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Chapter 620 – The Arrival of the Army

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Inside the dense sea of fireflies, Tang Tian's mind was in a state of tranquility.

~After today, this technique will thus be called the [Firefly Expanse].~

Suddenly, Tang Tian thought about a stooped and small figure, and thought about the frail withered claws, about the proud and unyielding look, and thought about silent arrogance that would never admit defeat.

~Hey, Ghost Claw, I told you so.~

~I will bring the Fire Scythe Ghost Claw to fame. The Fire Scythe Ghost Claw's light aura, will definitely burn the eyes of the world!~

~Hey, Ghost Claw, I told you so.~

~Don't you look down on me, I am so strong now, to the point that I am in a complete mess, you handing over your Fire Scythe Ghost Claw to me was definitely not the wrong idea!~

~Hey, Ghost Claw, can you see this?~

~Ghost Claw, are you doing well in Heaven?~

As though the fireflies could hear the voice in Tang Tian's heart, they started to tremble slightly and release buzzing sounds.

The millions of converging vibratos suddenly erupted. The invisible sound wave swept across the entire White Sands City at an unspeakable speed.

The sound wave swept through everything, shattering all the glasses of the homes, and all the wooden houses floating in the sky all started to sway.

All the citizens of White Sands City were jolted and rushed out of their homes, flying up into the sky. When they saw the terrifying fire clouds gathering and expanding, the blood in their faces disappeared.

"Oh my god, what is that?"

"Demons! Oh my god, Demons are here!"

"Damn it! Does he want to destroy the city?"

Everyone's faces were filled with fear, even when watching from afar, they could feel the beast inside the fire clouds, growing with energy.

Gong Chen who was inside the fire clouds trembled, he could no longer see Meng Nan's figure, he moved forward, backwards, left and right, but all he could see were the densely packed fireflies.

What exactly is this martial technique?

His white worms were crawling frantically around him, trying to sweep away the fireflies. But the fireflies were still growing, and the white worms were continuously being suppressed. He felt himself going crazy, he was like a beast trapped in a cage, and the cage was becoming smaller and smaller.

The fear in his heart continued to grow, buzzz, the fireflies around him trembled, and Gong Chen who was right at the center immediately turned sluggish. At that moment, the surface of his body formed countless of cut wounds, and blood started to flow out. The white worms that were frantically struggling around him were shattered like glass.

The excruciating pain on his body jolted him awake.

Although his body was weak and not comparable to the Savage Continent, but he was still a Silver Saint, and compared to the ordinary saints in Sacred Saint Galaxy, his willpower was much higher. In the critical situation, all of his potential was released, and the will to live overcame his fear.

Bellowing out loud, Gong Chen used Energy Transmutation for all the remaining energy in his body, his face distorting with anger.


The white blaze of energy soared out from all of his wounds, and the air around him started to distort due to the energy, becoming extremely unstable.

The sword hilt in his hand started to grow, and then shattered, becoming a long white worm.

The originally grain sized white worms were currently the size of beans, their bodies like jade, translucent and sparkling white. They formed a white mist and flew around Gong Chen. All the fireflies that passed through it were transformed into shattered auras.

The white worms on Gong Chen's body grew more and more, and the white worms started to expand out in a radius of 15m. The surging white blaze energy flames started to dim, but his mouth twitched, and he revealed a fanatical laughter.

"Go and die!"

Gong Chen raised the sword up high in the air.

Sssiii, the worms suddenly transformed into countless threads and surged towards the sword.

A gigantic light sword over the size of 30m formed above Gong Chen's head.

The light sword slashed downwards.

A dazzling light aura fell into the fire clouds.

The fire clouds that were formed by the fireflies had no resistance against the sword. Gong Chen also knew that if he wanted to survive, it would depend on this technique, he suppressed the pain coming from the wounds on his body and rushed towards the direction of the sword aura.

The sword aura broke up. Gong Chen felt relieved, for in that instant, he had 1km worth of space to move.

This made him calm again.

The fireflies continued to smash against the sword aura, sparks flew everywhere and exploding sounds continued to arise, the entire place was booming with explosions. Gong Chen did not dare to be distracted, and hid himself inside the sword aura as he continued to burst forward.

2km, 3km……

The sword aura that was surging forward started to become slow. Gong Chen began to feel uneasy, ~What is going on? Why am I not out yet?~

He felt that he had flew for a distance of 5km, but he was still surrounded by the vast fireflies, ~How is that possible?~

~This brat is not even in the silver realm, how can he form such a scale of attack?~

~How is this possible!~

~Could it be an illusion?~

Pa pa pa!

The sword aura's speed turned sluggish, while the fireflies became more and more, they were like rain drops hitting onto the sword aura, the sparks produced by the collision surrounded the sword aura, causing it to flicker unsteadily.

The sword aura became slower and slower, and finally, it stopped. The unending fireflies had already surrounded it, and then exploded!

The ripple caused by the explosion immediately sent Gong Chen flying.

Gong Chen looked at the endless fireflies blankly, his mind going blank.

He had already moved for over 7km, but he was still unable to escape the fireflies, ~How vast have the fireflies covered…..~

He did not know that at the moment, the Fireflies Expanse had already swelled up to the size of the Continent Lord's garden. The spectators could only look at the dancing fireflies above their heads blankly, the black fire clouds hanging above their heads had a pressure like Mt. Tai, choking them, causing them to be silent.

All the powerful saints had stood up, and formed a barrier beneath the fireflies, forming a protection against the heat.

Inside the fire clouds, explosions continued to occur, light kept on flickering. Everyone had guessed that it was Gong Chen struggling.

But at that moment, no one thought that Gong Chen could win.

"Mister Meng, please be lenient with your hands!" The Continent Lord shouted out with a pale face.

The fire clouds finally became silent.

Everyone's hearts were heavy, they all looked at each other, with fear and unease in their eyes.

The fire clouds dissipated, like ice thawing at an astonishing speed.

In just a minute, the fire clouds disappeared without a trace, and two figures appeared in the sky. Gong Chen was covered with blood, but Meng Nan who was near him did not sustain any injuries.

Gong Chen fell head first.

An Xuan's face changed, she soared upwards and caught Gong Chen. She looked and checked him, to find that he was not breathing and was dead. An Xuan's face turned green, she looked at Tang Tian and clenched her teeth and spoke out: "Good! Good! Your sire is actually so cruel and ruthless!"

Tang Tian could not be bothered by her, he was still immersed in the enlightenment.

He did not wish to waste time with the people. He turned and flew towards White Sands Hotel. Everyone looked at each other, no one dared to stop him.

The Continent Lord knew that Gong Chen was dead, his face was as black as a wok, and he turned and left the scene. Everyone at the banquet no longer had any mood, and left.

The Bai Uncle and nephew looked at each other, both revealing bitter smiles.

"We are still underestimating him." Bai Yue laughed bitterly, the battle had completely shook him, there were still traces of disbelief: "What exactly is that martial technique? I have never heard of it, It is too terrifying! Such a martial technique is completely perfect to fight against an army. I am truly curious, what family could produce such a freak."

Bai Xiao laughed with him: "I have never heard of such a terrifying martial technique before. It seems that I have still not grasped his background."

"And, he was truly ferocious!" Bai Yue continued: "To dare act so rampantly in other people's territory! I still thought that he was just going teach Gong Chen a lesson, I never expected him to instantly kill Gong Chen. Is he not afraid of offending the White Sands?"

"Who knows?" Bai Xiao did not care: "The White Sands tried to find trouble with him, who can prevent him from counterattacking?"

"That is true." Bai Yue shrugged his shoulder: "In any case, we don't have to worry about it. Eh, seems like he has a bright future ahead of him, that's good, Little Xie will have a good life ahead of him by following Meng Nan."

Bai Xiao was startled, but immediately regained himself: "Second Uncle, the army you bought for him, could it be Xie Yu An's army?"

"That's him." Bai Yue nodded his head: "Little Xie has talent, but a pity he hasn't met a good boss. In the past, I owed him a favor, and we can consider it paid from this."

Bai Yue's last sentence revealed a crafty personality of his.

"Dual Wing Swallow, Xie Yu An." Bai Xiao could not hold back and praised: "Brother Meng has earned big this time! He could be one of the top 100 generals in the entire South Region."

"Top 100?" Bai Yue shook his head: "His talent does not stop there. But, his life has not been good, born from a poor and small family, although he has outstanding talent, he could only reach where he is now. But it is a good chance, he is not willing to decline just like that."

Bai Xiao understood what his uncle meant. Xie Yu An's Swift Army was at the peak of the bronze army, and advancing higher was extremely difficult. A silver army is not something any small continent could groom. Even the big continents with wealth might not be able to keep them, silver armies were considered the most important armies, and at times the most important was not talent, but loyalty.

Bai Xiao suddenly became curious: "What army did Xu Jin buy?"

Bai Yue snorted: "Who cares what army he buys, I don't believe he can buy an army stronger than the Dual Wing Swallow, Xie Yu An's army."

Bai Xiao thought so too. Because of his Uncle's relation, Bai Xiao had deep knowledge and understanding of the Swift Army, and it was definitely an army that was being underestimated.

At that same time, on top of Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce's transport ship, a group of people that resembled refugees were squeezing in the available space, being extremely rowdy.

Everyone was in disorder, and no one looked the same. There were people sleeping, gambling, seated down in a daze, drawing, or sharpening their blades……

"Kill that pig who is snoring! He's so noisy!"

"Cough cough, who's smoking? You want to smoke this old one to death?"

"Who the fuck took off their shoes?"

"Stop blocking the light, light is the source of art. Understand?"

"Leader, our boss, how is he like?" The one who spoke was a big sturdy man with a bald and shiny head, his face was fierce looking and he had a healthy and robust body, like a small mountain.

"That's right, can he pay us?" A midget with triangular eyes was using a dagger to trim his nails asked, and snorted.

"If he don't, we can just kill him." A lazy voice came out, and the people around nodded their heads.

A red haired girl had her face covered with cucumber slices.

"Little Three, bring a few more cucumber slices."

"Leader, your face is completely covered already, you still want to paste more?" The triangular midget asked.

The red haired girl said weakly: "I'm slightly hungry."

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