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Chapter 977

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This leader stood aside along with his subordinates, trembling . Their heads hung low; they dared not to go too near or too far, and dared not to say a single word . The leader originally wanted to send someone to inform Zhou Yade about this, but sensing Chu Yang's sternness, he dropped this thought

Seeing the few young masters who were beaten, threatened and tortured at the same time, and had already lost their human shapes now, this leader got more and more upset . This guy is really sinister…

This special envoy is really valiant . He's holding the token of the South-East region's law-enforcement master, yet he came directly to South region to enforce laws .

Impressive .

How big a trouble does he want to stir up before he stops? But from the looks of it, should he want to stop… It's almost impossible! Looks like he's going to create a river of blood this time in the North Wind Town .

Swishing sounds were continuously heard . It was the experts from the other four clans who had come to save their young masters upon hearing the news . There was a sensation among the crowd!

A road was separated out, and the people from the few clans came out from the crowd . Seeing the young masters behind Chu Yang tied up and being paraded through the streets, their pupils shrank .

A burly macho walked up, clasped his hands and greeted to Chu Yang, and said loudly, "This friend, please stop . I'm from the Qian clan, and the one behind you suffering from your torture is our young master . May I know how has he offended you that you have to treat him so cruelly? No matter what, haven't you gone too far? You must know in the martial world, people have to be reasonable in what they do!"

"I'm treating him cruelly… I have to be reasonable?" Chu Yang lightly repeated the two sentences . He raised his head and said, "Do you mean that I've done wrong today? And I'm being unreasonable?"

These words were said in a very calm manner, but the feeling that there was going to be an upcoming storm was obvious .

Chu Yang cast a faint spell of death .

The burly middle-aged man actually couldn't bear to retreat a step . He said roughly, "No matter who's right or wrong, you can't torture my clan's young master! Let go of our young master first and we shall discuss who's right or wrong!"

The few law-enforcement officers aside shut their eyes: This Qian clan is going to be over! If they had come up and apologized directly, they might be given a way out . Now… it's impossible .

Chu Yang nodded slowly . He looked around and asked in a forbidding manner, "The Qian clan has come . I'm not sure if the Li clan has come too?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

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"The Li clan is here!" A road was separated out from the crowd on the left . There were dozens of people who came forward . A macho in purple in the middle stood arrogantly and stared fiercely at Chu Yang . "Kid, let go of my son!"

It turned out that the Li clan's clan master had personally come .

Chu Yang's cold and limpid eyes looked at him . "You didn't ask for who's right or wrong, and you first demanded me to let go of your son??"

The Li clan's clan master smiled sinisterly and said, "Kid, you're already over now . Why should I ask for who's right or wrong?!"

The few law-enforcement officers looked pathetically at this Li clan's clan master: The whole Li clan would probably be going to be over when he said this…

Chu Yang nodded slowly . "Good, very good… Where's the Sun clan?"

A macho squeezed out from the crowd . "I'm here! Kid, if you don't let go of our young master, this spot will be where you're going to die! And today shall be your deathday!"

Each clan had become more and more unyielding .

"Very good! The Sun clan is also here," Chu Yang looked colder and colder, and said, "The Qian clan, Sun clan and Li clan are all here . Where're the Zhao clan and Zheng clan?"

Two groups of people appeared and roared, "Let go of our young masters first!"

"All five clans are here!" Chu Yang laughed and said, "I've already understood what you mean; that is to say, no matter who's right or wrong, I must let go of these people, right? Even if your young masters had done any heinous crimes, I must let go of them first, isn't it?

There were exactly 300 to 400 people from the five clans altogether . The lineup was strong, and everyone looked bold .

That macho from the Qian clan laughed and said, "You're right! Even if our young masters are wrong, they're right! If you don't let them go, you also can't escape from death! These two women behind you shall also suffer for the rest of their lives!"

A big roar was heard outside . "You've said quite right!"

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An elder in green walked up slowly .

That macho from the Qian clan hurriedly bowed down and greeted, "Clan master, you've actually come personally . "

The elder in green nodded slowly . Clasping his hands behind his back, he walked up slowly, and his eagle-like eyes stared closely on Chu Yang's body . He said lightly, "Young man, I know that you've got quite a bit of influence . But, this is the North Wind Town! I advise you that unless you're capable enough, don't ever do anything impulsive . "

"As long as you let them go and give us a sincere apology, then let your master come and have a good talk with us, I can vouch for you, and let pass this matter today! Otherwise, be prepared to die!"

The elder in green looked lightly at Chu Yang . "Young man, how about it?"

Chu Yang took in a deep breath and said, "These few people wanted to grab away my wife… And they've already robbed the wives of many other people . Is this kind of behavior acceptable in your eyes?"

That macho aside laughed and said, "This is the Nine Heavens! Kid, do you know, no matter whether it's resources, women or crystals, everything belongs to the strong! If your wife is robbed, you have only yourself to blame for not being strong enough! We don't think that this is the right thing to do, but as long as you have the capability, no one will reprimand you for robbing other people's wives! Do you understand?"

Chu Yang smiled strangely . "Is that the case?"

That macho said definitely, "Yes . "

Chu Yang raised his head and looked at the elder in green and the other few clan masters, and asked lightly, "You didn't speak . Looks like you agree with what he has said?"

The elder in green frowned . "Let go of the young masters first! I command you to do it!"

"Command me??" Chu Yang laughed . He flew forth with his hands clasped behind his back, and said lightly, "Since this is the case, don't blame me for my maliciousness and going on a war with you!"

His two eyes swept past the five people, and he said, "Those unrelated people, please stay away from here so that I'll not injure you by accident . "

Not needing him to say so, the crowd had already dispersed far off, leaving Chu Yang to battle against the five clans .

The five clans looked coldly and sarcastically at Chu Yang . This kid is really bold . Does he want to battle against our five clans all by himself?

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"Your words have dispelled my final doubts," Chu Yang said smilingly . Amidst the long street, his black clothes blew soundly in the autumn wind . "I originally have some scruples about exterminating the entire clans, thinking that it's wrong to do so . But now, I've understood what it means by jackals from the same lair, and what it means by one deserving more than death for his crimes!"

"There are five clans here today!" Chu Yang looked coldly at the people opposite him, and said word by word, "Hereby, I swear to the Heaven that I shall eliminate these five clans from the Upper Three Heaven today! I'll definitely exterminate them by their roots!"

He paused for a while and continued saying, "Regardless of whether they're male, female, elders or kids, I'll kill them all; no one shall escape from my hands!"

The crowd became silent . Chu Yang's voice spread out for a long distance, and everyone heard these words .

There was instantly a commotion in the crowd .

The elder in green was actually not raged . He looked interestedly at Chu Yang . "You actually want to kill all the five clans by yourself? Hahaha…"

All those behind laughed in unison .

Chu Yang looked coldly at them and his eyes looked more and more murderous . Suddenly, he chanted, "A lone person moves unhindered in the mortal world . With a sword in hand, what difficulty there could be? I shall behead the whole world even though I don't have such intentions, and slaughter the world when I have no apparent reason for doing so! The river of blood under my sword flows on for thousands of feet, and the bones under my soles pile up into tall mountains! Even if I slaughter the whole world, the first drop of blood won't turn cold!"

This was a poem recited by the sword spirit in the Far North Wastelands of the Middle Three Heavens .

That time, no one survived under the sword spirit .

This time around, Chu Yang recited the same poem again . His determination was the same as that of the sword spirit .


Never leave anyone alive!

"Kid, looks like you don't appreciate my kindness?" The Qian clan's clan master squinted his eyes and revealed a faint spell of death .

Chu Yang smirked . He retreated back and came next to the Qian clan's young master . Extending his hands, he pulled down violently!

A shrill cry of that Qian clan's fop reverberated through the sky .

His left hand, along with his skin, bones and a long vein, was pulled down! After letting out a scream, he completely passed out!

Chu Yang raised his legs and stepped on a broken bone of the Qian clan's young master .

Turning back, Chu Yang grinned at the Qian clan's clan master, revealing his white teeth but casting out chilliness at the same time . "Clan Master Qian, are you satisfied this way? Do you feel good?"

Speaking of which, Chu Yang raised his feet and stamped onto the fop's crotch . Two bursting sounds were heard as if the two eggs had cracked under Chu Yang's feet . Instantly, blood flowed out rapidly from the fop's lower body .

"If you didn't feel good back then, do you feel good now?" Chu Yang sneered as he looked at the Qian clan's clan master .

The originally calm face of the Qian clan's clan master instantly went completely distorted!

Seeing his own son being abused like this by others and castrated on the spot, what feeling was that?

His eyes turned blank and he almost fainted . He let out a furious roar as if his heart was torn apart alive at this moment . "Little Hao!!" He screamed in anguish .

"Kid, you've injured my son . I swear that I'll cut you into pieces!" He raised his head, and his eyes had already turned blood red!

"Your son has once treated others the same way, and he did this with more than one person . " Chu Yang said lightly, "Your son is your son, are the sons and daughters of other people not the same?"

"Motherf**ker, they're all base people . How can they be compared with my son? How can a hundred thousand slaves be compared with the hair of my son?!" the Qian clan's clan master screamed and stamped his feet .

Chu Yang smiled coldly . "They can't be compared with your son? I'll not let your son be compared with them now! Even if I let him go to hell, he shall be a broken and incomplete ghost there!"

With a swish, his hands swept forth like wind and dug out the eyes of that bastard .

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