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Chapter 619 – Enlightenment on the Demon King Blazing Firefly

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

One after another, the balls of light rose out of the stronghold at an astonishing rate, forming a glorious arc, the whistling sound shooting towards the incoming troops like shooting stars.

Bu Zi Fei's army were all elites and did not panic at all, they were like a nimble hive of bees, they flew around the fortifications of strongholds, and continued to attack the defensive barrier of the stronghold.

The balls of light had difficulty hitting the agile enemies, but the attacks from them, to the gigantic fortifications of strongholds, were like tickles, they did not even produce any ripples on the energy barrier.

"Our offense is not strong enough, the enemy's defense has no weak spots, the person who built this fortifications of stronghold must be an expert, when we break through, we must study it well."

The adjutant frowned, the scene before him proved to be an even thornier problem.

This was their fifth wave of probing attacks, the first four probes were not successful at all, so they increased their power.

With a total of 300 men, they were still unable to shake the strongholds.

"Hmmmm, we need to try out different ways, and see which martial techniques will be most effective." Bu Zi Fei said with a calm face, he did not find it strange, to be able to defeat Sun Jie, how could the opponents be weak?

But the strange cluster of strongholds had surprised him. He had seen many strongholds before, but for this stronghold that was seemingly untouchable, was a first for him.

He asked: "How much longer before the sieging boats arrive?"

"Two days." The adjutant immediately replied.

The most suitable weapons to siege strongholds were warships, as the might of the weapons on board were tremendous, but as the Estuary into Shang Continent was too small, their warship was unable to enter. He did not anticipate such a thing before, Sun Jie fell in a battle, but he never expected himself to be sieging a fortifications of strongholds. He had no choice but to request for sieging boats from the back end.

Sieging boats were frigates meant for sieging, they came in many sizes, bearing weapons that required either an individual or a team to control, it possessed outstanding agility and average defense, and were the bane of strongholds.

Bu Zi Fei calmed down, but just at that moment, a loud whistling sound came from the air. He immediately raised his head, and his face instantly changed.

From the fortifications of strongholds came a large quantity of light balls, numbering three times as many as before.


The low sounding explosion was like a giant hammer that struck their hearts.

The light balls that were flying in the sky exploded at the same time, all of the light balls exploded into condensed and fine light needles. The sky was filled with light needles, and in that instant, it enveloped the entire fortifications of stronghold.

The change was too sudden. The teams flying around in the vicinity were not able to defend and were engulfed by the light needles in the sky.

The barriers around the teams all undulated, but could only be sustained for a second before they disintergrated.

Chi chi chi!

The sharp light needles pierced into the soldiers' bodies, and in the sky, blood flowers blossomed one after another.

A few luckier members were coincidentally further away from the strongholds and escaped the danger, but the scene before their eyes shocked them.

Bu Zi Fei's eyes were immediately blood red, he bellowed: "Retreat!"

But it was already too late, like a torrential tornado, it came and disappeared quickly. A few seconds later, the sky full of light auras dissipated, and at the same time, so did Bu Zi Fei's soldiers.

The 7th Army were in dead silence, all of them were stunned.

Bu Zi Fei's face was pale white, he bit on his lips, to the point that he bled, but he could not feel a thing.

~We were duped!~

~The enemies are as crafty as foxes, facing our continuous probing, they waited until we became overconfident, and at that time, they took action.~ It was too big a hit, Bu Zi Fei was hurting inside, it was a total of 200 deaths, and to date the largest setback the 7th Army had suffered.

The remaining survivors all returned back to formation without their spirit. Their morale had fallen.

Inside the Sword Forest Stronghold, everyone were rejoicing. The attack had greatly devastated their enemy, and morale was boosted. The Precious Bright Village Regiment were the lowest level of soldiers, and at the start, they were trembling with fear. After the course of a few days, they have finally fitted themselves into the tempo of the battle.

The three people watching the battle also heaved a sigh of relief.

"Treacherous people." Ling Xu said, he had decided to maintain a distance from Pokerface, who knew when he would sell out his own beliefs by being influenced by Bing.

Crane praised: "Truly a rewarding wait!"

Jing Hao was also full of praise: "The bearing of a famous general is truly outstanding, his control aura is magnificent, and at a great height."

Looking at the soldiers rejoicing, Bing did not pour ice water over their heads. The short victory was a great help to the amateurs. But he knew that the war had just begun. The next battle was deemed to be even more cruel, and there would be no more chances like this.

~These pathetic amateurs' synchronization…..~

~If not, we would be able to swallow the remaining 100 people, what a pity…..~

It was luck that the opponent's general was a cautious person, and thus Bing rejoiced. At the start, the Precious Bright Village Regiment's display of strength was truly pathetic, their synchronization was only at 30%, half of their original training. Luckily for them, after the continuous hands on practise, they started to become more accustomed to battle, and their synchronization started to rise steadily.

A synchronization rate of 60% was the bare minimum for the technique.

~Our luck is good~ Bing puffed out a smoke ring and looked at the enemies outside the city walls. ~They should stop for two days.~

"Let's take a half day break."

The order made the celebration even more rowdy.

Behind the smoke, Bing sneered in his mind, ~amateurs, the main course is coming soon.~

He then thought about another group of amateurs, the mechanical army. What about them? Upon thinking of them being under Tang Chou's charge, he became even more delighted.

He then thought about Ah Xin, ~I wonder where Ah Xin is now, that asshole is the same as last time, undependable.~ He then thought about Screw, and decided that after the battle, he would return to Three Spirits City and check up on the research, the recovery of Screw depended on them.

"It truly is tiring, and no way to be worry free." Bing mumbled, drawing an arc with his cigarette, he quietly left.

In the sky above the lake, the condense explosion sounds and continuous flickering of light dots continued to display a show, they were the fireflies and worms colliding, and every time they collided, it would induce sparks of shattered auras. Against the night back drop and beautiful lake, the thousands of shattered sparks fell like rain, forming a beautiful scene that stunned all the audience.

Two figures continued to flicker about in the rain of light, with astonishing speed they kept on clashing and fighting, it was so intense that people forgot to breath.

Gong Chen stared intently at Meng Nan, his handsome face revealing an indescribable sinister killing intent.

A feeling of being caught in a perilous situation arose from his mind.

~This man's strength is far stronger than the reports!~

Although Meng Nan had took down Qiu Yi An's sword, he was still in a bad situation. Gong Chen and Qiu YI An had secretly discussed about Meng Nan's strength, and the conclusion was that he was half step into the Silver Saint realm. Qiu Yi An's conclusion gained the recognition from the rest, the fighting techniques of a Silver Saint might be spectacular, but he did not have any enlightenment on Energy Transmutation, so he was naturally considered as half step into the Silver Saints.

Gong Chen was full of confidence, a half step Silver Saint and a Silver Saint were just two words difference, but the disparity of strength was like heaven and earth.

Very quickly, Qiu Yi An's judgement was confirmed.

~That's right, this man is truly a half step Silver Saint. The fireflies in the sky are actually combusting energy regiments, and these energy combustions are already close to Energy Transmutation, but they are still lacking.~

~He truly is a half step Silver Saint.~

Gong Chen had to admit that Meng Nan's fighting ability was truly outstanding, to be able to produce such exquisite martial techniques at half step Silver Saint, it was unprecedented. But, it was impossible to overcome the disparity in strength with just that. It was a dream of fools.

But, as the battle continued, Gong Chen's logic and reasoning were completely toppled.

Other than the fireflies, his enemy was actually not using energy!

~The compressed vacuum movements required astonishing and terrifying physical power, could he be from the Savage Continent?~

Gong Chen stared at Tang Tian's fists, the grey flames revolving around. The strange flame was something that was unheard of in the Savage Continent.

As long as any energy touches the flames, they would be disintegrated!

Damn it!

~Wait a minute.~ Gong Chen suddenly shook, his eyes landed on the surroundings of Tang Tian, and his face changed.

He had suddenly realized that as time gradually passed, the fireflies in the sky were actually increasing in numbers, and they were expanding!


The blood in Gong Chen's face was immediately swept clean.

Tang Tian looked coldly at Gong Chen, the quiet null flames had already spread past his wrists and extended about three inches onto his forearm. Due to his bitter training everyday, he had completely absorbed and assimilated the black gold into his blood meridians, and thus the null flames had become stronger.

The opponent was bewildered, as time slowly crept past, it was leaning towards Tang Tian's favor.

The Demon King Blazing Firefly that had not completely gone through Energy Transmutation was definitely not able to beat the worms of the opponent. Although there were a lesser number of worms, but the worms still held an advantage.

But, How much time did Tang Tian spend on the Demon King Blazing Firefly?

In the initial stages of Fire Scythe Ghost Claw, he had combusted the energy in the air, which then led to him finding out that combusting the energy in his body would form the Demon King Blazing Firefly. And after obtaining the Zero Energy Body, the Demon King Blazing Firefly had once again returned to combusting the energy in the air.

And today, Tang Tian had brought the combustion to a brand new level.

The energy in the air was like never ending fuel, the fireflies continued to combust on them.

The Demon King Blazing Firefly that could expand and spread

That was the true enlightenment!

The volume of the Demon King Blazing Firefly that was continuously expanding silently could cover the entire lake. What scared the people even more was that the fireflies were still growing and expanding quickly, like a wild beast growing frantically.

The reflection of the fireflies on the lake made them look like stars, and as the number of fireflies grew, the temperature of the air rose, the heatwave caused the lake to produce a mist of steam.

The grass, trees and flowers in the garden quickly dried up and withered.

Everyone could no longer clearly see Tang Tian and Gong Chen, the fireflies in the sky were no more beautiful to them, but caused them to feel fear and choke.

It was like a regiment of fire clouds slowly wiggling.

The light aura of the fireflies were no longer weak, but able to light up the entire dark sky, causing the faces of the audiences to turn pale white.

Not a sound was heard.

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