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Chapter 974

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Chu Yang looked at this Young Master Sun complicatedly, thinking: Would Old Brother Han vomit blood should he see this?

Even if this fellow doesn't have enough knowledge, he should have some common knowledge? Such a common knowledge that even ordinary people in the Nine Heavens knows…

This fellow actually… doesn't know!

And no one absolutely dared to model such identity jade token . It was said that there was once an expert who modeled it so that he could throw his weight around, but only recently, he was uncovered, and all the law-enforcement officers in the world treated him as their enemy . The Dharma Supreme personally set an order: Whichever nine big clans shielded him shall be exterminated!

Such an order directly shook the Nine Heavens!

Sure enough, the nine big clans dared not offend the Dharma Supreme because of this . So, within three days, this person was beheaded . After this head was soaked in lime and preserved, it was displayed to the public as a warning for everyone .

Ever since then, no one ever dared to do the same thing .

But this young master from the Sun clan actually didn't recognize the token!

Even though it's the second life that the King of Hell Chu was living now, it's also the first time that he saw such a super idiot!

"Is it only a poem?" Chu Yang asked with a strange expression .

"Yeah," Sun Duanmo looked back strangely, then he instantly realized and said, "Is this an acrostic poem by the first word of each line?" As he said, he looked down and began to study it, saying, "Acrostic poem… Heaven, Law, With, I?"

Suddenly he became raged . "Kid, are you fooling me? What does this 'Heaven Law With I' mean?"

Aside, Sun Canzhang reminded, "Big brother, it may be an acrostic poem by the last words of each line . "

Sun Duanmo took a tumble and immediately went to take a look, reading, "Cold, Meaningful, Fearless, Heavens? Cold Meaningful Fearless Heavens??" He raised his head to look at his younger brother and said perplexedly, "What does this mean?"

Sun Canzhang scratched his head and thought bitterly, then he suddenly became raged and said, "I shan't care what it f**king means… Kill this kid first! Damn it, he's just playing tricks on us . I still thought that he's some big character…"

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"Wait… master… Don't do this…" There was finally a wise person in the group of young masters . He said with his lips shuddering, "This is the identity jade token of Sir Han, the law-enforcement master of the South-East region . "

"Sir Han?" Sun Duanmo frowned . "Which Sir Han? What Sir Han?"

At this moment, the innkeeper came up nervously, originally intending to talk the bunch of young masters out of the inn . Upon hearing that such a matter had happened, his face turned white, and he ran out, gabbling at the same time . Moving a horse out, he rode quickly towards the Sun clan .

Oh my God, this is a great matter .

Young Master Sun has read out the words of the identity jade token of the law-enforcement master of the South-East region as a poem… Oh my God, why has such a thing happened in my store…

These two young masters have now created great troubles for me… I only hope that I can report this matter on time .

This shopkeeper was also a smart person . He knew that if he went forward to make peace, that two young masters who simply didn't know who Sir Han was would not only not buy it, but also beat him up .

Only the Sun clan could stop them .

At this moment, Sun Duanmo and Sun Canzhang finally knew who 'Sir Han' was . Looking at the other young masters whose face had already turned pale, they laughed . "Law-enforcement officer, it turns out to be a law-enforcement officer…"

"Look at how useless the few of you are . Don't you know? The group of people that I fear the least is the law-enforcement officers! The hall leader of the Law Enforcement Hall in this region, Zhou Yade, is my uncle!" Sun Duanmo said contentedly .

The few other young masters looked at him pitifully, thinking: Your uncle? Even your own dad can't save you already . This is the identity jade token of Han Xiaoran, the law-enforcement master of the South-East region .

What kind of person Han Xiaoran was! He's known for his impartiality in law!

The few of them looked at one another and wanted to retreat from this place .

"No wonder you're so arrogant . It turns out you have the hall leader of a Law Enforcement Hall as your backing . " Chu Yang sneered . "Such a high-ranking officer!"

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Looking at the few trembling teenagers, Chu Yang flashed his body and blocked the door, saying mercilessly, "Since you've all come, you shall all not leave this place!"

Sun Duanmo's eyes flickered fiercely . "They've only three people with them . No one else will know if we kill them! I understand the rules that law-enforcement officers have . "

The few fops were originally nervous . But seeing that Chu Yang actually wanted to stop them from leaving, they instantly became frenzied . "Let's go! Kill him!"

With a shout, seven or eight people rushed up at the same time .

The guards of these young masters who were outside also took their shots at the same time .

Chu Yang snorted . "Heedless people!"

With a shake of his two hands, sword energy shot out towards all directions .

With a clang, the power of a Sovereign of swords was unleashed . The swords belonging to these few people flew up to midair .

Zi Xieqing looked quietly at this and said, "Don't care about the Tao state for now . Kill! Kill them as quickly as possible!"

Chu Yang said lightly, "I want to kill them to my heart's content! I won't be contented if I kill them this way!" Chu Yang's sword shot out like a wild gust of wind . With a few sounds, all sorts of daggers and swords flew out from these people's hands and they plunged into the door frame in one neat row .

The faces of the fops turned pale . With a shout, they turned around and wanted to run away .

How could Chu Yang allow them to escape? With a point of his sword, the few young masters, along with their attendants, dropped to the ground as they cried shrilly .

Chu Yang shouted, "Barman!"

A worker of the inn came up nervously . Even his teeth were shuddering . "Sir… What… do you want?"

"Get a long rope . I want one which is more steady . Then prepare a few horses! Quick! If you can't get them in half a quarter hour, I'll ruin your entire inn!"

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Chu Yang said evilly .

Chu Yang was very angry towards this inn . Just now, among the innkeeper and the workers, none of them had even tried to block the group of fops from coming up .

This was the inn that was appointed to Chu Yang specifically by the Zhuge clan, but it was actually like this . At this moment, the King of Hell Chu almost had the impulse to burn up this entire inn .

But after thinking for a while, he finally swallowed this thought .

"Yes yes yes…" This worker was instantly scared witless and he ran off frantically .

"Today, for the Zhuge clan, I shall parade all those who've offended me through the streets!" Chu Yang said lightly, "At the same time, go on a killing spree here! I want to see how many people I can kill in this small place!"

Death surged out of Chu Yang .

The few young masters had their faces turned ashen white . Looking at Chu Yang, they felt extremely remorseful… They didn't expect that next to this beauty was actually such a devil .

Sun clan .

In the living room, the Sun clan's clan master Sun Chengcai was sitting opposite two people and drinking tea with them . These two people were the hall leader and vice-hall leader of the Law Enforcement Hall .

"Please do spend more time here, and allow me to perform the duties as your host . And we shall juice up tonight . We have good wine in our cellar . " Sun Chengcai was a slim middle-aged man . At this moment, he was laughing heartily and diligently serving tea .

Zhou Yade, a corpulent man, laughed . He looked serious . "Brother Sun, brother-in-law, of course, we've come here to drink today . But, I've something to tell you . "

Seeing his serious look, Sun Chengcai couldn't help but ask curiously, "What is it?"

"There's the once-in-millennium Medicine Banquet this year in the Nine Heavens . The Zhuge clan is in charge of this, and they value it very much! This place of ours is at the edge of a no-man's land in the past, and you could do whatever you like . But for the meantime, this place was under the Zhuge clan . Brother Sun, you need to be careful about everything . I didn't see you take any actions for this period of time . You mustn't be careless . "

Zhou Yade said .

Sun Chengcai laughed and said, "This is not a matter . Our place isn't that important . Normally, people won't stop by here when they come… I already have a careful arrangement . I suppose that nothing big will happen . "

Zhou Yade nodded and said, "In the past, I could conveniently help you if you have troubles; we're after all relatives, and those matters weren't big deals… But, for those people who're here in this period of time, we can't afford to offend them… You must take note of this . "

Sun Chengcai nodded . "Of course . "Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Zhou Yade pondered for a while and said, "There's another thing which I presume you've also heard . There's a person who has brought a beautiful woman here . He killed a lot of people along the way as he came, and he has two nicknames, 'Bane of Fops' and 'Killer of Lechers' . The Shen clan is 1,000 miles from here . Although its capability can't be matched with your clan, the difference isn't big . Because the Shen clan's clan master mobilized the entire clan to rob the beauty for his son, this Killer of Lecher had directly charged into their house . All the 300 or so people in the clan were killed by him!"

Sun Chengcai shuddered and said, "Yes, there's indeed such a thing . "

"Now, that person is coming here . I estimate that he'll be here within one or two days . " Zhou Yade looked at Sun Chengcai with profound significance .

Sun Chengcai's face turned white . He nodded repeatedly . "I've understood, I've understood! I'll definitely strictly discipline that two small brutes to prevent any troubles . "

"It's not that simple," Zhou Yade said lightly, "I heard that although this person is young, his cultivation is close to that of a Sovereign of swords! Even if your whole Sun clan goes against him, you may not be his opponent . His female companion is a great beauty . Hehe, if my two nephews see her…"

Sun Chengcai was absolutely terrified . He said, "I'll arrange this immediately!"

"Be careful about everything . " Zhou Yade smiled .

At this moment, there's suddenly a man who came hurriedly and reported, "Clan master, the big shopkeeper from the Tianfu Inn is now riding his horse here at full speed . He said that there's a big matter regarding the young masters that he would like to report to you . "

"Tianfu Inn?" Zhou Yade frowned . "Isn't that the place that the Zhuge clan had appointed for the doctors of the Medicine Banquet to stay in?"

Cold sweat crept up Sun Chengcai's face . He said hurriedly, "Let him get here quickly . "

He muttered, "Don't tell me that the two small brutes have stirred up some troubles?" As he said, the cold sweat on his face turned into pesize droplets which dripped down .

"I'm afraid that it's not small trouble this time…" Zhou Yade frowned . "The guests who stay there are only the doctors from the Law-Enforcement Hall and the Medicine Valley… We can't afford to make trouble on whichever side . Even if it's those private doctors, there'll always be expert guards with them…"

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