving? You're so slow, are all of you old men?"

"Hold back a bit! Hold back a bit! Why are you leaping to your death? Time yourself, you need to time yourself, you, red haired woman, as the leader, you can't even grasp the timing, are you an idiot?"

Aya held onto her sword hilt tightly, she so badly wanted to slice the lunatic to pieces. By her side, the other people were also angered, but dared not speak a word, all of them were being tortured to their maximum threshold, but still no one dared to retaliate.

Because Xie Yu An had brought his Swift Army, glaring like tigers watching their prey by the side, a few of the Pink Skull people who disobeyed and tried to rebel were pulled out and beaten up, and were left hanging on poles.

The people from the Pink Skull were all old soldiers, and were experts at taking advantage of situations. Being surrounded by a true blue army that were fully equipped, how could they dare to do anything reckless? The first set of equipment had been sent over by Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce, and thus the Swift Army had changed their weaponry, and morale was sky high.

The Swift Army watched as the Pink Skull army for hire were tortured to death by Master Tang Chou, and were secretly pleased. Thinking about when they were the ones in that place and the Pink Skulls watched them, the switch of position made them extremely happy and overflowing with spirits.

Master Tang Chou had given them a mission, and that was to suppress, in which they wanted more of the Pink Skull people to be rebel. But the Pink Skull were wilful, after seeing what had happened to those who rebelled, they toughened up and clenched their teeth and struggled on.

The Pink Skull naturally saw the situation, since they had to suffer, they would rather suffer under Master Tang Chou, as they could still benefit from it. If they landed in the Swift Army hands, the beating would be for nothing.

Aya who had a violent temper also did not dare to do anything towards Master Tang Chou.

This lunatic's requests are too perverse!

She had never thought that Pink Skull's most familiar drills matching, under the lunatic hands, would actually become a brand new thing. Just that, his requests were too overboard, causing people to go numb.

~Asshole! Does he think that we are robots?!~

The difference between each person in the drills had to be a split second difference, even the steps, distance, the speed of advancement, there were ridiculous and harsh rules, the slightest mistake would inevitably lead to the lunatic screaming.

Aya had never thought that there would be a day that their most familiarised fighting method would change beyond recognition.

What made her want to vomit blood was that he was using them to experiment.

"Oh, I had a miscalculation on this part, and thus it did not reach the best potential."

"This part is my mistake, do it again, this time we will…."

"On this part, I have added something in, we need to test it again, every small group, do it 20 times…."

"Once again!"

But, if it had to be said, the phrase that was the most capricious to Aya, would definitely be

"I can make mistakes, but you cannot goof off."

When Tang Chou said those words confidently, everyone was shocked. It was not only the Pink Skulls, even Xie Yu And and the Swift Army were completely stupefied by Tang Chou's shamelessness.

We are watching here…..

The Swift Army who were initially celebrating in their misfortune started to lose their excitement watching, and started to pity the Pink Skull, especially when they thought that they would have to mix with the lunatic's crazy subordinates in the future, thinking about their bleak future made them sad.

The world is that cruel and dark.

The army matters were handed over to Tang Chou. Tang Tian did not bother about them anymore, and he had no time to waste, he still had to train.

Shang Continent.

One after another of sieging frigates surrounded the Sword Forest Stronghold, continuously shooting out dazzling light pillars. The light pillars struck the defensive barrier of the Sword Forest Stronghold, causing ripples on the light barrier.

Sword Forest Stronghold continued to shoot out balls of light like rain.

Frequently, there would be sieging frigates that were destroyed, forming fire regiments to blossom in the sky, resembling beautiful flowers.

Bu Zi Fei's complexion was ugly, this type of battle was the most bitter, facing a defensive stronghold, other than going all out to attack, there were no other ways. Such head on clashes would lead to countless of lives taken, even if it was him, he had no other ways.

Every famed general, were not willing to do such a method of fighting unless they had no other way.

But, war was cruel, and at many times, you will have no other choice to take.

"In three more hours, the enemy's energy barrier should be destroyed." The adjutant gave a precise answer.

Bu Zi Fei admired his own adjutant, although he was very old fashioned, but his cautiousness, seemed to be innate. Bu Zi Fei never doubted his adjutant's numbers.

It was just that……

He raised his head and looked at the chaos from the war, and sighed: "What's the casualty count today?"

"Over 600 men, the 12th and 15th army."

Bu Zi Fei had requested for reinforcements back at the Vast Star Continent, and knowing of the enemy's stronghold, the Continent Lord personally sent the order, for sieging frigates to move out, and at the same time, the 12th and 15th Army. The Continent Lord also knew that sending out the elite 7th Army was squandering them away, and would result in a huge loss.

In a long drawn war that they required to fill numbers to siege a stronghold, cannon fodder armies were more suitable. Grooming over a thousand soldiers, to use at such a time, isn't that why the Vast Star Continent groomed such Cannon Fodder armies?

With the two cannon fodder armies, it immediately allowed the 7th Army to bitterly withdraw from the siege. Under the death order of the Continent Lord, the 12th and 15th Army did not dare to disobey and had no choice but to send themselves up.

As for the casualties, as long as they won the war, their armies would not be annihilated, and the Continent Lord would not treat them unfairly, and would replenish their ranks. If they were to cower and not advance, what awaited them would be the fury of their Continent Lord, and at that time, even their families would not escape the calamity.

But the 12th and 15th army were much weaker than the 7th Army, and thus their death toll became extremely high.

"To break through the enemy's defensive barrier, how high would our death count reach?" Bu Zi Fei asked.

"At least 1200 men, and could reach 1500 men." The adjutant replied.

"The two armies would be crippled." Bu Zi Fei sighed.

"This is their mission." The adjutant remained calm, the use of cannon fodder was as such. If not, why would the Continent Lord spend so much money every year to maintain the cannon fodder armies? The cannon fodder armies were used do the filthy and dirty work.

The one to truly obtain the victory would always be for elites like the 7th Army, the elites that were formed by spending countless of money, that was the true king of the warzone.

Bu Zi Fei did not have any questions, and asked: "How's everyone resting?"

"We are all completely recovered!" The adjutant was roused: "We have already discussed our route of advancement, as long as the defensive perimeter is breached, we can take the chance to enter, and seize the stronghold back for the Lord."

"Oh, how did you guys come up with your route of advancement?" Bu Zi Fei laughed, regarding such details, he would always leave it to his officers, in one way it could absolve him from the trivial matters, another was that such a method was good to temper his middle ranking officers.

"We monitored and calculated the firepower of the strongholds, and finally made out their arrangement of weaponry, and realized that they have three places where their firepower is the weakest. And, we have also repeatedly uncovered that the might of the fortification of strongholds cannot reach 60%. And, there is a special discovery, that is their fighting ability is gradually rising. According to this, we have a few speculations, firstly, inside the fortification of strongholds, there is possibly a group of amateurs, in other words, part of them are new soldiers. Secondly, they have insufficient people, and with these statistics we calculated the places where they attack the most, and obtained our plan."

The adjutant's face was filled with excitement, the 7th Army had suffered great losses, and thus they were all holding back their emotions. For the sake of finding their enemy's flaws, they used an extremely stupid plan, and arranged people in every area to calculate the statistics.

"Well done." Bu Zi Fei patted his adjutant's shoulder, showing a gratified look. ~They have all grown.~

He had already figured out their two speculations earlier. The enemy had many amateurs, when he was probing them in the second wave, he had already faintly sensed that, and in the third probing, he had already confirmed it. Regarding the issue of insufficient manpower, he had deduced it when he was studying the fortifications of strongholds, it was obvious, the might that they were displaying, compared the the theoretical might the fortification of strongholds could produce was too distant.

He could roughly guess the situation inside the strongholds, there was an outstanding leader leading a group of amateurs.

Bang bang bang!

Another wave of attack, with various types of light auras bombarded the energy barrier, the dazzling light aura blossomed regiment of fires in the sky, lighting up the place.

The setting sun dyed the place blood red.

The battle had reached the most intense phase, the defensive barrier of the strongholds were thin like paper, the originally dense packed sieging frigates had numbered down to only a few.

Both sides had martial artists that were covered in blood, you slash me once, I pierce you once, there was no retreat, no withdrawal, only blood flying and flowing everywhere.

After 9 hours of continuous battling, both sides were spent.

Everyone in the 7th Army who were spectating were shocked by the brutality of the war.

"We only have 200 men left." The adjutant's throat was dry, the death count far exceeded his anticipation. Watching the lonely 4 siege frigates left floating in the sky, wavering as though they could fall at any moment.

A light bomb landed weakly on the barrier.


The defensive barrier of the fortification of strongholds crumbled, and after the short silence, exclamation of joys sounded out.

"7th Army, move out!"

Bu Zi Fei ordered without hesitation, behind him, the entire army soared forward without holding anything back!

Inside the Sword Forest Stronghold, the Precious Bright Village Regiment had fallen all over, after the long drawn out battle, all of them had fainted.

"It's your turn now!" Bing who was floating in the air puffed out a smoke ring, his face revealing a slight fatigue.

"We will win!" Jing Hao raised Drunk in Saint Blood and bowed respectfully at Bing. A bright colored flame suddenly shot out from a spire, and soared into Jing Hao, forming an arc of blaze in the sky, suddenly transforming into a scarlet armor, with his sword matched with the blazing armor, he looked outstanding, Stoic, Heroic.

"Don't worry." Crane laughed, a black smoke flying out from another spire and revolved around Crane's body, transforming into a graceful black feathered armor, the lingering black mist flew behind Crane, transforming into a black cape, fluttering with the wind. The black clothes matched with his sword making him look like a noble of the night.

"I'll spear them to death!" Ling Xu snorted, and a silver light soared from the sky, striking his body, the silver liquid in his body started to transform, in a moment becoming a silver armor. The silver armor and silver spear, made him look extremely majestic.

Their voices resounding in the sky, the three of them flew forward.

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