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Chapter 623 – Perverse Tang Chou

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Tang Chou remained expressionless, his eyes revealed no emotion.

In an unknown ground, Xie Yu An was nervous, as though he was back at the academy, about to undertake a big exam, Behind him, the Swift Army was extremely quiet.

Tang Chou did not care about Xie Yu An's thoughts, he so badly wanted to sweep the army for hire out of the door, Humph, Master's Future is definitely the Ursa Major Army led by the Famous General Master Tang Chou!

Regardless of how unwilling or angry he was, To Tang Chou, Tang Tian's orders was the highest command, and he could never disobey it.

My mood is my mood, my work is my work.

Tang Chou was serious in all of his work, so he was amply prepared.

The Sacred Saint Galaxy Armies methods and uniqueness was earlier reported and consolidated by Bing, the goal was to provide the armies of Ursa Major Constellation as a source of reference. Tang Chou who admired and idolized Master Bing would never let go of the report. He had repeatedly flipped through the report to the point of memorizing it word by word, and even made countless of analysis and calculations, which was his expertise.

His understanding towards the Sacred Saint Galaxy armies had reached a profound level.

To an experienced and well versed leader, given enough time, he would naturally form his own understanding towards a completely brand new method of fighting, and that was the strength of a famous general.

Tang Chou opened up a small book hung by his waist expressionlessly.

"The first test will be on synchronization."

Xie Yu An heaved a sigh of relief, as a person who came out from a real academy, he naturally knew that the synchronization was the life of an army, and in all of his daily training, he viewed synchronization as the most important training.

But Tang Chou's following words caused his face to change.

"This test will be conducted in the harshest conditions, the environment for the test is an energy fluctuation of the seventh grade."

Tang Chou announced the test environment with his expressionless face, but the Swift Army flew into a hoorah.

Xie Yu An's adjutant could not resist but to ridicule: "Are you deliberately making this difficult? Energy fluctuation of the seventh grade, do you understand how hard that is?"

Xie Yu An's complexion was equally ugly, an energy fluctuation of the seventh grade occurs after large scale explosions, the energy fluctuation would be extremely chaotic and violent, and in that situation, to want to complete energy synchronization frequency was extremely difficult.

Bai Yue opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but then he heard Tang Chou's ice cold emotionless voice: "According to the report I have, If I did not understand it wrongly, we purchased an elite army, am I right?"

Bai Yue kept quiet.

Tang Chou's words were not wrong on paper, Bai Yue himself had patted his chest and confidently told Meng Nan, that he would get a powerful army for him. After spending more money on equipment for them, they would have the standard of a silver grade army, and even added that they were chosen under the harshest criterias. He had said everything he had to say.

Just that…..

Bai Yue could not help but look at Tang Tian, ~Xiao Meng's background, is truly not as simple as I thought!~ Anyone could tell when an expert undertakes a task; Tang Chou's display of minimal standard was definitely not any ordinary leader's standard.

Xie Yu An stopped his adjutant, and said calmly: "Fine!"

People who truly wanted to purchase armies would be so severe and fussy, Xie Yu An initially held worries about the pledge that his buyer had said. But after seeing their genuine want for a real army, he was completely convinced of their good faith. And Tang Chou was right, if they were not elites, how could they have the qualifications to enjoy the promised treatment?

The Sacred Saint Galaxy Army's methods had been long established, and they had passed all sorts of various tests in the past, so Tang Chou had long prepared the equipment to produce an environment with a grade seven energy fluctuation.

Four energy pillars were imbedded 30m into the ground, and the army was placed in the middle of the four pillars, in which shot out four light pillars that connected to form a barrier of light. The sealed square barrier of light trapped the army within.

Inside the barrier of light, the energy started to fluctuate, even the air became visibly unstable, fluctuating at a very high rate, as though a storm was occurring inside.


Tang Chou announced the start of the test emotionlessly.

Xie Yu An began to engage to synchronise the energy frequency of the army, the Swift Army soldiers were unable to synchronize themselves inside the torrential environment, they felt as if they were being pushed and pulled, many of them were also obviously unstable.

Tang Chou started taking down on his notes with no expressions.

Bai Yue's complexion became ugly, Xie Yu An's performance was terrible, their synchronization had only reached 30%, but when he thought about it, if it was he himself inside, to suddenly face such a test, his result would be nowhere better.

He could only say that Tang Chou was truly too perverted!

Enduring 30% of synchronization was truly a tragic sight, it meant that in terms of battle ability, Swift Army's highest display of might would be 30%. You have to know, this is just a theoretical highest value, in a real battle, the true display of battle ability would always be lower than the theoretical value.

Just at that moment, suddenly, a group of people barged in, and Bai Yue saw Xu Jin with one look.

Behind Xu Jin was a group of ugly people. Bai Yue immediately knew that that was the army that Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce had bought. But it was an extremely disorganized group, causing Bai Yue to look down on them. ~Xu Jin is usually a dependable person, how could he bring a group of misfits?~

Bai Yue's gaze landed on the leader, a red haired young lady. She had fire red hair, a slender body, holding a Claymore, she looked suave and valiant. Suddenly, a name entered Bai Yue's mind, his eyes revealed a light aura, and the look on his face changed.

~Could it be…..~

Xu Jin eagerly greeted Tang Tian, while the red haired lady and her group watched the test, and the looks on their faces became slightly unhappy.

Triangle eyes swallowed saliva, and said: "Leader, the tests seems quite perverted!"

The others nodded their heads.

The red haired lady snorted: "No backbone!"

But she herself was having an ominous premonition.

Tang Chou did not even bother the people who arrived, he was completely focused on the Swift Army. The terrible result did not surprise him, but he did not stop them. He had prepared the harsh test, but it was not to see the Swift Army's strength, he had another use for it, and that was to see their toughness and their ability to reassess and harmonize themselves.

To any elite, the latter was the most important.

Seeing Xie Yu An and the rest persevering bitterly, Tang Chou did not feel any pity, instead, he closed the small book in his hand and walked forward, and said coldly: "30% energy synchronization frequency, such a terrible result, and you call yourselves elites? Do not shame the name of elites. This is just the first test, the following eight tests are harsher and stricter than its predecessor. If you think you can't do it, then give up, it's nothing shameful, knowing your own strength is vital in wars, to be able to preserve your own lives."

The sturdy men beside the red haired lady all turned pale. What the hell is going on, t-t-this perverse test, is the first test? And there are eight more even more perverted tests? What the hell is going on, how can this pervert be so perverted?

Tang Chou's shame caused Xie Yu An's eyes to become red, he had a gentle temper but was a proud person inside, and filled with confidence with his own army.

~Is it not enough for you to sit at the side and be cold? Now you need to come here and rub salt to us, are you not done? To give up in silence, to fail in silence, no one knows what we went through, no one cared, all of us lived days as our last, and you think this can make us quit?~

Xie Yu An's mind and heart started to ignite like a blaze.

"Do not resist the energy fluctuation!"

"Relax your bodies, trust your buddies!"

"Focus on the rhythm to synchronize, the rhythm!"

"Do it like how we do it normally, one two three, just like that!"

"Well done!"

Bai Yue looked at the stranger's figure in the barrier of light. Xie Yu An's roars, the neat hair that became messy, mud covered all over his body, giving it his all and waving his arms, the energy fluctuation causing his body to sway around in the chaos.

Bang, the airflows caused Xie Yu An to fiercely smash into the mud.

Xie Yu An did not even groan, he struggled to stand up and continued waving his arms, roaring in anger, continuing to lead his soldiers.

Bai Yue was greatly alarmed, he had never seen Xie Yu An like that, in his heart, Xie Yu An was always graceful, always warm and gentle.

Bai Yue looked towards Tang Chou, who was still expressionless, without any trace of emotion.

"40%, a terrible value! After thirty minutes, after spending thirty minutes, you can only raise by 10%? Do you know what can happen in that time in a war? Enough for you to die 300 times! And after dying 300 times, you only raised your synchronization frequency by 10%, that is such a bad sacrifice. 55% is the bare minimum, something that you are all far from. And, pay attention, the bare minimum of elites is 70%. Are you beginning to feel desperation?"

His extremely cold and emotionless voice formed an impulse in Bai Yue's mind, he wanted to punch that man in the face!

Damn pervert!

Xie Yu An ignored his words, and continued to roar and lead his soldiers.

Xie Yu An's constant training started to display its effects, their synchronization frequency started to rise. The soldiers started to get used to the intense energy fluctuation environment, Xie Yu An gradually found the key, but because he was constantly shouting, his throat was already coarse.

Who in Swift Army had ever seen their Master giving his all? All of their eyes turned red, and they ignored everything else.

The intense energy fluctuation, the chaotic airflow, caused the ground inside of the barrier of light to become extremely mushy and soft, and the barrier of light was covered with dirt and mud, tumblings, crashings, groanings…..

The scene was intense, and everyone watching were completely stupefied.

Xu Jin's face turned pale white, upon thinking that his own army would be going through the same test, his skin turned numb.

After two hours, their synchronization frequency reached 56%.

Tang Chou's eyes flashed with a number, and he wrote it down in his book.

Pa, he closed his book.

"The test is over, I am sorry, in the future, please do not shame the word elite." Tang Chou's voice contained a tone of coldness: "The lucky thing is, you guys have passed, as you have reached the qualifications for the next test.

The barrier of light dimmed, the intense energy fluctuation disappeared, and the mud and dirty all dropped to the ground.

Inside the mud rain, everyone of the Swift Army were tattered and torn as they laid on the ground, none of them could stand. They were gasping for breath, all of them were extremely dirty, perspiration mixed with mud, but no one cared. They had struggled in the torrential storm of energy fluctuation for two hours, and their stamina was wiped clean, not one bit was left remaining.

Even Xie Yu An was lying in the mud, perspiration trickling down his body into the mud.

On the contrary, beside the red haired lady, there were countless of pale white faces.

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