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Chapter 622 – Hello, I am Xie Yu An!

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

"Yu An!" Bai Yue saw Xie Yu An, and a warm look surfaced from deep within his eyes, his face revealing a smile: "Everything is set?"

The two of them were fellow schoolmates, and even had respect towards each other, but their destiny were completely different. Bai Yue was already the number 1 famous general, and Xie Yu An was stuck in a desolate corner with a small army, responsible for keeping the place safe.

Bai Yue had respect for this fellow schoolmate, in the academy, Xie Yu An's results were more outstanding than his, and 90% of his school work was copied from Xie Yu An. If Bai Yue's last year was too terrible, he would have had his legs broken by his father, so he made an effort for the entire year and persevered to graduate.

If Bai Xiao knew that his second uncle was not that great in the past, he would definitely be shocked.

It was not that Bai Yue did not think about helping Xie Yu An, but the Bai Family had too many people, and even for him, it was impossible to obtain a core commander position for the army. Bai Yue knew that although Xie Yu An was a warm and kind person, he was proud inside, and he would never dared to ask Xie Yu An to be his adjutant.

In truth, every time Bai Yue saw Xie Yu An, he would have some regret in his mind, ~Could I have coped too much when I was in school?~
(TN: Honestly i Feel that Xie Yu An is a female name, but oh well.)

He clumsily poured a cup of tea for Xie Yu An: "Come come come, come and try this, it is the new tea for this year."

"Everything is ready." Xie Yu An sat beside Bai Yue and took the tea, gulping it down with one mouth, he placed the cup down and looked at Bai Yue, his gaze burning: "Alright, tell me about it."

Xie Yu An had an outstanding and handsome appearance, dressed simply yet with a graceful bearing, one look and anyone could tell that he was a warm person.

Bai Yue was somewhat astounded, he coughed lightly: "I did not cheat you, the other party is truly a rich man."

"I believe you." Xie Yu An replied without hesitating: "To directly buy an army, he definitely has money."

"That's right." Bai Yue became focused: "He is also my partner…."

"You? It's still the Bai Family?" Xie Yu An asked.

"Meng Family." Bai Yue explained: "His family deals in the mining business, and found a brand new metal element called the Black Gold, which is extremely suitable to make warship weapons. It is stronger than Jade, and only somewhat inferior to Energium Jade, the crucial point is that its output is astonishing. So he is a big fish, and definitely not lacking in money. What they are more worried about is whether or not they can protect the wealth, so he had the thought of buying an army."

Xie Yu An was pleased, he knew the value of Black Gold, and from that he could tell that the other party was truly extremely rich and powerful.

Bai Yue continued: "I am not worried about you or your Swift Army. I have talked and interacted with Xiao Meng before too, and he is not a petty person, but instead, extremely generous. He has a group of Underworld Continent's Demonic Mounts that are not big in number. Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce is also a partner, and their equipment are not lacking. Money and equipment are no problems. What I am worried about is Xiao Meng's family, from what I saw, Xiao Meng is not from some huge family, so you will have a lot of pressure."

"I understand what you mean." Xie Yu An relaxed, and stretched his back: "You have all been busy, to the point that you want to have a break. I have taken too long a break, and feel extremely lethargic, I so badly want to be busy right now."

He understood the hidden meaning behind Bai Yue's words, although his boss had money, but he had no backing. The value of Black Gold was known to every high ranking officer and officials. And many people would be vying for the wealth, and would have thoughts about stealing it or making a move on it, so the Swift Army would be in a dangerous situation.

But his words were also not a joke. To any officer, no war and no enemies, drinking tea in the corner was even more cruel to them.

"Then I can rest easy!" Bai Yue laughed, and patted Xie Yu An's shoulder: "When the time comes, they will know how powerful you are!"

Xie Yu An's military achievements were rather outstanding, if not, he would not be famous in the South Region. But Xie Yu An's military achievements were all in an awkward location, just like where he was. His Continent Lord was good to him, but a pity the Continent Lord had limited power as well, and thus those who recruited him were those who had money but not willing to treat them as a proper army, or it would be those who would promise them but could not fulfil it.

The old Continent Lord had a lot of trust in him, as long as the financial resources permitted it, whatever suggestions that Xie Yu An gave would usually be implemented. His old Continent Lord's kindness was the reason why he stayed.

After so many years, he never moved. If not for the recent passing of the old Continent Lord and a new one succeeding him, he would not had left.

The new Continent Lord initially hoped to promote his own trusted aide, just that Xie Yu An's name was too prestigious, so if he made too huge a movement, it would easily cause unrest. So when Xie Yu An asked to tender, it made the new Continent Lord relax, he did not stop Xie Yu An, and even gave him a farewell bonus.

He was definitely not sad about the army.

The Swift Army was personally built up by Xie Yu An, and were his sworn brothers, so managing them would prove a difficulty, so having them leave with Xie Yu An was the best choice.

Understanding that the challenges in the future they were undertaking would be rigorous, Xie Yu An thought that they had limited time, so he was not willing to waste it, he stood up: "Bring me to see my new boss."

"Alright, I will arrange for it now." Bai Yue also stood up: "We do not need to see him, he will directly head to the barracks."

"Good!" Xie Yu An knew that the man wanted to see the Swift Army, it was a natural request, and he was full of confidence for his unit.

They were rather relaxed on a daily basis, but when it comes to training, he had never once slackened, and conducted training with the standards of the silver grade armies. Although there were many standards, but due to the lack of resources, medicine and goods, they were unable to train in those aspects. But many of them far exceeded the standards of a bronze grade army.

"Let's go and see my army." Xie Yu An laughed and said.

Bai Yue gladfully took the lead, he was also extremely curious about the army that his schoolmate had brought.

Although it was a temporary barracks, but Xie Yu An's strict personality still displayed itself. There were sentries located everywhere, laws and rules were set in the barracks. Inside, although the soldiers did not have armors or equipment, but they were all still extremely fierce.

The training grounds that had been cleaned up, were filled with hubbub, all sorts of training and drills were executed like wildfire, even at such a time, the training of the army were never relaxed.

"Brother Yu An is a genius!" Bai Yue could not help but praise: "An iron army, Xiao Meng has truly profited! As long as you are all equipped and have been replenished with medicine and supplies, you will become a silver grade army in no time."

Seeing the figures that were perspiring as though they were drenched in rain, Xie Yu An was also brimming with pride, this was the army that he had slowly built up from scratch, and had taken him a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. He had racked his brains so much trying to think of ideas to even earn a bit of resources for the army, to have arrived to their present state.

From the corner of his eyes, Bai Yue noticed Tang Tian's arrival, and he smiled: "Your new boss is here."

Xie Yu An's mind was stirred, he immediately followed the gaze of Bai Yue. He was curious as of how his new boss would be like. When he saw Tang Tian's figure clearly, he was greatly disappointed.

He had never thought that his boss would actually be a kid!

Calling him a kid would be too exaggerated, but Tang Tian's age was still too young.

Bai Yue immediately caught onto Xie Yu An's disappointment, he immediately rejoiced, it was because everyone had looked down on Meng Nan because of his age that everyone had regretted. Bai Yue never expected his old friend to also make the same mistake. He had completely forgotten his own expression when he first saw Tang Tian, it was nowhere different from Xie Yu An.

"Xiao Meng!" Bai Yue waved: "Come come come, let me introduce you, this is Xie Yu An, the commander and military general of the Swift Army, how is it? You're here to inspect them right? Your Uncle Bai can vouch for them, the Swift Army is definitely an elite army, even Uncle Bai is convinced by them."

Xie Yu An was extremely polite, with no disdain or scorn: "Hello, I am Xie Yu An."

"Hello, I am Meng Nan!" Tang Tian returned the greeting.

Xie Yu An nodded his head, although Tang Tian was young, but he seemed to be a man of manners.

Tang Tian turned to Bai Yue: "Uncle Bai, I do not know much about armies."

Xie Yu An never expected Tang TIan to honestly declare that he had no knowledge, ~Oh, that's not too bad, at least you are not someone who acts like he knows everything. Those sorts of people will destroy the army, but it seems like, my taskings will be even heavier…..~

They never expected Tang Tian to continue speaking: "So I specially brought someone who does."

He turned his body, and revealed the cold looking Tang Chou standing behind him.

When Bai Yue and Xie Yu An saw Tang Chou, they were both startled, Spirit Dyad! Furthermore, it was not an ordinary Spirit Dyad. the two of them looked at each other, both seeing the shock in their eyes. What caused them to be stirred was not because of the appearance of the Spirit Dyad, but the familiar aura that the Spirit Dyad was emitting.

Immediately, the both of them judged that the Spirit Dyad was an expert general as well!

The two of them were feeling extremely shocked, Spirit Dyads are rarely seen occurrences in Sacred Saint Galaxy, and a general spirit dyad was much less heard of.

Bai Yue looked at Tang Tian blankly, ~This brat is a freak, could it be that the people around him are freaks as well?~

Tang Chou completely ignored the shock in their eyes, he spoke in a cold, unkind and arrogant manner: "I am Tang Chou, I am Master's current temporary 3rd Commander-in-chief, Let me be the one to conduct the test for your army."

As a famous general that would soon surpass Master Bing, Tang Chou had formulated a crazy Ursa Major Constellation Army reorganization plan.

All the armies in Ursa Major Constellation were under his command, and were tormented to the point that they wished they were dead, under his crazy reorganization plan, in which he had passionately placed all his efforts into. He was suddenly pulled over by Tang Tian to evaluate the standard of an army that was completely unheard of, and what's more, bought!

~Could it be that Master had become so bored?~

Tang Chou was enraged in his heart, but he had no way of disobeying Tang Tian's orders, so since he was here, his mood was extremely terrible.

As the Third Commander-in-Chief, even if Tang Chou firmly believed his future would not be under Master Bing, he would never dare to quarrel with the boss, because, even Master Bing would not dare to!

Xie Yu An and Bai Yue looked at each other.

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