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Chapter 978

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"My son!!" Clan Master Qian screamed again, and hurled towards Chu Yang . "Kill him!"

But he saw something flying towards him . It was two black lumps . He conveniently hit it away without even thinking; only then did he hear Chu Yang say smilingly, "Catch it . Alas, you've broken your son's eyeballs…"

Clan Master Qian had almost gone insane . Under a word of command, experts came rushing towards Chu Yang from all directions!

At this moment, he suddenly heard a 'clang' sound — the humming sound of the sword!

His heart suddenly jerked .

This soft humming sound seemed to be able to vibrate through anyone's soul . It was filled with murderousness and chilliness!

It was as if a deity above the Nine Heavens had sounded the prelude of a massacre .

At the next instant, everyone who had hurled forth with their swords felt the humming sounds of their own swords!

All the swords pointed straight up towards the sky at the same time!

"The worshiping of swords!"

Clan Master Qian was dumbstruck and his pupils shrank rapidly . He roared, "Wait! You're the Sovereign of swords?"

Chu Yang snorted . With his hands clasped behind his back and his body filled with sword energy, he flew forth . "Why? Can't I?"

Clan Master Qian retreated rapidly . He shouted in panic, "Sovereign… There must be a misunderstanding about this matter!" He was anxious and afraid, and his forehead was already covered in sweat .

He wouldn't even have dreamed that this teenager, whose cultivation couldn't be observed at all, was actually a Sovereign of swords! The best experts in the clan were only at the third or fourth stage Monarch levels . How could such a tiny clan resist against a Sovereign of swords?

At this moment, he had quickly lost his idea of avenging his son .

"A misunderstanding?!" Chu Yang smirked . "I also have a misunderstanding about your mom!"

Chu Yang was so angry with Clan Master Qian that he almost laughed… Motherf**ker, he is actually talking about a misunderstanding at this moment?

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Extending his palm and with a humming sound, a sword which was casting cold light appeared in his hands . With a flash of cold light, a head went tumbling onto the ground!

Amidst the blood, a murderous intent rose in Chu Yang's heart . He stopped holding back further . With a cold shout, he rushed towards the crowd, his black clothes fluttering in the air .

People from the five clans came rushing forth madly with their daggers and swords .

With a kick, that headless corpse in front of Chu Yang was sent flying in the air . Then Chu Yang rushed forth, facing the rolling crowd!

At this moment, he actually started whirling his thin and brittle sword, using it as a dagger! With a raise of his sword, another head was off . Following which, with a kick, the headless corpse was sent flying into the air . And this cycle repeated!

Instantly, countless heads were rolling on the ground . The whole street was like a watermelon stall that's knocked over . Everyone moved nimbly and madly around in the battle, and so, the heads were also being kicked around . But even if the heads were kicked out, there would immediately be new heads coming down!

Chu Yang was filled with murderous intent, but his eyes looked calmer and calmer .

Enemies were all around him, but he was extremely nimble in moving around . Heads after heads were chopped off . Regardless of where he attacked, there would definitely be shrill cries! Blood waves!

He didn't extend any killer moves . He just chopped off those enemies' heads crisply!

Other than chopping off their heads, he didn't strike on any other body parts!

I've already told you that I want all of you to be broken and incomplete ghosts!

His suit of black clothes floated here and there in a ghostly manner, and he wielded his sword rapidly .

Heads went rolling one after another on the ground .

And on the ground were pools after pools of blood…

What was a river of blood? Probably… this was it .

Although Chu Yang was besieged, no one could get near within three steps around him . Anyone who rushed up to him would have his head chopped off and his corpse kicked away instantly .

How would ordinary people have seen such a horrible scene in their lives?

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The crowds afar let out constant screams . Many people's faces had turned white and their bodies were also shivering, but no one left and no one closed their eyes .

Everyone's eyes were wide open . Although they felt very terrified that they almost wanted to faint, contentment was written on everyone's face and in everyone's eyes!

You've killed them right!

You couldn't have been better at killing them!

This bunch of gangsters should have been settled long ago!

Many people knelt down in front of the blood pools and the stretch of corpses, praying with their faces awash with tears .

Daughter, you can now rest in peace; we've already had a savior who has revenged for you! He has already wiped away your disgrace! You're still my unblemished daughter…

Son, you can rest in peace now . That person who had once insulted, beaten and killed you was subjected to an even more brutal killing today! He didn't even have a complete corpse left… Even if you meet him underground, you'll still be far better off than him .

Wife, you don't need to worry now . Ever since you left us, our family has been living in grief . Our daughter was only seven or eight years old then . You were worrying before you died that our daughter would be bullied by those brutes . You can rest assured now . That bunch of bastards is already dead… You're alone underground, so you must remember that if you meet a bunch of headless ghosts there, stay far away from them… They're that bunch of villains…

Amidst a stretch of shrill cries, after Chu Yang had enough of his sword, he suddenly flew up and kicked on a macho's head . With a bang, it burst at the place where it was kicked!

Before the body landed on the ground, Chu Yang gave another kick on another macho's head . With another bang, it exploded again!

Chu Yang gave nine consecutive kicks in midair . Nine human heads had instantly turned into crashed watermelons!

"A bunch of bastards! If I let any one of you die with an intact corpse, I'll not travel in the martial world anymore!" Chu Yang's cold and brutal voice sounded amidst the rolling heads, blood waves and shrill cries .

Anyone would know at a glance that this teenager in black had actually dealt with these hundreds of people quite easily!

The pressure within the enemies suddenly increased .

A few figures flew out in a ghostly manner into the crowd and started attacking Chu Yang crazily . Chu Yang's eyes lit up . Monarch level experts! You finally dared to come up now?

Extending his sword, sword energy instantly overwhelmed him, and he straightly greeted them!

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Four or five faces opposite him revealed sinister smiles . Even if you're a Sovereign of swords, if you fight with us in such a direct manner, your force definitely can't be matched with that of ours put together!

Colliding of forces with your opponent is not what you, a Sovereign of swords, is good at . A Sovereign of swords is only good at fighting using swords!

Looking at the contentment in their eyes, Chu Yang sneered in his heart . He said softly, "I'm not colliding forces with you! You're seeking death for yourself!"

As he said, five or six swords very quickly collided with Chu Yang's sword .

But not to those few people's expectations, their swords, when came into contact with the sword gleaming with cold light, instantly turned as if they had become tofu! With a soft cracking sound, each sword was cut into two . Instantly, the opponents were frightened out of their wits, and an intense sense of danger overwhelmed them . They yelled and wanted to retreat .

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Chu Yang laughed . He suddenly jumped up, and his sword suddenly became a dagger . He consecutively slashed down five times like bolts of lightning!

Five heads fell neatly from their respective necks onto the ground . From the necks of the five Monarch level experts, round blood columns rushed up in unison to hundreds of feet above the ground; just like a rainbow!

Everyone screamed in amazement at the same time!

Not looking at the 'rainbow' at all, Chu Yang retreated rapidly . Wielding his sword once to the left and to the right, two heads were cut down . Then giving out two kicks, two heads were kicked up, slamming heavily onto the heads of the other two people who were rushing towards Chu Yang . With two bangs, the four heads exploded .

Chu Yang wielded his sword with his right hand, and threw punches with his left hand, while he whirled his two feet like a whirlwind . Another dozen of people thus died . They either had their heads cut, or smashed by being punched or kicked!

These hard human skulls had turned tofu-like and soft under Chu Yang's hands and feet .

Clan Master Qian retreated rapidly . His face had already lost its color .

Looking at the skull not far away from him, his face turned pale . This was the skull of Clan Master Li . Only just now, it was kicked several times before it got to his feet .

Now, his heart was filled with terror .

He didn't expect at all that his son had actually provoked such enormous trouble .

Looking at Chu Yang's brutal killing methods, Clan Master Qian knew that Chu Yang was definitely not joking when he said he wanted to exterminate all their clans! Chu Yang was capable of doing this!

Because Chu Yang was… very happy in killing people!

His mood was great!

There were a full 300 people gathered here from the five clans . Now, there were fewer than 100 left .

The long street which was hundreds of feet long was now entirely covered with blood . On the ground, one could rarely find spots that were still in its original color! Strong blood smells rushed up and hovered over the sky, not scattering even for a long time .

Clan Master Qian looked around, hoping to find a straw to clutch at .

If Chu Yang continued his killing, Clan Master Qian would definitely be over .

Suddenly, his eyes lit up .

He finally saw hope .

Which was, a distance away, there were two women, one adult and one child, who were watching this massacre . At this moment, the few fops were under their escort .

The few young masters were so terrified by now that they had become incontinent . Looking at the pools of blood splashing out and skulls rolling on the ground, the young masters felt as if they had lost their minds .

Oh my God, did we deserve to provoke such big trouble? Isn't it just for playing with a few women? We've actually caused such a great disaster…

Clan Master Qian was overjoyed when he saw these two women . With a glance at them, Clan Master Qian knew that they didn't have any cultivation . And Chu Yang, this death god, was busy with killing people, and he actually didn't notice him!


Such a heaven-sent opportunity!

As long as I take hold of these women, I'll gain the initiative!

He flew up and rushed forth like a bolt of lightning . There's deep excitement in his eyes!

He dared not to face Chu Yang, this Sovereign of swords, but he actually went to confront Zi Xieqing, this woman who was 10,000 times more terrifying than Chu Yang!

Now, seeing that Chu Yang actually didn't notice him, Clan Master Qian became even more excited . Cracking his mouth open, he almost started laughing from the bottom of his heart .

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